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Fatalities CraSHES
LOCAL HIGHWAYS 01-01-13 to date
LOCAL HIGHWAYS 01-01-13 to date
office of highway safety
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga accompanied by Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi and other officials who attended the South Pacific Tourism Organization meeting held last week in Samoa. See story inside.
[Photo Sophie Budvietas/Samoa Observer]
Largest Under-20 Rugby 7s tourney set for Hawai’i… B1
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
DOH to raise the bar Tui Atua speaks: Retaining and with high standards passing on “the richness of our for health permits… language” a deep responsibility
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
When it comes time to renew business licenses for next year, higher, stricter standards will be in place for all businesses requiring a health permit. So says the head of the Department of Health’s Environmental Division, Papali’i Marion Fitisemanu. In a telephone interview with Samoa News yesterday afternoon, Papali’i said that based on the numerous sanitation issues and safety hazards they discovered during this year’s inspections of local businesses, specifically restaurants and eateries, a decision has been made to place higher standards on health permit applications “to ensure the safety and well being of the general public.” Earlier this year, DOH was on a roll, shutting down several schools in the Department of Education system and restaurants across the island due to unsanitary conditions and safety issues— including wastewater flow and overflowing septic tanks that produced foul odors and attracted bugs and flies. Just last week, inspectors shut down the fast food business located inside the Malaeimi marketplace next to the main road, which is frequented by college students and passers by. Papali’i said that upon inspection of the eatery, they found dirt and grime in the cooking area and the place just “smelled bad.”
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“Our Samoan language and culture is core to us as Samoans, they feed our sense of being Samoan and our claims of a Samoan-ness. They are what make us unique as a people; what differentiates us from others. They embody and carry the legacies of our forebears and connect us to them,” said Samoa’s Head of State, His Highness, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, who was keynote speaker at the Governor’s three-day Education Summit which kicked off yesterday morning, in Utulei, at the Gov. H.R. Lee Auditorium. The Education Summit — “Students FirstBuilding a Common Purpose” was called by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to bring all education stakeholders together to address alarming student performance statistics citing 70% of our students doing well below the U.S. national average, and 80% to 90% of our high school graduates having to take remedial courses at the American Samoa Community College before they can take college level courses. Invocation for the Summit was given by Father Kelemete Pua’auli, Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago.
During his special remarks, Tui Atua stated he’s not an academic linguist, nor a school teacher, nor a pastor, rather his topic — the Samoan language and culture — comes from the perspective of someone who lives, speaks, writes and loves all things Samoan. “Our Samoan language and culture ought to speak to us in both common sense and profound ways; it ought to help us record our histories, as well as our politics; our dreams and visions, as well as our failures and paradoxes. It ought to inspire and motivate us, and at the same time enable us to communicate and function. Culture and language are tools for defining identities and belonging — belonging to a community and to a nation.” He noted that he’s cautious about the Samoan language and culture because the Samoan he grew up with, still speaks and holds dear, is a Samoan that seems to have lost its punch, its relevance. “However this is not only because we do not build our houses using the matavana drill borers anymore (and so we don’t know what they look like) — but we also don’t stay around long enough when house building to watch how
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The Samoana High School choir, under the leadership of Pati Pati Jr.performed both the US and American Samoa anthems as part of the kick off of the Education Summit held yesterday at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium (fale laumei). The summit — “Student First Building a Common Purpose” — is a three-day gathering of education stakeholders, including Gov. Lolo M. Moliga, Lt. Gov. Lemanu P. Mauga, and Samoa’s Head of State, His Highness, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, to address the alarmingly poor performance of the territory’s students. Samoa’s Head of State was the keynote speaker for the first day of the summit. (See story)
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Am. Samoa rejoins SP Tourism Org. with ‘unanimous support’
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga at a dinner hosted for the 23rd Council of Ministers of Tourism Meeting held last week in Apia. Lolo was accompanied by (R) Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop, DPW Director, Faleosina Voight, Owner Proprietor of Transit Motel Gloria Ausage, (L) Etenauga Afoa Lutu and Samoa News Marketing Manager Terry Custodio Auva’a. [Courtesy Photo]
Oasis for Fine Dining…
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MON thru SAT • 7AM-2AM
American Samoa has rejoined the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) for which they were one of the original founding members back in the 1980’s, according to American Samoa Visitors Bureau Executive Director, David Vaeafe. He told Samoa News in a statement that his office had held discussions with SPTO over the last couple of years on rejoining. Vaeafe stated that both the SPTO Board of Directors and Council of Tourism Ministers endorsed American Samoa’s government membership application at their annual meeting in Apia, Samoa last week. The 23rd Council of Ministers of Tourism Meeting that Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga attended along with DOC Director Keniseli Lafaele, Attorney General Afoa L Su’esu’e Lutu and Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop. Governor Lolo’s attendance was in support of the membership application which the Council of Ministers unanimously accepted, and the Chair’s official acceptance announcement were met with enthusiastic applause from all council members and staff. At the meeting, the governor stated that although American Samoa is an unorganized and unincorporated US territory, it is very much part of the Pacific and stands to benefit from being a member of the SPTO. The governor told the participants that his presence was to demonstrate American Samoa’s keen desire, to regain its membership in this Tourism Forum, recognizing that American Samoa cannot hope to effectively advance its tourism development goals in a vacuum. “As island micro states, with finite geographical and financial resources, it makes economic sense to pool our talents and our limited resources, to compete effectively for tourist markets tradi-
tionally dominated by metropolitan countries,” said Governor Lolo. American Samoa became the 17th government and only US Territory member of SPTO, which also has over 200 private sector members across the Pacific region. Vaeafe said, “American Samoa is part of the South Pacific and we have a lot to learn from— and share with—our regional neighbors and tourism partners. “With us joining SPTO, we are adding a new destination that highlights the diversity of the Pacific region. We are giving more options for visitors and tourists traveling into the Pacific to stay longer and island hop around the region.” He further stated that the strength of SPTO is its regional collaboration and public and private sector partnership approach to tourism development, which will benefit us all. American Samoa was an original founding member of the Tourism Council of the South Pacific back in the 80’s, the predecessor to SPTO. Samoa Observer reported this week, that SPTO CEO Ilisoni Vuidreketi made the announcement at a press conference. “American Samoa is now a member – (so) there are now 17 member countries,” he said. “Today the Ministers welcomed and endorsed the application by American Samoa, the newest member of SPTO. In fact, the application was unanimously accepted by everyone, there was no comments just smiles and claps for accepting this application.” According to Samoa Observer, Vuidreketi said not only is American Samoa the newest member of SPTO — it was one of its founding members when the organization was established in the 1980s. “So American Samoa was one of the founding members and now we have grown to 16 and they have come back in again to be the 17th member,” he said.
Stealing, forgery, passing bad checks earns young woman 28 months in jail
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 3
A woman in her 20’s who was implicated in four separate cases on allegations of stealing, forgery and passing bad checks to get money to “impress her boyfriend and his family” was sentenced to serve 28 months in jail. Fulaau Tuua of Tafuna was initially faced with charges of stealing, forgery and passing bad checks, but a plea agreement offered by the government was accepted by the defendant, wherein Tuua would plead guilty to stealing, forgery and passing bad checks for only two of the cases, and in return the government would not proceed with two additional cases pending with the Attorney General’s office.  The first case against Tuua charges her with forgery and stealing, on allegations she stole a check from ASCC’s business office, forged the signature and cashed it at Family Mart. The second case charges her with passing bad checks and stealing at the MMC Store. This second case alleges she defrauded a store by cashing five checks knowing the checks could not be paid, given there was no money in the account.  The defendant, who has been incarcerated for over five months, apologized for her actions to the court, the government, church and the businesses involved, as well as the Community College; and most especially to her parents. In tears, she asked her parents who were present in the court, to forgive her for not “listening and obeying” them. “I will implore the courage of my farther to be courageous and I’ll take my mother’s humbleness to accept whatever decision the court will hand down in sentencing,” said Tuua. The defendant’s father also took the stand with the hope that the court would be lenient in his daughter’s case. He told the court that their daughter is their legal sponsor and she’s the owner of their landscaping business that’s working to clean the roadside. Assistant Public Defender Mike White who represents the defendant stated that Tuua was motivated to “impress her boyfriend and his family” and she was driven by her own greed. He said that she now understands the significance of what happened. Chief Justice Michael Kruse, said “perhaps if we
didn’t have gullible merchants, we wouldn’t be bothered with these sort of crimes.” He stated that the defendant got away with signing checks and cashing them, yet there was no money. For the first case involving Family Mart, the defendant was convicted of stealing and forgery and Kruse sentenced her to seven years for each count. With the second case of stealing, which involved the MMC store, Tuua was sentenced to five years in jail. Kruse made it clear that the sentencing is to run concurrently (at the same time). The court then moved to sus-
pend the sentence of seven years under certain conditions, one of which is that she serve 28 months for stealing and forgery and 20 months for passing bad checks, and pursuant to statute, sentences must run concurrently. She was also ordered to remain a law abiding citizen. Kruse noted that upon serving six months, Tuua may apply for work release and if approved by the Warden, she would be released from Monday to Friday from 6a.m. to 6p.m. Kruse also ordered that she pay restitution and the $3,000 fine and must visit probation upon release.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
October 21, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history & tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To: Information Systems Chief Executive Officer
Summary: This senior management position heads LBJ’s Information Systems department and oversees the entire functioning of all department services and IS-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Recruitment and supervision of qualified IS, HIM & telecommunications department employees; • IS, HIM & telecommunications Policies & Procedures development and implementation; • Management of hospital-wide IS network, including EHR, HR, financial/accounting, supply chain, plant maintenance and patient care system application support & database administration • Management of IS hardware installation, repair, maintenance and overall performance; • Coordination of IS-usercomputer training, decision support & reporting activities; • Project Planning & Management of IS programming &software installation or upgrade activities; • Monitors integrity of data management, storage, security protection and reporting systems and • Monitors regulatory compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HIPAA and other HHS/CMS HIS certification requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA or related Master’sdegree from an accredited College of University in Computer Science, Information Systems/ TechnologyProgramming &Management, with a minimum 5 years of MIS experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in computer science, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accounting experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; IS Programming and/or IS Project Management Certification preferred; • Knowledge in hospital operations, and have knowledge of US-based hospital EHR/HIS/HIM (including ICD-10 & CPT coding)requirements as it pertains to patient care, plant maintenance, billing & financial reporting strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in HIT & MIS/HIS Management best practices and Policies & Procedures required; • Experience in development and implementation of an Information Systems Strategic Plan and aligning with hospital goals and objectives; • Demonstrated success in the development and monitoring of formal Operating and Capital Information Systems Budgets, including a track-record of success in managing departments to successful budget performances; • Must be proficient in state-of-the-art computer technologies, streamlining transactional processes, database management & storage, and security protection systems, as well as latest versions of all major pc-based software applications with demonstrated ability to apply Information Technology in solving business problems; • Experience with SQL Administration, SQL queries and ad-hoc reporting desirable; • Extensive IS hardware experience including but not limited to servers (local, external, and virtual) required; • Knowledgeable about US-federal HHS/CMS HIM/EHR regulations and hospital system upgrade requirements; • Experience with telemedicine, telecommunication and emergency communication systems required; • Experience with internal & external IS audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; and • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is October 25, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as. Previous IS Director applications and/or resumes submitted over the past 12 months will be considered.
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Samoa News apologizes to United States Navy Seaman Recruit (SR) Janet T. Tunoa-Division 39, Loma Linda, California, her family and our readers for erroneously publishing the wrong information next to her photo in Saturday’s To’asavili, October 19, 2013, ‘Your Sons & Daughters in the U.S. Armed Forces’ header. The following is the correct information: United States Navy Seaman Recruit (SR) Janet T. TunoaDivision 39, Loma Linda, California recently received the Academic Excellence Award at the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. She is the daughter of Jimmy and Loto Tunoa of Vaitogi American Samoa. SR Tunoa has a BA in Accounting from California State University in San Bernardino. She worked in two years in Loma Linda Hospital in the Accounting Department before deciding on joining the Navy. She is now currently working on her Masters Degree through the G.I. Bill. In a Letter of Commendation from US Navy Captain John T. Dye-Commanding Officer Recruit Training Command, he said that: 1: By virtue of your attainment of the highest scholastic grade point average in your graduation group, you have been selected as the Academic Excellence Award Winner. 2: I take great pleasure in commending you for your fine performance, which has earned you the admiration and respect of your shipmates. I extend to you a “Well Done” for your [courtesy photo] impressive achievement.
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The DPS Office of Highway Safety is joining the national campaign to recognize Teen Driver Safety Week which started this past Sunday, Oct. 20 and ends this Saturday, Oct. 26. OHS program coordinator Fred Scanlan (pictured) continues to urge parents and adults to supervise teen drivers to ensure the safety of the territory’s traveling public. (See story regarding [photo by B. Chen] crashes involving teens in today’s issue of Samoa News).
“Teen Driver Safety Week” emphasizes constant supervision of teens behind the wheel
by B. Chen Samoa News Correspondent
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Of the 902 vehicles involved in crashes in American Samoa from January 1, 2013 up to October 21, 2013, thirty-three of them involved teens. This week, Oct. 20-26, is National Teen Driver Safety Week and the DPS Office of Highway Safety is joining the national campaign to emphasize the need for constant supervision of teens behind the wheel. According to data from OHS, of the 33 crashes involving teens this year, one was a 15-year-old male, and four were males between 16 and 17 years old. A total of 28 crashes involved drivers in the 18-19 age group (17 males and 11 females). All resulted in no injuries except the 18-19 age group which reported one injured male. At this moment, there is no telling whether the drivers within the 17 and under age group had driver’s licenses or learner’s permits but according to the Office of Motor Vehicles, drivers who are 16-17 years old are allowed to carry a learner’s permit, but only allowed to operate a vehicle when there’s a licensed driver with them. No one under 16 is allowed a permit or a license, while those who are 18 and older are allowed to get their private driver’s license after completing a two-week drivers course and taking their drivers test. The only vehicle crash fatality for this year was a male passenger in his early 20s who died last month after the vehicle he was riding in hit a utility pole in Pava’ia’i. The driver of the vehicle was intoxicated and has since been criminally charged. According to data received by Samoa News, none of the teen crashes this year were alcohol related.
VEHICLE CRASHES Based on statistics from OHS, the total number of crashes where there was property damage adds up to 455. The total number of vehicles involved: 902, while the number of persons injured currently stands at 87. According to the data, the most crashes were recorded in the Tafuna area (118 total). Nuuuli followed with 75 crashes and Fagatogo came in third with 52. Other areas that recorded double digit crash figures include: • Utulei (39) • Pago Pago (28) • Ili’ili (20) • Fagaalu (18) • Malaeimi (17) • Satala (14) • Pava’ia’i (13) • Leone (12) The total includes 7 motorcycle accidents — one each in Aua, Avaio, Leone, Pago Pago, and Tafuna, and two in Nu’uuli. CRASHES INVOLVING PEDESTRIANS The data includes a total of 20 crashes involving pedestrians who were struck. According to OHS figures, the highest pedestrian crashes occurred on Wednesdays and the time of day is between 12noon and 1p.m. A pedestrian was involved in a crash this year in Amouli, Asili, Aua, Auto, Fagaalu, Leone, Malaeimi, Nu’uuli, Pava’ia’i, and Vaitogi; while two pedestrians each were struck in the villages of Fagatogo, Faleniu, Satala, Tafuna, and Utulei. OHS program coordinator Fred Scanlan said in an initial interview that accidents involving teen drivers are not a major problem in the territory, “and we want to keep it that way.” He urges parents to remember that driving is a privilege and their constant supervision of teen drivers is needed in order to keep their teens, as well as other motorists and pedestrians, safe on the road.
