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Miss New York is crowned Miss America for 2014
Plans in the works to open a Maritime Academy locally 3 “Action packed” local football games round up Fourth Week B1
Faleasao Elementary School students enjoyed a field trip in Ta’u, led by National Park Rangers Pua Tuaua and Carlo Caruso, about the importance of preserving and protecting their special island. [NPS Photo] (See story inside)
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Monday, September 16, 2013
Proposed GRT hits a snag with local business members
Treasurer says ASG needs $40M to operate
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
ASPA will offer one-time rebate for locals if ASG pays $9M debt
senators request ASPA officials to forgive the government’s debt
by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
The majority of the 50+ members from the business community who attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting last Thursday at the Tradewinds Hotel conference room during which ASG Treasurer Dr. Falema’o Phil M Pili made a presentation on the proposed 5% gross receipts tax (GRT) on businesses and non-profit organizations were not in support of the move. According to the presentation, this proposal of a new tax revenue generation approach has successfully been implemented in 26 US States and territories over the past several years. GRT is a tax on the total gross revenues of a business, regardless of the source of revenue of a business or net income, and is similar to a sales tax but levied on suppliers and merchants. (It is based on the dollar amount of sales before expenses deducted.)
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ASPA completes T-4 maintenance
System still vulnerable to disruptions
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
Residential customers considered living in “high elevation” areas with no municipal access roads will get a break in their solid waste collection fee, according to American Samoa Power Authority executive director Utu Abe Malae, who also stated that if the government pays its utility debt of just over $9 million, customers will be entitled to a one-time rebate in their electric bill. Utu shared the good news with lawmakers during last Thursday’s Fono joint budget committee hearing to review the fiscal year 2014 budget for ASPA, which is a proposing $133.74 million, an increase from the FY 2013 budget of $115.45 million. Utu was accompanied to the hearing by ASPA board chairman Fonoti Perelini Perelini and three ASPA senior management officials.
SOLID WASTE During the hearing, Sen. Magalei Logovi’i raised the old issue which, over the years, has resulted in people complaining about having to pay the full solid waste collection fee when they don’t receive that service — that is, when ASPA employees actually come out to collect their trash. Magalei pointed to the complaints and said he does not mind paying the rate, if the service is provided by ASPA. Some of the complaints are from residents who live in villages where roads are narrow or further out in the outlying villages. During the budget hearing, Utu explained that this issue is being reviewed on a case-bycase basis with a break to be given to residential customers, who do not get the ASPA trash collection service. He said the 2010 consultant study — commissioned by ASPA at the time —
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Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority Utu Abe Malae says the emergency power disruption that occurred last Wednesday evening in certain western district villages came after Feeder 10 (Futiga to Fagamalo) was out of power for ten minutes, and Feeder 6 (parts of Tafuna, Aoloau, and Pava’ia’i) was manually tripped. The outage in the latter areas lasted 44 minutes. “I apologize for the emergency power disruption,” Utu wrote in an email correspondence to the Samoa News on Thursday. He explained that one of the larger engines, the T-4 Deutz at the Tafuna Power Plant shut down automatically due to an overheating problem. “Consequently, Feeder 10 tripped automatically and Feeder 6 was manually tripped by the plant operator in order to save the entire western system from collapse,” Utu continued. He said there were no power surges but instead, it was the frequency falling as T-4 shut down.  Utu said “there is little power back up at Tafuna as long as that plant is not tied to Satala (ever since the 2009 tsunami).”  The maintenance on T -4 was delayed while awaiting a critical part but Utu later told the Samoa News on Friday that maintenance work has been completed. The tie-line project contract is proceeding this month. A company out of New Zealand was awarded the contract and it should be completed by mid-2014. Meanwhile, Utu explained, the system continues to be vulnerable to power disruptions, “we still have problems with failures of equipment out on the distribution lines — that affect isolated areas.”
Main Event Winner: Alapati “The Heat Man” A’asa being recognized after adding a third win to his professional record after knocking out (KO) Sigapoa Asiata of Samoa in the second minute of the first round of the “Rising Stars” Fight Night fiesta this past Saturday. [photo: TG] See story in today’s Sports section.
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
AS Strategic Energy Plan contains 100% sustainable power options for Manu’a
by B. Chen, Samoa News Correspondent
Smaller island populations like Ofu, Olosega, and Ta’u in the Manu’a Islands and Aunu’u usually have a higher generation and distribution cost of kilowatt hour (kwh) due to the simple economics of smaller diesel engine efficiencies. And because of this, according to the American Samoa Strategic Energy Plan (ASSEP) in the section referring to small island energy strategies, the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) runs at a loss in these areas and Tutuila subsidizes the Manu’a rate to the tune of $400,000 per year. For example, the report noted that in August 2013, the cost of power in the main island of Tutuila delivered to the consumer is approximately $0.32/kWh and billed to the consumer at $0.42/kWh. Whereas in Manu’a (Ta’u, Ofu and Olosega) the true cost of power delivered to the consumer is $0.48/kWh but is sold to the consumer in Manu’a at the same price as Tutuila consumers ($0.42kWh). “Therefore, based on this data, deploying sustainable and renewable power options to the small island populations is not only a strong step towards economically viable solutions that benefit both the small islands and the main island of Tutuila that subsidizes them, but also increases the stability of their energy supply by mitigating fuel delivery problems, and potential transfer and storage issues that can devastate the pristine waters surrounding the islands,” the ASSEP notes. The report states that solar and wind, with proper storage solutions, can allow 100% renewable energy penetration, and would have far reaching benefits for the small islands of American Samoa. The report also addresses Swains Island, which is 200 miles north of Tutuila and has a very small fluctuating population that ranges from 0-20 people throughout the year. “There are complicated issues addressing Swains Island in this strategic Plan, as Swains Island is a privately owned island with a population that would not normally warrant government investment in the infrastructure,” the report says. Swains Island energy, however, has a costly price tag for the government as fuel and other supply deliveries to the island are made by the ASG Vessel MV Sili on a regular basis. For the purpose of the ASSEP, the Swains strategy will be to focus on attractive private sector investment options such as a low to no-cost renewable energy revolving loan fund (mentioned in the Strategic Plan under private sector investment). The Details of the revolving loan fund will be described in more detail in the Energy Action Plan. The ASSEP is awaiting approval from the Governor and afterwards, it will be sent to the National Renewable Energy Lab which was contracted by the Department of Interior to work with the American Samoa Renewable Energy Committee (ASREC).
CHANGE OF PLEA HEARING TODAY FOR BURGLARY CASE The two men accused of breaking out of the Tafuna Correctional Facility and then allegedly burglarizing Bank of Hawai’i, KFC and Pizza Hut, are scheduled to appear in court today for a change of plea hearing. The duo, Joe Leota and Ryan Pite, were in jail serving time for prior criminal convictions when they were each slapped with additional charges including two counts of first degree burglary, stealing, escape from confinement, and property damage in the first degree — all are felonies — that could net them an extra 21 years in prison if convicted. According to the government’s case, on July 6, 2012 a BOH security officer in Honolulu, HI contacted that DPS central station to report a break-in at the BOH Tafuna branch, revealed through a surveillance camera in the local bank. Responding to the call, police also discovered the Pizza Hut/KFC building had been broken into, with the office doors of both restaurants pried open. During a surprise raid at the jail following the three break-ins, police confiscated items which were later identified as the items removed from the restaurants. VAITOGI MAN ENTERS GUILTY PLEA IN STEALING CASE Taligalu Ah Siu of Vaitogi was initially charged with second degree burglary, attempted burglary and stealing. However, in a plea deal with the government, Ah Siu pled guilty to the burglary counts while the remaining charge was dismissed.   Under the plea agreement, Ah Siu admits that on February 13, 2013 he unlawfully entered a home and removed a gas tank. The plea agreement was accepted by the court. According to the government’s case, the defendant also attempted to break into the hall of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vaitogi; however, a passing vehicle caused the defendant to take off. Ah Siu remains at the Tafuna Correctional Facility with bail set at $10,000. He will be sentenced next month. DRUG DEFENDANTS DENY CHARGES AGAINST THEM Mafo’e Semu and Tenari Laulu were arraigned in the High Court last Friday, during which time they denied the charges against them. Charges were filed after they were arrested during a controlled buy with police officers. Semu and Laulu are each facing one count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance (marijuana). Semu is being held on bail of $20,000 while Laulu’s bail is set at $40,000 Last Thursday, the pair waived their rights to a preliminary examination and the matter was then bound over to the High Court for arraignment. It was an informant that tipped off police officers about an unknown male inquiring about the sale of marijuana. The informant gave police the cellphone number of the unknown male and a police officer then made contact with him. A marked $10 dollar bill was given to the unknown man selling the drugs, who was later identified as Laulu. It’s alleged the officer gave $10 to Laulu who then handed the money to Semu, and it was Laulu who allegedly gave the marijuana joint to the undercover cop. Laulu then took off but other police officers were alerted to pull his vehicle over. When the cops attempted to pull him over before the stop sign in front of the Tafuna substation, Laulu allegedly kept driving and police officers saw something being thrown out of the vehicle, which finally came to a stop near the stadium.  After searching the area where the object had been discarded, cops found a ziploc bag containing five hand-rolled joints which tested positive for marijuana.   After searching Laulu’s vehicle, police allegedly found the marked money used in the controlled buy. Court filings state that during questioning, Semu informed police he saw Laulu throw out the ziploc baggie.
