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Security informs DPS of escapees before TCF did 2 High Court of Am. Samoa issues ‘slip decisions’ now 7 Rival soccer fans brawl at match in Las Vegas… B4
Here is a look at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa Park at Utulei Beach after the parade marking the Fourth of July as well as Youth Day in American Samoa, yesterday July 4th, 2013.
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
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Friday, July 5, 2013
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
Parents of students at American Samoa Community College were disappointed to find out two inmates who escaped from the Tafuna Correctional Facility were on campus Wednesday, and the police were only made aware the inmates had escaped when Security at ASCC contacted them. The inmates who escaped, Ryan Pite and Ioane Faimata, were both housed together when they sawed/cut the bars enough to crawl through and climb over the fence Wednesday morning, said Commissioner of Public Safety, William Haleck. Haleck noted they were only aware of the escape when security at the college contacted TCF. Pite was found Wednesday around 11:00a.m., while Faimata was found at 10:30a.m. Thursday, and both were found in the ASCC vicinity. Haleck explained that detectives with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) responded to the call, and when the inmates were seen by police, the pair escaped to the mountains behind the college. He also stated that Faimata was caught at a home in the vicinity of the college. The commissioner said the inmate was “very hungry” and when he was caught, he was eating in the home. Haleck said fortunately, no one was hurt or injured. The Commissioner then stated that he’s still debating as to what other items aside from food are allowed to enter the jail, because they are puzzled as to how the chainsaw got inside. “We are stepping up security measures on what’s going in and out of the jail, because we believe the only way the chainsaw entered the premises was through the families,” said Haleck.
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
ASCC security informs DPS of escapees before TCF even knew they were gone
He assured that DPS is doing everything, within their resources to eliminate this ongoing problem,. The police commissioner also pointed out that Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has recently approved the hiring of correction officers and the additional manpower will assist TCF with the predicament they are constantly encountering. To the parents, the Commissioner says the lack of manpower is the main factor, however with the ten additional officers they will have on board within 30 days, it will help TCF “tremendously”. Of these additional TCF officers, six will be transferred from the Marine Patrol Division and the other four will be hired from outside the workforce. “This will step up the work force and the security,” he said. Haleck noted these correction officers upon hiring will undergo correction officer training to make sure they understand their responsibilities. The Commissioner told Samoa News (again), the problem at the jail is not with the inmates, “but the problem I have is with the correction officers who are not performing their duties.” “As I mentioned before, some people (correction officers) are not committed to their jobs, there is no incentive to try to better themselves in the positions they’re in, or even try to do what they are supposed to be doing,” he said. Pite was recently sentenced to 20 months in jail for the stabbing of inmate Sefo Hymie earlier this year. Pite was already serving jail time for a spree of burglaries. Faitama is incarcerated for his role in the burglary of a store in Faleniu. Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com 
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by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
4th of July celebrated with Youth Day brings unique perspective to a “special occassion”
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 3
“I can promise you today(Thursday) you’ll be seeing a lot of new changes for you in the next, six to 12 months, as long as we stay in the chorus and make you the most valuable assets in our administration,” said Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga. His Special remarks were made during the 4th of July celebration held at the Suigaula, Utulei Beach, comprising cultural games and entertainment. The event was hosted by the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs, as this month is Youth Month. The theme of the day was ‘Our Future Is in Your Hands’, and began with a parade down Utulei village to Suigaula, lead by Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga, his wife Pohakalani, other government directors, as well as Boy Scouts leaders. The youth of more than 1,000 participants were treated with a special appearance by well known football star Troy Aumua Polamalu, who was accompanied by his wife Theadora and their two sons, Paisios and Ephraim. For the first time, in a very long time, American Samoa hosted a special ceremony, including a parade, to mark the United States’ birthday. DYWA, Acting Director Pa’u Roy Ausage noted that three milestones involving the youth has come about: Firstly the government has employed more than 500+ students this summer; DYWA’s budget has been restored 100%; and, this administration is in the process of building a Sports Complex in Pago Pago for the youth. Members of the cabinet also joined in during the youth games where directors and agency heads teamed up in twosomes, and played the three-legged-race — including Governor Lolo and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga. Governor Lolo in his speech pointed out that he has four main points he wanted the youth to hear about. This Fourth of July, is the celebration of freedom. “We celebrate the birth of a nation that has become the beacon of freedom, justice for the world and a benefactor of American Samoa for the last 113 years. “Second, we are celebrating today, the vision of our forefathers when they decided to put American Samoa under the protection of the great government of the United States, which is founded upon the principles of freedom and the protection of individual rights. “Third, we are celebrating for the first time American Samoa has come together as a community to celebrate the youth of American Samoa; to send the message to the youth that they are the future of this territory.” Governor Lolo’s last point was how heartwarming and gratifying it was to have “a son of Samoa” — Troy Polamalu, who has not forgotten his roots, who he is, and where he comes from. The messages that Polamalu is giving out to you is that “sky is the limit as far as success is concerned, his job, my job the leaders job is to provide opportunity for the young people to become somebody useful in our community in the future,” the governor stated. “But the decision and choice to become successful will be yours to make, our job is to provide opportunities and your job it to make a commitment to be the custodian of our people’s future,” Lolo said. He added, “money is an issue, but we are not going to let that issue become a factor for the government… that will not stop ASG… we will do whatever we can to make sure, that those services will be delivered to you.” Polamalu also offered remarks, noting the beauty of celebrating Youth Day on the fourth of July. He pointed out to the youth that the most important thing that he and his wife, Theadora believe is the need to stay focused on “education”. He said their Team came down with professional volleyball players, professional football players, and they also have counselors to help students prepare for college. To the parents, Polamalu said, these counselors are also here to assist them. Polamalu urged the parents to take advantage of this opportunity and meet with counselors about how to get their child prepared for college. “So they can bring back knowledge on how to become not just football player, but also being a lawyer, doctor, or judge. “Which to me is more impressive — to be a lawyer, judge, and doctor, than even a Hall of Fame football player. So again, I open up to you the opportunity to sit down with our counselors and talk to some of the players about how to prepare for college, and how to prepare to have success if that’s what you desire in the academic world.” Highlights of Youth Day and the 4th of July celebration included Polamalu holding the Youth Day Championship flag to signal who was winner of different games, and an impromptu siva palagi by Troy and Theadora with the youth. Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
Part of yesterday’s combined celebration of Youth Day and America’s Independence Day [photo: LF] included an impromptu ‘talk’ from Pili, a Samoan comedian.
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PARIS (AP) — France’s top security official publicly dressed down the United States at the American ambassador’s July 4 garden party, denouncing alleged U.S. “espionage” of France and other countries, while the European Parliament voted to open an investigation. Interior Minister Manuel Valls was a guest of honor at the fete hosted by Ambassador Charles Rivkin on Thursday. In a speech before hundreds of guests, he said that “in the name of our friendship, we owe each other honesty. We must say things clearly, directly, frankly.” He said that President Francois Hollande’s demand for clear and precise explanations about reports of U.S. spying are justified because “such practices, if proven, do not have their place between allies and partners.” Later Thursday, Valls said France had rejected an asylum request from National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. In a statement, Valls said the request, received via the French embassy in Moscow, had been rejected after “taking into account a legal analysis and the situation of” Snowden. Snowden also won’t be getting asylum from Italy, where Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said officials had rejected the leaker’s bid because he did not meet their requirements. Bonino also criticized the American program, saying that unless the U.S. comes up with “convincing responses,” Italy would consider the “diffuse practices” reported by Snowden to be unjustified. “There’s no doubt that historically, America has created its leadership in the world based on trust and power,” Bonino said. “The damage created by the Snowden case, if confirmed, is above all a wound for the United States, not just for us Europeans, and I think as a friendly country we have the duty to say so. I am certain the American response won’t take long.” Bonino said as far as Italy could tell, there was no evidence that its embassy in Washington had been spied on. In Strasbourg, the European Parliament agreed to start an investigation into the allegations that European Union offices were among those bugged and called for more protection for whistleblowers. European countries agreed Wednesday that planned talks on free trade with the U.S. must start in parallel with discussions on NSA surveillance. Those talks are still on track to begin next week.
French minister Directors are ambassadors dresses down US for American Samoa at July 4th fete
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
HAWTHORNE, Calif. (AP) — Angry threats have been pouring into a Southern California police station after a video that was widely circulated on the Internet showed an officer fatally shooting a Rottweiler, police said Wednesday. Hawthorne Police Department employees are getting “criminal threats of harm” after the video surfaced showing a uniformed officer shooting the dog four times Sunday, said Chief Robert Fager. The shooting occurred after police surrounded a home where a gunman reportedly robbed two people. A cellphone video that had nearly 3 million views on YouTube by Wednesday afternoon shows the dog, named Max, scrambling out of a car’s back seat through a window and lunging at officers who had handcuffed its master. Officers appear to try to control the dog for several seconds and one makes a grab for the dog’s leash before the dog jumps up and the shots ring out. Witnesses can be heard crying out in distress after watching the dog’s grisly death. Fager urged the public to be patient as police investigate the shooting, and to avoid information being circulated through social media because “fallacies are being perpetuated.” Fager said department employees are being wrongly identified as the shooter on the Internet, and that has led to threats not only against employees, but to members of the public with similar names and no affiliation with the police. About 25 miles away from Hawthorne, in Glendale, Swain’s Art Supplies store was bombarded with about 100 angry phone calls from people who mistakenly believed the owners were related to Lt. Scott Swain, the Police Department’s spokesman who wasn’t involved in the shooting. Co-owner Lori Wiest said she kept getting crazy questions, accusations and obscenity-laced tirades after blogs calling for Fager’s dismissal posted the store’s phone number, the Torrance Daily Breeze reported. The dog’s owner, Leon Rosby, says police needlessly killed his dog. His lawyer, Michael Gulden, said Rosby’s complaint will be added to an existing lawsuit Rosby has against police.
Chief — police getting threats after dog killed
Directors and other government officials will soon be taking an American Samoa “bag” containing tourist information when attending meetings and conferences off island, which is a form of free publicity for American Samoa, according to David Vaeafe, American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau executive director. He posed the idea during his presentation at last week’s cabinet meeting and it was supported by Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga, acting governor at the time. One of the many issues raised by Vaeafe during his 45-minute power-point presentation is that all departments and agencies of government play a role in promoting American Samoa as a tourist destination. Additionally, each director can also play a vital role, which includes taking with them a bag of tourist information, sites to see, and other things of interest about American Samoa, especially its unique culture and environment. Vaeafe says this information is available to all directors free of charge and is provided by the Visitor’s Bureau as part of the whole government’s efforts to promote tourism for the territory. “You travel off-island for your meetings and so forth... you are automatically ambassadors [of American Samoa],” he said, asking those present to contact his office which will provide a tourism bag of information which the directors can carry with them to meetings and conferences. “If you’re hosting an event here, a conference, I urge you to plan it a year in advance and tell us, so we can help you,” he said, adding that this is an opportunity for the Visitor’s Bureau and its local partners to put together packages of brochures for the visiting delegates from off-island. “You’re an extension, an ambassador of the Visitor’s Bureau,” he told cabinet members. He also said that these tourism packages and brochures can also be provided to others coming here for contract meetings or work. Lemanu told directors that it’s very important for them to help in the development of tourism and agreed to the suggestion that directors take brochures with them when they travel off island for meetings and conferences. It “helps grow our economy,” said Lemanu, who joked that maybe this should be made a policy, for directors to take bags with them traveling for conferences and meetings. Vaeafe says the challenge is to make tourism a driving force of the territory’s economy in the next two years and reiterated the need for the government to approach this sector along with the private sector to make it a success. CUSTOMER SERVICE He says American Samoa has very good infrastructure, but “we just need to develop that and make sure that it’s consistent and it’s maintained.” “And as we grow our sector, make sure our infrastructure can cope with the growth, as well as ensuring that both the public and private sector are trained in the requirements of tourism,” he said, noting, for example that one of the “first impressions” a visitor has when they arrival to an island destination is the greeting they get. “At the point of entry, it’s usually the immigration officer who is the first point of contact. You go to Fiji - they say ‘Bula’ and in Hawai’i, they say ‘Aloha’,” he said. “Here we don’t do that — but that’s the first impression. A simple
‘Talofa — welcome to American Samoa’ … that makes a lasting impression.” “So these are some of the things that we just need to work on and develop and these are the things that we will work with, with each of the agencies to ‘develop this customer service mentality’,” he said. CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT If there was any doubt among cabinet members that American Samoa can attract tourists, Vaeafe made it clear that there is a lot to offer in the only U.S. outpost in the South Pacific. “American Samoa has so much to offer and having worked for the Samoa Tourism Authority in Samoa, I believe we have a lot more to offer here than what’s in Samoa, we just need to develop that product,” said Vaeafe. He said the territory’s biggest asset is “our Fa’aSamoa — our culture” which is based on “tautua (service), fa’aaloalo (respect), our family and our values, Samoan values.” When these treasures and assets are explained to a visitor, it’s very different to someone, for example, coming from New York, he said. “We take it for granted, because we live it everyday, we’re used to it. But to the outside, it’s something new and it’s those family values... that they like to see,” the ASVB head pointed out. He said, “Our environment… is the second biggest attraction,” adding that when people fly into the territory, “they see the  mountain ranges, they see the lush green tropical setting and they realize this is a beautiful place to be,” away from the fast pace of their everyday lives. According to the executive director, the Visitor’s Bureau continues to work at the village level to help people develop their own product, combining culture and environment, to sell to travelers. “We [need to] insure that we maintain our culture and environment. This is the reason people come here. It’s because of who we are and what we are,” he stressed. Another culture and environment selling point for American Samoa is the Manu’a island group, which Vaeafe said is “our icing on the cake... because of its isolation, its uniqueness, its culture heritage.” Manu’a “was the power base of the Samoan islands” centuries ago — not the islands of Savai’i or Upolu (in Samoa) or Tutuila (in American Samoa), he said. “These are things from a marketing prospective. I see the marketing value in that — and opportunity,” he said and noted that there is also “our rich American history. I’m amazed at the American tradition in this territory, the U.S. naval history, and space travel history.” “No other country in the South Pacific has that relationship” when it comes to the rich American history in the territory and this is a selling point for our destination, he said. Vaeafe says one of the major global tourist attractions now is World War II and American Samoa has been part of this. He noted that brochures and other literature are now available, outlining the history of Tutuila and its involvement in World War II. Brochures and other information were made available with great assistance from the Historic Preservation Office and other entities, he added. Other issues of interest pertaining to tourism development and marketing prospects for American Samoa will be published later next week in Samoa News.