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 5
Be cautious when surfing the internet. You information should not be shared on-­   
 know who you are sharing it with. Ask an adult when making decisions on sharing or purchases. Ia e mataala  e iai i luga o le initineti e  ni     taua   lou avatu lea i se tasi e te le iloaina. Fesili i se tagata matua mo    i le  atu  se    e faia i luga o le initineti.
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by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
“Algal bloom” in harbor unknown
compiled by Samoa News Staff
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Results of tests conducted on the tissues of the dead fish that was discovered in the Pago Pago Harbor area in August and brought to the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR) are inconclusive. According to DMWR fisheries biologist Alice Lawrence, “A fish was seen swimming erratically upside down in the inner harbor area on August 22 and was later found dead and brought to the DMWR office.” The fish was 45cm long and identified as Plectropomus maculates, a spotted coral grouper or Gatala. Tissue samples were sent to the USGS National Wildlife Health Center in Hawaii and the results have come back ‘inconclusive’. Lawrence said scientists in Hawaii who conducted the test couldn’t pinpoint exactly what caused the fish to die, as the fish was determined to be a healthy one. The dead fish was thought to be connected to the current conditions of the Pago Pago Harbor— an algal bloom which has caused discoloration of the water in the bay area, from dark brown and reddish brown to tan in some areas. “A DMWR investigation of the harbor water revealed an abundance of a microscopic algae known to form large blooms. It turns the water brown red and later black brown, which is similar to what is happening in the inner harbor,” Lawrence told Samoa News yesterday. “The harbor water also showed high levels of phosphate.” Reports of fish swimming upside down and swimmers suffering boils and respiratory problems have been connected to the algae bloom, according to Lawrence. But how this started is still unknown. Experimental tests in China showed that a bloom can kill shellfish populations but is usually considered harmless to other organisms at higher levels of the food chain. The most recent local algal blooms were recorded in 2007 and 2009 in Pago Pago Harbor, which Dr. Morton ascribed to the dinoflagellate Ceratium furca. Those algal blooms, according to Lawrence, were thought to be caused by an excess of nitrogen fertilizer from an unconfirmed source near the harbor head. Late last week, four dead pufferfish were reported in the Pago Pago area but “the fish were too old to send samples for testing,” Lawrence explained. She urges the public to contact the DMWR hotline directly at 633-4456 to report any dead fish, turtle, or any other dead creature so they can send samples off island for analysis. “The tissue needs to be fresh,” she said. Meanwhile, recent discussions with harbor users have resulted in reports of a school of Mullet (or Agae) also swimming upside down near the DMWR marina dock. Lawrence said there is reason to believe that a specific pollution incident may have caused this recent bloom, potentially as far back as the end of August. Until further notice, the DMWR recommends that the public stop swimming and fishing in the harbor area.
AS HISTORICAL RECORDS ADVISORY BOARD ESTABLISHED “The historical archives and records of American Samoa are a unique testament to our development as a US territory and our contributions here and abroad as US Nationals and citizens of the United States,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga in an Executive Order establishing an American Samoa Historical Records Advisory Board. The EO was effective on October 8, 2013. Lolo’s eight appointees to the Board are: Okenaisa Fauolo, Terry Fielding, Tua Lokan, Cheryl Morales, David Herdrich, James Himphill, Taifita Solomona and Sam White. The Order states, “physical and linguistic archeologists believe that Samoans have been in these islands for over 3,000 years; however, actual written records are less than 300 years old and while descriptions and accounts from exploring expeditions, whalers, missionaries and traders comprise the earliest writings, formal government record keeping only began 150 years ago.” The governor said that without preservation and publication, these records could be lost. As an example, he pointed to the Land and Matai title records, which were damaged by the 2009 Tsunami, saying they “could vanish forever if not properly conserved.” He said individual family, church, business, and village record collections are also at
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SEKI A OE A Crazy Samoan Love Story
risk of disappearing forever, and the need to prevent deterioration and loss of American Samoa’s written and multimedia history is an obligation to the past, present and future. “Conservation of American Samoa’s significant public and private archives and records should be ensured,” the Governor wrote. The board is also “empowered to seek funding for meeting expenses, project equipment and supplies, and utilities via public or private grant opportunities, philanthropy, fund raising or donations.” Governor Lolo pointed out that the Board’s initial scope of work is to create a strategic plan for the preservation and publication of the historical archives and records of the territory. They are also to offer educational presentations on current archives and records management conservation trends and issues, as well as plan and implement an annual “Archives Month”. 3-R ROAD PROJECTS WILL BE COMPLETED ON TIME Work on the twelve sites listed for repairs under the federally funded 3-R (restoration, rehabilitation, and resurfacing) program is set to be fully completed by December 6, the initial scheduled date for completion; and while the roads are smoother, drainage issues still need to be addressed in some completed areas. The project was awarded to McConnell Dowell and is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHwA) to the tune of $7,185,907.24 The Dept. of Public Works (DPW) is overseeing all of the work. In response to Samoa News inquiries yesterday, Reuben Siatu’u of DPW’s Civil Highway Division said over a telephone interview that although work is completed on the majority of the sites, they will be revisiting certain areas to address drainage issues caused by erosion, and other unforeseen site conditions that may have developed during the course of the work. Ten of the twelve sites have been resurfaced for a total length of approximately 5.3 miles. For the areas between Canco Hill and Lupelele Elementary School, Ottoville to the Kokoland intersection, Faga’itua to Alofau, and the Laulii to Visa Stream, Siatu’u said work there is complete, but they are returning to those sites to address drainage issues caused by runoffs and erosion on the side of the road. Meanwhile, work on the following sites is fully completed: Vaitogi Village Road, Pava’ia’i to Aoloau Road, Sectional pavement repairs to
Fogagogo village, to Futiga village, along the Industrial Park Road, and Hospital Road. Sectional pavement repairs to Fagaima Road are also fully completed, although an additional section extending 900 feet was included in the work due to existing conditions of the adjacent road, Siatu’u explained. The scope of work for the repairs along the 1.3-mile section from Lupelele to the Tradewinds Hotel intersection was changed, according to Siatu’u, who explained the work called for pavement repairs but in the end, the entire stretch received an overlay. Siatu’u said part of the project calls for the construction of soakage pits to address long standing drainage issues near Cost-U-Less, in addition to rehabilitating existing waterways. He explained that work on the soakage pits has already begun, with workers in the precast initial phase, meaning the soakage pit boxes are being constructed and once they are finished, they will start digging holes and installing them in the appropriate sections of the road. The soakage pits are being preassembled and this is being done to avoid numerous safety issues that would arise otherwise. Siatu’u said in an initial interview, “DPW greatly appreciates the patience of the traveling public and the respective villages. And as always, use caution when entering a construction site.” ASCC STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION HOSTS TOPICAL WORKSHOPS This semester, to help diversify the learning opportunities available to all American Samoa Community College (ASCC) students, the Student Government Association (SGA) at the college is hosting a series of workshops this month on a diverse selection of topics ranging from Professional Development to Money Budgeting to Living Healthy. The workshop series, now in progress, features speakers from both on-campus and community organizations. “The purpose of these workshops is to let students be aware of the importance of different committees on and off campus, and the value of getting involved with them while in college,” explained SGA President Theresa Togia. “Besides the valuable work these committees do, each of them sets an example of how goals can be achieved by people working together.” Since the series got underway at the beginning of October, the workshops have drawn not only SGA members, but also participants in the Phi Theta Kappa
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Bahrain teen sets off explosives prematurely, dies MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — Authorities in Bahrain say a teenager has been killed when an explosive device he was carrying detonated prematurely as he attempted to stage an attack in the tense Gulf nation. Bahrain has expanded crackdowns on so-called “terrorist” cells suspected of bombings targeting security forces and others in the strategic kingdom, home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet. The Sunni-ruled nation has been locked in nonstop unrest since an uprising by the country’s Shiite majority began in early 2011. The official Bahrain News Agency said Wednesday that a gun and ammunition were found near the body of the 17-year-old youth about 10 kilometers (six miles) west of the capital, Manama. He died late Tuesday. Authorities say he was wanted in connection with previous attacks. Homes evacuated as wind fans wildfires near Sydney SYDNEY (AP) — Scores of Australians have evacuated their homes in mountains west of Sydney as intensifying winds fanned wildfires that have ravaged the region for days. The winds were showering communities with embers Wednesday, and all schools were closed in anticipation of worsening fire conditions in the Blue Mountains. The region lost more than 200 homes to blazes last week. Springwood resident Rae Tebbutt said the atmosphere was tense in the village that was one of the worst-hit last week. Rural Fire Service commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says 71 blazes are burning in New South Wales state around Sydney, including 29 burning out of control. White House: cooperation with Saudis to continue WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration says its cooperation with Saudi Arabia will continue despite the kingdom’s rejection of a coveted seat on the U.N. Security Council. White House spokesman Jay Carney says Saudi Arabia’s decision was its own. He says the two countries disagree on some issues but that the working relationship with Saudi Arabia will continue, including on such issues as Syria, Iran and the Middle East peace process. In an unprecedented move last week, Saudi Arabia rejected its first offer of a council seat and denounced the U.N. for failing to resolve world conflicts. The move appeared largely directed at its longtime ally, the United States. The two countries are at odds over a number of Mideast issues, including how Wash-
ington has handled recent crises in Egypt and Syria. Foreign holdings of US Treasury debt dip in August WASHINGTON (AP) — Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities fell for a fifth consecutive month, suggesting some buyers may have been worried about the impact of budget fights in Washington. The Treasury Department says total foreign holdings declined 0.1 percent in August, compared to July, to $5.59 trillion. Holdings have declined $133 billion since hitting a record high in March. China, the largest foreign holder of Treasury debt, trimmed its purchases by 0.9 percent in August to $1.27 trillion while Japan, in second place, raised its purchases by 1.2 percent to $1.15 trillion. Erik Johnston, senior economist at IHS Global Insight, said
U.S. securities have become less appealing over the past few months because of the budget wrangling in Washington which triggered “another close call with the debt ceiling.” Repairs, scaffolds ahead for the US Capitol dome WASHINGTON (AP) — The 150-year-old U.S. Capitol dome will be sheathed in scaffolding for about two years during its first major restoration since 1960, officials said Tuesday. Stephen T. Ayers, the architect of the Capitol, said the structure may look good from a distance, but up close, more than 1,000 cracks and other structural problems need attention now. The restoration is expected to cost about $59.6 million, according to Justin Kieffer, Ayers’ spokesman. Kieffer said the dome damage is not
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LONDON (AP) — A British bridegroom who made a hoax bomb threat rather than admit he’d neglected to book the venue for his wedding was sentenced Tuesday to a year in jail. Neil McArdle called Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall from a phone booth on his scheduled wedding day in April, claiming a bomb was due to go off in 45 minutes. His fiancee, Amy Williams, was left standing in the street in her wedding gown while the building was evacuated. McArdle, 36, was arrested the same day and admitted that he made the call because he had forgotten to fill out the paperwork for the wedding. “He did say several times how embarrassed and ashamed he was and how sorry he was,” said prosecutor Derek Jones. A judge at Liverpool Crown Court in northwest England sentenced McArdle to 12 months in jail. Judge Norman Wright said that McArdle had frightened staff at the venue with his hoax —which came days after the Boston marathon bombings — and let down his fiancee. “She was getting ready, expecting you were going to be man and wife and a very solemn public event in her life and you knew that was not going to take place,” the judge said. “You did not say ‘We need to talk.’ You tried to weasel your way out by creating a bomb hoax so the wedding would not take place.” Defense lawyer Charles Lander said McArdle and Williams are still together. “The fact that she stands with him speaks volumes for her, and I hope volumes for him,” Lander said.
Groom who halted own wedding with bomb hoax jailed
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• • • • • • • • • REGISTRATION PARENTS CLASSROOM VISITATION 1st PERIOD 2nd PERIOD 3rd PERIOD 4th PERIOD (LUNCH 1) 5th PERIOD (LUNCH 2) 6th PERIOD GENERAL SESSION FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS in Music Room • (SAT Results, Parent Connect, Curriculum, Reading & Writing program, Accreditation Process, Achieve 3000, Resource Program, PTA )
This ad is paid for by the Tafuna High School PTA
07:30 - 08:30 08:30 - 01:30 08:30 - 09:15 09:20 - 10:05 10:10 - 10:55 11:00 - 11:45 11:50 - 12:40 12:45 - 01:30 01:35 - 03:00
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The daughter of a man killed by a drunken driver who later confessed his crime in an online video was expected to offer her first in-depth comments about the impact of the accident on her and her family. Angela Canzani was scheduled to appear Wednesday in Franklin County Court at the sentencing for Matthew Cordle. In a brief TV interview last month, she said Cordle’s YouTube confession, viewed more than 2.2 million times, has taken the focus off her father, 61-year-old Vincent Canzani. Cordle, 22, faces eight years in prison, a $15,000 fine and loss of driving privileges for life. He pleaded guilty last month to aggravated vehicular homicide and driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. His blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit of 0.08. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien is pushing for the maximum, saying Cordle drove that night despite knowing he had a history of blackouts after heavy drinking. O’Brien also says the average sentence for similar crimes in the central Ohio county is about eight years. O’Brien also cites Cordle’s refusal to submit to a bloodalcohol test after the accident as justifying the maximum. Prosecutors had to obtain a court order to do the test. Cordle’s attorneys have asked Judge David Fais for a sentence well below the maximum. They say that would send a message about the importance of taking responsibility for a tragedy. There were never any doubts that Cordle was responsible for the June crash that came after a night of bar hopping near downtown Columbus. Cordle was alone in his truck and witnesses in other cars identified him as the driver. As prosecutors waited for lab results for alcohol and drugs, Cordle decided to forego the usual court process and plead guilty as soon as he was charged. His attorneys agreed with his plan, but against their advice, he also made an online video confessing to the accident. “I killed a man,” he says at the beginning of the 3 ½-minute clip, then goes on to explain what happened that night. He concludes by begging people not to drink and drive.