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by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
Plans in the works to open Back to School – a local Maritime Academy in National Parks
qualified by the Coast Guard to operate the local fishing vessel. So we’re placing a great deal of emphasis on this training,” Robinson said. Responding to Samoa News inquiries for comments on the project, DYWA acting director Pa’u Taito Roy Ausage said officials of the two ASG entities are currently finalizing the details of the apprenticeship scheme in the areas of welding, machining, mechanical, and spray painting. In an orientation two Fridays ago, it was revealed that several applicants were also interested in other skills training such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and maritime, said Pa’u, who pointed out that the closest maritime school to American Samoa is in neighboring Samoa. “David and I discussed the need to set up a maritime school instead of sending interested youth to Samoa,” Pa’u said last Friday. “American Samoa has a long history of tuna cannery operations and fishing boat services that have contributed to our economy tremendously for so long.” “However, American Samoa has a youth population who are interested in positions in the maritime industry and working on vessels, whether it be a purse seiners, longliners, carriers, or other vessels such as cruise ships, container ships, and so forth, but have not been trained,” he noted. DYWA is allocating some local funding from its FY2014 budget to research this maritime training opportunity with Robinson and the shipyard authority and have made connections with a grant writer to “actively search for grants” to set up  a full fledged apprenticeship program in the territory, similar to the federal Job Corps program set-up, said Pa’u.
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 3
A trade school to train those interested in obtaining maritime or related skills is being planned by the American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority with the support of the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs. This was revealed by ASSSA board chairman David Robinson during the shipyard’s FY 2014 budget hearing last week where Robinson also addressed a question from lawmakers about privatizing the shipyard, which was returned to the government two years ago, after being under contract to private companies for many years. MARITIME ACADEMY Robinson told lawmakers that the shipyard has been working very closely with DYWA “to set up a definite funding from one of their programs to set up a trade school for apprentices and for mariners - for people who want to be sea captains or first engineers or navigators on fishing vessels.” “We’re dedicating a facility that we have at the shipyard especially for a training school and we’re going to call it the Maritime Academy. And it will train people in trade-skill, in navigation, engineering etc.,” he told lawmakers. “So we’re in the process of doing that.” “We have to look at the long term, because alot of our employees have been with us for 20 odd years and some of the welders and some of the painters...are getting a little bit tired. Some of them want to retire and go back to the village and spend time with their families,” said Robinson. “We need to make sure that we have the right level of skilled people coming up through the system, so we’ve got enough welders, we’ve got enough painters, we’ve got enough mechanics and there are enough people suitably
Park Service Helping Teachers Make Learning Fun and Relevant PAGO PAGO, American Samoa—Teachers throughout American Samoa have a new tool to help them engage their students in classroom and place-based learning. Today the National Park Service (NPS) launched a new online service for teachers that brings America’s national parks, including the National Park of American Samoa, into village classrooms. The new “Teachers” section of the National Park Service website at www.nps.gov/teachers provides a one-stop shop for curriculum-based lesson plans, traveling trunks, maps, activities, distance learning, and other resources. All of the materials draw from the spectacular natural landscapes and authentic places preserved in America’s national parks. “This new website offers teachers from around the world with resources to learn about and teach their students about the National Park of American Samoa,” said Superintendent Jim Bacon. “It also offers opportunities for students to enjoy ranger-led field trips to the national park.” Teachers are able to access over 20 curriculum-based classroom programs about the National Park of American Samoa. These programs can be presented by a ranger or by the teacher. Two ranger-led field trips are also available that take students to the Lower Sauma Ridge and Pola Island areas and to Blunts Point. All programs are designed to meet American Samoa’s Department of Education standards. The site is searchable by location, keyword, and more than 125 subjects, from archeology to biology, to Constitutional law. Teachers will, for the first time, be able to rate NPS-provided content. In addition to park-created content, the site also features educational materials created by NPS national programs like the National Register of Historic Places and its award-winning Teaching with Historic Places series of 147 lesson plans.
Discover New Ways To Grow Your Business or Get Into Business!
There are opportunities you may not know about -- to develop & grow businesses through Trade & Export. You may already be providing products & services that can be exported or that support the tourism trade here in American Samoa. Come & Learn … also learn about the SBA State Trade & Export Program (STEP).
SEMINAR:............Opportunities for Small Businesses in Exporting & Promoting International Tourism WHERE:...............ASCCL ANDG RANTC ONFERENCER OOM DATE:.................Tuesday September 24, 2013 TIME:..................5:00PM– 7 :00PM PRESENTER:.........John Holman, Pacific Director of the U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce
To register call the American Samoa Women’s Business Center at 699-8739. Please register early as seating is limited.
The American Samoa Women’s Business Center is a Native American Samoan Advisory Council Program, funded by the SBA.
by Samoa News staff
Fallen Toa o Samoa 1st Lt. Jason Togi arriving in the territory tonight
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
The remains of fallen Toa o Samoa, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Jason Asootama Atuatasi Togi, is on the final leg of his trip back to his native home of American Samoa, arriving tonight from Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines. His remains will be accompanied by family members. Togi, 24, died Aug. 26th in Hasan Karez, Afghanistan, from injuries sustained when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga is expected to be at the Pago Pago International Airport along with Togi’s family, government and traditional leaders to await the flight due in at 9:30p.m. From the airport, Togi’s remains - onboard a motorcade - will be escorted by police to the VA center at the Tafuna Industrial Park for an 11p.m. church service. Thereafter he will be taken to the LBJ hospital mortuary, according to a family funeral announcement. Two days of funeral service for the latest Samoan casualty of the Afghanistan war, begins Wednesday with an 11a.m. short church service at the LBJ hospital chapel before the funeral procession heads to Togi’s home village of Fagasa for a church service at CCCAS-Fagasa. Afterwards, his remains will be taken to his grandfather’s home in Fagasa for a Samoan traditional service as well as an overnight vigil. His final funeral service is set for Thursday and will also be held at the home of his grandfather, Atuatasi Talosaga, before he is laid to rest. (See Saturday’s edition of the To’asavili for the official Samoan funeral announcement.) Togi was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. He was deployed to Afghanistan on July 4th this year. Togi and his wife of less than a year, Siosiana, were based in Killeen, Texas and the couple are members of the Samoan Congregational Christian Church of Fort Hood, Texas. The church held a memorial service on Sept. 7th for the fallen soldier, who has been described by military officials as a “great leader.”
dba Samoa News is published Monday through Saturday, except for some local and federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Contact us by Telephone at (684) 633-5599 Contact us by Fax at (684) 633-4864 Contact us by Email at samoanews@samoatelco.com Normal business hours are Mon. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above.
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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A hobbyist using a remote-control airplane mounted with a digital camera just happened to capture images last year of a Dallas creek running red with pig’s blood. It led to a nearby meatpacking plant being fined for illegal dumping and two of its leaders being indicted on water pollution charges. Yet, a Texas law that took effect Sept. 1 tightened rules not on polluters but on taking such photographs, an effort to better protect private property from drone surveillance. More than 40 state legislatures have debated the increasing presence of unmanned aircraft in civilian airspace, with most of the proposals focused on protecting people from overly intrusive surveillance by law enforcement. But Texas’ law tips the scales in police favor — giving them broad freedoms to use drones during investigations and allowing them to bypass a required search warrant if they have suspicions of illegal activity — while also limiting use of small drones by ordinary residents. “Texas is really the outlier,” said Allie Bohm, an advocacy and policy strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union. The law makes using drones to capture images of people or property without permission punishable by a fine up to $500, while also allowing those improperly photographed or filmed to collect up to $10,000 in civil penalties if they can show that images were collected or distributed with malice. Supporters say it makes Texas a national leader in ensuring privacy protections keep pace with technology while curbing possible corporate espionage and other unauthorized snooping. But critics worry it gives police too much leeway while trampling on the constitutional rights of private citizens and media outlets. Republican state Rep. Lance Gooden said he introduced the bill to address concerns that ordinary Texans could use drones to spy on private property, as well as in response to fears that animal rights groups or environmentalists could keep tabs on livestock ranches or oil pipelines. But he said exceptions were added after law enforcement agencies worried the drone bans would make it difficult to do their jobs. “We didn’t think that the Constitution gives someone the right to invade someone else’s privacy,” said Gooden, from Terrell, east of Dallas. Congress has directed the Federal Aviation Administration to provide drones widespread access to domestic airspace by 2015, and the agency predicts that perhaps 7,500 small commercial unmanned aircraft could be operating domestically five years after that. Seven states have passed drone restrictions nationwide, with measures in Illinois, Florida, Montana and Tennessee mostly protecting individual privacy rights, requiring
Texas law gets tough on public, private drone use
that law enforcement obtain warrants when using drones or prohibiting images collected from them from being used in court. Virginia, meanwhile, declared a two-year moratorium on drone use by law enforcement so it can study the privacy implications. Only Texas and Idaho restrict drone use by private citizens as well as public entities, however, and Texas’ broad exception allows police or law enforcement contractors to forgo a search warrant if they “have reasonable suspicion or probable cause.” Other states only waive warrant requirements in cases of catastrophe or terrorist attack. Lon Craft, director of legislative affairs for the Texas Municipal Police Association, said it still goes too far, though. “I’m OK if they want to limit citizens, but don’t tie the hands of law enforcement,” said Craft, who said he used to employ drones as part of a narcotics task force in Harris County, which includes Houston. That use is one of more than 40 exceptions in the Texas law. Others permit drone use anywhere within 25 miles of the U.S. border and by everyone from students conducting scholarly research to real estate brokers taking promotional pictures. Still, clamor for the law was such that, with time running out to pass bills in the state House in May, a chant of “Drones! Drones! Drones!” filled the chamber. It was approved with more than 100 bipartisan co-sponsors. Todd Humphreys, director of the University of Texas’ Radionavagation Laboratory, said he believes the state has struck fair balance but also noted that much of what’s prohibited is still acceptable for anyone with a camera and a long lens in a car, helicopter or plane. “You can see, all through this legislation, examples of people just being spooked by these vehicles,” Humphreys said. “They associate them with war or surveillance like something out of ‘1984’.” Alicia Calzada, an Austin-based attorney and former photojournalist, noted: “Any time you need that many exceptions to a bill, it’s a sign you’re going down the wrong road.” Gooden said the law won’t affect journalists because covering news doesn’t meet the definition of surveillance. And the hobbyist’s discovery of pig’s blood would fall under exceptions that allow drones to hunt for environmental hazards, he said. But Gooden added that instance of uncovering wrongdoing shouldn’t trump privacy protections for all Texans. “We could scrap the section of the Constitution that says you’ve got to get a search warrant, and then law enforcement can just go search a random 100 houses every night,” he quipped. “I’m sure they’d find something.”