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
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NEW YORK (AP) — From solemn to spectacular, the nation marked its independence with the reopening of the Statue of Liberty for the first time since Superstorm Sandy, extravagant fireworks that included a 19-burst salute to Arizona’s fallen firefighters and a musical tribute in Washington to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. “I always love July Fourth and I’m very happy to be in this country, I know I’m blessed,” said 15-year-old Yoana Lorenzo, who was among the millions who watched the New York City’s over-thetop Fourth of July Fireworks show Thursday night. “To see all these people come together and celebrate, it’s pretty great.” Four barges carrying 40,000 shells on the Hudson River unleashed a barrage of brilliant
From solemn to spectacular, July 4th celebrated
reds, whites and blues — some in shapes and smiley faces — as spectators marveled at the famed New York fireworks display, snapping videos and pictures on their cellphones. Earlier Thursday, hundreds lined up to be among the first to board boats destined for Lady Liberty, which opened for the first time since it was shuttered by Sandy. Among them was New Yorker Heather Leykam, whose mother’s home was destroyed during the storm. “This, to us, Liberty Island, is really about a rebirth,” said Leykam, who was with her family. “It is a sense of renewal for the city and the country. We wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” In Prescott, Ariz., celebrations were more subdued. A fire chief read the names of the 19 firefighters killed last weekend battling a wildfire, while 19 single fireworks burst overhead. “Less than 100 hours ago, the city of Prescott, the state of Arizona and the nation lost 19 of the best, the bravest firefighters ever dispatched into the forest,” fire department division chief Don Devendorf said. The commemorative starbursts were followed by a raucous 20-minute display choreographed to patriotic pop songs, which drew cheering, grins and shouts of “America!” Also, 19 candles burned beneath red, white and blue bunting, at Bistro St. Michael on Whiskey Row in the old West town — one for each firefighter. In California, more than two dozen people were injured when a wood platform holding live fireworks tipped over, sending the pyrotechnics into a crowd in Simi Valley, northwest of
Los Angeles. Officials said 20 people were taken to hospitals with minor to moderate injuries, and eight more were treated at the park. A bomb squad was at the park to deactivate the remainder of the fireworks. In Washington, thousands gathered on the National Mall to ring in the Fourth of July with fireworks and music. Neil Diamond sang “Sweet Caroline” in tribute to victims and survivors of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing. The song is a Fenway Park tradition, and Diamond performed it there in the aftermath of the attack. Boston hosted its first large gathering since the marathon bombing that killed three and injured hundreds. While attendance for the city’s celebration appeared to be down early, it increased as the start of the festivities approached. Crowds on the Charles River Esplanade seemed smaller than in recent years, while a robust law enforcement presence greeted revelers gathering for a performance by the Boston Pops and a fireworks display. Among those at Boston’s festivities was Carlos Arredondo, the cowboy hat-wearing marathon attendee who became part of one of the indelible images of the bombings’ aftermath in a photo showing him helping rush a badly wounded man from the scene in a wheelchair, his legs torn to pieces. Arredondo said the July 4 celebration — an event authorities believe the bombing suspects initially planned to target — was an important milestone in the healing process, not just for him but also those who were stopping to tell him their own stories from that day.
(Continued on page 13)
Sonya Thomas competes in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating contest at Coney Island, Thursday, July 4, 2013, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Thomas won the competition with 36 and three quarters hot (AP Photo/John Minchillo) dogs and buns.
The High Court of Am. Samoa issues ‘slip decisions’ now
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 7
The High Court of American Samoa has started issuing slip opinions, with the first batch issued last week, says Jon Clemens, Staff Attorney with the High Court. A slip opinion is an opinion released by a court that has not been published in a case law reporter. A case law reporter is essentially a publication that contains published court decisions comprising the common law of that jurisdiction. Court jurisdictions throughout the United States commonly issue slip opinions to assist practicing attorneys and the general public with understanding the common law and the direction in which the law is developing. Clemens explained the High Court has released the 2012 slip opinions for similar reasons — i.e., to assist lawyers with their professional duties as legal advocates by helping them keep current with the law and to keep the general public informed. “Limited resources have precluded the High Court from issuing slip opinions in the past. “Unlike other court jurisdictions (i.e., the state and federal court systems and other territories), which have funding and personnel specifically dedicated to reviewing and selecting court decisions for slip opinion release and publication, the High Court historically has not had the resources necessary to undertake such a costly and timeconsuming endeavor. “However, in light of the fact that the High Court’s published opinions — i.e., those opinions filed by the High Court that are published in the American Samoa Reports (A.S.R.)— are current only up to 2004, the High Court recognizes the importance of releasing slip opinions (at least until the A.S.R. publications become current). It is for this reason that the High Court hopes to release slip opinions annually until at least the Court can make the A.S.R. current,” he stated. Clemens then pointed out, the same resource constraints noted above have precluded the High Court from being able to maintain A.S.R. currency. “Publishing an A.S.R. volume is not a simple task, it is labor intensive and expensive. It is for these reasons that other court systems in the United States (i.e., federal, state, and territorial) have funding and staff dedicated to review and selecting court decisions for publication. “Many courts even contract with private publishing companies (such as WestLaw and LexisNexis) to compile, format, catalogue, and publish their decisions,” said Clemens. “Unfortunately, none of these resources have ever been available to the High Court. Consequently, past A.S.R. volumes were published only through a combined effort between the High Court and the American Samoa Bar Association. Nonetheless, in spite of these limitations, the Court has rejuvenated its efforts to bring the A.S.R. up to speed. Until then, the High Court intends to regularly release slip opinions,” said Clemens. The first slip opinions collected and disseminated by the High Court have been edited by Associate Justice/District Court Judge John Ward IV and Jon Clemens with the Law Clerk/Staff Attorney. According to the slip opinions issued last week, “there is a dearth of recent case-law in this jurisdiction. In an effort to keep the local bar current with court decisions, the High Court of American Samoa has put together a volume of slip opinions taken predominantly from these last six months. Obviously, considering the recentness of some of the lower court orders and opinions and the potential for appeal on some of them, attorneys cite the contained Trial Division decisions at their own peril. However, the Appellate Division decisions do have stare decisis.” (According to online legal dictionaries, ‘stare decisis’ is Latin for “Let the decision stand”, which refers to the policy of courts to abide by or adhere to principles established by decisions in earlier cases.) Clemens noted, “Considering that citing slip opinions may be new for some members of the bar, there is a gray box preceding every slip opinion indicating how that slip opinion ought to be cited. Moreover, the index’s headnotes are pincited. This should make the transition to slip opinion citation more endurable.” More slip opinions will appear in the near future while the court awaits the publication of the American Samoa Reports. The slip opinions are organized by court/division and listed in chronological order within the court/division grouping. Reach reporter at joy@samoanews.com
On Thursday, July 4th, a combined celebration of Youth Day and America’s Independence Day saw Troy and Theadora Polamalu participate as guests — which included a siva Palagi by the [photo: LF] couple with youth, after the traditional siva Samoa.
The 2013 Camps of
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6th to 10th place Prizes $75 and consolation prizes for all participants. Complimentary prizes for all other participating youth groups to be donated by the business community and indviduals.
For more information, contact Orepa Faoa at 633-2835.
First Prize.........$1,000.00 Second Prize.....$ 750.00 Third Prize........$ 500.00 Fourth Prize......$ 250.00 Fifth Prize.........$ 100.00
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
FDA wants more major inspections, DOH tries comply
tors of food establishments to comply with local laws. FEDERAL REQUEST Papali’i says they work in conjunction with the FDA, which is now asking DoH to not just stick to the once a year inspection or twice a year - the beginning and the ending of the year - inspections but to do “at least three major inspections for major food places here” annually. “...although we are shortstaffed, we are trying to fulfill that main requirement” by FDA, he said. “And we see that it’s critical and necessary right now for us to try and fulfill that obligation.” ASIAN OPERATORS Papali’i mentioned the FDA’s request, when he was addressing in English the television audience so that nonSamoan speakers would be made aware of DoH’s concerns with many restaurants, fast food places and stores selling cooked food — operated and manned by Asians, which are not complying with local laws. (Papali’i used the word ‘Oriental’ but Samoa News opted to use ‘Asian’.) “I believe these people are all part of our community, and they have become established here on island, and are eligible to do business on island,” he said referring to the Asians and alleged that the “main issue here is they are not willing to comply with what’s required of them to establish businesses, especially food sales.” Papali’i claims that as DoH carries out inspection, these Asian operators “tend to have their own way of doing things” and so be it, he said —as long as it “does not compromise the health and the well-being of our people” when it comes to the food they prepare. “So we are trying to work along with them, they are part of our community, and we believe that if we work together, it will be a better community for all of us,” he said. “But unfortunately, if the mentality is just to make money and run and not care what becomes of our people... who are eating the foods they prepare, then it becomes something of our concern,” he said. He said DoH inspectors emphasize to the food operators during inspections that they must comply with “rules and regulations” governing restaurants and places that sell cooked food. For example, for food preparation: the cooking area is
(Continued on page 13)
The Boy Scouts of American Samoa were a part of the DYWA Youth Day parade yesterday, that also marked July 4th — America’s Independence Day. Both events were celebrated at the [photo: Jeff Hayner] Suigaula o le Atuvasa Park at Utulei Beach.
Heart to Heart (Fatu o le Alofa)
Starring Christine “Sissy” Unutoa as Ryanna Alai “AJ” Nielsen as Titi
Also Featuring: Faifuaina Sakaria John Iosefa Lautapaa Wong King Mareta Purcell - Unutoa Moaila Moaila Nilamaneta Tonumaipea Princess Custodio Auva’a Raveen Mase Reupena Sheck Tafia Taimalelagi - Fiame Tauaituli Fanene Tauese Vine Togipau Edwards Toreka Lemoe and others Story by: Mareta Purcell - Unutoa Directed by: Zena Noah Iese Produced by: Famss Group, Navipics, A’ASA)
available at: Cost-u-less Tutuila Store Sadie’s by the Sea
Despite being short staffed, the local Department of Health’s Environmental and Sanitation Division (ESD) is working to comply with a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) request to carry out more than one major inspection a year of “major food” places in the territory, says Papali’i Marion Fitisemanu, who now heads ESD. Papali’i made the revelation Wednesday night during DOH’s television program, which focuses on various issues pertaining to that department. The specific issue this time deals with the need for opera-
Tickets $20
Lee Auditorium, Saturday, July 6th, 2013
1st Show - 4pm 2nd Show - 7pm
Teen injured at a Calif. camp heard crack, screaming
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 9
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — One moment 18-year-old Lizzie Moore was eating pancakes and talking to fellow staff at a summer camp near Yosemite National Park. The next she heard a cracking sound and screams and looked up to see the top of a tree coming crashing toward her. “If I hadn’t moved, I don’t think I’d be able to speak to you right now’” Moore said on Thursday from her hospital room in Modesto. Moore was pinned by a branch and suffered five broken ribs and a fractured elbow and vertebrae when about 40 feet of a large, 53-inch diameter black oak tree snapped off on Wednesday morning at Camp Tawonga near Groveland, Calif. The falling tree top killed 21-year-old camp art counselor Annais Rittenberg and injured Moore and three others. Two of the injured adults were treated and released. A third, Cara Sheedy, was in good condition at another hospital in Modesto, a nursing supervisor said. No children were harmed. They were inside a nearby dining hall having breakfast. The tree took down power lines, but did not damage any buildings. Moore said she had heard shotguns in the distance at the camp before, but nothing like the cracking noise of the tree. “At first I was really not sure at all what was happening,” she said. “I heard some commotion, some screaming and then I ended up seeing the top of the tree moving around a lot, and then I saw it fall.” She was knocked unconscious and said she does not remember much of what happened afterward. The tree snapped about 32 feet from the ground, according to Tuolumne County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. James Oliver. Oliver said sheriff’s officials don’t plan any further investigation into what caused the tree to fall. Because of the nearby power lines, authorities said Pacific Gas & Electric Co. was responsible for annual inspections of the oak tree. PG&E officials who looked at the tree’s stump on Wednesday said the tree showed no obvious signs of rotting or disease, Oliver said. Weather also did not appear to be a factor. PG&E last inspected the area where the tree fell in December 2012, spokesman Brian Swanson said.
During such inspections, the utility looks for tree limbs growing close to power lines and obvious signs of decay or defects in trees around them. Swanson said PG&E was still inspecting the tree that fell. Rittenberg was an environmental studies major at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she was a popular college DJ who served as world music director at the school’s radio station, station manager Alec Howard said. The camp’s executive director, Ken Kramarz, called Rittenberg a “beloved member of our staff.” “As our own hearts are still hurting, we send our sincerest
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Yesterday, the Fourth of July, a combined celebration of Youth Day and America’s Independence Day, at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa Park at Utulei Beach, included games and siva & pese by [photo: Jeff Hayner] youth from across the territory.
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Where it’s at in
For more information: Contact: TA’AFANO JOE TAVALE Office: 633-3716 Cell: 256-0362 or 733-0362
In this Wednesday, July 3, 2013 photo, Mount Fuji is seen in early morning in Kawaguchiko town, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. Japan’s most iconic landmark, the 3,776-meter-tall Mount Fuji, was selected as a World Heri(AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama) tage site in June.