Sentencing for fatal DUI crash confessor
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IRS paid out over $110B in ‘improper tax credits’
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service paid out more than $110 billion in tax credits over the past decade to people who didn’t qualify for them, according to a Treasury report released Tuesday. The Earned Income Tax Credits were intended for poor working families. In his report, IRS inspector general J. Russell George said more than one-fifth of all credits paid under the program went to people who didn’t qualify. “The IRS should be commended for implementing numerous processes to educate Americans and identify and prevent improper EITC payments,” George said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it is still distributing more than $11 billion in improper EITC payments each year and that is disturbing.” “The IRS must do a better job of reining in improper payments in this and in other programs,” George added. IRS efforts are hampered by unscrupulous tax preparers as well as honest families that have trouble figuring out how to calculate the complicated credit, the report said. “The IRS appreciates the inspector general’s acknowledgement of all our work to implement processes that identify and prevent improper EITC payments,” the IRS said in a statement. “Every year, the IRS conducts 500,000 EITC audits as part of a broader enforcement strategy, and EITC claims are twice as likely to be audited as other tax returns.” The EITC is one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty programs. In 2011, more than 27 million families received nearly $62 billion in credits. The credit is attractive because, if it is larger than your total income tax bill, the IRS will pay you the difference. This is especially helpful to low-income families because many pay little or no federal income tax. It also makes the credit more susceptible to fraud. “Refundable tax credits are a nightmare to administer and lead to far too much of the American people’s money going out to those who aren’t eligible,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. “That the IRS can’t figure out how to rein in the improper Earned Income Tax Credit payments doesn’t bode well for the $1.1 trillion in ObamaCare subsidies.” Using IRS statistics, the inspector general’s report provides an estimated range of improper EITC payments from 2003 through 2012. The report says the IRS paid out at least $110.8 billion in improper payments during the period, and perhaps as much as $132.6 billion. The IRS says it is impossible to know the exact amount of improper EITC payments without auditing all 27 million taxpayers who received them, which isn’t feasible. The amount of improper payments ballooned during the recent economic slump, hitting at least $15.3 billion in 2010, the report said. For 2012, the improper payments totaled between $11.6 billion and $13.6 billion. Families earn the credits by working and earning money, though there are income limits. The size of the credit depends on your income and the number of children you have. This year, a married couple with three or more children can earn up to $51,567 and still qualify for the credit. A married couple with two children can earn up to $48,378 and still qualify, according to the IRS. The maximum credit this year is $6,044 for families with three or more children. The maximum credit for families with two children is $5,372.
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Charlie’s Kids Program
Criteria for Selection: 
Project Proposal, Target Group, Time Line, and Expected Impact/Outcome of Project, Professionals Involved, Estimated Cost Breakdown of $1,000
Human Resources Office at StarKist Samoa Plant in Atu’u Applications now available for Pick-Up Office Hours 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Applications Due:  Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4 p.m.
STARKIST HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE Selected schools will be announced
Friday, November 8, 2013
***StarKist Samoa is proud to support Education through our Charlie’s Kids Program. Good Luck to all Applicants and Congratulations to those who will be selected this Year!
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An Indonesian youth clings on the dorsal fin of a beached whale shark as fishermen prepare to pull it back to the sea at Kenjeran beach in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, Tuesday, Oct. 22, (AP Photo/Trisnadi) 2013. The whale survived and successfully released back into the sea.
American Samoa Government OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT
RFP No: RFP-012-2014
RFP No: RFP-012-2014 Issuance Date: October 21, 2013 Date & Time Due: October 28, 2013 No later than 2:00 p.m. local time The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) from qualified firms to provide:
“Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services for School Lunch Program”
Submission: Original and five copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope Marked “Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services for School Lunch Program.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Monday, October 28, 2013: Office of Procurement American Samoa Government Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO Any proposal received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as beingn on-responsive. Document: The RFP Scope of Work outlining the proposal requirements is available at the Office of Procurement Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours. Review: Request for Proposal data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG. Right of Rejection: The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that are not in the best interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
TIAOTALAGA J.E. KRUSE Chief Procurement Officer
the result of a 2011 earthquake that damaged other structures in the Capitol, including the Washington Monument. Many buildings and monuments in the District of Columbia date back to the mid-1800s and are periodically covered in scaffolding during repairs. Ex-head of military school charged with sex abuse VISTA, Calif. (AP) — A former top administrator at California’s lone military boarding school has been charged with sexually abusing students. U-T San Diego says Jeffrey Barton, former head of schools at the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, was charged Tuesday with two counts of sodomy by force and 14 counts of oral copulation by force. The 55-year-old Barton is being held on $6 million bail and his arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday. He could get 15 years in prison if convicted on all counts. Prosecutors say the molestations took place from 1997 to 2001, and all the victims were students at the time. Barton resigned in June after 18 years at the academy, a private, college-prep academy that has more than 300 boys in grades seven through 12. second worker in LA airport explosions pleads not guilty LOS ANGELES (AP) — The second worker charged with setting a series of dry-ice bombs at Los Angeles International Airport has pleaded not guilty. Miguel Angel Iniguez (in-EE’-gez) of Inglewood entered the plea Tuesday to one felony count of possession of a destructive device near an airplane. The 41-year-old supervises workers at LAX for ground services company Servisair. Prosecutors allege that Iniguez and another airport employee, 28-year-old Dicarlo Bennett, made a total of three dry ice bombs near airport terminals on Oct. 13, but only two of them exploded. No one was injured. Bennett pleaded not guilty last week and is being held on $1 million bail. Iniguez is being held on $500,000. They are due to appear together at a bail review hearing Wednesday. man pleads guilty in NJ cigarette fraud CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — Federal officials in New Jersey say a California man has admitted his role in a conspiracy to distribute untaxed contraband cigarettes between the two states. U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman says Jia Yongming pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Camden to charges related to the purchase and distribution of more than 3.7 million untaxed cigarettes. He faces five years in prison when he’s sentenced Jan. 29. Authorities charged the 45-year-old Monterey Park resident in New Jersey because the cigarettes were shipped to New Jersey’s Port Newark from China. Fishman says an FBI investigation revealed the cigarettes were being transported and sold in California without paying that state’s cigarette taxes, causing the state more than $2 million in lost taxes. Yongming was charged with three others from California in February 2011. dog loses eye in beating by burglar FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A German shepherd belonging to a Fresno store owner is recovering from losing an eye after being beaten by a burglar. The Fresno Bee reports the 9-year-old dog, Flash, lost her right eye when she was struck with a weapon wielded by the crook, who was after radio scanners and other merchandise at Sparky’s, an electronics store. Owner Cheryl Cook tells the newspaper she isn’t sure whether Flash was beaten out of fear that she was a guard dog or out of simple cruelty. Cook says Flash, who was alone in the store during the burglary, is more of a friendly pet than a guard dog. After surgery, Flash was back at the store Monday, appearing chipper and sweet despite her injuries. Cook is planning to offer a reward for the arrest of the burglar. judge sentenced in elder abuse case OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — A former Alameda County Superior Court judge has been sentenced to five years of probation for stealing from his 97-year-old neighbor who trusted him with her life savings. The Oakland Tribune says 58-year-old Paul Seeman received his sentence Monday as part of a plea deal in which he was found guilty of one count of financial elder abuse and one count of perjury. He was also ordered to pay back the $5,600 that he stole. Seeman lived across the street from the late Anne Nutting and her husband in 1999 when they were banned from living in their Berkeley home, which was deemed uninhabitable. Seeman offered to help the couple with their legal troubles and won power of attorney over their savings. Prosecutors said he siphoned money from that account after Nutting’s husband died.
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Ahoy, mateys! US to stop printing nautical charts WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government is going into uncharted waters, deep-sixing the giant paper nautical charts that it has been printing for mariners for more than 150 years. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday that to save money, the government will stop turning out the traditional brownish, heavy paper maps after mid-April. The agency will still chart the water for rocks, shipwrecks and other hazards, but sailors, boaters and fishermen will have to use private on-demand printing, PDFs or electronic maps to see the information, said Capt. Shep Smith, head of NOAA’s marine chart division. Nowadays, most people instead use the on-demand maps printed by private shops, which are more up-to-date and accurate, Smith said. Still, NOAA sells about 60,000 of the old 4-by-3-foot lithographic maps each year for about $20 apiece, the same amount it costs to print them. It costs NOAA about $100 million a year to survey and chart the nation’s waters. The agency will still spend the same money, but provide the information in the less traditional way. Sea dogs say they will miss the charts, which also get used as decorations. Australia to lift debt ceiling to $486 billion CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — The Australian government plans to raise the nation’s debt ceiling by a whopping two-thirds to 500 billion Australian dollars ($486 billion) in a bid to avoid any future Washington-style political crisis over spending. The conservative government, elected last month, said Tuesday latest data showed that debt was on track to reach the current AU$300 billion ceiling in December. While the previous centerleft Labor Party government had forecast debt to peak at AU$370 billion in 2015-16, new data showed it would exceed AU$400 billion that year due to falling tax revenues. “We are not going to allow ourselves to get into the position that the United States is in where there’s tremendous uncertainty about the capacity of a country to live within its means,” Treasurer Joe Hockey told Australian Broadcasting Corp. late Tuesday. A 16-day partial U.S. government shutdown ended last week when Congress approved a budget that keeps the government running through Jan. 15 and lets the Treasury continue to pay its bills through Feb. 7. But a repeat of the economically-damaging political stalemate and the threat of a default on the national debt could be repeated in the New Year. Iran minister says no need to re-hang convict TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian news agency says the justice minister has concluded there is “no need” to finish off a convict who survived his hanging. A Tuesday report by the semi-official ISNA quoted Mostafa Pourmohammadi as saying there is “no need for reexecution” of the 37-year-old convicted of smuggling drugs who only was identified by his first name, Alireza. Earlier this month, morgue technicians discovered that Alireza was alive a day after he was hanged in the city of Bojnourd, according to the media. His case prompted debate, with some legal experts arguing he should be hanged again. Last week Amnesty International urged Iran to spare Alireza.
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Drug smuggling is one of a number of crimes that can be punished by capital punishment in Iran. ACLU sues Ohio city over sidewalk messages ban TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the city of Defiance in northwest Ohio, alleging the city’s ban on sidewalk messages shouldn’t apply to chalk messages and violates free speech rights. The city prohibits disfiguring sidewalks by painting words, names or ads on them. The issue arose last year when members of an Occupy protest group were threatened with arrest for writing messages in chalk on sidewalks. The ACLU’s Ohio chapter argued in its federal lawsuit Tuesday that the law is unconstitutional and asked a judge to stop its enforcement. The group also argued the law shouldn’t apply to chalk because chalk’s
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This photo released by the Nevada Air National Guard shows Sparks Middle school math teacher and former Marine Michael Landsberry, 45. Authorities say the student who opened fire on at the school campus, wounding two students and killing Landsberry, got the weapon from his home. Washoe County School District Police said they are still working to trace where the gun was bought. Police said a Sparks Middle School student was the shooter and turned the weapon on himself. (AP Photo/Nevada Air National Guard)
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
October 21, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history & tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To: Finance Chief Financial Officer
Summary: This senior management position manages LBJ’s all day-to-day accounting-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CFO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Supervision& training of assigned accounting/finance department employees; • Day-to-day accounting operations to include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets, grants and all other accounting related processes • Management of monthly financial closings and statement preparation; • Budget control, cost analysis and related cash flow planning & monitoring activities; • Medicare/Medicaid financial certification & cost reporting; • Management of special projects and coordination of all third-party single audits as well as independent audits; • Monitors compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HHS/CMS/IRS accounting & reporting requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA, CPA or related Master’s degree from an accredited College of University in Accounting and/or Finance, with a minimum 5 years of progressive accounting management & supervisory experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in accounting, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accounting experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; • Extensive experience with Medicare/Medicaid hospital reimbursement rules required; • Knowledge in Medicare/Medicaid hospital financial certification &cost-reporting, and have knowledge of US-based hospital accounting & reporting requirements in patient accounting, supply chain management, assets management, capital improvement & grants requirements strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in GAAP, accounting & financial management best practices required; • Advanced Accounting and/or Financial Management Certification preferred; • Knowledgeable about Federal HHS/CMS/IRS regulations and hospital financial reporting requirements; • Must be computer proficient in major hospital accounting & financial management information systems, Excel, as well as other MS Office software applications; • Experience with internal & external audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; • Fluency in Samoan language & culture and/or previous work experience in Polynesian culture strongly preferred; • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is October 25, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. or email: hr@lbj.as.
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An aspiring witch performs during an audition to work as the resident witch at the Wookey Hole Caves tourist attraction in Wookey Hole, Somerset, England, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013. Around 50 applicants auditioned for the position Tuesday, each given one minute to perform in front of a panel of judges. The requirements for the job included: Must be able to cackle, must be able to work weekends (AP Photo/Matt Dunham) and school holidays and must not be allergic to cats.
American Samoa Government OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT
RFP No: RFP-011-2014
RFP No: RFP-011-2014 Issuance Date: October 21, 2013 Date & Time Due: October 28, 2013 No later than 2:00 p.m. local time The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) from qualified firms to provide: “Refrigeration & Air Conditioner Maintenance/Repair for School Lunch Program” Submission: Original and five copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope Marked “Refrigeration & Air Con Maintenance/Repair for School Lunch Program.” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Monday, October 28, 2013: Office of Procurement American Samoa Government Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO Any proposal received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as beingn on-responsive. Document: The RFP Scope of Work outlining the proposal requirements is available at the Office of Procurement Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours. Review: Request for Proposal data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG. Right of Rejection: The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that are not in the best interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
not permanent. Toledo law director David Williams said he hadn’t seen the complaint. He previously has said the ban has nothing to do with the messages’ content. sen. McCain considering running again WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Sen. John McCain says he’s considering running for a sixth term in 2016, the year he turns 80. In an interview Tuesday with radio station KFYIAM in Phoenix, the Arizona Republican said that he’s seriously giving a lot of thought to another bid for re-election. McCain says he’s getting encouragement from businesses that are upset with the recent partial government shutdown. He had opposed the tea party tactic of linking gutting the health care law to keeping the government operating. McCain unsuccessfully sought the presidency in 2008, then easily won another Senate term in 2010. He has challenged President Barack Obama on foreign policy but has worked with Democrats on immigration legislation. canadian Civil liberties group sues over us spy allegations VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — A civil liberties group is suing one of the country’s spy agencies allegeding it intercepts the private communications of Canadians online and over the telephone in violation of laws making it illegal to spy on citizens. The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association said it was suing the Communications Security Establishment Canada, this country’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency. The suit alleges the CSEC has been reading Canadians’ emails and text messages, and listening to their phone calls, when they communicate with people outside the country. The CSEC found itself at the center of controversy two weeks ago amid allegations Canadian spies hacked phones and computers belonging to Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry. White House defends drone strikes after new report WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says it strongly disagrees with any assertions the U.S. violated international law by using drone strikes in Pakistan. White House spokesman Jay Carney says the U.S. is reviewing a new report from Amnesty International about civilians killed and wounded by CIA drone strikes. Amnesty says the U.S. should investigate. Carney says American actions follow all applicable law. He says before drone strikes are used, there must be “nearcertainty” no civilians will be killed. He says other counterterrorism methods would result in even more civilian casualties and empower those who seek violence. Carney says there’s a wide gap between the U.S. assessment of civilian casualties and what some groups like Amnesty have determined. He says, quote, “U.S. counterterrorism operations are precise, they are lawful and they are effective.”