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 5
by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent
MATAI TITLE REGISTRATION BILL House Vice Speaker Talia Fa’afetai Iaulualo and Rep. Talaimatai Elisara Su’a are sponsoring a bill that, if enacted into law, will reopen the matai title registration for a period of six months next year. Current statute states that every matai in American Samoa must, prior to Jan. 1, 1969, register his title and designated name with the Territorial Registrar and any matai title not registered by Jan. 1, 1969 may not be registered. But under the amendment proposed in the House bill, which was introduced in the House during Saturday’s session, the registration period will be reopened. “... matai in American Samoa must register his title and designated name with the Territorial Registrar between Jan. 1, 2014 and June 30, 2014, after which date no titles may be registered,” the amendment states. “Titles registered prior to Jan. 1, 1969 need not be re-registered.” Similar amendments have been proposed in the past, including one in 2011, but none ever made it out of the committee and therefore were automatically defeated when a legislative session ended without action. The push to reopen registration was based on the fact that several matai titles currently vacant or being used today were not registered by the January 1969 deadline. More than six years ago, some traditional leaders were against such amendment, arguing before the Fono that re-opening the registration period will allow new chiefly titles that were never part of a family clan to be registered. (For clarity, the amendment is specifically focused on matai titles that have never been legally registered, not on matai titles already legally registered, nor the holders of these titles. It also does not address ‘nofo lua’ or allowing two or more persons to register for the same title.) DMWR ASKED TO PROVIDE FUNDING FOR FISHERMEN Rep. Va’amua Henry Sesepasara has suggested to Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga to use some of the department’s $270,000 in local funds to help local fishermen. Va’amua, who made the request at Thursday’s DMWR budget hearing, says there are several expenses associated with fishing in which the local fleet needs financial assistance such as meeting U.S. Coast Guard regulations. He said he has raised this issue many times, both in the Fono and directly in meetings with the director.
Matagi-Tofiga pointed to a recent case where there was help through a DMWR federal partner to assist local fishermen. She added there are federal and regional assistance available that can be requested. During the hearing, it was noted that $40,000 in travel budget items comes from local revenues, but the director explained that this is not correct, saying all DMWR travel is allocated through federal grants. PROCUREMENT OFFICE WORKING ON POLICY & PROCEDURE MANUAL During last Friday’s fiscal year 2014 budget hearing for the Procurement Office, Rep. Atualevao Gafatasi Afalava questioned why this ASG entity has hired an assistant attorney general. Procurement Office’s budget of $1.35 million —  compared to $1.29 million in FY 2013 — includes an assistant attorney general with an annual salary of $50,000. Afalava asked if the Procurement Office is now employing their own legal counsel and why. Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse explained that an agreement with the AG’s Office calls for co-sharing expenses for this assistant AG to assist in legal matters for Procurement, especially with the manual of policies and procedures. He said the attorney will start working in FY 2014 to prepare this important manual. (It was not clear if co-sharing meant the attorney will be paid a salary from both the Procurement Office and the AG’s Office.) NAME OF NEW LBJ BOARD NOMINEE SUBMITTED FOR CONFIRMATION The nomination of Mrs. Etenauga Lutu to the LBJ Board was introduced last Friday in the Senate and assigned to the Senate Health/LBJ Committee for review. Committee vice chair Sen. Saole Mila has set a confirmation hearing for this Wednesday. LBJ board nominees require only Senate confirmation. Lutu, who was director of nursing at the LBJ Medical Center for many years until her retirement, has extensive health care administration and public administration experience which makes her a valuable board member, the governor said in his nomination letter to the Fono leaders. Moreover, she is “intricately familiar with operations” of LBJ, “hence her insights will be invaluable relating to the challenges currently being faced by the board and the hospital. She is fully indoctrinated with the challenges faced by the nursing core and I am confident that her many years of experience will assist the board charter a strategic plan dedicated to mitigating long standing impediments precluding the delivery of quality healthcare services to the people
of American Samoa,” Lolo said. TERMS EXPIRED FOR ASVB BOARD American Samoa Visitors Bureau board chairman Roy J.D. Hall Jr. told the Fono joint budget hearings that terms in office for the initial board have expired and he has submitted names to the governor to consider for new terms. The 2008 law establishing the ASVB, calls for a seven member board appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Fono. Membership of the board, includes one each from the Dept. of Commerce, Office of Samoan Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Park of American Samoa, the cruise ship industry, and two from the American Samoa Visitors Association. The law states that the ASVA nominees possess at least five years experience in the airline, travel agency, or hotel or lodging industries. The individuals selected under this subsection cannot be from the same industry, and not more than one may be selected from individuals residing outside of American Samoa. The board selects its chairman as well as employing the ASVB’s chief executive office.
13”-50 14”-50 15”-50 16”-50 17”-60 18”-70 19”-100 20”-100 22”-250 (New Tire)
24”-250 22”.5-200 24.”5-200 19”.5x24 Back Ho - 300 16”.5x24 Back Ho - 400 16”.5 Front Back-Ho 225-70-19.5 140 USED 225-70-19.5 250 NEW 3000 TIRES IN STOCK
699-4458 8am to 3pm - after 3pm 699-2839
Oasis for Fine Dining…
Human Resource Department, Tafuna PO Box PPB, Pago Pago American Samoa 96799 Phone No: (684) 699-3040 Fax No: (684) 699-3046
TELEPHONE @ 699-6231
MON thru SAT • 6AM-2AM
American Samoa Power Authority
Position Title Department Division Position Type Reports To Call Center Customer Service Rep 1 Customer Service Administration Career Service-12 Months Probation Customer Service Manager Posting Date Deadline Pay Range Job Grade/Status September 13, 2013 4:00pm, September 20, 2013 $5.08 - $6.42 per hour CG-4, Non-Exempt
Major Duties & Responsibilities
The primary objective of the position is to perform as a customer service call center representative in receiving and handling customer inquiries, service requests, complaints, etc pertaining to ASPA services; answer and direct all incoming trouble calls and main line calls; issue customer service orders, monitor, follow-up and ensure closure of service order as requested by customers; perform general administrative / clerical activities; receive after-hours vending payments and prepare cash reports; present and maintain a courteous working relationship and professional image when dealing with customers and the public in general.
MinimumR equirements
Education Experience
High School diploma or equivalent. Associates Degree preferred.
Two (2) years experience working in a Call Center or similar environment. Receptionist/clerk positions dealing with the public may be substituted for direct Call Center experience.
Ability to: Interpret and explain utility policies and procedures and relay correct information Skills, Abilities, from customers to dispatch on-call staff; perform mathematical calculations quickly and accurately; Job Requirements multi-task and work under pressure; speak and comprehend in both English and Samoan; trouble shoot technical problems to assist customer with basic technical needs; stay organized and manage multiple demands through independent judgment and personal initiative. Skilled in: Computer literate and competent in using standard office software; verbal and written communication. Possess excellent interpersonal skills; work as a team player and with the ability to be flexible. Possess and keep a good attendance record.
Qualified applicants: please submit a completed ASPA Employment Application with a copy of your resume to ASPA Tafuna (address listed above) by the deadline listed above. Please attach copies of credentials and transcripts. Candidates selected for hire must pass examinations (when applicable), pre-employment clearances & test negative on pre-employment drug test. ASPA reserves the right to waive education and experience requirements as necessary. No phone inquiries accepted.