Nana’s Company is now offering the following commercial construction equipment for commercial rental at very low, low affordable rates: • Cement Mixers • Iron Plate Compactors • Compactors • Paint Sprayer Machines • Power Washers • Compressors
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Tel: 633-7038 or 633-7685
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Fagaalu across from Matafao Ele. School
688-7995, 699-9338, 731-1701
Mass. boy, 8, gets help for dad trapped in car FITCHBURG, Mass. (AP) — An 8-yearold Massachusetts boy is being credited with helping saving his father after their car crashed through a guardrail and landed upside down on a sandbar in the middle of a river. Authorities say Eugenio Garcia of Fitchburg was trapped in the vehicle in the Nashua River after the crash, which occurred at about 3 a.m. Thursday. But his son, 8-year-old Joshua, wriggled out the wreckage, waded through the rushing water, scaled an embankment, then walked more than half a mile home to alert his mother, who called 911. Garcia was rescued at about 3:30 a.m., then treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital. Fire officials say if the car had landed in the water, both father and son likely would have died. The crash remains under investigation. Pope Francis clears John Paul II for sainthood VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has cleared John Paul II for sainthood, approving a miracle attributed to his intercession. Francis also decided Friday to canonize another pope, John XXIII, even though there has been no second miracle attributed to his intercession. The Vatican said Francis approved a decision by cardinals and bishops. The ceremonies are expected before the end of the year. The date of Dec. 8 has been floated as a possibility, given it’s the feast of the Immaculate Conception, a major feast day for the church. Man helping with SC fireworks show hurt in blast NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — A worker at a July Fourth fireworks show in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach was hurt after a shell exploded prematurely. City spokesman Pat Dowling says part of the Cherry Grove Pier was damaged in the blast Thursday evening. The man was taken to a hospital in Myrtle Beach for treatment. There was no word on his condition early Friday. His name hasn’t been released. Dowling says the show ended after just six minutes because of the explosion. Dowling says the blast put a hole in the pier and damaged part of the railing. The incident happened the same night more than two dozen people northwest of Los Angeles were injured when a wood platform holding live fireworks tipped over, sending the pyrotechnics into a crowd at a 4th of July show.
two more claiming they had underage sex with teacher REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) — Investigators say two more victims have come forward to say they had underage sex with a Southern California teacher who allegedly had a baby fathered by a 16-year-old student. Redlands police spokesman Carl Baker said Wednesday that the 22-year-old and 20-yearold men were both students Redlands High School when teacher Laura Whitehurst began sexual relationships with them. Whitehurst, who’s 28, was arrested Monday on suspicion of having unlawful sex with a Citrus Valley High School student, beginning when he was 16. He’s now 17. The 22-year-old man says he had sex with Whitehurst as a junior, and a 20-year-old says they were together when he was a freshman. Their alleged relationships overlapped, in 2007 and 2008. Whitehurst is out on bail. A Redlands phone number for her has been disconnected. Obamas thank troops during White House barbecue WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is noting that it’s not just the nation’s birthday, it’s his daughter Malia’s, too. At a sun-splashed Independence Day barbeque on the White House South Lawn, the president and first lady Michele Obama thanked members of the military for their service to the nation. The Declaration of Independence was adopted 237 years ago on July 4, 1776. Malia Obama turned 15 on Thursday. The Obamas spoke to the crowd and then spent about 10 minutes shaking hands and posing for pictures with babies dressed in red, white and blue ahead of evening fireworks on the National Mall. The USO sponsored the event and expected about 1,200 military personnel and their families to attend. Also there were members of Obama’s administration and their families. Cops seek man who rappelled down the Brooklyn Bridge NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police are hunting for a daredevil who rappelled down the side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Police say witnesses reported a man climbing down the bridge around 9 a.m. Thursday on the mesh installed as part of ongoing construction. He couldn’t make it down from there and used some type of hose to descend the Brooklyn side and drop onto a building where he vanished. Investigators swept the bridge and roadways and found no sign of the man and no sign of danger.
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The Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) wishes to encourage low low income persons and and families seeking affordable housing to to The Development Bank of American Samoa (DBAS) wishes to encourage income persons families seeking affordable housing takeadvantage advantage ofthe the Section Section 1602 1602Program Programfor for quali qualified low income income tenants tenants. If you you are encouraged take of ed low . If you believe believe you you are are qualified qualiedto toapply, apply, you are encouragedto to contact or or visit project owners their Section 1602 units located in the villages listed, are available for rent. tenant contact visitthe thefollowing following project ownersif if their Section 1602 units located in the villages listed, are available for You rent may . Youobtain may obtain applications from the 1602 owners owners or the DBAS HYPERLINK “http://www.dbas.org” www.dbas.org) or from Tavai Ieremia and tenant applications from theproject 1602 project or thewebsite DBAS (website ( HYPERLINK ““http://www.dbas.org”” www.dbas.org) or from Antonina Su’’e at the DBASat Loans Department at the Second Floor of the Lumanai Building at Fagatogo, Mondays to Fridays, 8am toto 4pm, telephone Elizabeth Paopao the 1602 Compliance Monitoring Unit at the Second Floor of the Lumanai Building at Fagatogo, Mondays Fridays, 8am 633-4031. Income and rent restrictions apply. law prohibits against tenant applicants on the basis of race, sex, national to 4pm, telephone 633-4031. Income and rentThe restrictions apply.discrimination The law prohibits discrimination against tenant applicants oncolor, the basis of race, origin, religion,disability and family status. Note: Landlord must pay Landlord all utilitiesmust (not including phone (not and cable tv). phone and cable tv). color, sex, national origin, religion,disability and family status. Note: pay all utilities including
SIZE 60% Rent Limit 60% 1 person 25,800 0-BR $645 2 people 29,520 1-BR $691 3 people 33,180 2-BR $829 4 people 36,840 3-BR $958 5 people 39,840 4-BR $1,069 6 people 42,780 5-BR $1,179 7 people 45,720 —— —— —— —— —— —— 8 people 48,660 —— —— —— —— —— ——
Please contact the project owner of your choice, according to the following list:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 PROJECT OWNER: Mauga, Syliva Sonoma Leasoon, Lupi & Fa’atonu Vaouli, Sam Taifane, Niualama Afalava, Eliki Grohse, Pio & Christine Pouesi, Siuleo & Sonja Anesi, Alo & Marilyn Stevenson, Alo Paul Sualevai, Elisapeta Jamias, Mapu S. Jennings, Rowena Pese, Atiulagi F. Sunia, Andrew Utu, John Vee, Miriama Taimalie, Falaniko & Cecilia Butler, Brett & Sherrie Letuligasenoa, Soli Ahoia, Dennis Ale, Savali & Sakala Ausage, Gloria Avalos, Gloria & Falesa Poasa Lutu, Afoa Malepeai, Mausa Moafanua, Miriama Perri, Elizabeth Solaita, Esther Pelefoti Steffany, William Tofiga, Daniel & Ruth Tuala, Robert & Erica Ahoia, Fred Nuusa, Vainuupo Fruean, Eddie & Bernadette Fetoai, Falaniko Langkilde, Hans Laumoli, Angela Ulugia, Kalala Afalava, Carlene Filemoni, Mealefu Hunt, Kalili & Tupu Pritchard, Jason & Louise Purcell, Sauimoana Tausaga, Malemo Timu, Kalameli Toelupe, Robert Uhrle, Mina & Samuel Young, Albert Faletogo, Lance Fanene, Tuitogamatoe Gebauer, Keith J. Ho Ching, Lili & Leonard Malauulu, Leon Bryant, Fesili Iosefa, Price Kruse, Eseta Niko, Peleiupu & Elaine Thomas, Lupelele Iosefa Nua, Sao & Usu Tuiolosega, Anthony Ahoia, Tusipa & Litani Misipeka, Tufi Amotai, Makuisa & Ioana Logoai, Siaki & Fa’auila Misipeka, Tufi Neru, Jane VILLAGE: Afono Alao Alofau Amanave Aoloau Aua Aua Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Fogagogo Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Iliili Leloaloa Leloaloa Leloaloa Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Leone Malaeimi Malaeimi Malaeimi Malaeimi Malaeimi Malaeloa Malaeloa Malaeloa Malaeloa Malaeloa Manu’a Matu’u Nuuuli Nuu’uli Nuu’uli Nuu’uli Nuu’uli Nuu’uli PHONE: 733-9577/633-4163 252-3882/622-7634 258-1540/622-7588/258-5040 770-6428 733-6804 252-5707/733-4987 644-2428-5428/258-0043 258-1151/699-2628 258-5946/258-7285 733-5025 733-0828 699-8040/252-7981/633-5737 699-6461/770-1189 699-1026/770-1100/252-6640 256-3461/699-8131/258-8511 733-0699/258-1956 699-2223/733-2772 644-2624/733-0233 733-8122 699-1444/258-0761 733-5869/633-5763 733-4337/770-1146 699-5156/733-3931 252-2224-2222 699-9300/733-3253 733- 1023/699-2515/699-3781 699-1646/254-7442 258-3284-3204/699-5262 699-6276 /699-2547 733-1829/633-7383/733-1260 258-5380/699-5352 733-8590/699-1444 252-7161/258-6912 733-0284/733-2089 733-6134 733-4823 731-1067/688-2539/733-8139 688-2196/731-2111 733-1903/258-4443 258-9633/688-2351 258-0198/258-8690 731-1700 688-7323/258-8998 688-2302/733-3330 733-1562/731-3176 733-6417/699-3408 252-0123/688-2599 252-1904/633-1019 256-6799 258-2000/699-4184 733-6942/699-5446/699-5949 258-4124/633-4485 252-7728/258-6635 633-4850/733-3846 731-6509 733-7794/633-7529 733-1340 733-2221/688-7824 733-2800/699-9700 731-7696/699-8354 733-6460 252-7728/254-6306/252-9754 733-2811/699-4991/731-0366 699-9862/770-1039 252-7728/254-6306/252-9754 733-7020/699-9743 EMAIL: : imeleta@yahoo.com lupileasoon@yahoo.com bfvaouli@yahoo.com niualamat@yahoo.com eafalava01@yahoo.com cgrohse@dhss.as punipuao_15@yahoo.com mpavitaanesi@yahoo.com leipaulcharlie@yahoo.com elsualevai@yahoo.com maliumai@blueskynet.as 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 PROJECT OWNER: Tago, Lote S. Pereira, David & Serah Malala, Frances & Gi 3 Bevs Corporation Ah-Mai, Douglas & Fetineiai Asalele, Katerina & Siaosi Hollister, Joe & Eleanor Leomiti, Faitamai Soliai, Fuapapa J. & Loine Solomona, Sofai Tanielu, Fenumia’i Filomena Kruse, John & Elaine Saifoloi, Mina & Faaeteete Hollister, Tony & Ana Marie Ioane, Puaauli & Maria Luamanu, Tulafono Ripley, Marie & Afa Siaumau, Eliota & Stella Tuatoo, Vaisola Tuitele, Kalala & Reid, Rochelle Vaivao, Fa’aiuga & Francis Areta, Lalolama & Aufa’i Eves, Eti & Corretti Faasoa, Lise Fuiava, Michael & Dorothy Gaisoa, Frank Gaoa, Letisha Kelemete, Toaono Masunu, Yolanda Methodist Synod Milo, Apelu Misa, Logona Saulo, Florence Seui, Laau Jr. & Loloma Shimasaki, Maria Sili, Jeanette P. Slade, Julia Tafao, Elise Tofaeono, Victor Tolmie, Michael Tuia, Evelyn Tuitele, Sarah Haleck Faleatua, Ami & Teleoofa Wilson, Camilla Eli Lokeni, Faauaa & Lokeni Schuster, Salamasina Moliga, Tuumolimoli Aiumu, Meko Mavaega, Leo & Elisapeta Tuiasosopo, Bob Elisara, Katalina Uso, Faletoi & Violina Reed, Leleaga Amosa, Ofoia Hollister, William Asifoa, Atualevao & Molly Liu, Siaki & Eseneiaso Mauga, Tasi & Taiulagi Asuega Petaia, Emau Siaumau, Siaumau Tagaloa, Evelyn Young, Sale & Faatasiga Akapo, Mase V. & Tinei Ae, California TarrantLoi On, Poulima & Asiata Gaoteote, Palaie VILLAGE: Nuu’uli Pago Pago Pago Pago Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Pavaia’i Tafeta Tafeta Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Tafuna Iliili Taputimu Taputimu Taputimu Vailoa Vailoa Vailoatai Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vaitogi Vatia PHONE: 733-2110/699-1531 733-5119/633-4625 731-4430/633-1881 258-2811/688-1833 688-1840/699-9921 xt 282 258-2628/699-4441 699-4025/258-5470 699-8484/733-4838 699-1734/731-2623 258-3120/258-1065 699-9728/258-1041 699-5443/733-5443 733-7038/688-1581 699-6092/731-6004 733-3088/622-7064/256-6262 254-2542/688-1922 258-2218/258-2646/699-2794 699-7280/256-2185 699-5127 699-5564/733-3177 699-4568/252-1388 733-4595/699-1394 733-8583/699-8755 252-0265/699-5597 254-6669/699-6669 699-6966/699-1317 699-4568/258-1897 733-3946/699-6028 731-6619/258-3965 633-4224/258-2676 733-8545/699-8671 256-4107/733-8368/699-5117 633-5820/699-4731 731-9165/699-4765/633-4116 733-6753/258-2007 733-3931/699-8510/699-5156 733-4582/731-4372/633-5914 699-1145/733-5009 733-2003/699-8831 733-1516 258-6360/699-2675 733-0078/633-7014 699-9641/254-6414 699-5310/770-5784 733-1537/254-3838/699-1575 731-2480/688-1016/731-3757 644-2045/699-4429/731-2542 770-1742 258-9676/688-2018/699-4234 770-1113 699-4441/258-2628/688-2329 733-4720/688-7481 731-2480/688-1016 731-1941 258-2525/699-2524 699-9829/731-8430 258-5204/688-1833/258-2811 770-1415 252-3446/699-7929 733-5090/699-3330/258-9273 252-2535/770-5455 699-5595-8/733-1479 770-1990/699-9130 733-3466 733-4606/733-2295/699-4010 733-7740/633-4565 EMAIL: serahpereira@gmail.com gimalala@hotmail.com sinanua@samoatelco.com dougneilie@hotmail.com kasalele@hotmail.com tamaileomiti@yahoo.com 731-9517 ssolomona@gmail.com numitanielu@yahoo.com cktielsi@yahoo.com telesaifoloi@yahoo.com
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For more information, please contact Tavai Ieremia and Su’’e Elizabeth Paopao at the Compliance Unit, For more information, please contact Antonina or Ruth Matagi at 1602 the DBAS Loans Monitoring Department, Second Floor ofof the Lumana’i Building at at Fagatogo, Mondays to to Fridays, 8am toto 4pm, telephone number 633-4031. 2nd Floor the Lumanai Building Fagatogo, Monday Friday, 8am 4pm, telephone no. 633-4031.