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➧ Community Briefs…
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“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
TIAOTALAGA J.E. KRUSE Chief Procurement Officer
Honor Society, the Peer Mentors, the College Research Foundation and interested members of the general student population. The series has included two workshops a week, opening with a presentation on Professional Development featuring contributions from ASCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff-Belle, Dean of Student Services Dr. Emilia Le’i, Chief Financial Officer Emey Silafau and counselor Annie Panama. The second workshop of the week was an Introduction to the American Samoa College Research Foundation given by Matesina Willis and Tiare Tupua. For the third workshop, ASCC Chief of Security Misi Tauai gave a talk on Campus Safety. Tauai’s presentation made a strong impression on SGA Treasurer Visa Vaiau, who appreciated the campus safety procedures. “We learned the rules and regulations of ASCC, and how disciplinary hearings and suspensions can result for those who don’t follow them,” said Vaiau. Fourth in the series was an overview of Tutorial and Counseling Services available to all ASCC students, presented by counselors Maria Kim-Lagafuaina, Kayla M. Sauafea and Lyndia Tinitali, and the fifth workshop was given by ASCC Business Department chairperson Dr. Faofua Faatoafe, who shared her expertise on Money Budgeting Workshops still to come include, Tunoa Peleti of DHSS presenting on Alcohol and Drunk Driving, and Travis Fleming, Community Nutritionist with CNR, offering insights into Healthy Living. SGA President Togia said she hopes the series will help ASCC students broaden their awareness, which in turn aligns with the SGA mission to motivate students to stay in school, further their education, and succeed in life. For more information on ASCC, visit www.amsamoa.edu. (Source: ASCC media release)
FBI found 4 explosives in Holmes’ colo. apartment CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Three FBI experts say they found four types of explosives and other chemicals when they tested items found in Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes’ apartment. The experts testified Tuesday at a pretrial hearing to determine whether they will testify at Holmes’ trial. They shed little new light on the case and mostly answered questions about testing methods. Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 2012 attack. Prosecutors and defense lawyers are arguing over evidence that could be used to weaken his insanity claim, including homemade bombs found in his apartment. Police have said the bombs were intricately planned and were meant to divert officers from the theater. Prosecutors could cite that as evidence Holmes was sane. Holmes’ lawyers: Apartment search was illegal CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Lawyers for Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes say evidence seized from his booby-trapped apartment shouldn’t be used against him because police didn’t get a search warrant before sending in a bomb squad robot. Defense attorneys and prosecutors return to court Wednesday for more arguments over what evidence can be used at Holmes’ trial. Most of the evidence in dispute could be used to undermine Holmes’ insanity claim. That includes explosives found in Holmes’ apartment. Police say they were intricately planned and designed to divert first responders from the shootings. Prosecutors say police couldn’t wait for a warrant to enter the apartment because the bombs were a threat. Man faces federal charges for airport bomb scare JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A man accused of making a bomb threat at a Florida airport has been formally charged in federal court. Zeljko Causevic made his first appearance Tuesday after a grand jury indicted him on a charge of conveying false or misleading information. He faces up to five years in prison. Authorities say Causevic — a U.S. citizen who is originally from Bosnia — entered Jacksonville International Airport on Oct. 1 and said that he had a bomb. The camouflage backpack he was carrying contained a small luggage scale, a couple of batteries, a microchip and a cellphone. But the scare was enough to evacuate the airport and strand travelers on planes on the tarmac for hours. Causevic’s next hearing is set for Oct. 29. He is being held without bail. Beijing adopts new smog emergency measures BEIJING (AP) — Beijing is seeking to tame the spikes in its infamous smog by preparing emergency measures such as factory shutdowns and traffic limits to kick in when air pollution levels are especially heavy. The city government said Tuesday the strictest emergency measures will take effect when the pollution index for fine particulate matter, PM2.5, is forecast to exceed 300 micrograms per cubic meter for three days running. Private vehicles will be allowed to operate only on alternating days, depending on the last number of their license plates. Factory emissions will be cut 30 percent by suspending or limiting production, and construction sites must halt excavation and demolition work. Classes will be suspended, a measure likely to cause inconvenience in a city where most parents both work.
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Suspect ID’d in theft of laptops with patient info ALHAMBRA, Calif. (AP) — Police have issued an arrest warrant for a transient they say stole two laptop computers from a Southern California hospital chain containing Social Security numbers and other personal information on more than 700,000 patients. Alhambra police Sgt. Jerry Johnson said Tuesday that detectives are seeking 36-yearold Christopher Brown, who also goes by Allen Marcous, for the Oct. 12 theft from a sixth-floor office in Alhambra. Johnson says detectives used surveillance video to help identify the suspect, who was familiar with the building because a friend had worked there. The laptops contained names, insurance numbers and other information on patients of six AHMC hospitals in Alhambra, Anaheim, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, South El Monte and Whittier.
A woman wearing a mask walk through a street covered by dense smog in Harbin, northern China, Monday, Oct. 21, 2013. Visibility shrank to less than half a football field and smallparticle pollution soared to a record 40 times higher than an international safety standard in one northern Chinese city as the region entered its high-smog season. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)
PO Box 308 Pago Pago, AS 96799 Tel: (684) 699-3848 or 633-3848 Fax: (684) 699-3849 or 633-3849 E-mail: loan@limafesoasoani.com
The following account holders are encouraged to visit or contact our Collection Representative, Mrs. Nive Ioramo-Savali at 633-3848, Fagatogo Square, Suite 208B, regarding your delinquent account.
A’asa, Ruth Aetui, Ernest Samoa Aga, Faailoifaga Agatonu, Tony Ala, Junior Suluga Alai, Leumai Aliivaa, Fuatino Aliivaa, Taumasina Allen, Abraham Allen, Lidwina Allen, Mathew Waldie Alosio, Akeli Asoau, Ofisa Hudson, Henry Hun Fen, Fagaalofa Iaulualo, Therisa Isaia, Monte Iupeli, Pepelini Filemu Kuresa, Faavela Kuresa-Sokimi, Christina Lam Sam, Rosalina Leafa, Apaola Muliau, Samasoni Musa, Sinatulaga Navelika, Onosai Ofoia, Mefiposeta Olo, Manuatele Onosai, Saisavaii Paepule, Lemusu Palepoi, Faleata Passi, Simamao Katherine Petelo, Taulolomi
Leala, Masunu J.
Coffin, Brenda
Danielson, Sifiti Esau, Steven Esera, Patrick
Europa, Vida
Faaatuatu, Upuese Faatupuinati, Irene Faasoa, Tony Faave, Meaalofa Faavi, Faleupolu Failauga, Mavaeao
Fale, Mareko
Lealasola, Naomi Leasiolagi, Galen Leota, “PJ” Pule T Letufuga, Kay T Liufau, Harima Loa, Tuanai Lualemaga, Kleefi Luavasa, Leua Lui, Fiso ‘Isabella’ Maeataanoa, Sarai Mafua, Barbara Maiava, Tuumafua Mailo, Alapati Mano, Lalomilo Mapu, Vitale
Pule, Faleu
Faleafine, “Mouey” Semoumata
Falefia, Nofo
Mase, Tipesa
Faumuina, Yvonne Fe’a, Lalofau Fetu, Aumoana Filiafa, Litia Fuimaono, Falesoa Gonzales, Melissa Houston, Tofaagaoalii
Matau, Puta Afuafi Mauia, Kirisitina Feuu Mckenzie, Saofaiga Mika, Utumoeaau Misili, Aliitasi Misivila, Sophia Momoisea, Mafi Moors, Henry
Ripley, Faamalele Tagoai Sakaria, Paese Salueletaua, Lemo Samana, Ellen Savusa, Leilani Schirmer, Audrey Semeatu, Ernest Thomas Semeatu, Joe Semou, Regina Seumanutafa, Mareko Sevaaetasi, Tina Sialofi, Taupale Siofaga, Fetalaiga Sipelii, Uaealesi “Doris” Sipili, Hector Snow, Noanette Sitagata, Uili Spitzenberg, Rose Sue, Victoria Suiaunoa, Brian Suisala, Jr Taulua Sunia, I’ugafono
Tafaumu, Latafoti Taito, Pouvi Ta-Grey, Florence Te’i, Lafoaina Tinitali, Cynthia Tiumalu, Nafanua Tiumalu, Saimua Thompson, Ulisese Johnny Toala, Suilefaiga Togiaso, Patisepa Togiola, Yolanda Tuasivi, Fiasoso Tua, Seneuefa Tuiasosopo, Uputaua Tuilefano, Wesley Tuiletufuga, Fonotaga Tuiloma, Isaia Tuimaseve, Siaivao Tuiolemotu, Lemapu
Tuiolosega, Punaoa
Tuiteleleapaga, Selapi Utai, Zeimydarling U’u, Tineimala Unutoa, Matamatafua Va’a, Liva Vaeao, Logoipulotu Vaeao, Naomi
Vaieli, Maselino 
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Office Hrs. 9am to 2pm (684) 633-0179 Family owned & operated since 1998. We are American Samoa’s only full time Pest Control Company. We provide a very affordable and friendly service. Do you have ROACH, ANT, FLEAS, TICKS, TERMITE, RATS, AND OTHER PEST PROBLEMS? • Call for a FREE PEST EVALUATION OR NO OBLIGATION INSPECTION • We do GROUND TERMITE TREATMENT & CONSTRUCTION PRE-TREATMENTS • We provide services for Houses, Boats, Cars, Offices, Warehouses, Storage, Restaurants, Furniture pieces, stores and cafeteria and health clinics
Yesterday, the Governor’s 3-day Education Summit began at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium to a packed house of education stakeholders, which included Gov. Lolo M. Moliga, Lt. Gov. Lemanu P. Mauga, and Samoa’s Head of State, His Highness, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, as [photo: JL] well as lawmakers, government officials, and some business owners
➧ Tui Atua: “the richness of our language”…
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a house gets put together from beginning to end. “We have no appreciation of how these house building tools work, because we don’t know what they are. The power or punch of this saying is lost when we have no real life experience of the tools or images at the centre of the metaphor.” He explained that in Samoa a debate has been brewing on the issue of how best to teach and learn Samoan. His Highness said, “In preparing for this address he has been reflecting on this issue and its ramifications, finding it hugely complex, full of layers, twists and turns, as well as political agendas, personal emotions and practical constraints given that language and culture is so central to the human condition.
“They are, despite their complexities, central to our teaching and learning — to our becoming,” he stated. For Samoans, Tui Atua noted, “They need to recognize that the tools needed to teach brand new learners are markedly different to those with more sophisticated needs. They have to understand how and why we moved from one form of speaking, writing and living Samoan to another, and why we might move back and forth in ‘hybrid ways’. They must understand what influenced us back then, what influences us now, and what is likely to influence us in the future.” He said that for both our countries, these are very real issues and they generate very real tensions. Tension and change tells us that our society is growing, our realities are changing. “The question is when might it become bad? And, how would we know in order to avoid it?” Tui Atua continued, “What is more important is being able to make sense of the meaning of words and how these meanings change. Unpacking terms in this way gives us insight not only into the poetic and scholastic richness of the language of our forebears, but also into just how its Samoan-ness has changed over the years.” He said, “What we retain in our language ultimately reflects who we are as a people and as individuals; it reflects our beliefs and our values. In our fight for what matters in language and culture we as leaders are tasked with the responsibility, the matāfaioi, to liuliu faalaau mamafa le tofa ma le faautaga loloto — to discern carefully and deeply for the short and long term the issues pertaining to how best to retain and pass on the richness of our language and culture to our young.” He further stated that “retaining a love for nuance in our translations or communi-
cations requires translators and communicators who love and are well versed in our vocabularies and idioms. The richest bilingual or multilingual education programs are those that can demonstrate this.” Tui Atui said, “While we cannot fully control the forces of capitalism and globalization, we still have some control, some very considerable control, over what we as individuals, communities and nations do… The deciding factor … is whether we have the character and humility to commit the resources and energy required to take and keep control.” He stated that the working life of Samoans today is dictated not by the seasons of nature but by the incessant ticking of the commercial corporate clock; and spoke of the need to rebalance ourselves. In traditional Samoa, Tui Atui said, ‘anapogi’ (fasting) was “our way of rebalancing ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.” In conclusion, His Highness reflected, “In my quest to keep the substance of our old language and culture alive, to make it comprehensible to our young, I hear and feel more and more acutely the cry of the manutagi in that famous song.” He said the words of the song and its solemn tune are meant to convey the heavy burden and the anxiety of both pining and mourning for a love who has left because she is ill and about to die — and when he reflects on the state of our Samoan language and culture he feels the cry of the manutagi. “But like most things it is often not until you have lost it that you realize just how much it meant to you. With modern technology, open minds and clean hearts, we may not need to lose as much as we think.” Samoa News will continue to bring highlights of the Summit throughout the week.
➧ Health permit standards…
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A re-inspection of the same restaurant will be carried out today, and whether or not they will re-open is dependent upon the results of today’s visit. Papali’i explained that all business owners who hold health permits need to take “remedial action” and address sanitation issues as the renewal period for 2014 closes at the end of this year, on December 31 and those who do not meet all the required standards will not be issued a health permit to operate. “We want to raise the bar as far as the standards that businesses need to adhere to,” he said, adding that some business owners only make their businesses “appear” clean but a closer look will reveal filthy conditions. “For all businesses, especially the ones that we closed down this year, we are giving them a standard that they need to comply with; otherwise, they will not be allowed to operate.” Papali’i said it is going to be harder for business owners to get health permits, once the higher standards go into effect for next year’s renewal period, which is in two months. When asked how many businesses are operating in the territory, Papali’i said he cannot provide an exact figure, although he revealed that a “big stream of new businesses have opened up during the last four months.” He added, “where these people were during the first part of the year, I don’t know. But we have had new businesses popping up everywhere in the last few months.” According to him, the number of businesses requiring a health permit has grown so much that they have not been able to inspect all of them this year. He said part of the reason is because they have very limited manpower, as they only have four inspectors on the road, not including the two that are stationed at the Tafuna Airport and the Fagatogo wharf. Papali’i said part of the problem is they are having to “duplicate” their work, ever since the Department of Commerce “streamlined” the business license process by implementing a “one-day turn-around period.” According to Papali’i, the previous process to acquire a business license required the applicant to fill in the application and then hand carry the paperwork to various government departments and agencies. However, with DOC’s new process, the application is now faxed or emailed to DOH and Papali’i said that because they have a shortage of workers in their division, there is sometimes a delay in going out to conduct inspections. He said some businesses are being issued business licenses from DOC without a health permit from DOH — and the end result is them having to shut the businesses down. “Sometimes, we even have to take them to court” — until they pass DOH inspection and are issued the required health permit. “This makes more work for us and it doesn’t help that some business owners are claiming that they were never told by DOC that they need a health permit prior to opening for business. It’s a case of people trying to take shortcuts and playing one against the other,” Papali’i said. “The burden ends up on us, because as far as the business license application process goes, we are at the bottom of the barrel.” In addition to food retailers and restaurants, Papali’i said their work also involves inspections of outdoor bathrooms, wastewater flow, and septic tanks. He explained there are some areas in both the west and east ends of the territory that are not yet hooked up to the ASPA sewer line and therefore, business owners in these areas have had to get their own septic tanks installed, even if it means digging between two houses. He said some business owners have been known to install their own septic tanks without proper inspection and 2-3 months after they open for business, the water overflows and “that’s when it becomes our problem.” The head of the Department of Health’s Environmental Division said some businesses are located in-between houses in residential areas “where there is no space to install a septic tank but still, business owners try to get ahead and cut corners by putting it in themselves.” He said, “things like this end up being the responsibility and task of DOH, and it comes down to business owners taking short cuts and other government departments or agencies not doing their job.” Papali’i concluded, “We believe in small businesses because they help the local community and we can’t complain because in the end, we are the ones that have to go back and re-route everything, as far as paperwork, when somebody else makes a mistake or there is an oversight on their part.” ‘ He added, “There are also some businesses that just care about making money and could care less about how their actions affect the environment and the general public.”