An Equal Opportunity Employer * A Drug Free Workplace
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel: (684) 633-5155 FAX: (684) 633-4195
Setema 11, 2013
E fa’asilasila atu i le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi, e fa’amutaina uma le aoga o laisene pisinisi o le tausaga 2013 ia Tesema 31, 2013. O le masina o Oketopa 1, 2013 ole a amataina ai le fa’afouina uma o laisene pisinisi i le Teritori. O pisinisi uma foi e le’i fa’afouina laisene pisinisi talu mai Ianuari 30, 2014, o le a taofia lona fa’afoeina pe molia fo’i i le tulafono Maga 27.021(b) o le Malo o Amerika Samoa. E fa’amanatu atu i le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi, e tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono o le Malo o Amerika Samoa, maga ASCA §27.0212 ma le maga ASCA §27.0213, o le toe fa’atuina pe fa’afoeina o lau pisinisi i se isi nofoaga po’o se isi tulaga e ese mai i le tulaga na fa’atagaina ai muamua, o le solitulafono lea. Fai mai maga ASCA §27.0212 ma le ASCA §27.0213, o laisene pisinisi uma ua fa’atagaina e patino lava i le na talosagaina lea laisene pisinisi, ma e le mafai ona ave i se isi lava tagata na te fa’aaogaina…O ia laisene pisinisi uma fo’i, e le mafai ona fa’aogaina pe ave i se isi lava nofoaga e ese mai i le mea na fa’atagaina mai ai, i le ma lea, o se e toatasi o loo faia sana po’o ana pisinisi i ni tulaga eseese e 2 po’o le sili atu fo’i i totonu o Amerika Samoa, o ia lena e tatau ona tofu tulaga ta’itasi uma ma laisene pisinisi. E fa’alauiloa atu i le mamalu lautele, o le a fa’atautaia asiasiga a le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga i pisinisi uma i le teritori. Talosagaina pisinisi uma ia fa’apipi’i laisene pisinisi 2014 i se tulaga e fa’afaigofie ai lea fa’amoemoe. Afai e le’i tau’a’aoina atu lau laisene ua uma ona fa’afouina, fa’amolemole ia saunia le risiti e fa’ailoa ai ua uma ona totogi. O sui o le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga ua iai le fa’atagana e asiasia ai so’o se pisinisi, maota ma laoa, mo le fa’afoeina o galuega su’esu’e. O se e fa’alavelave i le fa’afoeina o nei asiasiga e mafai ona molia e tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono. Ua fiafia tele le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga e fa’alauiloa atu i le mamalu o le ‘au fai pisinisi ma le mamalu tele i Manu’a, ua iai nei le aufaigaluega e galulue mo le tautua ina ma fa’atinoina auaunaga a lenei Matagaluega i le Manu’atele. Fa’amolemole, faafesootai Fa’aaloalogaalii Leama-Leami i le ofisa a le Malo i Ofu, 655-3478 ma Salataima Filoialii-Young i le ofisa a le Malo i Ta’u i le 677-5749. Fa’amolemole fa’afeso’ota’i mai le Matagaluega o Fefa’atauaiga le vaega o Tamaoaiga ma Atinae ile numera telefoni 633-5155, mo se malamalama’aga i fuafuaga ua ta’ua i luga. Ma le fa’aaloalo,
Keniseli Faalupe Lafaele Fa’atonu
To improve the quality of life for individuals and the community through economic development and sustainable resource management
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DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tel: (684) 633-5155 FAX: (684) 633-4195
September 11, 2013
The business community is hereby reminded that all 2013 business licenses will expire on December 31, 2013. The renewal period starts on October 1, 2013 for all existing businesses in the Territory. Any business that fails to renew its license by January 30, 2014 is required to cease all business operations or will be subject to prosecution pursuant to Section 27.0211(b) of the American Samoa Code Annotated. Furthermore, the business community is hereby reminded that it is illegal to relocate or transfer your business to a new location without obtaining a new business license for the new location. Pursuant to ASCA §27.0212 and ASCA §27.0213 that every (business) license issued…is personal and shall be issued to the person or persons making the application therefore, and may not under any circumstances be transferred to any other person….Any license conditioned upon the fulfillment of any qualification or prerequisites pertaining to the premises wherein the licensee conducts his/her business, trade, or profession may not be transferred to another location. In addition, when one person operates or conducts businesses in 2 or more locations in American Samoa, the person is required to obtain a license for each location. The public is hereby informed that the Department of Commerce will be conducting regular on-site inspections of all businesses for CY 2014 business licenses. Business owners are advised to post their 2014 business license certificate(s) in a conspicuous place on the premises. In the event that the Revenue Office has not yet issued a business license certificate, business owners are asked to present their receipt as proof of payment. Department of Commerce (DOC) officials are authorized to enter any building or premises for the purpose of conducting an inspection with respect to business activities. Interference with DOC officials in the performance of these duties can result in arrest or prosecution. The Department of Commerce is happy to inform the business community and the general public in the Manu’a Islands; we have two Economic Development Compliance Officers now working to assist with Business Licensing, Land Use Permitting, Promoting Commerce & Industry and Economic Development efforts. To assist with the business license renewal process in the Manu’a Islands, please contact Ms. Fa’aaloalogaalii Leama-Leami at the ASG-Executive Office Building in Ofu at 655-3478 and Mrs. Salataima Filoialii-Young at the ASG-Executive Office Building in Ta’u at 677-5749. For further information regarding this notice, contact the Economic Development Division of the Department of Commerce at 633-5155. Thank you for your cooperation,
Keniseli Faalupe Lafaele Director
To improve the quality of life for individuals and the community through economic development and sustainable resource management
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Nofo’s Bakery staff launched a real Samoan bakery in Las Vegas, NV recently, to satisfy those with island style munchies. Former Pago business owner Fuji N. Ale (right) along with her granddaughters — Carolanne Ale Stark (left) and Miss Nevada Collegiate America 2013-2014, Tianna Nomura McMoore-Tuamoheloa (center) — made a trip to give support and reunite with old friends. Poly Pastries is owned by Moana Saifoloi Ameperosa. [courtesy photo] When in Vegas, check out their Facebook page for daily specials.
GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. (AP) — The world’s oldest man, a 112-year-old selftaught musician, coal miner and gin rummy aficionado from western New York, has died. He was 112. Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez died Friday at a nursing home in Grand Island, according to Robert Young, senior gerontology consultant with Guinness World Records. Sanchez-Blazquez became the world’s oldest man when Jiroemon Kimura died June 12 at age 116. Born June 8, 1901, in village of El Tejado de Bejar, Spain, he was known for his talent on the dulzaina, a double-reed wind instrument that he taught himself and played at weddings
“World’s oldest” man dies in New York at age 112
and village celebrations. At 17, he moved with his older brother Pedro and a group of friends to Cuba, where they worked in the cane fields. In 1920, he came to the United States through Ellis Island and worked in the coal mines of Lynch, Ky. Ultimately, he moved to the Niagara Falls area of New York, where he worked in construction and in the industrial furnaces. He married his wife, Pearl, in 1934. A spokeswoman for Sanchez-Blazquez’s family did not immediately return a phone message Saturday. In a statement provided by Guinness World Records earlier this summer, SanchezBlazquez — whose nickname was “Shorty” — said he was humbled by the attention, saying he didn’t feel he accomplished anything special just because he has lived longer than most. “He says, ‘I’m an old man and let’s leave it at that,’” his daughter, 69-year-old Irene Johnson, said at the time. Sanchez-Blazquez lived with Johnson in Grand Island after his wife died in 1988; he moved to a nursing home in 2007. “We did our best,” Johnson said. “We weren’t going to put him somewhere just because he was old.” Sanchez-Blazquez had said his longevity was attributed to eating one banana per day and his daily dose of six Anacin tablets. His daughter had another theory. “I think it’s just because he’s an independent, stubborn man,” she said. Besides his daughter, Sanchez-Blazquez had a 76-yearold son, John, seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. Guinness says the world’s oldest person is a woman, 115-year-old Misao Okawa of Japan. Young said 90 percent of all supercentenarians are female and Sanchez-Blazquez had been the only male born in 1901 with proof of birth. Arturo Licata, 111, of Italy, is now the leading candidate to be officially recognized by Guinness as the current world’s oldest man, according to Young. Guinness will make a pronouncement on Licata at a later date. The oldest authenticated person was Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died at the age of 122 years and 164 days. Sanchez-Blazquez is to be buried at Gate of Heaven cemetery in Lewiston, N.Y. following a private funeral, according to John Colucci, of M.J. Colucci & Son Funeral Chapels.
Unarmed man shot by NC police after apparent accident
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — An unarmed man who may have been looking for help after a vehicle wreck was shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Saturday as he ran toward him, police said. The officer was later charged with voluntary manslaughter. A statement issued by police said officers responded to a breaking and entering call on the city’s east side around 2:30 a.m. Someone had knocked on the door of a residence, and the homeowner opened the door, thinking it was her husband. When she discovered it wasn’t, she closed the door and called 911. When officers arrived, they found Jonathan A. Ferrell, 24, a short distance from the home, and he matched a description given by the homeowner, police said. The statement said officers approached Ferrell to investigate the original call. Ferrell ran toward the officers and was hit with a Taser. Ferrell continued to run toward police when Ofc. Randall Kerrick fired his weapon, hitting Ferrell several times. Ferrell was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators said they think a wrecked car discovered down an embankment in nearby woods may have been driven by Ferrell, and investigators say he may have been trying to get help from the resident who called 911. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said the accident was serious and Ferrell would have been forced to climb out of the back window of the vehicle. He apparently walked to the nearest house and banged on the door. Monroe told a news conference that he didn’t think Ferrell was trying to rob the woman. “I don’t believe threats were made,” the chief said. Monroe also said he had spoken with Kerrick. “He is pretty shook up,” the chief said. “He’s devastated.” Kerrick has been with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police since April 2011. Monroe said at a news conference that Kerrick was in custody. Police say he was charged with voluntary manslaughter after an investigation found that the shooting was excessive. Two other officers at the scene have been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a probe into the shooting.
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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Nina Davuluri became the first contestant of Indian heritage and the second consecutive contestant from New York to win the Miss America pageant Sunday night. Davuluri, 24, won the title as the nationally televised pageant returned home to Atlantic City. She succeeds another Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, whose tenure was cut short when the pageant moved back to Atlantic City after a six-year stint in Las Vegas, where winners were chosen in January. Davuluri performed a classical Bollywood fusion dance for her talent competition. After the traditional frolic in the Atlantic City surf Monday morning, she will head to the scene of a devastating boardwalk fire in the New Jersey communities of Seaside park and Seaside Heights on Monday afternoon. The pageant had pitted 53 contestants — one from each state, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands — in swimsuit, evening gown, talent and interview competitions. “This is where we belong,” Sam Haskell, CEO of the Miss America Organization, told The Associated Press. “This is the home of Miss America, and this is where we’re going to stay.” Much attention had been given to Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, who is believed to be the first Miss America contestant to openly display tattoos. She has the Serenity Prayer on her rib cage and a military insignia on the back of a shoulder. While other contestants wore glamorous costumes and elaborately decorated footwear during Saturday night’s “show-us-your-shoes” parade on the Boardwalk, Vail wore camouflage gear and Army boots. In a Twitter message Sunday, Vail wrote: “Win or not tonight, I have accomplished what I set out to do. I have empowered women. I have opened eyes.” Vail made it to the Top 10 and won a nationwide voters’ choice award propelling her into the semi-finals. Another noteworthy contestant was Miss Florida, Myrrhanda Jones, who made it into the top 5 while wearing a bejeweled knee brace. She tore ligaments in her knee while rehearsing her baton twirling routine on Thursday. Sunday night, she performed the routine flawlessly. The pageant started in Atlantic City as a way to extend the summer tourism season for an extra weekend.