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SBDC Seminar Schedule
The American Samoa Small Business Development Center will be offering the following seminars to all interested individuals and organizations: Supervisor Training QuickBooks Seminar Business Start Up Seminar Grant Writing Seminar Grant Writing Seminar July 09-10, 2013 July 16-17, 2013 July 23-26, 2013 July 30-31, 2013 August 06-07, 2013 5-7 pm 5-7 pm 5-7 pm 5-7 pm 5-7 pm $40 $60 $40 $40 $40
These are non-credit trainings designed to educate individuals who wish to start a business, or those who are already in business but need assistance in the areas being covered. A non-college-credit Certificate of Completion will be awarded to the participants of each seminar. The courses were enhanced and updated to better assist individuals and companies by providing more materials such as training CDs, DVDs and business software. Companies or individuals may register now with an SBDC representative by calling 699-4830 or 699-4834. Location: Instructor: Contact: SBDC, M1 Building Mr. Herbert Thweatt (MA Marketing) Talalelei Pua, Priti Smith, Catherine Balauro, Elaine Baul or June Paogofie-Sitala 699-4830/ 699-4834
Our confidential business consulting services are free of charge to our clients whose Gross Revenue is less than $20 million.
Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S Small Business Administration. The American Samoa Small Business Development Center was created as result of an American Samoa Community College (ASCC) and U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) Partnership. Neither SBA funding nor that from ASCC is an endorsement of any products, opinions or services. SBA and ASCC Programs are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis.
VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: www.as-sbdc.org
In The High Court of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION
PR No.: 35-10 In the Matter of the Estate of
In The High Court of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION
PR No.: 35-11
In The High Court of American Samoa TRIAL DIVISION
PR No.: 36-10 In the Matter of the Estate of
Deceased Administrator,
In the Matter of the Estate of
Deceased Administrator,
TO: ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF PASA FUATA PUIA’I PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on the 15th day of July, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard in the Trial Division of the High Court of American Samoa located in Fagatogo, American Samoa, the Administrator of the Estate in the above captioned matter will seek approval of the final accounting and an order for the distribution and settlement of the estate. In addition, the administrator will move the court to close the estate and to discharge him from further responsibility for estate matters. Dated: June 12, 2013
Clerk of Courts
Published 6/21, 6/28, 7/05
TO: ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF PUIA’I TUFELE, SR. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on the 15th day of July, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard in the Trial Division of the High Court of American Samoa located in Fagatogo, American Samoa, the Administrator of the Estate in the above captioned matter will seek approval of the final accounting and an order for the distribution and settlement of the estate. In addition, the administrator will move the court to close the estate and to discharge him from further responsibility for estate matters. Dated: June 12, 2013
TO: ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF VIRGINIA LOBER TUFELE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT on the 15th day of July, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard in the Trial Division of the High Court of American Samoa located in Fagatogo, American Samoa, the Administrator of the Estate in the above captioned matter will seek approval of the final accounting and an order for the distribution and settlement of the estate. In addition, the administrator will move the court to close the estate and to discharge him from further responsibility for estate matters. Dated: June 12, 2013
Clerk of Courts
Published 6/21, 6/28, 7/05
Clerk of Courts
Published 6/21, 6/28, 7/05
Police believe the man was pulling off a stunt and do not suspect terrorism. They are looking for the suspect. Obama urges Americans to live up to Declaration WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is urging Americans on the Fourth of July to live up to the words of the Declaration of Independence by securing liberty and opportunity for their own children as well as for future generations. In his weekly radio and online address, Obama commemorates the Fourth of July by looking back at the day in 1776 that a small band of patriots declared those in the American colonies “a people created equal” — free to think and worship and live as they please. Obama says their declaration was “heard around the world.” Obama says few bet that the Americans would win the revolution that followed. He calls it the first of many times the doubters of America were proven wrong. grandma shields kid from landslide, dies BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese grandmother died while shielding her 15-month-old granddaughter from being crushed by a landslide that toppled their house around them, state media reported Thursday. State broadcaster CCTV played footage of rescuers in southwestern China’s Sichuan province retrieving the child from the rubble of her home after being trapped for seven hours. Rescuers described how the child’s grandmother, Pan Guofen, apparently used her body to protect the child against a large concrete slab, forming an arch by kneeling on all fours, her hands clenched into fists. The child was safely ensconced under the arch but her grandmother’s head was crushed by a brick and did not survive, the reports said. Torrential rain has triggered floods and landslides in Sichuan and other parts of China in recent days. Surveillance firm denies bugging Ecuador embassy LONDON (AP) — A British surveillance company has denied Ecuador’s allegation that it planted a bug inside the South American country’s London embassy. The Surveillance Group Ltd. Said Thursday that the claim was “wholly untrue.” Chief executive Timothy Young said he and his company “do not and have never been engaged in any activities of this nature” and had first learned of the allegation from the media. On Wednesday, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said a microphone was found last month inside an electrical outlet in the office of Ambassador Ana Alban. Patino said Ecuador believed the bugging was carried out by The Surveillance Group. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been living in the embassy for a year in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden for questioning about sexual assault allegations. text from missing boat said sails shredded WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — An American schooner missing in the South Pacific with seven people aboard sent an undelivered text message a month ago saying its sails were shredded and it was traveling at four knots. New Zealand’s Rescue Coordination Centre released the last-known message from the 70-foot (21-meter) Nina Thursday after seeking it from satellite phone company Iridium and the U.S. State Department. The June 4 message with a misspelling read: “Thanks storm sails shredded last night, now bare poles. Goining 4kt 310deg will update course info @ 6PM”. Authorities believe the Nina likely sank in a storm that day but have continued an aerial search, hoping that survivors may have made it into a life raft the boat was carrying or to land. The 85-year-old classic wooden sailboat had left New Zealand six days earlier bound for Australia. Scholar slams repression of minority BEIJING (AP) — An outspoken scholar and advocate for China’s Uighur minority has criticized the authoritarian government for imposing a stifling security presence and fanning ethnic discord in his homeland in the country’s far west, a region recently rocked by unrest. Ilham Tohti says tensions will continue to boil over into violence as long as the government maintains its tight controls over the Xinjiang region and fails to address the legitimate complaints of Uighus. Tohti is a Beijing-based economist from Xinjiang. He was speaking on the fourth anniversary of riots that killed nearly 200 people in the regional capital Urumqi. The region has long been home to a simmering rebellion against Chinese rule among parts of the Muslim Uighur population and clashes in recent months have killed at least 56 people. driver killed in Maine July 4th parade BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Police in Maine say a crash between a tractor and a fire truck during Bangor’s Fourth of July parade has left one person dead. Sgt. Paul Edwards tells WABI-TV that the tractor was hit from behind by an old fire truck Thursday. The driver of the tractor was killed. The fatal accident happened after the parade was rerouted because of a nearby police standoff with an armed man. Police evacuated an apartment building where a man they described as despondent was holed up and asked parade spectators to stay away from the downtown area. The man fired about 70 rounds out of a window. He was taken into custody late Thursday morning.
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➧ FDA wants inspections…
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 13
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United States Park police swat team members stand guard at the Statue of Liberty, Thursday, July 4, 2013 at in New York. The Statue of Liberty finally reopened on the Fourth of July months after Superstorm Sandy swamped its little island in New York Harbor as Americans across the (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) country marked the holiday with fireworks and barbecues.
➧ Solemn to spectacular, July 4 celebrated…
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“I think there’s no better place to be,” said Arredondo, wearing his cowboy hat and a “Boston Strong” shirt in the marathon’s colors of blue and yellow. Speaking at the reopening of Lady Liberty, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell choked up as she told the crowd she was wearing a purple ribbon in memory of the fallen firefighters. Liberty Island was decorated with star-spangled bunting, but portions remain blocked off with large construction equipment, and the main ferry dock was boarded up. Repairs to brick walkways and docks were ongoing. But much of the work has been completed since Sandy swamped the 12-acre island in New York Harbor. The statue itself was unharmed during the storm, but the land took a beating. Railings broke, docks and paving stones were torn up and buildings were flooded. The storm destroyed electrical systems, sewage pumps and boilers. Hundreds of National Park Service workers from as far away as California and Alaska spent weeks cleaning mud and debris. “It is one of the most enduring icons of America, and we pulled it off — it’s open today,” National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis said. “Welcome.” The statue was open for a single day last year — Oct. 28, the day before Sandy struck. It had been closed the previous year for security upgrades. Neighboring Ellis Island remains closed and there has been no reopening date set. Nationwide, Philadelphia, Washington and New Orleans hosted large holiday concerts. A Civil War re-enactment commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg drew as many as 40,000 people to Pennsylvania. Also in New York, throngs of revelers packed Brooklyn’s Coney Island to see competitive eating champ Joey Chestnut scarf down 69 hot
dogs to break a world record and win the title for a seventh year at the 98th annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Sonya Thomas defended her title with nearly 37 dogs. In his weekly radio address from Washington, President Barack Obama urged Americans to work to secure liberty and opportunity for their own children and future generations. The first family hosted U.S. servicemen and women at the White House for a barbeque. Atlanta and Alaska held holiday runs — thousands raced up a 3,022-foot peak in Seward. In New Orleans, the Essence Festival celebrated black culture and music along the riverfront. The celebratory mood turned somber in Oklahoma and Maine with fatal accidents during parades. In Edmond, Okla., a boy died after being run over by a float near the end of the town’s LibertyFest parade. In Bangor, Maine, the driver of a tractor in the parade was killed after the vehicle was struck by an old fire truck. Anti-surveillance protests cropped up in a number of cities on Independence Day, with activists speaking out against recent disclosures that the National Security Agency has been secretly logging people’s phone calls and Internet activity. In Philadelphia, more than 100 people marched downtown to voice their displeasure, chanting, “NSA, go away!” But in Union Beach, N.J., which was destroyed by Sandy, residents had something to celebrate. The working-class town won a party and fireworks contest from the television station Destination America and USA Weekend magazine. “It’s wonderful. Everyone’s been so depressed,” said Mary Chepulis as she watched a band perform on a stage that stood where the home next to hers had been.
separate from the sink where dishes are washed. Also important, he said, is that there are available bathrooms — which must be clean at all times — for use by both patrons and workers. The workers, he said, must also hold DoH health cards. Papali’i also says that ESD inspectors are constantly conducting inspections of all places that sell food. The head of ESD stressed the importance of complying with local health laws to ensure the safety and health of the community. FOOD LABELING Another issue that came up on the program dealt with food items such as manapua or musubi sold in stores. These are popular food items, but they must have labels which outline the ingredients, said Papali’i. He said this law also applies to food items prepared by someone else at a different location — for example at a home — and then delivered to a store or another restaurant to be sold. He says it’s a requirement that a label be placed on the food item, identifying the food ingredients. Additionally, people preparing these items at a different location must also comply with health regulations, which include having health cards. Papali’i noted that some people are “short cutting” the law, by putting only their name and phone number on the label, without identifying the ingredients used in the food item. He says the list of ingredients is very important if it comes time to treat a person who consumes the food item and becomes ill. “It helps narrow down the treatment, focusing on what was in that food,” he said. As reported by Samoa News, it was April this year, local health officials announced that spam musubi may have been the culprit in 34 cases of food poisoning that were admitted to the hospital. According to DOH, the illnesses were associated with spam musubi purchased from a number of different vendors on Tutuila.
➧ Teen injured at camp…
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condolences to her family and loved ones,” Kramarz said in an email sent to campers’ parents. Moore, who served as a lifeguard at the camp and ran programs at the pool, said she had only just gotten to know Rittenberg days earlier. Rittenberg’s mother, Penny Kreitzer, heard about the tree through the news before she knew her daughter was involved. Kreitzer frantically called hospitals and was briefly hopeful when she couldn’t find Rittenberg before learning the truth through a law enforcement official. “I’ve lost a beautiful child through that tree,” Kreitzer, told the Los Angeles Times. “I wish the tree had fallen on Saturday when no one was there.” There were about 300 campers and 150 staff at Camp Tawonga, which offers sessions for students in second through 12th grades. The camp is located on 160 lush acres on the Tuolumne River, just outside Yosemite National Park. It has been in operation since 1925, according to its website. Kramarz said the children had been told only that a tree fell and some staff had been injured. Moore is expected to be discharged on Friday, her father, Robert, said. She will be entering her sophomore year at Syracuse University after her summer break. But Lizzie Moore said she wants to return to the camp in a week or two to say hello to everyone and let them know she’s fine.
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
This week, AS-EPA wants you to know, that the beaches listed here are polluted with bacteria which may be a threat to your health. You should NOT swim, wade, or fish within 400 feet of these polluted beaches.
Asili Beach, across LMS Church • Leone Pala, near bridge • Fogagogo Beach, adjacent resort • Fogagogo Swimming Hole, at resort
Pala Lagoon, adjacent playground, Nuuuli • Pala Lagoon Spring near tennis courts • Coconut Point in Nuuuli • Avau Beach Nuuuli • Fatumafuti Beach • Fagaalu Beach adjacent field • Gataivai Beach, across Laundromat • Yacht Club Beach Utulei • Utulei Beach across High School • Fagatogo Stream Mouth by the market
As part of a publicity stunt, people from a bookmakers office dressed as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, right and a British Guardsman, left, stand with a placard with the odds for the name of the royal baby as they pose for the media outside St. Mary’s Hospital exclusive Lindo Wing in London, Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Media are preparing for royal-mania as Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge plans to give birth to the new third-in-line to the throne in mid-July, at the Lindo Wing. Cameras from all over the world are set to be jostling outside for an exclusive first glimpse (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis) of Britain’s Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child.