American Samoa Power Authority
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Human Resource Department, Tafuna PO Box PPB, Pago Pago American Samoa 96799 Phone No: (684) 699-3040 Fax No: (684) 699-3046
ASPA seeks an experienced financial strategist with appropriate industry experience in Financial Planning and Strategy, Statistical Analysis, Analytics, Strategic Planning, Quality Management, Promoting Process Improvement, Forecasting, Corporate Finance, possess sharp Financial Skills and able to handle Complexity. Position Responsibilities: The Financial Strategist will be responsible for developing financial strategies by forecasting capital, facilities, and staff requirements; identifies monetary resources; develops action plans. Develops finance organizational strategies by contributing financial and accounting information, analysis, and recommendations to strategic thinking and direction; establishes functional objectives in line with organizational objectives. Establishes finance operational strategies by evaluating trends; establishes critical measurements; determines production, productivity, quality, and customerservice strategies; designs systems; accumulates resources; solves problems; implements change. Develops organization prospects by studying economic trends and revenue opportunities; projects acquisition and expansion prospects; analyzes organization operations; identifies opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, and systems enhancement; accumulates capital to fund expansion. Develops automated applications; eliminate duplications; coordinating information requirements to enhance productivity. Helps with debt issuance. Assembles and summarizes data; prepares reports; makes presentations of findings, analyses, and recommendations. Monitors financial performance by measuring and analyzing results; initiates corrective actions; minimizes the impact of variances. Maximizes return on invested funds by identifying investment opportunities; recommends an investment portfolio; maintains relationships with the investment community. Reports financial status by developing forecasts; reports results; analyzes variances; develops improvements. Educational Requirements and Experience: Bachelor’s in Finance, Economics or Business; MBA preferred. Six years as a financial strategist or analyst in a utility or related business. Salary: $60,000 – $80,000 per annum. Reports to: Executive Director; works closely with Chief Financial Officer Deadline for applications will be at 4:00p.m. October 25, 2013 Successful candidate is subject to a financial background check as part of the screening process. To Apply— Send application and CV to: American Samoa Power Authority P.O. Box PPB Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Attention: HR Manager
An Equal Opportunity Employer * A Drug Free Workplace
American Samoa Government OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT
RFQ No: RFQ-006-2014
RFQ No: RFQ-006-2014 Issuance Date: October 15, 2013 Date & Time Due: October 29, 2013 No later than 2:00 p.m. local time The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified firms for the: “Construction of Leone Midkiff Elementary School and Fagaitua High School Two-Story Buildings” Submission: Original and five copies of the Statement of Qualifications must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “RFQ: Construction of Leone Midkiff ES & Fagaitua HS Two-Story Buildings” Submissions are to be sent to the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Tuesday, October 29, 2013: Office of Procurement American Samoa Government Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO Any Statement of Qualification received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as being non-responsive. Document: The RFQ document outlining the qualification requirements is available at the Office of Procurement, Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours. Review: Request for Qualification data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG. Right of Rejection: The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all Statements of Qualification and to waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted qualifications that are not in the best interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
TIAOTALAGA J.E. KRUSE Chief Procurement Officer
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
6:30pm • Wednesday, October 23 rd 2013 Tafuna High School Gym • Free Entry
in conjunction with Toa O Le Afi are proud to present the “Fire Knife Dance Showcase” tonight 6.30pm at the Tafuna High School Gym. Come and see the 2013 World Junior Fire Knife Dance Champion, Dayton Solitamali’i Iaulualo and 12 of our young boys and girls show their fire knife dancing skills. There will also be performances by the Manaiasiva Dance Group and the ASCC Samoan Club. Come and support our local youngsters, register your kids to learn the fire knife dance and enjoy the show.
The Flaming Sword of Samoa Association
Fire Knife Dance Showcase Program
Opening: Introduction of dancers Group opening number Performance: ASCC Samoan Club Toa Group Performance: Alapet Seui, Tanu Peleti and Vegas Pearson Performance: Manaiasiva Dance Group Tama Toa Group Performance: Pepe Tumanu, Junior Isilei and Dolan Manaiasiva Iaulualo Performance: Dayne Kavika Iaulualo and Toa Group Baby Toa Group Performance: Francis Mauigoa, Sissco Mauigoa, Siopu I’li, Junior Tafa and Justin Isilei Performance: ASCC Samoan Club Teine Toa Group Performance: Beauty Tuiasosopo and RinalynMarie Simotuasalaia Fetuao Performance: Dayton Solitamali’i Iaulualo, 2013 World Junior Fire Knife Dance Champion and Toa O Le Afi members Closing: Taualuga and thank you to our sponsors, supporters, families and friends.
Proudly sponsored and supported by:
Fa’ailoa Ao malo Samoa le taua o le gagana a Samoa
tusia Ausage Fausia
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 17
Na ogatotonu le saunoaga autu mai le Ao o le malo o Samoa, mo le Fonotaga mo Aoaoga a le malo o Amerika Samoa o lo o faagasolo i le maota o Lee Auditorium mo le umi e tolu aso, i lona fautuaina lea o tagata Samoa ina ia faataua le gagana ma le aganuu a Samoa, aua o le ‘auga ma le autu lea o lona tofi mai le Atua. “O le gagana ma le aganuu, o le ‘auga lea o le tofi, e fafaga ma faafailele le lagona ma le mau, o a’u nei o le tagata Samoa. O le tatou faasinomaga e faasino ma faailoilo le tagata Samoa ma faasino’esea ia le, e le o se tagata Samoa,” o se tasi lea o vaega o le saunoaga a le Ao o le malo o Samoa. Na faatumulia le maota o Lee Auditorium i le taeao ananafi i ta’ita’i o le atunuu, ta’ita’i faaleaoaoga, aemaise ai valaaulia ua lautogia mo lenei fonotaga. O le afioga i le Kovana Sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga na fai ma sui o le malo o Amerika Samoa e faafeiloaia le afioga mai o le Ao o le Malo o Samoa ma lana masiofo ia Filifilia, faapea ai ma le silia i le to’a 300 sui valaaulia mai Ofisa o le malo, aoga, faalapotopotoga, Ekalesia ma nuu taitasi, ua laugofia mo le faaleo o latou finagalo e uiga i le faamoemoe o lenei aso. Saunoa Tui Atua e faapea, na mafua ona malaga mai e tali i le valaaulia a le alii kovana sili, e le ona o ia o le Ao o le malo o Samoa, ae ona o ia o le uso, aiga, e tasi le toto e tasi foi le tino ma Amerika Samoa nei. “E le o a’u fo’i o se polofesa o le gagana, po o se faiaoga, po o se faifeau, ae afua mai se manatu i le gagana ma le aganuu, ona o a’u e ola, tautala, tusitusi ma naunau i mea tau Samoa,” o ulua’i folasaga ia a le Ao o le malo i lana saunoaga autu. Ina ia faaaoga tatau le gagana, na taua ai e Tui Atua “le tatau lea i le gagana ona tautala mai ia i tatou, e le gata i mataupu e faigofie ae faapea foi i mataupu fita ma lavelave, e ao foi ona faasinaalo i faamaumauga o le tatou tala faasolopito faapea ai upufai o malo, i o tatou moomooga ma lavasiga, i fita ma tofotofoga, e ao foi i le gagana ona faaosofia le gagana e fetufaa’i ma felagolagoma’i, aua o le gagana ma le aganuu, o mea faigaluega ia e faailo ai le tofi o le aiga, le nuu ma le atunuu.” O se tasi o itu na taua e Tui Atua ua tau lagona ai lona li’a e lauga i le gagana, ona ua fai si eseese o lana gagana ma le gagana o lo o faaaoga e nisi o le atunuu. Mo se faataitaiga o lana saunoaga, ua se-ase-a ona toe faaaoga e nisi o le atunuu le muagagana lenei, “e sanisani fua le vinavina a ua gau le matavana,” e mafua ona le toe faaaoga lenei muagagana, ona ua le toe faaaogaina le vinavina ma le matavana i le fauga o fale po o pa fagota a Samoa, ma i lona talitonuga, afai ua le feau o le muagagana, lona uiga foi ua le toe apaapa foi i ai le gagana tautala po o le gagana lauga. I lenei vaitau i Samoa e pei ona saunoa Tui Atua, o lo o mumufalo le tele o taofi ma fesili, pe faapefea ona aoaoina le gagana Samoa e faiaoga i fanau aoga, ona o le mataupu i le gagana e lavelave ma e le faigofie fo’i.
(Faaauau itulau 23)
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
Le Ao Mamalu o le malo o Samoa, le afioga a Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, i le taimi o lana saunoaga autu, i le tatalaina ai o le Fonotaga mo Aoga a le malo o Amerika Samoa i le taeao ananafi, i le maota o Lee Auditorium i Utulei mo le umi e tolu aso. [ata: AF]
FILIFILIA LE KAPETENI FOU O LE TOA SAMOA Ua filifilia nei le kapeteni fou o le au o le Toa Samoa ua masii atu nei e tauva i le taamilosaga o le ipu o le lalolagi o le Lakapi Liki i Egelani. Ua faia lea tulaga ina ua faamavae faafuasei le alii kapeteni sa filifilia muamua, le susuga Roy Asotasi, ona e pei ona ia taua, o ni mafuaaga faaleaiga le maalofia, atoa ai ma ni manua laiti sa ia taumafai e fofo ma faaleleia ae lei oo mai le ipu o le lalolagi. I se faaaliga aloaia mai ia Asotasi ananafi, na ia faaalia ai e faapea, ua ia lagona e sili ai pe a nofo, nai lo o le malaga ma le au e o lo o ia iloa e le atoa le 100 pasene o sona sao mo le au. O le le mafai ona auai o le alii o Asotasi o se tasi o faafitauli ua faaopopo nei i tapenaga a le Toa Samoa mo le ipu o le lalolagi, ma na faateteleina ia faaletonu i le latou faiaina i le latou taaloga faasamasamanoa ma le au a le England Knights i le aso ananafi i ai e 52 i le 16. E le gata i lea, e matua faigata le latou taaloga muamua o le ipu o le lalolagi, lea o le a fetaui ai ma le siamupini i le ipu o le lalolagi na sei mavae atu, le Kiwis mai Niu Sila, i le aso 27 o le masina nei. O le alii kapeteni fou o le Toa Samoa, le susuga Harrison Hansen, e sau mai le afioaga o Salamumu, ma o ia o le tama taalo aupito i leva i le au talu mai le 2007, ma o lo o taalo nei o ia i le kalapu o le Wigan Warriors i Egelani. E ui i tulaga ua filifilia ai o ia i le tofi kapeteni, na faaalia e Hansen lona agaga mitamita e taalo mo lona atunuu ma lona aiga. FAUSIA NOFOAGA E GAOSIA AI KASA MAI OTAOTA O MANU O le aso ananafi na faagasolo ai le sauniga mo le amatalia aloaia o galuega i le fausiaina o se nofoaga faapitoa o suesuega faasaienisi i le nofoaga o le Pulega o Tagata Tafafao Maimoa Mai Fafo i Matagialalua. Na sainia ai i lea sauniga se feagaiga i le va o le malo Samoa ma le malo Peretania lea o lo o faatupeina lea galuega, ona asuina ai lea e le alii palemia, le susuga Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi ma le komesina maualuga o Peretania, le susuga Vicki Treadell, le palapala e faailoga ai lea faamoemoe. O le tau o lenei faamoemoe e $22,000 tala Niu Sila ma e faapea foi se nofoaga ua maea ona fausia ma faaaogaina i le afioaga o Piu i Falealili. Na saunoa le tamaitai komesina maualuga o Peretania, o le a aoga lenei nofoaga e faatino ai suesuega ma faataitaiga i le gaosia o ituaiga malosiaga e mafai ona faaauau e aunoa ma le faaleagaina o le siosiomaga. O lea nofoaga ua tuuina ai se masini ua faaigoaina o le biodigester e faaaoga e gaosi ai le kasa e maua mai i otaota manu ma isi otaota e mafai pala, ma o lea kasa e mafai ona faaaoga i ogaumu mo gasesega i aiga. O lea poloketi o le a i lalo o le vaavaaiga a le Matagaluega o Punaoa Faalenatura ma le Siosiomaga. FOAI LE IUNI A EUROPA MO AUAUNAGA LAUTELE  E $888,905 tala le aofaiga o le seleni ua foaia e le Iuni a Europa tauala i le polokalama o le Civil Support Program i lalo o le Faamalu o Faalapotopotoga Tumaoti, i faalapotopotoga tumaoti e tolu e fesoasoani ai i le faatinoina o a latou auaunaga. Mai lea aofaiga, e $300,000 ua faamatuuina atu i le faalapotopotoga o tautua mo e le atoatoa le malosi o le mafaufau, le Goshen Trust Mental Health Services, e faatupe ai le fausia o se maota faapitoa e faatino ai a latou auaunaga, faapea le latou polokalama mo i latou e silia ma le toa 50 o lo o aafia gasegase o le mafaufau ma o latou aiga. O le vaega o le Olemipeka mo i latou e i ai manaoga faapitoa le isi faalapotopotoga na faamanuiaina i le aofaiga e $300,000 e faatupe ai a latou polokalama mo tamaiti ma tagata matutua e i ai manaoga faapitoa ina ia mafai ai ona tauva i ia taaloga faavaomalo. O le faalapotopotoga tumaoti lona tolu ua faamanuiaina o le vaega fesoasoani a le Ekalesia Aso Fitu o le Toe Afio Mai, le Adventist Development and Relief Agency po o le ADRA, lea ua maua le aofaiga e $288,905 e faatupe ai a latou galuega fesoasoani i nuu ma afioaga e aafia i faalavelave faalenatura e galulue vaavaalua ai ma le ofisa faatonutonu o gaioiga i taimi o faalavelave faafuasei ma le Koluse Mumu. E valu afioaga o le a faagasolo ai polokalama a le ADRA e faatupeina i lea fesoasoani. O poloketi uma a nei faalapotopotoga e tolu o le a faagasolo i totonu o le 18 masina i lalo o tuutuuga ua sainia. FAAILOA E LE L.T.A. TULAGA MOOMIA MO TAXI Ua faailoa mai e le Pulega o Felauaiga i le Laueleele nisi o faatulagaga lautele e tatau ona ausia e taavale uma e fia avea ma taavale la’u pasese. O nisi o ia tulaga ua pasia e aofia ai le le faatulagaina o le malosi o afi o ia taavale ina ia amata atu i le 1.5 lita po o le 1,500cc ma luga atu. O le a le toe talia taavale e i lalo ifo o le 1.5 lita le malosi o le afi ma ua faailoa mai foi ituaiga taavale e le toe talia ona avea ma taavale lau pasese po o taxi. O ia ituaiga taavale e aofia ai Getz wagon, Echo wagon, Terio Hatchback, RAV4 hatchback, Suzuki Swift hatchback ma van e 16 nofoa ma luga atu. Peitai na faaalia, o taxi o lo o i ai nei e tu i le itu agavale le foeuli, e mafai lava ona faaauau le avea ma taavale lau pasese seia oo ina ua le toe talafeagai ona toe faaaogaina. Afai e faatau atu i se isi tagata nei taavale, o le a otometi ona faamuta le laisene lau pasese. O nei suiga o le a amata faamamaluina ia Ianuari 1, 2014.