Ms. New York crowned Miss America for 2014
Miss New York Nina Davuluri, front, is crowned as Miss America 2014 by Miss America 2013 (AP Photo/Mel Evans) Mallory Hagan, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Atlantic City, N.J.
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Villagers ride motorcycles on a road covered by volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Sinabung as they flee their homes in Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Thousands of people fled their homes after the volcano erupted early Sunday. (AP Photo/Binsar Bakkara)
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
CONTROLLER Job Title: Department: Finance Reports To: Chief Financial Officer Summary: This senior management position manages LBJ’s all day-to-day accounting-related activities hospitalwide. This position reports directly to the CFO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Supervision& training of assigned accounting/finance department employees; • Day-to-day accounting operations to include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets, grants and all other accounting related processes • Management of monthly financial closings and statement preparation; • Budget control, cost analysis and related cash flow planning & monitoring activities; • Medicare/Medicaid financial certification & cost reporting; • Management of special projects and coordination of all third-party single audits as well as independent audits; • Monitors compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HHS/CMS/IRS accounting & reporting requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA, CPA or related Master’s degree from an accredited College of University in Accounting and/ or Finance, with a minimum 5 years of progressive accounting management & supervisory experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in accounting, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accountingexperience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; • Extensive experience with Medicare/Medicaid hospital reimbursement rules required; • Knowledgein Medicare/Medicaid hospital financial certification &cost-reporting, and have knowledge of US-based hospital accounting & reporting requirements in patient accounting, supply chain management, assets management, capital improvement & grants requirements strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in GAAP, accounting & financial management best practices required; • Advanced Accountingand/or Financial Management Certification preferred; • Knowledgeable about Federal HHS/CMS/IRS regulations and hospital financial reporting requirements; • Must be computer proficient in major hospital accounting & financial management information systems, Excel, as well as other MS Office software applications; • Experience with internal & external audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; • Fluency in Samoan language & culture and/or previous work experience in Polynesian culture strongly preferred; • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as. Previous IS Director applications and/or resumes submitted over the past 12 months will be considered.
Powerful typhoon lashes Japan, thousands evacuate TOKYO (AP) — A powerful typhoon was bearing down on Japan and headed toward Tokyo on Monday, dumping torrential rains, damaging homes and flooding parts of the country’s popular tourist destination of Kyoto, where 260,000 people were ordered to evacuate to shelters. Dozens were injured and public broadcaster NHK said four people were missing. Typhoon Man-yi, one of the worst storms to lash Japan this season, was packing wind speeds of 162 kilometers (100 miles) per hour at midday and headed toward Japan’s capital region. The government has set up an emergency task force to assess damage and support rescue effort, said Prime Minister’s Office official Hikariko Ono. Kyoto and neighboring Shiga prefecture have asked the Defense Ministry to mobilize relief teams. NHK said at least four people were missing and 48 people were injured in 16 western and central prefectures since Sunday, citing its own tally. Among them were two women in their 70s when a mudslide hit their respective houses in Shiga and Fukui in western Japan. A man fell into a swollen river when he went to check fish traps in Fukushima prefecture. More than 700 homes were flooded across the western and central Japan, NHK said. new Miss America cancels visit to boardwalk fire site ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A visit to the scene of New Jersey’s devastating boardwalk fire by the newly crowned Miss America will have to wait. The Miss America Organization told The Associated Press Sunday night that Nina Davuluri, who won the title Sunday night in Atlantic City, would head to Seaside Park and Seaside Heights Monday afternoon to support the reconstruction efforts. But hours later, they canceled the visit after learning that Gov. Chris Christie was making cabinet officials available to business owners victimized by the fire at the same time Davuluri planned to visit. She’ll go sometime in the future. More than four blocks of the iconic boardwalk were destroyed by a raging wind-whipped fire on Thursday. Sweden’s king celebrates 40 years on the throne STOCKHOLM (AP) — King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is celebrating 40 years on the throne by throwing a dance party in the Stockholm Palace courtyard. The royal palace celebrated the king’s 40th anniversary Sunday by holding a service in the palace church, attended by the heads of state from neighboring Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. On Saturday, there was a dinner and a jubilee concert. Later Sunday the mayor of Stockholm, Sten Nordin, will toast the king, and there will be a party for the public, featuring dance rhythms such as salsa, waltz, lindy hop and foxtrot. In a Swedish radio interview, the 67-year-old monarch indicated he will stay on the throne for as long as he remains healthy and said his job is now “more exciting than ever.” Fuel tanks explode at Virgin Islands gas station CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — Authorities say fuel tanks at a U.S. Virgin Islands gas station have exploded, resulting in a huge blast and fire but causing only two injuries. Residential areas around the Gas Works station in the St. Thomas community of Bovoni were evacuated and traffic was diverted after the explosion on Saturday night. Firefighters and other emergency personnel contained the blaze shortly before midnight, about three hours after the tanks ignited. Government spokesman Jean Greaux said there was a flareup early Sunday but it was quickly extinguished. An all-clear has been issued, allowing residents to return home. Authorities say a man who was at the gas station received burns to 18 percent of his body. A woman also received injuries. Investigators were scouring rubble Sunday looking for the cause of the blast. Indonesian Muslims resume anti-Miss World protests JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia Muslim hardliners have resumed protests in the country’s capital and two other cities against the Miss World pageant being held in the resort island of Bali. Several hundred members of the Islamic Defenders Front and Islamic Society Forum held a rally late Saturday in downtown Jakarta. They waved banners with the slogan “Reject Miss World” and “Miss World Go To Hell.” Similar protests were staged in East Java cities of Jember and Banyuwangi, where police blocked the protesters from travelling to Bali. The 63rd edition of the Miss World pageant was opened last Sunday in Bali after days of protests by the groups confined the event to the only Hindu-dominated province in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country.
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Fire put out in Bangladesh factory; no casualties reported DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — A fire broke out Sunday in a garment factory in Bangladesh’s capital, but the blaze was extinguished before it could spread and there were no casualties, an official said. The fire broke out on the top floor of a six-story building in Dhaka where bundles of clothes were kept, fire official Sheikh Mizanur Rahman said. The fire was contained and put out before it could spread and all 3,000 workers in the building were either evacuated or left when the fire alarm rang, he said. The lax safety standards of Bangladesh’s $20 billion-a-year garment export industry have been at the heart of heated debate after a factory collapse in April and a fire at a factory building in November left more than 1,200 people dead. Wide open presidential race kicks off KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan’s presidential race is kicking off, with authorities accepting nominations of would-be candidates. Monday marks the start of a wide open campaign whose winner will face numerous challenges including the final phases of the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces amid a relentless Taliban insurgency. The election is set for April 5. Incumbent President Hamid Karzai, who has led Afghanistan most of the years since the Taliban government was ousted in 2001, is barred from running again. Candidates have until Oct. 6 to submit their names, along with a hefty fee and voter identification information of 100,000 people backing them. There are no clear favorites, but speculation in recent days has focused on Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul. However, no major candidates are expected to submit their nominations until closer to Oct. 6. Miss America cheers pageant diversity ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The new Miss America says she’s delighted the pageant embraces diversity. Nina Davuluri became the first contestant of Indian heritage and the second consecutive contestant from New York to win the Miss America pageant Sunday night. The 24-year-old Davuluri won the title as the nationally televised pageant returned home to Atlantic City. In a press conference after winning the title, the Syracuse native who wants to become a doctor said she’s glad children watching the pageant “can finally relate to a new Miss America.” Davuluri performed a classical Bollywood fusion dance for her talent competition. After the traditional frolic in the Atlantic City surf Monday morning, she will head to the scene of a devastating boardwalk fire in the New Jersey communities of Seaside park and Seaside Heights Monday afternoon. Passengers from Ohio bus crash remain hospitalized CINCINNATI (AP) — At least six of more than 30 people injured when a bus drove off an interstate highway and overturned remain hospitalized in southwest Ohio. The Greyhound bus struck a tree and a fence and flipped on its side before sliding to a stop in a cornfield, injuring at least 35 people early Saturday. At least nine were hospitalized overnight. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening. The State Highway Patrol said there was no new information to release on the investigation Sunday. Patrol Sgt. James Russell said 64-year-old Dwayne Garrett, of Cincinnati, was driving the bus carrying 51 passengers to Detroit from Cincinnati. A recording at a phone number listed for Garrett said the number may be disconnected. The crash happened on Interstate 75 about 25 miles north of Cincinnati. Perris mom arrested for kidnapping her son, 2 PERRIS, Calif. (AP) — An estranged mother has been arrested after she and another woman attempted to abduct her 2-year-old son from the boy’s father. The Press-Enterprise of Riverside reports that 23-year-old Mishay Alls and her friend, 36-year-old Amber Cochran, took the boy late Saturday night. Police say Alls used pepper spray to subdue the child’s father and then fled in a truck, striking and slightly injuring a family member. The truck also hit several other cars as it sped away. The truck was spotted later in Hemet and the boy was safely returned to his father. Riverside County sheriff’s Sgt. Sam Morovich told the paper that Alls and Cochran were booked Saturday on suspicion of kidnapping, assault and conspiracy. 6 die in stampede from Bogota bar raided by police BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian authorities say six people died from suffocation or being crushed during a stampede from a crowded bar that police raided. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether police used excessive force. Witnesses have told local media that officers sprayed pepper gas when they entered the “Night Club” bar early Sunday, causing the approximately about 100 people inside to join a rush to escape. National director of investigations for the attorney general’s office Maritza Escobar says the incident happened in the Restrepo neighborhood on the south side of Colombia’s capital.