Fagasa Fagalea Beach near stream • Fagasa Fagatele Beach across boat house • Afono stream mouth, adjacent cricket field • Vatia stream mouth, 2nd bridge • Aua beach across Pouesi Mart • Aua stream mouth near bridge • Aua beach across from A&M Video Store • Lauli’i Tuai stream mouth • Alega beach adjacent resort • Alega stream mouth • Faga’itua stream mouth, across DPS • Sa’ilele Beach, across CCCAS Church • Masausi stream mouth • Masefau stream mouth • Alofau stream mouth, 1st bridge, Asasama • Amouli Beach across Health Clinic • Aoa stream mouth
Lucky British babies to receive royal silver penny LONDON (AP) — British babies born the same day as Prince William and Kate’s first child will receive their own royal gift in the form of a “lucky” silver penny. The Royal Mint announced Thursday that it has minted 2,013 silver coins bearing a shield of the Royal Arms, to be given to newborns who share their birthday with the third in line to the British throne. Crossing the palm of a newborn baby with silver or offering a silver penny is traditionally seen as a wish for good fortune and health. Shane Bissett, director of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, said the mint wanted to share the royal milestone with “mothers and fathers across the country.” Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is due to give birth in mid-July. Wash. officials: Impaired teen crashes into 4 cars BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) — The Washington State Patrol says an apparently intoxicated 14-year-old boy led a trooper on a short car chase before crashing into four vehicles. Trooper Keith Leary says the trooper noticed a 2009 Pontiac weaving and traveling 20 mph under the 50 mph speed limit early Wednesday. When the trooper turned on his emergency lights, the driver sped up, zipping into a Bellingham apartment complex and colliding with the other cars. The Bellingham Herald reports that the short chase reached speeds of 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. The 14-year-old driver was booked into juvenile detention for investigation of DUI, eluding and taking a car without the owner’s permission. Leary says the passengers included two 12-year-olds, a 15-year-old and a 53-yearold man. He described all but one 12-year-old as extremely intoxicated. Authorities are still investigating. the U.S. Coast Guard finds missing boaters off Honduras MIAMI (AP) — Eight boaters missing off the coast of Honduras have been rescued. U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Gabe Somma says the 28-foot boat was spotted about 66 miles from the western edge of Roatan, Honduras, where it set sail on Saturday afternoon. Somma says the boaters — five Hondurans, a Canadian and two Americans — are all alive. But he doesn’t know their conditions. All eight boaters had been hoisted into a U.S. Army helicopter Wednesday afternoon. Somma says the search covered 2,740 square miles after a family member of the U.S. citizens reported the boat missing. The multi-agency mission included the Coast Guard, the Honduran navy, and aircraft attached to the U.S. Southern Command in Honduras.
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Beach Advisory: July 03, 2013
American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA) 633-2304
Calif man to plead guilty in sextortion case LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Southern California man faces up to seven years in prison after agreeing to plead guilty in a case where he’s accused of hacking into hundreds of social media and email accounts to get women to pose naked for him. Court records show Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, 27, of Glendale recently agreed to plead guilty to one count each of identity theft and unauthorized access of a protected computer. He is expected to enter his guilty plea Wednesday. Prosecutors said Kazaryan illegally accessed the accounts and found nude photos and personal passwords that women had stored online. He then posed as a friend, persuading them to strip while he watched via Skype, captured images of them, or both. Once the women learned Kazaryan was posing as a friend, he often threatened to post their private photos to their Facebook accounts if they refused to comply. Authorities estimate Kazaryan had more than 350 victims and they said about 3,000 pictures of nude and seminude women were found on his computer. Mass. man accused of filing fake boston marathon claim BOSTON (AP) — A Boston man has pleaded not guilty to making a fake claim of nearly $2.2 million to the main compensation fund for Boston Marathon bombing victims. Bail was set at $30,000 for 22-year-old Branden Mattier at his arraignment Wednesday on charges of attempted larceny and identity theft. He’s also required to surrender his passport and undergo GPS monitoring. Prosecutor Gina Masotta says Mattier told The One Fund his long-dead aunt lost her legs in the April 15 attacks that killed three people and injured more than 260. She said Mattier was arrested Tuesday when he accepted a fake check from an undercover state trooper. Prosecutors drop charges against Mexican generals MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican judge says federal prosecutors have dropped organized crime charges against five high-ranking army officials accused of aiding a cartel, the latest drug trafficking case against military officers to fall apart. Judge Raul Valerio Ramirez said Thursday that he has ordered the immediate release of Gen. Roberto Dawe, Gen. Ricardo Escorcia, Gen. Ruben Perez, Lt. Col Silvio Hernández and Maj. Ivan Reyna. Valerio said prosecutors dropped the charges after concluding that witness testimony was not enough to sustain the case, which was started during former President Felipe Calderon’s
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 15
A man walks past a school destroyed by Tuesday’s earthquake in Blang Mancung, Aceh province, Indonesia, Thursday, July 4, 2013. The death toll from the earthquake that hit Indonesia’s Aceh province earlier this week has reached 30, and police and soldiers are searching the debris (AP Photo/Binsar Bakkara) for another 12 people believed missing, officials said Thursday.
administration. The five officials had been held at a maximum security prison in Mexico state since their arrest last year. They were charged with protecting members of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Death toll from Indonesian earthquake rises to 30 BLANG MANCUNG, Indonesia (AP) — The death toll from an earthquake that hit Indonesia’s Aceh province earlier this week has reached 30, and police and soldiers are searching the debris for another 12 people believed missing, officials said Thursday. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said the main focus of recovery efforts Thursday was to search for more victims, assist the injured and provide supplies for those in need. He said 275 people were injured and more than 4,300 houses and buildings damaged in Tuesday’s magnitude-6.1 quake. Jarwansyah, who heads the Aceh provincial Disaster Mitigation Agency, said 6,500 displaced people were staying at 35 temporary shelters in both Central Aceh and Bener Meriah districts. He said many others were staying in tents outside their houses. Nugroho said the items needed most by the displaced people were tents, blankets, mats, clothing and food supplies. He said the Social Ministry had dispatched 30 tons of rice and other supplies from the provincial and district governments. Subhan Sahara of the local mitigation agency in Bener Meriah said the quake triggered landslides in at least 15 locations, covering roads and isolating nine villages. He said rescuers were trying to reach the villages. Earthquakes frequently rattle Indonesia, which is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire. In 2004, a magnitude-9.1 earthquake off Aceh triggered a tsunami that killed 230,000 people in 14 countries. official negligence blamed for deadly fire in china BEIJING (AP) — China’s top prosecuting office has charged 11 public officials with dereliction of duty after a deadly fire killed 121 people in a poultry plant in the northeast. The prosecuting agency’s official publication, Jiancha Daily, said Friday that a township head, local building officials, a township police chief, and several fire officials are among the 11 government workers arrested after last month’s deadly fire. The fire was triggered by a short circuit, but investigators found that the plant violated safety regulations, including having safety exits blocked at the time of the fire. China’s work safety agency has blamed the local government for negligence in oversight and inspection. Jiancha Daily says fire officials failed to inspect the plant and that local police took no
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action despite safety violations at the plant. Sewer collapse blamed for northwest Ohio sinkhole TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A spokeswoman for a northwest Ohio city says the collapse of brick sewers beneath a road caused the sinkhole that swallowed a moving car. The 60-year-old driver says she was running errands and headed to her home Wednesday in Toledo when the pavement gave way and her car fell into a hole estimated to be at least 10 feet deep. Pamela Knox tells The Blade newspaper she feared she would die as water from a broken pipe poured into the back seat of her car. She was briefly trapped but climbed out using a ladder with help from a firefighter. She was shaken and checked at a hospital but wasn’t seriously hurt. Knox, an elementary school principal, says she’ll likely avoid the scene of the sinkhole for a while. FBI investigates incident aboard NC-bound flight CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — The FBI on Wednesday investigated an incident that took place aboard a passenger flight that landed at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. FBI spokeswoman Shelley Lynch wrote in an email to The Charlotte Observer on Wednesday evening that agents were “investigating an incident on a flight and we are interviewing the person involved.” Lynch said passengers were rescreened. She also wrote “there are no indications there is or was a threat to public safety.” The newspaper reported that a flight that landed at around 5:30 p.m. was met on the tarmac by security officials and FBI agents. Israelis strip-search Arab journalist at US party JERUSALEM (AP) — The U.S.-funded Alhurra network said Thursday that one of its cameramen was interrogated and strip-searched by Israeli security while covering a July 4 party at the U.S. ambassador’s residence near Tel Aviv. The Arab satellite channel had coordinated with the Israeli prime minister’s office to cover the event on behalf of the international media. Ambassador Dan Shapiro, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other VIPs were in attendance. But when cameraman Samer Jallad arrived, he said he was detained for questioning, ordered to remove his shoes and sit in the sun for more than half an hour, and then taken to a room where he was forced to remove his pants for a body inspection. He said he was held for more than 90 minutes before he was permitted to enter. It was the latest in a string of incidents in which Israeli security have used heavy-handed tactics against Arab journalists, a practice Israel
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 17
Alofa, se ia tiga…
(684) 252-‐5569
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
UMA FILEMU LE OLA O PEPE ESA Ina ua maea le tele o masina o feagai ai le pepe e fitu masina o Esa Christian Semi ma se gasegase ogaoga na vaaia ai le fefete o lona ulu ona o le tele o le suavai ua le mafai ona tafe ese, sa iu ina uma si ona olai le aso Tofi o le vaiaso na tea nei. Na maliu filemu o ia ina ua le mafai ona maua se faatagaga e auina atu ai o ia i Amerika i le masina o Aperila mo togafitiga. E le i mafai ona faatagaina e le kamupani vaalele le auina atu o ia i Amerika ona o popolega i faateteleina lona gasegase ma lamatia ai lona soifua, pe a maualuga tele le lele a le vaalele. Na faailoa mai e se sui o le aiga e faapea, na falelauasi o ia i le aso Gafua ma lagomau ai i lona oliolisaga tumau i lona aiga i Moataa. O Esa o le tama lona lua a ona matua o Semi Aserona Laualo ma Faafetai. Na faaalia le faanoanoa o le tama ina ua uma le ola o si ona atalii ae na ia faaalia, ua lagona lava le mafanafana o le pai atu o le aao faamafanafana o le Atua i lenei taimi faigata ona o le motusia o le latou mafutaga ma le atalii pele. TOE TIPOTI MAI NIU SILA SE ALII SAMOA TAU VINE TUUAIA I LE FAI AMIOGA MATAGA Ua toe tipoti mai i Samoa se alii e 23 tausaga sa galue i togavine i Niu Sila i se visa faigaluega, ona o lona fai i se teineititi e 15 tausaga la te faiaiga, toe tagotago i alagavae o lea teineititi i totonu o lona ofu aoga. Na tulai le alii Ale Foga’a i le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo i Blenheim e tali i moliaga e lua faasaga ia te ia. Na ioe o ia i lona faaoolima mataga i se teineititi e 15 tausaga toe faia ni amioga mataga i se nofoaga faitele a ala i lona faaaliali o ona itutino sa i se tamaitai e 19 tausaga. Na faatonuina o ia e le Faamasinoga ina ia totogi le tinoitupe e $700 i le teineititi e 15 tausaga na aafia, ae faamaonia ma faaleaoga le isi moliaga. Na faatonuina foi e le Faamasinoga le toe tipoti maii Samoa o lea alii. Na faaalia, sa tau atu lea alii i se tamaitai e 19 tausaga o fai lana malologa o le aoauli ma sa ia fai i ai pe mafai ona la faiaiga. ina ua musu lea tamaitai, sa ofo i ai e le ua molia le tinoitupe e $100. ina ua fai i ai lea tamaitai e alu ese ia, sa tatala e lea alii lona ofuvae, ae faaaliali i le tamaitai ona itutino sa. Sa tamoe ese lea tamaitai ma lipoti le ua molia i leoleo. Na faaalia e le loia sa tulai mo le ua molia, o Ale Foga’a e fai lona toalua ma e toalua lana fanau, ma sa i ai o ia i Niu Sila talu mai le aso 14 o Fepuari. Na saunoa le loia, o le a maasiasi le aiga o lea alii i lana mea ua fai, ma o le a faasala foi o ia i lona nuu pe a toe foi mai i Samoa. FAATOESE LE NUSIPEPA O LE OBSERVER I LE MINISITA O LE SOIFUA MALOLOINA O le lomiga o le aso ananafi na lomia ai se faatoesega a le Faatonu o le nusipepa o le Samoa Observer, le afioga Mata’afa Keni Lesa, i le minisita o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, le afioga Tuitama Dr. Leao Talalelei Tuitama, ona o faamatalaga le sa’o sa lomia i le lomiga o le aso Lua na tea i se tala na faaulutalaina o le “Tetee le Minisita o le Soifua Maloloina i le faasa o le faatauina o sikaleti.”
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Vaega: 88 Malo le soifua i le mamalu o le atunu’u, malo fo’i le onosa’i i faiva ma tiute o lo’o feagai ai ma oe i lenei aso. ia manuia feau ma galuega o lo’o feagai ai ma le mamalu o le atunu’u. Na ona ou iloa atu lava o si o’u tina tausi o Ana lea e tau musumusu mai nei ia te a’u, ou te le i toe fa’atali lava i se mea, na ou tamo’e atu nei ma fusi mau mai si o’u tina e pele ia te a’u. Ua ma fetagisi nei ma si o’u tina, ae na ou manatua vave i lea taimi, po’o ai na iloa ai e Ana le mea lea o lo’o tupu i lo matou aiga, ona sa ou taumafai e fia maua i le taeao ae o lo’o moe pea o ia, ma malolo lelei i ona tofaga. “Averia, o lou tama na vala’au mai ia e a’u, ae na ta’u mai fo’i e lo’u tama ia te a’u lau feau, ae ‘aua e te toe popole o lea ua ou o’o mai, fa’amolemole Averia, fa’amatala mai ia te au le mea lea e tupu ina ia ou malamalama ai.” Na ou lagona le fiafia o lo’u loto i lea taimi, aua e moni lava ua alu ‘ese atu si o’u tama e aunoa ma se tala na fai mai ia e a’u, a’o lea ua ou iloa nei, e le mafai ona alu ‘ese atu lo’u tama ae leai se tasi e fesoasoani ia te a’u. “Ana sau ta o i se isi mea, ta te talatalanoa ai, ona e tele lava le mataupu lea ua tula’i mai i totonu o lo matou aiga.” Na ma u’u lima nei ma si o’u tina tausi, sa ia alofa fa’amaoni ma tausi ia te a’u i mea uma, tiga lava ona ua toe o so’u to’alua, ae e le mafai lava ona ave’esea ai lona alofa ma lona nauanu mai ia te a’u, ina ia ou maua le malosi ma le manuia. Na ma savavali ‘ese nei ma lou tina tausi o Ana,ma ma aga’i atu i le isi itu o lo matou fale, lea e masani ona matou ta’alo ai i aso a’o matou laiti ma o’u tuagane o Peteru ma ioane. Ua ma saofafa’i ifo nei i luga o se nofoa lea e masani ona ou nofo nofo ai ma fa’asolosolo o’u mafaufauga, ae o lo’o fiu Ana e tau su’e solo a’u. Na amata loa iina ona ou fa’amatala i lo’u tina tausi mea uma lava mai lava i le amataga lea na alu ane ai si o’u tama i lo’u potu, o le itu lea na fai mai ai tala a lo’u tuagane o Peteru ia te a’u, ae fa’ai’u loa ina ua taunu’u ane si a’u uo o Tino, o lo’o fai le laumoli a lo matou aiga. Na fa’ate’ia Ana ina ua ou fa’amatala atu i ai Tino, ae e ma’ofa le loto ma le mafaufau o si o’u tina tausi, ina ua ou fa’amatala atu i ai tala na lafo mai e Peteru ia te a’u. O le mea fo’i ua ou iloa nei, o lona uiga, na fa’alogologo lelei lava si o’u tama i a ma tala na fai ma Peteru, ai o le ala lea na savali ‘ese ai e aunoa ma sana tala pe tali mai i lau tau vala’au atu ia te ia. Na ou fa’amatala nei ia Ana, le fanua ma le fale lea ua tu’u mai e lo’u tama pepa ia te a’u, ma o iina o le a amata ai lo’u olaga taumafai. Na fa’ate’ia Ana i lea fa’amatalaga, ona sa lilo i manatu o si o’u tina tausi, o lo’o i ai nisi ‘ele’ele ma fale e fa’aaoga e matua o lo’u tama i aso ua mavae. “Averia, ia e manatua pea a’u fautuaga e tu’u atu mo oe, o taimi fa’apenei, e lagona ai le malosi o le loto ma le mafaufau, o tua atu o faigata ma puapuaga o le olaga nei, o lo’o fa’atalitali mai ai le manuia ma le filemu mo oe, ia e loto tele, ia e alofa i si ou tama, ma ia taumafai e fa’ato’ato’a mea uma. Afai lava ua fa’apea mai lou tina ma lou tuagane ia te oe, ia e talia ma le loto onosa’i mea uma. ia e maua le loto fa’amagalo, aua o iina e tutupu mai nisi mea e silisili ona lelei mo oe, aua lou lumana’i.” E faia pea…
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
What does a world of 7 Billion mean for you?