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Molia i Uosigitone se fafine mai Samoa i le fasioti tagata
fa’aliliu: Ausage Fausia
O se tama’ita’i e lei leva ona malaga mai i Samoa ma faamautu i le laumua i Uosigitone ona o le fia auai i ni aoaoga e avea ai o ia ma Tauposa, ua molia i Amerika i le solitulafono mamafa o le fasioti tagata i le tulaga muamua, ona o le fa’alavelave lea na maliu ai lana pepe faatoa fanau e suafa ia Josepn, e pei ona taua mai i ni ripoti mai vaega faasalalau i le laumua.
Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
Hairstyling Training for Women
• Basic Shampooing, Rinsing and Conditioning techniques; • Shampooing procedures and techniques, rinsing and condition and finishing; • Advice on treatment of the scalp and hair; • Hairstyling; • Principles of hair design, wet hair styling, roller sets, pin curls, blow dry; styling, iron curling and hair pressing Trainer: JonittaF ruean Training begins on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 9:00am and will be held every Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 SLOTS For more information, please call Saini Vele at 633-2836 or e-mail Pa’u Roy Ausage at roy.ausage@dywa.as.gov
I ni faamatalaga mai le Fa’amasinoga Faaitumalo i le laumua i D.C. o lo o taua ai e faapea, o le tama’ita’i ia Sosefina Amoa, 26 tausaga le matua, na tuuaia i le aso Lulu o le vaiaso na te’a nei i le solitulafono mamafa o le fasioti tagata i le tulaga muamua, ma faatulaga ai loa le $200,000 e totogi ona faatoa mafai lea ona tatala o ia i tua, e faatalitali ai taualumaga o lana mataupu lea o lo o iloilo e le faamasino ia Karen Howze. I se pepa o faamatalaga na tuuina mai e le Ofisa o Leoleo i Metropolitan i Uosigitone, sa taua ai le faanatinati atu o se fafine ma se pepe faatoa fanau i le falema’i i le i le lua vaiaso ua fano, e lei umi ona taunuu le pepe i le falema’i ae faalauiloa mai loa e foma’i le uma o lona ola. Na taua e Amoa i leoleo ina ua fesiligia o ia e faapea, ina ua fanau lana pepe i le aso 10 Oketopa, 2013, sa ia tuu se ie i lona isu ma le gutu e taofi ai lona leo ina ua amata ona tagi, ona o lona fefe ne’i iloa e Tauposa. I se ripoti mai le Washington Post, sa taua ai e Amoa le fanau o lana pepe i se potu i totonu o le nofoaga autu a le Roman Catholic i Matu i Sasa’e o Uosigitone. O le aso na sosoo ai na auina atu ai loa e se Tauposa mai le vaega o le ‘Little Sisters of the
Poor’ le pepe i le falema’i i le aso 11 Oketopa, ma faailoa mai ai loa o le pepe ua maliu. E tusa ai o se faamatalaga a Amoa na fai i leoleo, sa ia taua ai lona mafaufau muamua e lafoa’i lana pepe i le lapisi, mulimuli ane toe sui lona mafaufau, ona ia afifi lea o le tino o le pepe i se ie ae tuu i totonu o se ato. I se ripoti na faasalalauina e le ala ata o le NBC4-TV, sa latou taua ai le amata aoaoina lea o Amoa i aoaoga ina ia avea ai o ia ma Tauposa mo le vaega a le ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’. Na taua foi i lea ripoti e faapea, e laititi se vaega o le toto sa maua e leoleo i totonu o le potu, ma e ono masalomia sa fufulu e Amoa le potu i le taimi na mae’a ai ona fanau i lana pepe. Na taua foi i se ripoti e faapea, e tusa ai o se faamatalaga sa tuuina atu e Amoa i leoleo, o le masina o Fepuari na gata ai ona toe alu lona palapala tau tama’ita’i (tulou), na te le’i faailoaina fo’i i Tauposa o le vaega a le ‘Little Sisters’ lona auai ai i tulaga tau feusuaiga i se taimi ua mavae. E le’i finagalo le vaega o le ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ e tuuina mai sa latou fa’amatalaga e uiga i lenei mataupu, ona o lea ua i aao o le tulafono, sei vagana ai lo latou faapea mai, o lo o latou tatalo mo Amoa ma le pepe na aafia i lenei mataupu.
saunia: Leua Aiono Frost
When it comes to being helpful, Ace is the place! The helpful place.
The primary responsibilities of the Cashier position are to maintain helpful customer service, process sales quickly, accurately, and efficiently, and cash register operations. Major Responsibilities The major responsibilities for this position include: • Ensure each customer receives outstanding service • Maintain awareness of all promotions and advertisements • Accurately and efficiently ring on registers and maintain all cash at registers • Maintain orderly appearance of register area and supplies stocked • Perform other tasks as assigned from time to time by store management Minimum Requirements The minimum requirements for this position include the following: • Education/Training: High School degree preferred • A commitment to service, excellence and customer satisfaction • Solid team player with excellent interpersonal skills with a strong willingness to learn • Ability and willingness to work flexible hours including evenings, weekends and holidays to meet the needs of the business • Must be Mature with good communication skills Physical Requirements The minimum physical requirements for this position include: • Ability to stand for an extended period of time • Move and handle boxes of merchandise and fixtures throughout the store, which entails lifting and perform all functions as set forth No Phone Calls Please. Applications can be picked up at the Ace Customer Service Counter.
Tauvaga Sipela Fanau A’oga Ua toe fa’alauiloa atu nei i le mamalu o pule a’oga ma o latou sui pule, ina ia amata fa’ao’o mai a latou pili mo le fa’auia atu o le ‘au’aunaga o tusi sipela po’o laina o feso’ota’iga tau initeneti, fa’atasi ai ma le lesitala o igoa o latou a’oga, ina ia lava tapena ai mo le tauvaga sipela o lenei tausaga a’oga 2014. O le tau ua ofoina mai e ta’i $103 ae o le a sala lau a’oga i se fa’aopoopoga e $75 pe afai ae toe lesitala mai ua mae’a lea taimi tamau. Mo a’oga tulaga lua taitasi, ua mae’a fa’atulaga mai so latou sui faia’oga e avea ma tagata e tatalaina atu i ai feso’ota’iga tau le Tauvaga Sipela, o ia lea e mafai ona fa’auia atu i ai kopi o mea nei: 2013 Ta’iala mo le Fa’aleoga o Upu; 2013 Ta’iala mo Fa’aleoga a le Vasega ma le 2013 Ta’iala mo Suesuega o le Tauvaga Sipela. Manatua, o le vave ona totogia o lesitala ma fa’auia atu nei fesoasoani ma ta’iala aoga mo lau a’oga, o le lava tapena fo’i lea o tou sui filifilia e saili mai ai se Toa mo la outou a’oga, e tula’i i lea aso e sailimalo. SEKI A OE! - A’oga Vili Ata Tifaga Ua le toe fa’atali lava le Matagaluega o Talavou ma Tina, i le sailia lea o avanoa lelei e toe a’otauina ai le mamalu o Tupulaga ma Tina i matata eseese ia i’u lelei o latou soifuaga e ala i agava’a eseese e ono maua ai ni latou galuega, ae le o lea, e amata fa’atutu ai ni a latou pisinisi laiti. Lea ua saili mai i latou e fiafia i lenei taleni o le pu’eata tifaga pupu’u pe ta’i 2 itula fo’i. Aua le toe fa’atali, ae fa’aulu lou suafa, aua o le pu’ega o ata nei, e ao ina e agava’a e fa’atino le tele o metotia eseese e fa’amatagofie ai lau ata tifaga o saunia. Aisea e te le sau ai nei loa? Ua tele lava matata ua fa’asaga lenei matagaluega e fa’auia i o tatou ala ina ia saili ai se mea o e fiafia e fa’atino, peita’i, ua tatau loa ona e sau e fa’ata’ita’i, e le o iloa, pe o oe le isi Charlies Angel lea e saili mai. “Tauvaga Ata Tusia” a le Kalapu a le Liona Fa’avaomalo
(Faaauau itulau 23)
tusia Ausage Fausia
FALEPUIPUI I LE GAOI MA TALEPE FALE MO LE 15 TAUSAGA O le alii e 21 tausaga le matua lea foi ua toe ta’usala e le faamasinoga i moliaga o le talepe fale ma le gaoi, ua poloaina e le faamasinga maualuga ina ia faa falepuipui o ia mo le 15 tausaga, i le maea ai lea ona ia ioeina o moliaga mamafa e tolu e aofia ai le talepe fale i le tulaga muamua, gaoi atoa ai ma le tete’e atu i leoleo a’o taumafai e pu’e faapagota o ia. Na faatoese le alii o Logotaeao Amituana’i i le faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, ma ia talosagaina ai se isi avanoa mo ia se’i toe fo’i atu ai i lona aiga. Ae na taua e le alii faamasino sili ia Michael Kruse e faapea, e le malamalama le faamasinoga po o le a le isi avanoa lea ua talosaga atu ai Amituana’i i le fa’amasinoga, ae o lea fo’i sa tuu atu muamua i ai e le faamasinoga le avanoa ia te ia. Saunoa Kruse e faapea, a’o tuli le faasalaga faa falepuipui a Amituana’i i le toese i Tafuna, ina ua ta’usala o ia i le solitulafono mamafa o le talepe fale, e mafua mai i le faalavelave lea na ia osofaia ai le Pamu Kesi o le Tripple S i Tafuna, sa faia se fautuaga a le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia ina ia tatala o ia i tua mai le toese ae faaauau ai pea ona nofovaavaaia i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga, peitai e le’i umi lava ona tatala le ua molia i tua ae ona osofaia loa le kamupani a le Harthorne Machinery of Samoa i Tafuna. “O le manatu o le fa’amasinoga, ana matou le tatalaina Amituana’i i tua atonu na te le osofaia le kamupani a le Harthorne i Tafuna,” o le saunoaga lea a Kruse. Na finau le loia a Amituana’i ia Douglas Fiaui i le faamasinoga, ina ia faa falepuipui le ua molia mo le 5 tausaga, ona e le o se taimi muamua lea ua ta’usala ai o ia i ituaiga solitulafono nei, ma o lea talosaga na lagolago i ai le loia a le malo. Mo le solitulafono o le talepe fale i le tulaga muamua, e 15 tausaga ua faasala ai le ua molia i le toese, mo le solitulafono o le gaoi, e 7 tausaga ua faasala ai o ia i le toese, ma le solitulafono o le tetee atu i leoleo a’o taumafai e pu’e faapagota o ia, e 5 tausaga e faasala ai o ia i le toese, ma o nei faasalaga uma e tuli faatasi, lona uiga e 15 tausaga o le a loka ai o ia i le toese i Tafuna. Na taua e Kruse ia Amituana’i e faapea, o lana faasalaga ua tuu atu e le faamasinoga, o lo o faavae mai lea i le talaaga o lona olaga, ina ua manatu le faamasinoga, e leai se mea o le a toe nofovaavaaia ai o ia, na te lei aoaoina lava
se lesona mai lana solitulafono muamua. FALEPUIPUI TAPENI PIO MO LE 28 MASINA O le alii e 19 tausaga le matua lea na fai’aiga ma se teineititi e 14 tausaga le matua ma i’u ina ma’itaga ai lea tamaitai ma ia fanauina ai se pepe tama, ua poloaina e le faamasinoga ina ia taofia o ia i le toese mo le 28 masina, o se tasi lea o tuutuuga o lana nofovaavaaia e 7 tausaga. E fa moliaga mamafa na ulua’i tuuaia ai e le malo le alii o Tapeni Pio, ae i lalo o se maliliega na sainia e le ua molia ma le malo ma talia fo’i e le faamasinoga maualuga, sa ia tali ioe ai i moliaga feololo e lua o le faia lea o amioga mataga faafeusuaiga ma se tama’ita’i e laititi i lalo o le
tulafono, ae solofua e le malo moliaga e lua pito sili ona mamafa, o le faiaiga lea ma se teineititi e laititi i lalo o le tulafono atoa ai ma le fai i ai o amioga faasotoma. Na faatoese Pio i luma o le faamasinoga e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, ma ia talosaga ai se isi avanoa mo ia se’i toe fo’i atu ai i lona aiga. Sa ia faatoese foi i le aiga o le tama’ita’i na aafia, faapea ai ona matua, nuu ma le ekalesia ina ia faamagalo ao ia ona o se sese sa ia faia, ua mafua ai ona ta’u valea le igoa o lona aiga. E ui na finau le alii loia ia Michael White i le faamasinoga mo se faasalaga nofovaavaaia, peitai na finau le loia a le malo ia Tony Graf ina ia faa falepuipiu Pio mo le lua
(Faaauau itulau 22)
tusia Ausage Fausia
Tu’uaia se tama’ita’i i faatonu o ni isi tamaita’i fai uiga talitane
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 19
O le vaiaso nei na faila ai e le malo tuuaiga faasaga ia Lusia Tusi, po o Sheila e pei ona iloa ai o ia e le to’atele, i lona faatonu lea o ni tamaitai se to’alua mai Samoa la te faia uiga faatalitane, atoa ai ma le moliaga o le faaoolima i le tulaga tolu. O le to’alua ai lea o tagata ua tuuaia e le malo i le mataupu o le faia o gaioiga faatalitane, talu ona alia’e mai lenei mataupu i le faaiuga o le tausaga na te’a nei ma le amataga o le tausaga nei, i le fale Kalapu o le Karaoke Bar i Satala. O le mataupu lenei na tofu atu i le Ofisa o Leoleo i Tafuna i le masina o Aperila 2013, ina ua logo e se alii leoleopo o le Malae Vaalele le ofisa o leoleo mo se fesoasoani, faatatau i ni tamaitai se toalua na tamomo’e atu i le latou Ofisa ma talosaga atu mo se fesoasoani, ona o lo o tuliloa atu i laua e ni tagata, ma tofia ai loa le tamaitai leoleo ia Maria Penitusi na te suesueina lenei mataupu. O le masina o Aperila na te’a nei na faila ai e le malo le ulua’i mataupu e faatatau i le taumafai lea e faia uiga faatalitane i luma o le faamasinoga, lea o lo o tuuaia ai Fa’asaina Park. O lo o taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga igoa o tama’ita’i e to’alua o lo o aafia, o ‘M.W’ ma ‘I.M’. Na taua e M.W i leoleo e faapea, sa fasi o ia e lana sponsor o Park i totonu o le Karaoke Bar i le aso 19 Aperila, 2013 e ala i lona po o ona foliga, futi lona lauulu ma toe toso lona ulu a’o faaauau pea ona ia ta tu’i lona papatua.