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A woman walks with her two boys on a day of more heavy rains, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Longmont, Colo. The National Weather Service says up to 2 inches of rain could fall Sunday, cre(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) ating a risk of more flooding and mudslides.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013
LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES Job Title: Department: Human Resources Reports To: Chief Executive Officer Summary: This senior management position heads LBJ’s Human Resources department and oversees the entire functioning of all department services and HR-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Recruitment, employment & retention of employees; • Salaries &benefits administration; • Coordination of employee training/professional development; • HR Policies & Procedures development and compliance monitoring; • Management of employee performance evaluation& corrective action processes • Management of employee status changes & separations; • Coordination of employee health & support programs; • Management of employee-employer relations and special employee appreciation events; • Coordination of volunteers & student interns; • Monitoring & reporting of hospital staffing budget performance and • Monitors compliance with ASG &US-Federal Labor laws. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA or related Master’sdegree from an accredited College of University in human resources management, with a minimum 5 years of HR experience, preferably in a health care or large multidisciplinary workforce setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in Human Resources, with a minimum of 10 years progressive HR experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary workforce setting will be considered; • Knowledge in hospital operations, and have knowledge of US-based staffing requirements for each section of the hospital, such as medical staff, nursing, allied health/clinical support staff, plant maintenance, finance, patient admissions/discharge, billing & collections, and computer information systems, US-federal labor and hospital staff certification requirements strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in HR/Workforce Management best practices and Policies & Procedures required; • HR Management Certification preferred; • Must be computer proficient in working with advanced HR information systems & database management systems, as well as MS Office software applications; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications and public relations skills; and • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as.
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
In this Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013, file photo, oil pumps work in the desert oil fields of Sakhir, Bahrain. Oil prices fell slightly Friday, Sept. 13, 2013, as the U.S. and Russia held discussions in (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali, File) Geneva aimed at getting Syria to give up its chemical weapons.
Escobar says the six victims were smothered or crushed, and police say two other people suffered serious injuries. Bogota police say the bar had been closed four times previously for bad behavior. 21 dead as tropical storm, hurricane batter Mexico ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Tropical Storm Manuel drenched Mexico’s southwestern Pacific shoulder Sunday and Hurricane Ingrid closed in on the country’s Gulf coast, as heavy rains and landslides caused at least 21 deaths and led authorities to evacuate thousands. Stormy conditions prompted some communities in affected states to cancel Independence Day celebrations planned for Sunday and Monday. Manuel began to weaken as soon as it made landfall near the port of Manzanillo in the afternoon and it was downgraded to a tropical depression late Sunday, but the U.S. National Hurricane Center warned that its heavy rains still could cause flash floods and mudslides. The storm was expected to dissipate Monday. Early Friday evening, officials in four states reported a total of 24 people killed by the storms, but federal Civil Protection Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente later said 21 deaths had been confirmed. In the southern coastal state of Guerrero, state authorities listed 18 deaths from landslides, drowning, a truck crash and a fallen wall, while authorities reported three deaths in Puebla, two in Oaxaca and one in Hidalgo. Puente said the federal government had 14 confirmed deaths in Guerrero, three in Hidalgo, three in Puebla and one in Oaxaca. Police: Fresno man fatally shoots man, woman, self FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Police say a Fresno man is suspected of fatally shooting a man and woman outside an apartment complex before turning the gun on himself. The Fresno Bee reports 22-year-old Gerome Dixon of Fresno and 38-year-old Cynthia Walkins were killed Friday night. Officials say they died within 10 minutes of each other and their bodies were found 400 feet apart. The coroner’s office identified the suspected shooter as 50-year-old Anthony Jackson, who was found shot dead inside an apartment at 2 a.m. Saturday. Jackson lived next to Dixon at the complex. Lt. Mark Salazar says Jackson had a 2-yearold child with Walkins, and there were “issues between him and the mother of his child.” He says no other suspects were involved in the shootings. Detectives are still seeking a motive.
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Billboard names Pink “woman of the year” (AP) — Billboard has named Pink its woman of the year. Billboard announced Monday that the pop singer will receive the honor at its annual Women In Music event Dec. 10 in New York City. P ink’s sixth album, “The Truth About Love,” has sold 1.7 million albums since it was released last year. It launched three Top 10 hits, including the No. 1 jam “Just Give Me a Reason.” Past recipients of Billboard’s woman of the year award include Beyonce, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Pink is currently on her international “The Truth About Love Tour.” Miss America contestants show off their shoes ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — Miss America contestants restarted a boardwalk tradition by showing off their shoes. With the pageant making its return to New Jersey this year, the 53 competitors paraded down the Atlantic City boardwalk Saturday evening to the refrain of “show us your shoes!” Some contestants sported footwear that reflects their state. Miss Florida’s shoes depicted alligators, Miss Indiana’s had basketballs and hoops, Miss New Jersey sported sea shells and Miss Arizona’s had a cactus. Others are took a different approach. Miss South Dakota opted for metal-studded black leather boots and Miss Oklahoma donned black and red cowboy boots. The pageant is back in Atlantic City after six years in Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned during Sunday night’s nationally televised broadcast. Music producer killed by gun shots in Jamaica KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A Jamaican music producer who worked with top dancehall reggae acts has been found shot to death in his car in Jamaica’s capital. Police say the body of Patrick “Roach” Samuels was discovered inside his Chevrolet Avalanche early Sunday. There have been no arrests. Investigators say Samuels was attending a house party in the capital of Kingston when he went outside to use his phone. Partygoers reported hearing several gunshots and they later found Samuels’ body slumped behind the wheel of his parked car. The 46-year-old Samuels and Justus Arison founded JA Productions company, which created the popular “Overproof” rhythm. The company has had hits by several dancehall acts including Mavado. Samuels also worked with dancehall reggae stars Sean Paul and Vybz Kartel.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers assessing the agreement on Syria’s chemical weapons argued Sunday about whether President Barack Obama was outfoxed by the Russians and had lost leverage in trying to end the civil war, or whether his threat of military action propelled the breakthrough. Obama said the turn to diplomacy had laid “a foundation” toward political settlement of the conflict. The deal announced Saturday in Geneva by U.S. and Russian diplomat sets an ambitious timetable for elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons by mid-2014, with rapid deadlines including complete inventory of its chemical arsenal within a week and immediate access by international inspectors to chemical weapons sites. The agreement came in response to an Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus, the capital, that the U.S. believes was carried out by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Republican lawmakers said that committing to remove or destroy Syria’s chemical weapons was laudable, the agreement fell short by not mandating military action should Assad fail to comply. Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said the U.S. is “being led by the nose by” Russian President Vladimir Putin. “So, if we wanted a transition with Assad, we just fired our last round, and we have taken our ability to negotiate a settlement from the White House, and we’ve sent it with Russia to the United Nations,” Rogers, R-Mich., said. “That’s a dangerous place for us to be if you want an overall settlement to the problems.” Russia, which already has rejected three resolutions on Syria, would be sure to veto a U.N. move toward military action, and U.S. officials said they did not contemplate seeking such an authorization. Obama said Saturday that “if diplomacy fails, the United States remains prepared to act,” and Secretary of State John Kerry warned during a visit to Israel on Sunday that “the threat of force is real” if Assad fails to live up to the terms of the agreement. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the threat of force “is still very much in Russian hands.” “That’s the most important element, is the veto piece, Corker said. “So in many ways, our credibility in the region, and certainly relative to the chemical warfare, is very much driven by Russia, which has its hands firmly on the steering wheel. “ Democrats insisted that while the agreement itself doesn’t commit the U.S. to using force, the option of acting independently of the U.N. remains. Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Russia’s primary aim has been to force the U.S. to give up that option. “Russia has failed in that goal,” Levin said. To Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the threat of American military action is “the only reason we’ve gotten to this point, even to this possibility.” Obama said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” that if Syria can be stopped from using chemical weapons, “then we may also have a foundation” to begin the process of reaching a political settlement to civil war. The president’s interview aired Sunday but was taped Friday, before the chemical weapons deal was reached but while Secretary of State John Kerry was engaged in intense talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Obama said Putin is “protecting” Assad and doesn’t share American “values” in Syria. “He has a different attitude about the Assad regime,” Obama said. “But what I’ve also said to him directly is that we both have an interest in preventing chaos, we both have an interest in preventing terrorism. The situation in Syria right now is untenable. As long as Mr. Assad’s in power, there is going be some sort of conflict there.” The U.S. says intelligence reports have placed the blame on the Assad government for the attack last month, and that prompted Obama to ready American airstrikes on his order, until he announced on Aug. 31 that he would first ask for authorization from Congress. But amid growing skepticism among lawmakers and opposition from the U.S. public, he asked lawmakers to delay a vote while giving negotiations with the Russians time to play out. Rogers spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Corker and Levin were on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” and Menendez appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
Lawmakers debate whether the US was “outfoxed” on Syria
Alabama church marks the 50th anniversary of bombing by KKK