Inviting interested parties to participate in discussion sessions for the American Samoa territorial population policy plan. DOC • CRAG • DOH • YWA • LEGAL AFFAIRS • DOE
JOIN US ON JULY 11, 2013 REX LEE AUDITORIUM • 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Seats are limited! Please register with Leifi Carol Tanoi — Population Coordinator, 633-5155 ext: 232 by July 9, 2013
Page 18
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
tusia Ausage Fausia
Goto le vaa i le va o Auasi ma Aunuu, toalua na manunu’a
O le alii fai faleaitu malie o Pili ma lana vaega, lena ua talatalanoa ma talitali e ma le fanau talavou i le aso ananafi, ina ua i’u le polokalama ae pe ma le masini faaleotele leo a le malo. Ae sa le’i faavaivai ai le alii o Pili i le faasaga atu ua ta ana faleaitu i luma o le fanau talavou. [ata: LAF]
Faamanatuga o le Tutoatasi o le Malo Tele — Aso mo Tupulaga
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
“O se Fu’a muamua lenei a le Malo tele o Amerika, ua o mai fa’atasi ai le to’atele o le atunu’u e fa’ailoga fa’atasi, ina ua tafa le finagalo o le Ta’ita’iga o le tatou malo, e fa’ailoga fa’atasi ai ma le “Aso Fa’apitoa mo Tupulaga Talavou” o le atunu’u.” O se tala lea a se tasi o tama matua sa auai, e maimoa i mea uma sa fa’atino mo le fanau e le malo i le malae o le Su’igaula a le Atuvasa i Utulei. E le o ‘au ese le finagalo o le to’atele sa auai, aua e afua lava i le tolauapi o lo’o fa’atautaia pea i Utulei, ma soso’o ai ma le savali fa’aaloalo na amatalia i le 7:30 i le taeao, e o’o mai i le sauniga lotu e si’itia ai le fa’afetai fa’atasi ma ta’ita’i o le malo, le malu taeao sa tausasami fa’atasi ai ma ta’ita’i o le Malo, o ta’aloga na soso’o ai, ae tomuli ai i le feiloa’iga ma se tasi o alo o le atunu’u ua masi’i mai e fa’asoa mai sona iloa ma fesoasoani mo nisi alo o le atunu’u e fia tauva i le Football i le lumana’i, Troy Polamalu ma le faletua ma le fanau. O le savaliga fa’aaloalo sa ta’ita’ia e le afioga i le Lutena Kovana Lemanu Peleti Mauga ma le faletua fa’apea le lasilasi o Tama Sikauti ma Autalavou mai le falelima i sasa’e, falelima i sisifo ma le falelima tutotonu o Tutuila. O le sauniga lotu sa ta’ita’ia e Rev. Asiata Fouvale, EFKAS i Matu’u, ona soso’o ai lea ma le sisiga o Fu’a a le Malo tele fa’apea ma le tagavai a Amerika Samoa. Sa usuina le vi’i o le fu’a a Meleke e le tama’ita’i o Aeone Fuimaono Sagapolutele ae o le tama’ita’i talavou o Anasetasia Mamoe sa ia usuina le vi’i o le fu’a a Amerika Samoa. O sui o le Sikauti sa latou sisi a’ea fua e lua. Ina ua mae’a sa tolaulauina loa le Fa’alauiloga fa’alaua’itele mai le Ofsia o le Kovana Sili o le malo Malo, e fa’amauina ai le aso Iulai 4 e avea ma aso fa’apitoa mo le Tupulaga Talavou. O ta’aloga na soso’o ai na aofia ai le Tauvaga Fafa, Moliga Tooth Pick o lo’o i ai ma
le Fruitloop ma e tofusao i ai tama ma teine i totonu o ‘au. O le ta’aloga lea sa toe fa’aulu atu loa ma le ‘au a le WIA ona o i latou ia o lo’o auai i le aufaigaluega a le Malo ma Kamupani i lenei tu’uaga o a’oga. Pasiga Polo i luga ma lalo sa soso’o ai, ma sa iloga lava le fiafia o le tupulaga i a latou ta’aloga. Na soso’o lea ma le ta’aloga na fa’atautaia mo fa’atonu o matagaluega a le Malo, sa latou tutu’u ai e ta’itolu vae o tagata e to’alua, o lona uiga e nonoa isi vae ta’itasi o fa’atonu ae tamomoe fa’atasi. Na manumalo ai le paga a le tama’ita’i fa’atonu o Faleosina Faiai -Voight ma le Fa’afeagaiga Asiata i lea ta’aloga. O le tosoga maea na fa’atino mulimuli ma sa iloga le tau fai vevela o lea fo’i fa’agatama, ae fa’ai’u ai i le tosoga maea nonofo i lalo ma sa matua mata’ina lea tosoga a le Lanu Moana ma le Pa’epa’e, lea na manumalo ai le Lanumoana, o le Falelima i sisifo lea. O le lauga fa’apitoa a le afioga le Kovana Sili, le tofa Lolo Matalasi Moliga sa soso’o ai, ma sa ia toe fa’alauiloa ai le uiga o le fa’asalalauga fa’alaua’itele sa toina mai le latou Ofisa, e fa’ataua ai Iulai 4, 2013. “E fa mea ua fa’ataua ai i le aso lenei: O le sisiina a’e o le Tagavai a le Malo o Amerika, lea ua tatou fa’aauau ai pea ona fiafia i lo tatou sa’olotoga o tatou o ola ai. Lona lua o le tatou fa’afetai i le tofa loloto ma le fa’autaga poto a o tatou tua’a i o latou tausaga ua te’a sa latou tu’uina ai i tatou, ina ia tausia e lenei malo tele o Amerika, ma ua avea pea ma tatou to’omaga e o’o mai i le aso. Lona tolu, o le tatou fa’afetai aua ua fa’ato’a tatou o mai fa’atasi lenei e fa’ataua le aso mo tatou Tupulaga e pei ona poloa’ia ai i tatou e lo tatou malo, ma a’o avea i ma’ua ma ta’ita’i o le tatou malo, o le a fa’aauau ai pea ona faia lenei aso fa’apitoa mo tupulaga! Lona fa, o se taimi muamua lenei ua o mai fa’atasi ai le atunu’u ma se tasi o tatou alo, ua avea ma se tasi e lauiloa
(Faaauau itulau 19)
E to’alua ni tagata mai Aunuu, o se alii ma se tina, na manunu’a i le aoauli o le Aso Lua na te’a nei ina ua goto le vaa na latou malaga ai i gatai o le uafu i Auasi. E toafitu le pasese a le va’a na aumai i le uafu i Auasi e agai atu i Aunu’u pe tusa o le itula e 11:00 ma le 12:00 i le aoauli, e pei ona faamaonia mai e le ali’i faipule o Aunu’u, le afioga ia Talaimatai Elisara Su’a ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News e tusa ai o lenei faalavelave. Na faamaonia mai fo’i e se molimau mai Aunuu i le Samoa News e faapea, o le pasese o le va’a sa aofia ai tagata matutua, o ni fanau talavou ma ni tamaiti laiti se to’alua pe a ma le 6 i le 7 tausaga le matutua. Na faamaonia mai e le Taitai o le Marine Patrol a le Ofisa o Leoleo ia Cpt. Tulele Laolagi i le Samoa News, le goto o le vaa peitai na mafai lava ona toe opeopea le va’a, e leai fo’i se isi na maliu ai se’i vagana ni tagata se to’alua na manunu’a. E tusa ai o le molimau a le ali’i faipule sa ia taua ai e faapea, e le mamao ese le vaega na goto ai le va’a alia ma le uafu i Auasi. O le faalavelave na tula’i mai a’o taumafai le va’a e kolosi le isi itu o le uafu i Auasi. “E ui i le faamomoi loto o le faalavelave na tula’i mai ae o le tala fiafia mo Aunuu, na toe faasaoina lava e tagata Aunuu ona lava tagata i le taimi na tula’i mai ai le faalavelave, ae sili ai i lo lena e leai se soifua na ma’imau ai, se’i vagana ai nai manu’a na a’afia ai tagata e to’alua o le pasese,” o le saunoaga lea a Talaimatai. Na taua e se molimau mai Aunuu i le Samoa News e faapea, o le masani lava a tagata o le motu pe afai e tula’i mai faalavelave faapenei, e le mafai ona nofonofo ae tatau lava ona fesoasoani, ma o le mea lena sa tupu i le aso lea. O tagata lava o le motu sa i ai i luga o le uafu atoa ai ma ni isi o tupulaga o le nuu o Auasi faapea ai ma le faipule, na fesoasoani i le toe tosoina i uta o le va’a, ona o se tasi lenei o va’a ua umi lana tautua i tagata o le motu. Na tapunia ai loa ma le alava’a mo Aunu’u i le Aso Lua ae fa’ato’a toe tatala i le aso na soso’o ai. Na taua e le ali’i faipule e faapea, o ni isi o tagata Aunuu na o atu o latou aiga ma ave i latou i o latou fale e momoe ai mo le po, ae o isi sa momoe i le uafu na latou faaaogaina ieafu, aluga, palanikeke atoa ai ma taumafa na maua atu i le agalelei o le toatele o aiga Auasi. “E fai a’u ma sui o le motu o Aunuu e momoli atu ai le faafetai i tagata uma o Auasi aemaise ai ni isi o aiga o le itumalo na alolofa ma fesoasoani atu ia i matou a’o matou afatia ai i le uafu i Auasi,” o le saunoaga lea a le alii faipule. Na taua e le ali’i faipule, ana i ai se va’a lelei na te tautuaina le va o Aunuu ma Tutuila, e i ai lona talitonuga ailoga e tula’i mai lenei faalavelave. Na ia taua foi, na pau le faalavelave lata mai na goto ai se va’a i le va o Aunuu ma Auasi, o le tausaga e 1995 ina ua goto le va’a na momoli mai ai tamaiti aoga aga’i i uta a’o i ai fo’i ma ia, peita’i e le’i i ai se isi na maliu ae na toe fesoasoani lava la pasese e toe faasao isi i le taimi o le faalavelave. Na taua e Cpt. Laolagi, e le o mautinoa i le taimi nei le mafuaaga o le faalavelave. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
O nai tamaitai aulelei o le laina a le ulugalii faaipoipo ia Tito ma Ailua Tuimaseve, i le Aso Toonai na sei mavae atu nei. Mai i le itu tauagavale, o Dejalin Afualo, Katrina Lesa ma le [ata foa’i] auuso ia Feii ma Lalotonga Lalomanu.