(Faaauau itulau 20)
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
October 21, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history & tradition, is accepting applications for the following positions: Job Title: Department: Reports To: INFECTION CONTROL PREVENTIONIST (2) (1 Part-Time & 1 Full –Time, 2-year Contract Positions) Quality Management/Infection Control Director of Patient Care Quality
Summary: A customer service driven clinical professional that coordinates, manages, evaluates and trains staff in all aspects of a hospital–wide Infection Prevention and Employee Health Program. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: • Monitors healthcare-associated infections • Assesses infection prevention problems and makes recommendations for corrective action • Prepares the agenda and record minutes of the Infection Prevention Committee • Oversees the monitoring of infection prevention practices for all departments and personnel • Initiates, reviews, and revises infection prevention policies and procedures • Conducts outbreak investigations and initiates control measures • Reports communicable diseases to the local public health as required by law • Provides educational offerings for orientation and on-going annual and unit specific in-services • Consults with department heads and physicians as needed to improve care • Initiates follow-up on employee/patient exposures to communicable diseases and employee compliance • Monitors proper use of germicides, cleaning products, antiseptics and disinfectants to use throughout the hospital • Coordinates and Evaluates patient care environment for infection prevention practices and hazards through participation in environmental inspections with the CEO, Quality Management, Nursing, Medical, Pharmacy, Lab, Food Service, Engineering, Safety, Laundry, Housekeeping and other clinical support staff. • Coordinate the Employee Health Program. Ensure all employees have their annual TB screening, physical exams, annual flu shots, reporting and follow-up of accidental exposure incidents. • Performs other duties as directed. Qualifications: • Holds a current Registered Nurse license in good standing; or Certified Medical Technologist or has equivalent minimum US-based hospital clinical experience; • Completion of a basic training program for Infection Prevention; • Certification in Infection Prevention and an active APIC member is desired; • Extensive experience in developing and implementing policies & procedures, and conducting & evaluating infection prevention and environmental health training for health professionals, trainers and medical and nursing faculty • Ability to teach and evaluate clinical performance; • Must be computer proficient in working with advanced EHR/HIS & related computer-based patient care management systems, as well as MS Office software applications; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications and public relations skills; • Fluency in Samoan language & culture and/or previous work experience in Polynesian culture preferred; • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE (but Resumes are preferred). Deadline for filing applications & resumes is February 1, 2013 at 4:00 p.m., or email: hr@lbj.as.
➧ Tu’uaia se tama’ita’i…
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Mai itulau 19
O le
Sa taua fo’i e M.W i leoleo le tago o Tusi ma taofi o ia i lalo ina ia faigata ai ona ia minoi pe taumafai fo’i e puipui lona tino mai le taimi, a’o fasi o ia e Park. Na molimauina e leoleo le i ai o unaoa i le papatua o M.W, sa ia taua fo’i i leoleo lona faalogoina o le tiga i lona papatua. O lo o taua foi i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga e faapea, o Park na totogiina pasese o tamaitai nei ina ia toe fo’i atu ai i Apia. Ina ua maea ona fesiligia e leoleo ia M.W ma I.M e faatatau i lenei mataupu, na manino mai ai loa i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga, o se tamaitai Samoa e igoa ia Mary Pou, o ia lea na taumafai e saili ni tamaitai mai Samoa e galulue i se fale’aiga i Amerika Samoa nei, lea na malie ai loa I.M o le a sau e galue i le fale’aiga. Ina ua taunuu I.M ia Oketopa 2012 i le teritori, sa ia iloaina ai o le nofoaga lea o le a galue ai o le Pa pia e taua o le Karaoke Bar i Satele, lea fo’i sa ia vaaia ai ni tamaita’i se to’avalu o lo o galulue ai i totonu o le Pa pia, amata mai i le masina o Oketopa 2012 e oo mai i le masina o Aperila 2013. O a latou galuega e pei ona taua e I.M i leoleo, e le gata o latou o ‘waitress’, ae sa faatonuina fo’i i latou ina ia latou nonofo faatasi ma tagata e ulufale atu i totonu o le Pa pia, aemaise lava i alii fai faiva mai vaa fagota, mo se taumafaiga ia tele se vaega tupe e faaalu e i latou nei i totonu o le Pa pia. I le nonofo ai i tafatafa o tagata fai faiva nei, e tatau ona ia sogi atu i alii fai faiva, po o le kisi atu foi o tagata fai faiva ia te ia i foliga po o lona fatafata fo’i, ae a latalata loa i le taimi e tapuni ai le Pa pia, e tuu atu e Park le faatanaga i tagata nei latou te ave ai tamaitai i fafo atu o le Pa pia ma faatino tulaga tau feusuaiga. Na taua e I.M ma M.W i leoleo e faapea, afai e le i ai Park i totonu o le Pa pia i le taimi e mana’o ai le tagata fai faiva e o ma se tama’ita’i faigaluega, ona aumai lea o se faatanaga mai ia Tusi, ae o ni isi taimi e faanoi ai alii fai faiva ia I.M po o M.W pe mafai ona latou o i fafo o le Pa pia, ona faanoi lea o I.M ma M.W ia Park mo se faatanaga. Na taua e I.M i leoleo e faapea, i le po muamua lava, sa musu ai la te o ma se tasi o alii fai faiva, peitai na una’i o ia e Park la te o ma le ma le alii fai faiva. E masani ona totogi e le alii faiva se potu i se fale mautotogi, ona la faatino lea ma I.M gaioiga faa feusuaiga i totonu o le potu, ma e mafai ona totogi e le alii lea ia I.M i le $50 po o le $60 i le po e tasi.
(Faaauau itulau 23)
Sone Vevela
fa’atalale i o’u tiute, ma ua i o’u lima le toto o tagata nei, ae sa ou le iloa lenei virusi, ou te le iloa fo’i ua a’afia manuki i lenei virusi.” Na fa’apea manatu o le ali’i tusi tala, e sa’o lava le ali’i o Jones, aua o le taimi lea, e leai se tasi na iloa lenei virusi o le Marburg, ma e o’o fo’i i ali’i foma’i ma le au su’esu’e, e leai se tasi na iloaina. Na fa’aauau pea le fa’amatalaga a le ali’i o Jones i a Preston, “O manuki mama’i e tatau ona fa’atama’ia, o lo’u lea manatu, ae fa’atoa ou iloa ane mulimuli, e le i ta peina manuki nei, pe fa’atama’ia fo’i.” Fai mai Jones, o manuki mama’i nei, na tu’u e le ali’i pule o le Kamupani i totonu o atigi pusa, ma ave i se nu’u i talane o le vai o Victoria, (Lake Victoria), ma fa’asao ai. O manuki la nei ua tata’a solo, ma ua pepesi ai le virusi i isi manuki o lo’o i totonu o le nu’u lenei, ma ua avea ai ma nofoaga ua nofo ai nei le virusi o le Marburg. Fai mai le fa’amatalaga, afai e le atoa le ‘oka o manuki e ave i le Atu Europa, ona pu’e mai lea e le ali’i pule o le Kamupani ia manuki ia ma ave e fa’aatoa ai le ‘oka mo Europa. O talane o le vaituloto o Victoria, o lo’o i ai se nu’u e igoa o Kasensero, ma e talane o le motu tu’ufua e igoa o Seses Island. O tagata e nonofo i totonu o Kasensero, o ni tagata fai faiva. E mafai la ona fa’aaoga e i latou nei ia va’a e o ai i le nu’u lea na tu’u i ai manuki mama’i ma au mai ai manuki ma fa’atau atu i le kamupani lea e auina atu manuki i le Atu Europa. O lona uiga, afai ae le lava le ‘oka o manuki e ave i fafo, o tagata nei e fa’atau mai ai e le ali’i fai pisinisi ia manuki ua a’afia i le fa’ama’i ma auina atu i Europa. E Faia Pea…
Vaega: 22 Fa’afetaia pea le alofa ma le agalelei o lo tatou Tapa’au i le lagi, ona o Lona alofa ma lona agalelei, lea o lo’o tatou ‘oa’oa ai pea i faleseu ma o tatou sa’a ai i ma’a o malie i Ana fa’amanuiaga, ae maise o Lana tausiga alofa mo i tatou i aso uma o lo tatou ola. Tatou fa’afo’i le vi’iga ma le agaga fa’afetai, ona e le o mavae lava Lana tausiga mo i tatou. Ae ia manuia lava le alo faiva o le atunu’u i feau ma galuega o lenei aso. Na muta mai la tatou tala ina ua feiloa’i nei le ali’i tusi tala o Richard Preston ma le ali’i o Jones. O Jones sa su’esu’eina manuki nei a’o le i auina atu i Siamani. O lea la ua fa’amatala nei e Jones i le ali’i tusi tala le mafua’aga o lo’o i ai lona manatu ua a’afia ai tagata i totonu o Siamani i le virusi o le Marburg. Na toe fa’aauau le fa’amatalaga a Jones e fa’apea, “O la’u galuega, o le su’esu’e lea ma va’ai pe i ai ni manuki ua mama’i, afai e mama’i ona ave’ese lea, afai o lo’o ola lelei, ona ave lea i le ‘oka lea o lo’o mo’omia mai i Siamani. A maua la manuki ua mama’i, ona ave ‘ese lea ma fa’atama’ia, a’o manuki lelei, o manuki ia e ave i le ‘oka”. Ae ina ua amata ona a’afia tagata i Siamani ona o manuki lea na auina atu mai Uganda, na amata loa ona lagona le popole ma le fefe o Jones. Sa toe fa’apea ane Jones i a Prestone, “Ua ou lagona le popole ma le mata’u, ona o a’u na sainia le pepa e mafai ai ona auina atu le ‘oka o manuki i Siamani.” Sa ia toe fa’apea ane ia Preston, “Ua ou iloa, o a’u le mafua’aga ua maliliu ai tagata i Siamani, ona ua ou fa’atamala i la’u galuega, ua ou
Fa’aliliu: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Office of Highway Safety
Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan 633-1780)
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 21
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. THURSDAY , NOVEMBER 28TH 8:00 a.m. - 12 Noon Malae o le Su’igaula a le Atu Vasa
• • • • • • • Traditional Crops (Taro, Banana, Taamu, Breadfruit, Yams, Niu, Popo, Ava Samoa, Sugarcanes, Manioka, Koko, etc.) Fruit Tree (Fala, Esi, Moli, Tipolo, Grapefruit, Mangos, Avoka, Guava, Sasalapa, Melo, etc.) Vegetables (Pepper, Saga, Lettuce, Kukama, Aniani, Eggplants, Maukeni, Radish, Ginger, Long Beans, Tomatoes, Cabbages, etc.) Cooked Food (Masi Samoa, Supo Esi, Suafa’i, Fa’ausi, Oka, Luau, Taufolo, Supo, Chips, etc) Livestock (Meatuaolo & Moa) Sewing/Handicrafts (quilt, pillows, cases, hats, puletasi, fala, etc.) Other country dishes
Register your farm produces at our office in Tafuna $20.00
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Where it’s at in
American Samoa
• Fresh Flowers Wholesale & Arrangements • Best Quality Fresh Flowers on island
O se va’aiga i nisi o le vasega o tagata sa fa’afofogaina ‘folasaga tau lou silafia o vaila’au ma fuala’au mo le togafitiga o lou gasegase ua fa’atulaga ma fa’atonuina mai e le foma’i, lea na amata ai le vaiaso fa’apitoa e fa’ataua ai le auaunaga a foma’i ma le aufaigaluega o le Faletalavai i le falema’i i Faga’alu i lenei vaiaso. O le tama’ita’i foma’i Evelyn Ahhing - Fa’aiuaso, [lona 3 mai le agavale] sa ia saunia lea a’oa’oga taua. Saili sou taimi avanoa e te fa’afofogaina i lenei a’oa’oga [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] ma fetufa’iga aoga mo oe le tagata o ma’i pe tausima’i fo’i.
“For all your decorations”
“We are located in Aua next to the AOG church” 644-5407/ 258-8744
Auaunaga Faletalavai: Foma’i Fa’apitoa ma Aufaigaluega…
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
How much will my Classified Ad cost?