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Hundreds of people black and white, many holding hands, filled an Alabama church that was bombed by the Ku Klux Klan 50 years ago Sunday to mark the anniversary of the blast that killed four little girls and became a landmark moment in the civil rights struggle. The Rev. Arthur Price taught the same Sunday school lesson that members of 16th Street Baptist Church heard the morning of the bombing — “A Love That Forgives.” Then, the rusty old church bell was tolled four times as the girls’ names were read. Bombing survivor Sarah Collins Rudolph, who lost her right eye and sister Addie Mae Collins in the blast, stood by as members laid a wreath at the spot where the dynamite device was placed along an outside wall. Rudolph was 12 at the time, and her family left the church after the bombing. She said it was important to return in memory of her sister, who was 14, and the three other girls who died: Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley Morris, both 14, and Denise McNair, 11. “God spared me to live and tell just what happened on that day,” said Rudolph, who testified against the Klansmen convicted years later in the bombing. Congregation members and visitors sang the old hymn “Love Lifted Me” and joined hands in prayer. The somber Sunday school lesson was followed by a raucous, packed worship service with gospel music and believers waving their hands. During the sermon, the Rev. Julius Scruggs of Huntsville, president of the National Baptist Convention USA, said, “God said you may murder four little girls, but you won’t murder the dream of justice and liberty for all.” Later Sunday, attendees of an afternoon commemoration included Attorney General Eric Holder, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Joseph Lowery and director Spike Lee, who made a documentary about the bombing. The church was full, with the only surviving mother of one of the girls, Maxine McNair, sitting in the front row. Holder called the girls’ deaths “a seminal and tragic moment” in U.S. history and recalled gains that followed their killings like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Alluding to the Supreme Court decision this year that struck down a key part of the voting law, Holder said the struggle continues decades later. “This a fight that we will continue,” Holder said. The dynamite bomb went off outside the church Sept. 15, 1963. Of the Klansmen convicted years later, one remains imprisoned. Two others died in prison. Two young men, both black, were shot to death in Birmingham in the chaos that followed the bombing. Birmingham was strictly segregated at the time of the bombing, which occurred as city schools were being racially integrated for the first time. The all-black 16th Street Baptist was a gathering spot for civil rights demonstrations for months before the blast. The bombing became a powerful symbol of the depth of racial hatred in the South and helped build momentum for later laws, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. During the morning commemoration, an honor guard composed of black and whites officers and firefighters watched over ceremonies with mixed-race crowd, something that would have been unthinkable in Birmingham in 1963. That same year, white police officers and firefighters used dogs and water hoses on black demonstrators marching for equal rights. President Barack Obama issued a statement noting that earlier this year the four girls were posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, one of the country’s highest civilian honors. “That horrific day in Birmingham, Alabama quickly became a defining moment for the Civil Rights Movement. It galvanized Americans all across the country to stand up for equality and broadened support for a movement that would eventually lead to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” Obama said. Rev. Bernice King, a daughter of the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., noted the changed city in a prayer. “We thank you father for the tremendous progress we have made in 50 years, that we can sit in the safe confines of this sanctuary being protected by the city of Birmingham when 50 years ago the city turned its eye and its ears away from us,” she said.
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 13
Rev. Julius Scruggs, third from left, leads people in prayer during a wreath laying ceremony at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. The congregation gathered outside the church for the wreath laying ceremony at the spot where a bomb was detonated 50 years ago by the Ku Klux Klan, killing four young girls. Rev. Jesse Jackson is fourth from left. U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Ala., is second from left. (AP Photo/Hal Yeager)
American Samoa Power Authority
PO Box PPB, Pago Pago American Samoa 96799 Phone: (684) 699-3057 Fax No: (684) 699-3046
CLOSING DATE/TIME: September 26, 2013 @ 2:00pm American Samoa Time The American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) requests proposals from INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCERS FOR A WASTE TO ENERGY POWER PLANT. A complete RFP package may be collected from the ASPA Materials Management Office located at the Tafuna Power Plant compound (Security Guard at the Gate will direct you to the Materials Management Office). You may also view this online at http://www.aspower.com which is the ASPA Website. For more information about this RFP, please contact the following person(s): Independent Power Producers must submit proposals in a sealed envelope, box, or other enclosure addressed to the ASPA Materials Manager. The sealed envelope or box must be labeled RFP No. FY13.1132.SW.WASTE TO ENERGY, Attention: Nancy Tinitali-Mauga and show date and time of proposal opening. An original, one PDF, electronic copy, and five (5) hard copies of the proposal must be received in the Materials Management Office located in the Tafuna Power Plant Compound no later than 2:00 pm on September 26th, 2013. Late submittals will not be opened or considered and will be designated as non-responsive. Mrs. Veronica Vaouli-Gasio Electrical Engineer Tel. 684.258.2498 veronica@aspower.com Ms. Nancy Tinitali-Mauga Materials Manager Tel. 684.699.0105 nmauga@aspower.com
The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to: 1. Reject all proposals and reissue a new or amended RFP or addenda as deemed necessary by ASPA; 2. Request additional information from any Offeror; 3. Select a firm for award based on other than “least cost” (e.g. capability to complete work in a timely fashion or proven technical capabilities); 4. Negotiate a contract with the Offeror that is selected for award; and/or 5. Waive any non-material violations of rules set up in this RFP at its sole discretion. Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director, ASPA
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
➧ ASPA will offer 1-time rebate for locals if…
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combined together residential and different commercial rates, which he believes shouldn’t have been done. He said there are two parts of the solid waste fee — collection and disposal. So even if it’s not collected, the trash still needs to be disposed of at the landfill. Responding to Samoa News inquiries for further clarification on the residential collection break in fees, Utu said the ASPA board has allowed for ‘High Elevation’ residential customers to be reclassified to a lower solid waste rate, from $8.64 to $4.37, which is half the regular residential rate. “High elevation residential customers are those who live in high elevations and do not have municipal access roads,” he explained. “These customers are hauling their trash to a bin along the road or in their cars to find an available bin to dispose of their trash.” “The initial areas being assessed are Fagatogo, Pago Pago and Atu’u.  Right now we have assessed about 100 customers in these areas that qualify for this rate,” he said. “This assessment is on a case by case basis and is being evaluated by the ASPA meter readers and the solid waste staff.” “We will consider other areas of high elevation on a case by case basis on the criteria of accessibility for trash collection and assessment
American Samoa Power Authority
Human Resource Department, Tafuna PO Box PPB, Pago Pago American Samoa 96799 Phone No: (684) 699-3040 Fax No: (684) 699-3046
Position Title Department Division Position Type Reports To Carpenter Facility Maintenance Services Operations Temporary Contract -12 Months Carpentry Supervisor Posting Date Deadline Pay Range Job Grade/Status September 12, 2013 4:00pm, September 20, 2013 $5.71 - $7.21 per hour CG-4, Non-Exempt
by our ASPA staff,” Utu told Samoa News last Friday. ASPA REBATE Sen. Leatualevao Asifoa requested ASPA to forgive the ASG debt and pointed out that in the FY 2014 budget all departments and agencies have included in their budget money to pay utility costs. (Samoa News should point out that when the FY 2014 budget call went out in June, all ASG department and offices were told to include in the budget an estimate funding for utilities.) Leatualevao inquired about the government’s debt and wanted to know how ASG was doing as far as paying it down. Utu replied that he hopes in the new fiscal year, things will be better. He added the ASG Treasurer has been very good in making steady payments with the current debt at $9.4 million. If the ASG Treasurer is able to pay off the entire $9.4 million debt, ASPA can rebate $3.5 million to all rate-payers and the rebate would be about a 30-cent reduction in the rate for one month, said Utu, to praises by the committee. Sen. Soliai Tuipine joined Atualevao in requesting ASPA to forgive the ASG debt, saying this would be Utu and Fonoti’s greatest help for the government. Soliai said both men, who are well-respected in the community — have returned to American Samoa to serve the people and government — and forgiving the debt will be a great contribution to help the government preserve its financial resources for other services. Utu did not provide a direct response to the request to forgive the debt.
Leatualevao also wanted to know if there is a possibility of having debit meters installed in government facilities, especially in the schools, in an effort to reduce costs. He said there are some schools that leave their air conditioners on all weekend. Utu revealed that this has been discussed with the ASG Treasurer and schools have been selected for a “pilot” program using debit meters. He said there are still ongoing discussions with the Treasurer about this issue. WATER ISSUE The committee inquired about the “Boil Water Notice” that has been in place for years, and Utu replied that “this is a very serious matter” for ASPA, which is working to address the notice that will hopefully be lifted by early next year. He said ASPA has identified five new water wells, including one in Vaipito (located in the Pago Pago hills), with the plan to have a total of nine new water wells to replace the nine wells that can no longer be used. ASPA is hoping to get the first five new wells on line by end of the year, Utu said, adding they are also working on water wells for Manu’a. He pointed out to lawmakers that one of the difficult tasks for ASPA is to “eliminate [water] leaks,” or water loss, in the water system, which was about 65%- 70% early this year but is now down to 60% and ASPA “needs to get it down to 40%.” Utu also shared with the committee that ASPA plans to revive the microfiltration plant — located in the Pago hills — to help with the water situation on Tutuila.
➧ Local Maritime Academy…
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Major Duties & Responsibilities
Assist Carpentry Supervisor and Senior Carpenters to: construct, alter, install and repair buildings, fixtures and other structures to include carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, also repairing air-con, etc. Read and interpret drawings and specifications. Determine materials and labor requirements, load and unload vehicles, materials and equipment as required. Operates vehicles and equipment including a variety of power and hand tools. Ensure safe working practices at all times. Perform other tasks as assigned.
MinimumR equirements
Education Experience
High School diploma or equivalent.
Minimum of two (2) years of successful carpentry work experience with some basic electrical & plumbing construction experience.