tusia Ausage Fausia
Toe maua pagota e to’alua na sosola
samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013 Page 19
Ua toe taofia nei i le toese i Tafuna ni ali’i pagota se to’alua ia na sosola i tua mai le falepuipui i le vaveao o le Aso Lulu na te’a nei, ina ua toe maua e leoleo i luga o le mauga o lo o i tua o le ASCC. Na faamaonia mai e le Komesina a Leoleo ia William Haleck i le Samoa News ananafi e faapea, “O le isi pagota na maua lava e leoleo i le taeao o le aso Lulu i luga o le mauga o lo o i tua o le Kolisi Tuufaatasi, i le tuana’i ai lea o le lima i le ono itula talu ona sosola i tua, ae o le isi toatasi na faatoa maua pe tusa o le itula e 10:30 i le taeao ananafi, ina ua alu i le fale o se aiga o lo o i luga o le mauga le latou fale e saili sana meaai ina ua fia ai”. Na taua e le ali’i Komesina e faapea, o le vaveao o le aso Lulu i le va o le itula e 4:00 ma le 5:00 na logoina mai ai e le toese i Tafuna le Ofisa autu e faatatau i alii pagota e toalua ua sosola, ma taumafai ai loa leoleo e tau saili i laua ia e toalua i le taimi na maua ai le valaau. I le taeao pe tusa o le va o le itula e 7:30 ma le 8:30, na logoina ai e se ali’i leoleo a le Kolisi Tuufaatasi le Ofisa o Leoleo, ina ua vaaia ali’i pagota na sosola o lo o feofeoa’i solo i le lotoa a le kolisi. “Ina ua matou maua le valaau na aga’i atu ai loa leoleo i le Kolisi ma ina ua taunuu leoleo na faia loa se tuliga ma i laua nei aga’i i luga o le mauga ma o iina na o eseese ai loa i laua nei,” o le saunoaga lea a le alii Komesina. Na taua e se molimau i le Samoa News e faapea, i le taeao o le Aso Lulu na te’a nei na vaaia ai e ni isi o tamaiti aoga ali’i pagota o lo o nofonofo i le fale faatali pasi o lo o i luma o le kolisi, ma logoina ai loa leoleo i le taimi lava lea. Sa i ai uma alii pagota i le ASCC i le taimi na taunuu ai leoleo, ae ina ua amata tuliga sa eseese vaega o le mauga na aga’i i ai lea na faigata ai ona maua e leoleo, e pei ona saunoa le alii Komesina. Pe tusa o le va o le itula e 10:00 ma le 11:00 i le taeao lava o le aso Lulu na te’a nei na maua ai loa le isi to’atasi. O ali’i pagota na sosola e pei ona saunoa le ali’i Komesina, o lo o tuli a laua faasalaga faafalepuipui i le taimi nei, ina ua faamaonia e le faamasinoga moliaga sa tuuaia ai i laua e le malo. E talitonu le Samoa News, o ali’i pagota e toalua na sosola i tua e aofia ai Ryan Pite lea na muamua maua ma Ioane Faimata na maua mulimuli, ma o i laua nei o lo o tuli a la faasalaga faafalepuipui i le toese i Tafuna, ina ua faamaonia e le faamasinoga maualuga moliaga o le talepe fale ma le gaoi na tuuaia ai i laua e le malo. O Pite na tuuaia i lona osofaia o ni faleoloa se lua i Leone i le amataga o le tausaga nei, ma faasala ai o ia i le toese mo le 28 masina, ae o Faamata na tuuaia i lona talepeina o le faleoloa o Pelene Store ma le faleoloa o le Bell Mart Store i Faleniu ma faasala ai fo’i o ia mo le 28 masina i le toese. A’o tuli ai le faasalaga a Pite, na toe molia o ia i lona tuiina o se ali’i pagota i se u’amea maai ma toe faaopoopo ai loa e le faamasinoga le umi o lana faasalaga e tuli i le toese. E le o se taimi muamua lenei ua sosola ai i tua mai le toese ni ali’i pagota, ma o le tele lava o solaaga e le atoa se ta’i lua aso ae toe maua, ma o le toatele o pagota na auai i nei solaaga ua maea ona ta’usala e le faamasinoga i moliaga o le sosola i tua ma ua toe faaopoopo isi tausaga i a latou faasalaga faafalepuipui o lo o tuliina nei. O le taimi mulimuli lava na sola ai i tua se pagota mai le toese, o le masina o Iuni na te’a nei ina ua tu i luga se ali’i talavou o lo o loka i le Falepuipui o Tamaiti i Tafuna ma alu i lo latou aiga, e aunoa ma le iloa e leoleo o le falepuipu, ma e maua atu lava o ia e leoleo o lo o i ai i lo latou aiga ma ua toe taofia nei o ia i le Falepuipui o Tamaiti. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
O se va’aiga lea ina ua to’ai taunu’u le savaliga, mae’a fo’i ma le laina o mea’ai, sau loa fo’i le [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] tamaiti samoa pulou le ieafu ma le povi.
Ou te fa’apa’i malu atu i paia o ou sa ma faiga, Samoa. A’o lenei fa’asalalauga e fa’apito augafa i tama ma tina o lo o tusia o latou suafa i lalo o lenei fa’asalalauga, e fa’apea, O le a faia sa tatou fa’atasiga i le tatou ofisa autu i Pago Pago i le Aso Faraile, Iulai 5, 2013 i le 9:00 i le taeao, fa’amolemole u’umia mai pepa nei: 1. Birth Certificate/Passport 2. Immigration ID 3. Social Security Card 4. Income Verification from Social Security Office O i latou nei ua maua avanoa e faigaluega ai i le polokalama a tama ma tina matutua. Faia ma le ava tele, Ale Tifimalae Faatonu Ofisa o Tama ma Tina Matutua
MANU’A DISTRICT Totolua Tuiolosega Olosega Savaii Tailele Ofu Tuilua’ai Matau Ofu Velega Talafili Ofu Mokiana Malae Fitiuta Moana Alofaituli Fitiuta Fa’afouina Penitito Fitiuta Faiva Logologo Fitiuta Gasolo Ta’aga Fitiuta Moeoge Teleaitala Ta’u Peleiupu Teuila Ta’u EASTERN DISTRICT Leleiga To’omalatai Aoa Faitala Suesolo Aoa Tino Nova Aoa Reid Florida Aoa Arieta Ripley Amouli Rosalina Ume Aunu’u Tuimavave Lemauseafa Alao Fale Lepisi Masefau Lavatai Ierome Masefau Samifua Epa Masefau Vili Punipuao Laulii Manogi Tausaga Afono Laupola Eseta Afono Saofetalai Laupola Afono Faleupolu Sine Vatia Toaiva Bryce Vatia Sarai Patea Vatia Nu’u S. Tuinei Aunu’u CENTRAL DISTRICT Sofala Feala Pago Pago Fiu Sa Pago Pago Kaiva Lautoa Fagatogo Mata Ioane Aua Selapu Iapera Aua Tinoi Tuifao Fagasa Koli Senio Tovia Nu’uuli Tupulaga Eli Matu’u Lauvasa Tufono Faganeanea Taliilagi Mulitalo Nu’uuli Tamahaga Tiena Faga’alu Fatu Ta’ala Aua Filoialii Loke Pago Pago Fa’ateia Faapio Fagatogo Noue Leififi Pago Pago WESTERN DISTRICT Mauia Tupolo Faleniu Tavai Fatima Leone Fetu Usufono Leone Salafai Nainu’uese Iliili Tualetonu Leuta Malaeimi Palemene Eline Failolo Alofisula Fuimaono Tafuna Tipa Tagaivasa Vailoa Laki Toeliu Leone Elisapeta Selega Leone Lea’ana Alisi Nua/Seetaga Epenesa Afuafi Malaeloa Pakinihama Tupa’i Amanave Ohana Uiliata Tafuna Lauoletolo Nofoali Pavaiai Teleofa Fa’ausu Fonoti Amanave Vaielua Rosa Amanave Pua’asuemai Caroline Iliili
➧ Aso mo Tupulaga…
Mai itulau 18
ai si o tatou igoa, ona o lona taumafai ua iloga i le ta’aloga o le Football - Troy Polamalu ma le faletua o Theodora ma le fanau.” Na maua se taimi e fa’afeiloa’i mai ai Polamalu le mamalu o fanau talavou a le atunu’u ma fa’atalofa ai fo’i ma sui mamalu o le Malo. Ona maimoaina loa lea o fa’afiafiaga sa saunia e falelima i sasa’e, Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi ma Autalavou mai le Ekalesia Nasareta i Nuuuli, ae tomuli ai i le fa’afiafiaga a “Pili ma lana vaega fai faleaitu.” O le tausamiga lava o le aoauli na fa’ai’u ai loa le aso, ma le fa’amoemoe e toe autova’a uma fo’i i lea malae mo le fa’aaliga o mea fa’apapa ma nisi fa’afiafiaga i le afiafi, ma se ‘aiga fo’i o le afiafi. O le tapenaga mo mea uma sa faia i le taeao, sa fa’atautaia lea e le Matagaluega o Talavou ma Tina lea e fa’afoe mai e le susuga Pa’u Roy Ausage ma le susuga Tapumanaia Galu Satele.
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Mai itulau 17
Na faamalulu Mata’afa e faapea, o faamatalaga sa tusia i lea tala sa aumai i lafoga a le alii minisita sa faia i se feiloaiga ma le au tusitala i le Aso Gafua, lea na saunoa ai le alii minsita, “o se alagatupe taua tele e maua e le malo mai le faatauina o sikaleti,” ma o sikaleti “e aoga mo isi tagata aua e tele ai a latou galuega e fai.” Na saunoa Mata’afa, e le sa’o ia faamatalaga ma e lei faia e le alii minisita ia lafoga. Fai mai a ia, o le sa’o o le saunoaga a le alii minisita e faapea, o lo o taumafai lemu lava e tuuina atu lea feau taua ona e ma’ale’ale tele le tulaga o polokiki, ma e toatele foi sui o le palemene e taumafa tapaa. Ae a sa’o le auala e momoli atu ai lea feau, e iu lava ina gauai mai ai loto o nei faipule i le tulaga sa’o e ao ona faia mo le soifua maloloina lelei o le atunuu lautele.” Na viia foi e le alii minisita le komiti faapitoa a le Palemene mo le uunaia o le soifua maloloina lelei i aoga faapea nuu ma afioaga. O sui o lea komiti faapitoa e aofia ai minisita e toafa, o le taitai o le itu Agai, o le fofoga fetalai ma sui e toa 14 o le Palemene. FAAULUULU IA TOLEAFOA DOUGLAS CREEVEY LE BLUESKY SAMOA Ua faailoa mai e le pulega o le kamupani telefoni o le Bluesky le tofia o le susuga Toleafoa Tiafau Douglas Creevey, lea sa vaaia le faagaioiga o galuega a le kamupani i lona lala i Samoa (Chief Operations Officer), ma faauluuluga o le kamupani i Samoa. Na faaalia le agaga faagaeetia o le susuga Toleafoa i lona tofiga fou aemaise ai lona mitamita ona sa ola ma soifua mai o ia i Samoa, ae lei malaga atu i fafo mo aoaoga ma finau ai o ia ina ia ausia tulaga faataitai i le atinae tau fesootaiga i le tele o atunuu o le lalolagi sa galue ai, ona toe foi mai ai lea i lona atunuu. Fai mai a ia, o le a ia galue malosi e faaleleia atili ia tekonolosi tau fesootaiga faaonaponei i totonu o le atunuu e fesoasoani ai i le atinae o le tamaoaiga o le atunuu. E 20 tausaga o le tomai ma le agavaa o lenei tamalii i le atinae tau fesootaiga faavaomalo ma e tele tulaga taualoa ua ia ausia ao galue i atunuu e tele luitau e feagai ai ona o le eseese o le siosiomaga ma aganuu e pei o isi motu o le Pasefika, Niu Sila, Hong Kong i Asia ma atunuu i Sasae Tutotonu. O le tofiga fou o Toleafoa na faaluiloaina aloaia lea e le peresetene o le kamupani o le Bluesky Communications, o ia foi o le taitaifono o le Bluesky Samoa, le afioga Aoe’e Adolfo Montenegro. Na faaalia e Aoe’e le tele o lona faatuatuaina o Toleafoa na te taitaia le kamupani i Samoa i se tulaga e sili atu lona lelei.