$ 6 ONE DAY $12 Two Days $18 Three Days $20 ($5 each day) FOUR DAYS $25 Five Days $24 ($4 each day) SIX DAYS All additional days after 6 runs: $ 4 each day
$ 8 $16 $24 $28 ($7 each day) $35 $36 ($6 each day) $ 6 each day
We’re here for you! • 633-5599
Tel: 633-7038 or 633-7685
5 Gal. delivered to your home, business or office! Fagaalu across from Matafao Ele. School
Restaurant Tony’s Deli Samoan, Filipino & Chinese food
Call 633-6096
Specials: soup, fish & chips, popcorn chicken, BBQ/spring rolls and more..... Food for special occasions - made to order
Located on the first floor of the Lumana’i Bldg. in Fagatogo (Beside Post Office)
I le fa’atauaina o lo tatou iloa lelei o tatou fuala’au ma o latou aoga mo ou togafitiga, ua masi’i mai ai le tama’ita’i foma’i fa’apitoa o Vaila’au mo Togafitiga o le Faletalavai i le falema’i i Fagaalu, i lalo o le fale’ie tele o lo ua saunia lelei, ina ia fa’atalanoa lea mataupu ma le vala aoga tele o le latou auaunaga masani i le mamalu o e gasegase ma gasolo atu mo vaila’au mo latou togafitiga i le falema’i. “O lou iloa lelei o le vaifofo o lou gasegase o lo’o i ai lea i vaila’au ua fa’atonu mai e foma’i sa e va’aia e taua’ao atu ia te oe, o se ala taua lea mo le togafitia lelei o lou ma’i.” O se saunoaga lea a Evelyn Ahhing-Fa’ai’uaso i le mamalu o e na fa’alogologo i le fa’amatalaina o ma’i o lo’o maualuga le aofai o tatou tagata o a’afia ma vaila’au po’o fuala’au o togafitia ai. “O le mea taua e au ina mua’i silafia, o fuala’au e te malosi ai, o fuala’au fo’i lava na e toe ma’i tigaina ai. E mafua lea, pe afai e te le inumia nei fuala’au po’o vaila’au fa’atonuina, i le taimi ma lona tele ua mae’a fa’atulaga mai.” “O le fa’afetai, ona ua matau atu nei, e matou te ita lava i le tuai tele o talavai i le potu talavai ae le iloa o lo’o faia se isi galuega alofa i tua atu i le gaoioiga a foma’i mai le amataga o la ta talavai!” O se tala lea a Sina Tanielu mai Pavaiai na fa’ailoa mai i le nusipepa. I le fa’atalanoaga o talavai ma fuala’au ma vaila’au fo’i e aoga ai mo togafitiga o tagata, e iloa patino ai e i latou e mama’i, e ono sasi fo’i le foma’i o lo’o e va’aia, ma fa’atonuina mai ai fuala’au, “Ae o le toe gaoioiga lea a le falema’i, o i matou lea e toe va’ai tasi lava i lau talavai, fa’amaumauga o lou faila i ou gasegase, ma vaila’au ua fa’atulaga e foma’i e fa’afo’ia ai se fa’aletonu ua o’o i ai oe, pe o lau talavai masani lava e fa’aauau ai lou togafitiga umi o e tausia pea!” Manatua, e le o le sui o le faletalavai, ma latou foma’i lea e te talanoa i ai e tusa o lou fa’alagona, ae o le foma’i i potu o talavai o lo’o e va’aia, e pei o le ER, Medical Clinic po’o le talavai tamaiti. “Ae a o’o ina toe siakia fa’aleleia
au vaila’au fa’atonuina mo lou togafitiga, le vaega sili ona taua mo oe, e fa’amautinoa ai sou malosi pe atili ona e ma’i, o le galuega lea o lo’o patino i le tiute fa’atino a foma’i o Potu Talavai lea e te tatalia i lou toe taimi i le falema’i, ae e te le o va’aia o fa’atino ia galuega lelei tele mo lou saogalemu i au vaila’au ma fuala’au o le a e avea i le fale e inu i ona taimi fa’atulaga.” Mai le fa’amatalaga a Ahhing-Fa’ai’uaso, sa ia fa’ailoa ai, “E matele ina tele na’ua fa’aupuga mamafa e fa’ao’o mai po’o foliga le fiafia fo’i e fa’ailoa mai e le mamalu lautele ia i matou, ona ua tuai lava e le’i o’o atu a latou fuala’au po’o vaila’au mo latou togafitiga, peita’i, o nisi e ao lava ina matou toe feutaga’i ma ali’i foma’i, pe a va’aia e le o sa’o se togafitiga o lo’o tau avatu ia te oe, le tagata gasegase!” “O lea galuega lelei, e afua ona fa’afaigofie ona va’aia e foma’i o vaila’au talavai nei, ona ua maua uma lou faila i luga o le polokalama fa’ainiteneti a le Falema’i lea ua fa’aaogaina e foma’i i’inei ma fafo, mo ou togafitiga, ma iloa ai fo’i ou gasegase.” O lea lava fo’i le polokalama, ua iloa patino ai le aofai o lea ituaiga vaila’au ma le tele o fuala’au o lo’o totoe mai se oka na aumaia mai fafo, ma le tele o le fa’aaoga, ae maise ai o le aofai o tagata o lo’o talavai e fa’aaogaina nei ituaiga o vaila’au. I totonu o le faletalavai i le falema’i e to’alua foma’i fa’apitoa o Talavai mo Vaila’au ma Fuala’au o Togafitiga o i ai, le tama’ita’i pule o Ahhing-Fa’ai’uaso mo talavai e gasolo mai aiga mo latou talavai o fuala’au ma vaila’au fa’atonuina e foma’i mo latou togafitiga, ma le tama’ita’i foma’i o Vaila’au ma Fuala’au mo Togafitiga mo i latou o lo’o fa’ata’otolia i le falema’i, e afua mai tamaiti se’ia o’o i tagata matutua, Dr. Luisa Clemens e i ai ma lana aufaigaluega e to’atolu o Faith Taylor, Teri Hert ma Dora Manaea. O le isi aufaigaluega atoa, o lo’o e silasila i ai e soloa’i ane e tautuaina le mamalu o le atunu’u e gasolo atu mo fuala’au ma vaila’au fa’atonuina e foma’i mai isi talavai tausavali mai aiga.
➧ Tala otooto o Fa’amasinoga…
Mai itulau 19
tausaga, ona o le matuia o le solitulafono sa ai faia. Na taua e le alii faamasino sili ia Michael Kruse e faapea, o le mea sa tupu ua mafua ai ona nofosala Pio i luma o le faamasinoga, ona o se la mafutaga faaleuo sa faia ma se tamaitai e 14 tausaga le matua, lea na i’u ina ma’itaga ma fanau ai e lea tamaita’i se pepe, ma ua maea foi ona tautino le ua molia i le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia, o ia le tama moni o le pepe, ua manao fo’i e alu e saili sana galuega e faatino ai lona tiute faa tama i le tausiga o lona atalii. Na talia e le faamasinoga le talsoaga a Pio ma poloaina ai loa o ia e faapea, a maea ona ia tuliina ulua’i masina e ono o lana faasalaga faa falepuipui e 28 masina, ona talosaga lea i le Pule o le Toese mo se avanoa e tatala ai o ia i tua e faigaluega, pe afai e faamaonia ua maua sana galuega tumau e faigaluega ai, e sue ai se tupe e faatino ai lana polomisi sa fai i le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia, mo se tupe e tausi ai lona atalii. Ua poloaina fo’i Pio ina ia lesitala lona igoa i le lisi o i latou ua ta’usala i le faia o uiga mataga i fanau teine laiti, ma ia faia se suesuega i lona tino po o ia tauaveina siama o le gasegase o le HIV. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
➧ Fa’ailoa Ao malo Samoa…
samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Page 23
Mai itulau 17
Ae i lona talitonuga i auala e aoaoina ai le gagana, e tatau ona i ai vaega nei e tolu: (1) e tatau ona i ai se fua e tavavae ai fanau laiti ma tagata matutua, faapea ai ma e e afaina le tino ma le mafaufau; (2) e eseese metotia mo e o lo o tau amata ma e ua leva ona i ai i le aoga; (3) le mafuaaga ua fesuisuia’i ai le gagana tautala, le gagana lauga ma le gagana tusitusi, o le taimi ua aga’i i luma, o le taimi ua toe fo’i i tua. Na faamamafa e Tui Atua le tatau lea ia Samoa i Sisifo ma Samoa i Sasa’e ona iloilo suiga ua vaaia i le gagana i le taimi nei, ma iloilo pe i ai ni aafiaga tuga e mafua mai ona o nei suiga. Sa ia taua foi e faapea, e ui o suiga ma le eseese o finagalo i le gagana e le o se mea e leaga, ae tatau foi i ta’ita’i o le atunuu ona aua ne’i tei ma faapea o nei suiga ua leaga, ae tatau ona vaavaai i auala e ono afaina ai le gagana, ona toe iloilo lea o auala e foia ai ia itu leaga. I le saunoaga a le alii kovana ia Lolo, sa ia toe faatepa ai le amataina mai o lenei faamoemoe, ina ua iloilo e le faigamalo ripoti mai le Matagaluega o Aoga atoa ai ma ripoti mai le Kolisi Tuufaatasi, ma vaaia ai le maualalo o togi o lo o ausia e fanau aoga o lo o ulufale atu i totonu o le Kolisi Tuufaatasi. Saunoa Lolo e faapea, o le taua o le fonotaga lenei o le a mafai ai ona tuu faatasi manatu ma lagona e fau ai se lumana’i manuia mo alo ma fanau a le atunuu i le lumana’i. O le maea ai o le tatala aloaiaina o lenei fonotaga i le taeao ananafi, na amata ai loa fetufaaiga ua faatulaga mo mataupu eseese o le a talanoaina, lea foi o le a maua ai le avanoa o sui valaaulia taitasi e faaleo ma faasoa ai o latou finagalo e faatatau i lenei mataupu. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
October 15, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history & tradition, is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title:
Assistant Laboratory Manager-Quality Management
(Medical Technologist IV) Laboratory Laboratory Manager
➧ Tu’uaia se tama’ita’i…
Mai itulau 20
Na taua e I.M i leoleo, ua to’atele alii fai faiva ua latou momoe talu mai le ulua’i taimi na galue ai i le Pa pia. I se tasi o po na musu ai la te o ma se alii fai faiva, peitai sa fai atu Tusi ia te ia, “E tatau ona e faalogo mai ia te a’u, o a’u lea e lona lua i le tuuina atu o faatonuga ia te oe.” I le faamatalaga a M.W sa tuuina atu i leoleo, sa ia taua ai le faatonuina o ia e Park i le ulua’i taimi o ia o le a galue o se ‘waitress’ mo le Pa pia, e le’i umi ona amata lana tautua ae amata loa ona una’i o ia e Park ina ia alu e nonofo ma le aufai faiva pe a ulufale atu i totonu o le Pa pia, ina ia mafai ai ona faaalu e i latou nei tupe e tele i totonu o le Pa pia. Na taua e M.W lona vaaia o ni isi o tamaitai o lo o latou galulue faatasi i totonu o le Pa pia, o lo o sisiva ma aveese o latou lavalava i luma o alii fai faiva, ae o isi tamaitai na te vaaia o lo o kisi atu i alii fai faiva, atoa ai ma lo latou faataga o alii fai faiva e kisi atu i o latou alafau po o fatafata fo’i. O ni isi o po na te faalogo ai o faatonu e Park ma Tusi ni isi o tamaitai e o ma alii fai faiva i fafo atu o le Pa pia. Sa ia taua i leoleo e faapea, e faatolu ona ia talosagaina Park mo se faatanaga latou te o ai ma alii fai faiva, ina ua ia manaomia se tupe. Sa ia taua fo’i e faapea, e lei totogiina lava o ia e Park mai lana galuega o le ‘waitress’, na pau le auala e faataga e Park o ia e maua ai ana tupe, o le o lea ma alii fai faiva. Sa ia taua foi e faapea, o se tasi po sa ia faanoi ai ia Park mo se avanoa la te o ai ma se alii fai faiva, ae o le isi po sa ia faanoi ai ia Tusi mo se avanoa la te o ai ma le isi alii fai faiva. Na faailoa e I.M ma M.W i leoleo e faapea, o Park na te tuuina atu faatonuga uma i tamaitai i auala e faatino ai feusuaiga ma alii fai faiva, ae le tatau ona latou faatinoina ni gaioiga faa talitane i totonu o le Pa pia, pe afai o lo o eva ai ma ni tagata Samoa. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
➧ Tala i Vaifanua…
Mai itulau 18
“Le Tatou Lalolagi, Lo Tatou Lumana’i” le manulauti ua fa’ailoa mai e le Kalapu a le Liona Fa’avaomalo, e tatau ona e tusia ai sau ata matagofie ma fa’aulu mai pe ‘ai tonu se manumalo mo oe, i ona fa’ailoga matagofie ua ofoina mai mo ata ‘aisilia. Ua fa’atulaga mai la tausaga o le fanau a’oga e tatau ona latou tusia nei ata! Mai le 11 tausaga se’ia o’o i le 13 tausaga ua taulia i lenei tauvaga tusi ata. Ua fa’ailoa mai e 23 isi fa’ailoga ta’i $500 e mafai ona taua’aoina e le Liona Fa’avaomalo mo nisi o le a le lautogia mo le fa’ailoga muamua, peita’i o le e fa’amanuina lana ata i le tulaga muamua e malaga ma le peresetene o lana Kalapu Liona, i le fa’atasiga o le Kalapu a le Liona ale UN i le a’ai o Niu Ioka. E le mailoa po’o o oe lea e tusia lea ata o le a manumalo, alofaiva ane loa oe lena le tamaititi e 11-13 tausaga, e tusi sau ata e fa’aautu ane i le Lalolagi o lo tatou lumana’i, ma e tatalo i sou fa’aeaga sili e maua ai. O le a fa’ao’o uma nei ata i le Faletusi a le Malo, Feleti Barstow i Utulei, ae fa’amuta fo’i lenei tauvaga ia Novema 8, 2013.
Department: Reports To: Summary: The Assistant Laboratory Manager/Medical Technologist IV is a licensed laboratory testing professional who is certified trained with extensive experience in quality management under pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical part of testing permitted under the US HHS/CMS Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), Public Law 100-578; this position will be primarily responsible for quality compliance monitoring of lab testing procedures and related staff training and quality improvement activities. Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: • Responsible for specimen processing, test performance, and for reporting test results; • Performs only those tests that are authorized by the laboratory director which require a degree of skill commensurate with the individual’s education, training or experience, and technical abilities; • Supervises moderate to high complexity testing; • Strictly follows and helps supervise the laboratory’s policies & procedures for specimen receiving, handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test results; • Maintains and helps manages records that demonstrate that proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient samples; • Adheres to and helps develop & supervises the laboratory’s quality control policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed; • Follows and helps develop & implement the laboratory’s established corrective action policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance; • Proactively identifies problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results, and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the technical consultant, clinical consultant or director; • Documents all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performanceand performs other duties as directed. Qualifications: • Preferably have MS/MA degree from an accredited college or university in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent and certified as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, or Medical Technologist by a recognized certifying agency, AND at least 4 years of experience in all areas of the laboratory, AND at least 2 year as a manager or supervisor at a US-regulated or equivalent laboratory; OR • Have BS degree from an accredited college or university in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent and certified as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, or Medical Technologist by a recognized certifying agency; AND at least 10 years of experience in all areas of the laboratory; AND/OR at least 5 years of experience as a manager or supervisor at a US-regulated or equivalent laboratory; OR • Have Associate degree from an accredited college or university in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology, Medical Laboratory Technician or equivalent and certified as a Medical Laboratory Technician by a recognized certifying agency; AND at least 20 years of experience in all areas of the laboratory; OR at least 10 years of experience as a manager or supervisor at a US-regulated or equivalent laboratory; • Completion of at least 1 year internship and 3 years in quality management under pre-analytical, analytical & post-analytical part of testing permitted under the US HHS/CMS Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), Public Law 100-578; • Extensive experience in developing and implementing policies & procedures, and conducting & evaluating infection prevention and environmental health training for clinical laboratory staff; • Ability to teach and evaluate clinical laboratory testing performance; • Knowledgeable and experienced in US-standard phlebotomy procedures; • Must be computer proficient in working with advanced EHR/HIS & related computer-based patient care management systems, as well as MS Office software applications; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications and public relations skills; • Fluency in Samoan language & culture and/or previous work experience in Polynesian culture preferred; • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE (but Resumes are preferred). Deadline for filing applications & resumes is October 25, 2013 at 4:00 p.m., or email: hr@lbj.as.
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samoa news, Wednesday, October 23, 2013
11:00am - 4pm Daily at Alega Beach

A three day celebration of Samoan Tatau and Cultural Arts OCTOBER 25, 26, & 27.
T attooing exhibition
Traditional and Machine Tattooing Body Art and Skin Fashion Show
2 0 1 3
• • • • • • • • •
Best of the Fest traditional Competitions Best of the Fest modern skin art competition Ava Ceremony Art show by Ula Fashion Show by Pacific Roots ASCC Ukulele Performance Young Carvers Elei and Siapo exhibition Sunday’s Awards ceremony Pre-Fest Palolo Harvest, Thursday Oct. 24, 1 a.m.
Major Sponsors
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