faaliliu Ausage Fausia
Loka se tina i moliaga o le gaoi…
Ua molia nei e le malo ia se tina na pelogia le kamupani a le J&J Travel ma maua mai ai ni avanoa faimalaga, i le moliaga mamafa e tasi o le gaoi ma o le taeao nei ua faamoemoe e tula’i ai i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga. O le Aso Lulu na te’a nei na faatulaga ai le ulua’i iloiloga o Maria Sailele-Tuilagi i luma o le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo peitai sa le’i faataunuuina lea iloiloga ina ua talosaga Maria e tuu sa’o loa lana mataupu i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga. I faamaumauga a le faamasinoga o lo o taua ai e faapea, na faafesootai e le pule o le J & J World Travel ia le Ofisa a Leoleo mo se fesoasoani ona o ni pepa malaga se ono sa faatonuina e Maria ia Iulai 2011, ae o’o mai i le taimi nei e le’i totogia. O lo o ta’ua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga le pepelo o Maria i le J&J e faapea, o ia e faigaluega i le Ofisa o Aoga ae maua mulimuli ifo e le J&J ina ua galulue e faatulaga pepa mo le totogi atu o a latou tupe, e le faigaluega lenei mafine i lle Ofisa o Aoga. O lo o taua foi i faamaumauga e faapea, i le aso 4 o Iulai 2011, na faaaoga ai e Maria lana telefoni 731-3005 e vili ai le J & J World Travel ma faailoa i ai o lona igoa o Tau Soliai, e faigaluega i le Ofisa o Aoga, ma ua ia valaau atu mo le faatulagaina o ni pepa malaga se tolu mo tagata e faai’u ia ‘Salanoa,’ e faimalaga i Hawaii ma toe fo’i mai. I le aso lava lea e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga, na toe vili ai Maria i le J&J ma faailoa i ai o ia e galue i le Ofisa o Aoga a le malo, ma ua ia faamaonia pepa malaga e tolu mo le aiga o Salanoa. O le aso 7 o Iulai 2011 na tuua ai e le aiga o Salanoa le atunuu mo Sacramento i Kalefonia,
ma toe fo’i mai i le aso 15 o Aokuso 2011. I le aso 7 o Iulai 2011, na toe faafesootai ai foi e Maria ia le J&J ma faailoa i ai lona igoa, o ia e faigaluega i le Ofisa o Aoga a le malo, ma ua ia manaomia se pepa malaga e tasi mo lana tama teine e alu i Amerika ma toe fo’i mai ma o se taimi o le aso lava lea, na “fax” ai e le ua molia i le J&J se pepa e faamaonia ai le pasese o lana tama, o le po lava fo’i lea na lele ai lana tama i Kansas City, Missouri i le Hawaiian Airlines. I le aso 25 o Iulai 2011, na toe faafesootai ai foi e Maria ia le J&J ma faailoa i ai faamatalaga uma e faatatau ia te ia, atoa ai ma lona talosagaina o ni avanoa malaga mo ni tagata se to’alua e faai’u ia Fa’aaliga e malaga ai i Amerika ma toe fo’i mai, ma o le po o le aso lava lea e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga, na tuua ai e tagata e toalua e faai’u ia Fa’aaliga le atunuu, ina ua maea ona tuuina atu e Maria i le J&J pepa e faamaonia ai le malaga ese atu a i laua ia e toalua. O le aso 11 o Aokuso 2011 na toe taliu mai ai i le atunuu i laua e toalua sa malaga i Kalefonia, e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga. Na mafai ona fesiligia e leoleo se tasi o tama’ita’i e faai’u ia Salanoa na malaga i avanoa e pei ona fesiligia e le J&J ma sa ta’ua e lenei tamaitai, na ofo atu e Maria ia te ia se pasese pa’u mo Amerika, o lea na la o ai ma le ua molia ma tuuina le tupe o le pasese i totonu o lana tusitupe, e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga. O lo o taofia pea Maria Sailele Tuilagi i le toese i Tafuna sei vagana ua totogi le $10,000 ona faatoa mafai lea ona tatala o ia i tua. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
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tusia Ausage Fausia
TOE MOLIA FO’I MICHAEL SAOFAGA I LE TULAFONO O le amataga o le vaiaso nei na toe aafia ai le ali’i talavou o Michael Saofaga i le tulafono, ae faatoa maea ona faila e le malo moliaga faasaga ia te ia ona o se faalavelave na lavea ai se taavale sa ia faafoeina a’o ‘ona i Laulii i le masina na te’a nei, ma manunu’a ai ni tagata se to’atolu e aofia ai ma ia. E $5,000 le tupe lea ua faatulaga e tatala ai Saofaga i tua mai le toese, ina ua molia o ia i le moliaga mamafa o le ave ta’avale ‘ona ma fa’ai’u i se faalavelave na manunu’a ai ni isi tagata e aofia ai ma ia. O le vaveao o le aso Sa, Iuni 9, 2013 na tifa ai i le sami se pikiapu na ave e le ua molia a’o ‘ona, ae o lo o nofo vaavaaia o ia ona o ni isi o solitulafono na tu’uaia muamua ai o ia e le malo. Na taua e le loia a Saofaga i le Samoa News e faapea, talu mai le taimi na tula’i mai ai le faalavelave, o lea faatoa faila e le malo moliaga faasaga i le ua molia, ona sa faatali se’i malosi lelei o ia mai manu’a na aafia ai. O le Aso Faraile o le vaiaso nei lea ua faamoemoe e toe valaauina ai le isi ana iloiloga i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga. TETE’E JOE MAPU I TUUAIGA A LE MALO O le masina fou lea ua faatulaga i ai le ulua’i iloiloga i le va o Joe Mapu ma le malo, ina ua ia teena moliaga faasaga ia te ia i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga i le aso Lulu na te’a nei. O Mapu o lo o tuuaia i moliaga o le faaaoga faasolitulafono o se aupega mata’utia atoa ai ma le umia o se fana, e afua mai i le faalavelave lea na tula’i mai i Nuuuli i le aso 27 Iuni, 2013. Ua poloaina e le faamasinoga Mapu e aua ne’i ona toe faafesootaia molimau a le malo atoa ai ma le o lo o aafia i lenei mataupu. TOFU MATAUPU A MARK MULIPOLA I LUMA FAAMASINOGA MAUALUGA O le ali’i e 35 tausaga le matua lea o lo o tuuaia i le osofaia o lona tama i se agaese i le vaiaso na te’a nei, ua tofu atu nei lana mataupu i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga ina ua maea lana ulua’i iloiloga i le Aso Lulu na te’a nei. I le molimau a le tamaitai leoleo o PSO Moeoge, e tusa ai o faamatalaga a leoleo na muamua taunuu i le nofoaga na tula’i mai ai le faalavelave i le afiafi o le aso 23 Iuni 2013 i Malaeimi, o ali’i o Mark Mulipola o lo o tuuaia i lona
faaaoga o se agaese e faaoo ai manu’a i le ulu ma le lima agavale o lona tama. Ina ua taunuu leoleo i le nofoaga na tula’i mai ai le faalavelave, na faasino e tagata i laua i tua o le fale o lo o i ai le ua molia ma le agaese na faatino ai le faalavelave, ma ina ua la taunuu atu i tua o le fale, na la vaaia ai le ua molia o lo o ia uu mai se agaese i lona lima. Na taua e le molimau e faapea, o le faalavelave na tula’i mai ina ua faatonu atu e le tama le ua molia e alu e ao mai le vai mo le fofo, peitai sa musu le ua molia, o lea na tuli ai loa e le tamå lana fanau laiti e o e ao mai le vai. Sa sau i fafo mai le fale le tamå e faatali lana fanau na o
e ao mai le vai, ma ia vaaia ai Mark o lo o tutu i autafa o le fale, e aunoa ma sona iloaina o lo o uu e le ua molia se agaese, ma e fetaui lava le tepa atu o le tamå i le itu o lo o tu mai ai le ua molia, ae sasau loa e le ua molia le ta muamua ma lavea ai lona ulu i le agaese, ae o le isi ta na lavea ai lona lima agavale. O le moliaga o le faaoolima i le tulaga muamua o lo o molia ai Mulipola, ma o lo o taofia pea o ia i le toese i Tafuna i le taimi nei ina ua le mafai ona ia totogiina le $150,000 na faatulaga e tatala ai o ia i tua mai le toese. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
O se va’aiga i nisi o ta’aloga sa fa’atautaia i le aso o Tupulaga i Utulei, o le vaega lea e tauva mo le WIA lea e taumafai ona faia i le sa’o le ta’aloga, ae o le to’atele, na’o le se’i sa’o mai lava o le tooth pick mai le isi gutu tu’u i lona gutu, ve’a i le atoa vae.
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Fundraise to bring a Volunteer Cardiology Team from Oregon to help our kids with heart problems. DETAILS: Pediatric clinic has 247 patients that are in need of cardiology evaluation/care. Most common cause for cardiology evaluation is rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease which accounts for 67% of our pediatric population with known or suspected heart problems BENEFICIARY: Our Kids - The Little Hearts of Samoa!
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Joey Chestnut, center, wins the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating contest with a total of 69 hot dogs and buns, alongside Tim Janus, left, and Matt Stonie, right, Thursday, July 4, 2013 at Coney Island, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority (ASTCA)
Position Type: Career Service/Probation Job Opening: One (1) Report to: Deputy Director of Business
Posting Date: June 17, 2013 Deadline: July 05, 2013 Starting Salary: GS14/13: $40,204.00
The Position reports directly to the Deputy Director of Business and is responsible for Major research, sales, promotion and marketing of ASTCA’s image, products and services. Responsibilities Position is also responsible for all aspects of developing and generating business for
ASTCA. Duties are as follows: • Develop, plan and implement marketing and sales goals and objectives for ASTCA’s business outlets • Develop and present written proposals such as marketing plan, business plans, strategic plans, etc. in support of ASTCA goals and objectives • Conduct marketing research and surveys; and perform cost analysis; • Conduct staff and inspirational meetings to boost sales and performances; • Develop and present business strategies, short and long term; • Generate new client-base and maintain traditional customers; • Create an atmosphere of entrepreneurship with clients and customers • Generate revenues through sales and advertisement • Promote ASTCA’s image, product and sales • Develop and improve on marketing/outreach slogans, mission logos • Purchase and sell latest technology gadgets, products and services in connection with telecommunication industry.
Minimum Requirements & Qualifications Education/ Experience
Must have a Bachelors degree from an accredited university in the following areas: commerce (or business), economics, marketing and sales, communications, English, accounting and finances or related fields such as technology, engineering, education, etc. Applicant must have at least 5 years of progressive work experience in the areas of marketing and sales, Business development, or accounting and finances; and, with 3 years of experience in supervisory and management capacity in above noted areas. • • • • • • • • • Computer skills and technology literate Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills Ability to coordinate and collaborate with different departments Excellent communications (writing and verbal) skills (Note: Ability to use English and Samoan languages is preferred but not required) Thorough knowledge of and understanding with “local” market Knowledge of technology and their trends of telecommunication products and services Good with numbers; detailed oriented and exceptional presentation skills Excellent level of technical and selling skills knowledge in all areas Ability to lead, manage and supervise
Skills & Specifications
Qualified Applicants Apply To:
Human Resources Division American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (A.S.T.C.A.) P.O. Box M Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Tel: (684) 699-1121 ext 201 (684) 733-9048 cell Fax: (684) 699-9026
An Equal Opportunity Employer
has defended as necessary for security. Jallad, who said he has covered Netanyahu on many occasions, is a Palestinian from east Jerusalem who holds full Israeli residency rights and has a government-issued press card. judge drowns trying to help couple SUNSET BEACH, N.C. (AP) — Officials say a North Carolina judge and the woman he tried to rescue have both drowned off Sunset Beach. Authorities say 54-year-old Mitchell McLean died Wednesday while trying to help a husband and wife struggling in the water. McLean was the chief District Court judge for Wilkes, Ashe, Alleghany and Yadkin counties. Officials say rip currents are to blame in the deaths. Fifty-five-year-old Mary Anne Galway of Waxhaw was identified as the woman who drowned. Authorities say her husband, Edward John Galway III, was treated at a hospital and released. Nestle cuts China infant formula prices BEIJING (AP) — Nestle SA says it will cut infant formula prices in China by an average of 11 percent starting Monday in response to an investigation into alleged price-fixing by several foreign companies. The price cuts by the company’s Wyeth Nutrition unit will be maintained through 2014, and the prices of some products will be cut by up to 20 percent, Nestle spokesman Jonathan Dong said in an email Thursday. China’s National Development and Reform Commission is investigating five foreign companies and one Chinese company for allegedly violating market competition laws by manipulating retailers to sell infant formula at inflated prices. Chinese demand for foreign milk formula has risen in the wake of scandals that have left many parents wary about domestically produced infant formula. In 2004, fake Chinese milk powder caused malnutrition deaths in at least a dozen babies. That was followed by a melamine-tainted milk scandal in 2008 that killed at least six babies and sickened nearly 300,000 others. border agent sentenced in bribery case SAN DIEGO (AP) — A former U.S. border inspector has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for taking more than $50,000 to wave drug-laden vehicles from Mexico through his lane. Oscar Osbaldo Ortiz Martinez was sentenced Wednesday in a San Diego courtroom and ordered to pay more than $20,000 in fines. The 33-year-old was convicted late last year on conspiracy and bribery charges. Ortiz, who worked for Customs and Border Protection, was assigned to a border crossing in Calexico. Prosecutors say Ortiz and an accomplice worked with federal agents posing as drug traffickers. Authorities say Ortiz discussed smuggling cocaine and methamphetamine through his inspection lane. Ortiz accepted $22,000 in bribes and was arrested in 2010 when he showed up to collect another $30,000 bribe from an informant. officials: Roadside bombs kill 6 children KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Roadside bombs killed four young girls and two schoolboys in Afghanistan on Thursday while a police inspector was gunned down on her way to work, officials said. The girls, aged 10 to 12 years, had been sent by their families to a river to fetch some water for a wedding that was being held in a home on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, Helmand governor’s spokesman Ummar Zawaq said. The bomb went off alongside a footpath through a field the girls had taken to make their way back home, Zawaq said. Also in Lashkar Gah on Thursday morning, two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on a female police inspector who was being taken to work by her son-in-law on his motorcycle, Zawaq said. Inspector Islam Bibi was rushed to the hospital with her wounds but died there about an hour later, he said. Her son-inlaw was also wounded. And in the eastern province of Paktika, two schoolboys were killed on their way walking home from classes in the afternoon when they triggered a roadside bomb, the governor’s office said in a statement. African Union to meet on political crisis in Egypt ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — The African Union says the removal of Egypt’s president was in violation of the country’s constitution. The continental body said late Thursday that the removal of President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday falls under the AU doctrine on unconstitutional changes of government. The AU usually suspends the membership of countries where the military ousts an elected government. Hinting that such a move could be coming, the head of the AU Commission Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma on Wednesday said the body has “a principled position on unconstitutional changes of government.” Dlamini-Zuma had urged Egyptians to hold dialogue to end the crisis within the framework of Egyptian law. AU commissioner Lamamra Ramtane told the Associated Press on Thursday that the AU’s peace and security council will meet Friday to deliberate on Egypt’s political crisis.
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Nelson Mandela is being kept alive by a breathing machine and faces “impending death,” court documents show. The former president’s health is “perilous,” according to documents filed in the court case that resulted in the remains of his three deceased children being reburied Thursday in their original graves. “The anticipation of his impending death is based on real and substantial grounds,” the court filing said. Mandela, who was hospitalized on June 8, remains in critical but stable condition, according to the office of President Jacob Zuma, who visited the anti-apartheid leader on Thursday. The president’s office also said doctors denied reports that 94-year-old Mandela is in a “vegetative state.” A younger person put on mechanical ventilation — life support — can be weaned off the machine and recover, but that it can be difficult or impossible for an older person. The longer a person is on ventilation the less the chance of recovery, said the chief executive of the Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa. “It indicates a very poor prognosis for recovery because it means that he’s either too weak or too sick to breathe on his own,” said Dr. Adri Kok, who has no connection to Mandela’s care. “Usually if a person does need that, any person, not keeping in mind his age at all, for any person it would be indicative of a grave illness.” “When they say ‘perilous’ I think that would be a fair description,” she said. In Mandela’s hometown, Qunu, on Thursday, the bodies of three of his children were returned to their original resting site following the court order. Family members and community elders attended a ceremony on the Mandela property that included the singing of hymns. The reburial took place in Qunu, where Mandela grew up and where the former president has said he wants to be buried. Forensic tests earlier confirmed the remains were those of Mandela’s children. Grandson Mandla Mandela moved the bodies to his village of Mvezo — Nelson Mandela’s birthplace — in 2011. The two towns are about 25 kilometers (15 miles) apart. Fifteen Mandela family members pursued court action last week to force the grandson to move the bodies back to their original burial site. Mandla Mandela — the oldest male Mandela heir and a tribal chief — told a news conference on Thursday that his grandfather “would be highly disappointed in what is unraveling.” Retired archbishop Desmond Tutu appealed to the family of Mandela, also known
Mandela on life support, faces ‘impending death’
by his clan name Madiba, to overcome their differences. “Please, please, please may we think not only of ourselves. It’s almost like spitting in Madiba’s face,” Tutu said in a statement released by a foundation he leads. “Your anguish, now, is the nation’s anguish — and the world’s. We want to embrace you, to support you, to shine our love for Madiba through you. Please may we not besmirch his name.” Mlawu Tyatyeka, an expert on the Xhosa culture of Mandela’s family, said the court case over the graves was decided quickly because the family knows that Mandela will soon die. “It’s not a case of wishing him to die. It’s a case of making sure that by the time he dies, his dying wish has been fulfilled,” he said. “We have a belief that should you ignore a dying wish, all bad will befall you.” Meanwhile, Mandela’s wife said the former president is sometimes uncomfortable but seldom in pain while being treated in a hospital. Graca Machel spoke about her husband’s condition at a fundraising drive for a children’s hospital that will be named after Mandela. “Whatever is the outcome of his stay in hospital, that will remain the second time where he offered his nation an opportunity to be united under the banner of our flag, under the banner of our constitution,” she said. Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years during white racist rule and was freed in 1990 before being elected president in all-race elections. He won the Nobel Peace Prize along with former President F.W. de Klerk.
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O se tautu’uga e fafa lau paga, o’o i le isi itu, fafa mai oe lea sa ti’eti’e! Faigofie lava le ti’eti’e ae faigata pe a toe fo’i mai!
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samoa news, Friday, July 5, 2013
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