Skills, Abilities, Ability to: work efficiently, quickly assess & solve problems and possess strong oral & written Job Requirements communication skills in both Samoan and English languages.
Skilled in: Construction, maintenance and carpentry, including finishing work, with good basic electrical and plumbing experience. Familiar with maintenance equipment and tools.
Qualified applicants:please submit a completed ASPA Employment Application with a copy of your resume to ASPA Tafuna (address listed above) by the deadline listed above. Please attach copies of credentials and transcripts. Candidates selected for hire must pass examinations (when applicable), pre-employment clearances & test negative on pre-employment drug test. ASPA reserves the right to waive education and experience requirements as necessary.
No phone inquiries accepted.
An Equal Opportunity Employer * A Drug Free Workplace
“It is our collective and communal responsibility to make sure that we are able to develop the blue collar skills of our youth and contribute to the revival of our blue collar workforce,” he said. “Thus, whether it’s maritime, welding, or any skills training, they are all equally important in the territory because all these trainings contribute to the holistic development of our youth and women populations,” he said. “Our history with boats and vessels is living evidence that American Samoa should be the HUB of maritime training in the region.” During the Fono budget hearing, Sen. Mauga T. Asuega said he fully supports and agrees to having a maritime trade school. He said such training should provide the necessary skills for the local workforce to be employed. Mauga also said there are a lot of high school graduates who would not be able to make it to college to become a doctor or a lawyer, but the maritime academy should help “our young people” find jobs in another industry. Mauga urged Robinson to make sure this trade school comes to fruition. PRIVATIZATION Responding to the committee’s question on privatizing the shipyard, Robinson said “this is something that is certainly in the back of our minds, and the board of directors of the shipyard discusses it on a regular basis, but we just need time.” “If we went out now and tried to privatize the shipyard, we won’t find many people interested, because [the shipyard is] still quite run down,” he said. “So we need another 12 months to really upgrade it and then look at privatization in which case, the government at the time will stand to take in more revenue in lease payments and things like that… At the moment, the government wouldn’t benefit greatly.” Robinson told lawmakers there is a lot of capital improvements needed at the shipyard after 30 years of the lack of proper maintenance by previous tenants. (See last Friday’s edition for details on repairs and renovations the shipyard board is planning.)
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 15
Where it’s at in
American Samoa
Quality at Bottom Prices
Members of the business community who sat through a presentation by ASG Treasurer Dr. Falema’o Phil M Pili on the proposed 5% gross receipts tax on businesses and non-profit (Photo JL) organizations.
Neta’s Home Bargains
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➧ Proposed GRT hits a snag…
The treasurer explained the GRT approach will reform the current corporate tax rate structure by initially reducing it by 30% and then it will be gradually reduced over a three-year period until all corporate taxes are completely eliminated, thus voiding any need for corporate tax exemptions for American Samoa.  “A final part of the GRT plan is to replace the outdated 2000 Tax Table with a current US Tax Table for use by all American Samoa residents,” Falema’o said. He told the business community members that 50% of businesses are not paying any taxes while the other 40% are paying corporate taxes. At the end of his presentation, Falema’o appealed to the business community. But a show of hands that was carried out revealed only two supporters while the rest expressed disagreement with the proposed GRT. “We need $40 million dollars to operate this government… we need your help in making this happen. If you have a better solution on how we can generate this much money, we welcome your suggestions,” he said to those in attendance. Chamber President David Robinson said following the presentation, “virtually there is no support of this GRT, in the private sector, judging by the comments we have seen.” He noted that one of the issues is the feeling that the GRT is an increase of taxation and increase of responsibility, having to come up with funds when that the government’s responsibility. “We don’t like it,” said Robinson. However, he added, what the business people would like to see is what was indicated some time ago that instead of GRT, try the VAT (value added tax) so that it goes on in the end when someone is buying something. “That is a better solution,”
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he said. “VAT is a far more equitable way for the government to look at raising money.” Falema’o was unhappy with Robinson’s “negative comments” on the proposed GRT, saying Robinson should’ve waited and allowed those in attendance to comment on their own. Dan King did not agree with the Treasurer’s statement that with the GRT, the attraction for businesses into the territory would be high. King said that having a GRT would result in the opposite happening, meaning it would not attract investors but instead, scare them away. Sepp Steffany said the government needs funding help, and he felt this was the easiest way to attain funding to help the operations of the government. Francine Gaisoa voiced her support of the GRT, saying she agrees with implementing the GRT for three reasons: “The fact that businesses will not be exempted from this GRT, it’s a level playing field; the fact that it’ll repeal the 2% tax wage, it’ll be more money for the consumers and the end result is that corporate taxes will be zero.” During the meeting, the Treasurer revealed there are $19 million in receivables that cannot be collected. He said they had to be written off because it was impossible to collect them. Tom Drabble said the problem lies with the government — for not collecting the taxes and the lack of proper auditing. Tax Office Manager Melvin Joseph explained in response to the comments that for the last six years, given the hiring freeze, the Tax Office could not hire any auditors and collectors. He noted however that since the new administration has taken over, the Tax Office will start hiring people to fill in these slots and collect taxes for the government.
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MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — A man who stole $1.26 million worth of historic gold nuggets, jewelry and other artifacts from a Northern California courthouse has been sentenced to five years in prison. Scott Bailey, 51, of San Pablo, Calif., pleaded guilty to burglary on Thursday. Authorities say Bailey and another man broke into the Siskiyou County Courthouse on Jan. 31, 2012, and stole the items from a display case. The courthouse is in Yreka, just south of the Oregon state line. “We didn’t offer him any plea bargains. He pleaded guilty as charged,” District Attorney J. Kirk Andrus told The Mail Tribune newspaper of Medford, Ore. The man allegedly with Bailey — 49-yearold David Dean Johnson of El Sobrante, Calif. — is scheduled to go to trial Nov. 19. Security footage revealed two men breaking in through a rear window during the early morning heist. A faulty alarm failed to sound.
Gold thief gets 5 years after guilty plea
The men bought various high-value items with proceeds from the theft including new vehicles, the authorities said. Andrus said Bailey did not disclose what he and Johnson did with the gold nuggets. “He gave no information in court. I mean nothing,” Andrus said. “I pointed out in very forceful terms that shows a complete lack of remorse.” Bailey, who had no prior convictions, asked for probation at the hearing, but his request was denied. Despite Bailey’s guilty plea, Andrus said the outcome of the case was not satisfying. A piece of the city’s identity has been robbed because the historic artifacts have yet to be recovered, he said. “He broke into our halls of justice and stole a big piece of our legacy, a significant representation of our culture,” Andrus said. “Did we do our jobs? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean there’s really anything satisfying.”
Tel: 633-7038 or 633-7685
5 Gal. delivered to your home, business or office! Fagaalu across from Matafao Ele. School
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
Lieutenant Jason Asootama Atuatasi-Togi
La Oso: Iuni 18, 1989 La Goto: Aokuso 26, 2013
Iopu 1:21 “...na foaina mai e le Ali’i, ua ave’eseina fo’i e le Ali’i; ia fa’amanuina le suafa o le Alii...”
Porokalama o Sauniga Maliu
Aso Gafua, Setema 16, 2013
Taliu mai lana faigamalaga i lona atunu’u i le itula 9:30 i le afiafi po, i le malae va’alele i Tafuna O le a faia se Sauniga Lotu i le Maota o Fitafita Tuai i Tafuna (VA Center) i le itula 11:00 i le afiafi. Molimoli lea o lona tino maliu i le Maota Gasegase (LBJ) e malolo ai.
Aso Lulu, Setema 18, 2013
O le a aveeseina lona tino maliu mai le Maota Gasegase (LBJ) i le itula 11:00 i le taeao. Ona molimoli sa’o lea mo lona ulua’i Sauniga Maliu i le “Satauro o le Alofa Tunoa”, EFKAS i Fagasa A mae’a le Sauniga ona molimoli lea o lona Sa i Lalosea, le alalafaga o le Tofa Atuatasi Talosaga mo ona toe Sauniga.
Aso Tofi, Setema 19, 2013
O le Toe Sauniga Maliu ua fuafuaina i le itula e 10:00 i le taeao i Lalosea lava.
Tofa Atuatasi Talosaga ma le Tina o Siana Asootama Togi
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 17
(684) 252-‐5569
O nisi o le au fai faleaiga sa auai atu i le Faaaliga o Fefaatauaiga ma Faleaiga na tuufaatasia e le faletalimalo o le Insel Fehmarn i Tanugamanono i le aso ananafi. [ata: Naenae Productions]
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
Le afioga i le alii faipule ia Aveau Niko Palamo ma nai ona alo sa molimauina le Faaaliga o Fefaatauaiga ma Faleaiga a le faletalimalo o le Insel Fehmarn i le aso ananafi. [ata: Naenae Productions]
FAUTUAINA LE EKALESIA LMS TOE FUATAINA INA IA TOE SUIA LE IGOA Ua faailoa mai e le Fono a Ekalesia Soofaatasi a le atunuu le fautuaina o le Ekalesia LMS Toe Fuataina ina ia toe suia le igoa o le latou ekalesia, ona o le faasea a le Ekalesia Faapotopotoga Kerisiano i Samoa (EFKS) i lo latou faaaogaina o le igoa LMS lea sa muai faaigoaina ai le EFKS ina ua faatoa taunuu mai le Tala Lelei i Samoa. O le aso Tofi na sei mavae atu nei sa faia ai se feiloaiga a le Fono a Ekalesia Soofaatasi a Samoa ma feiloai ai ma sui o lea ekalesia, o le LMS Toe Fuataina. TOE APILI E AGAFILI TUITOLOVAA FAAIUGA FA’AMASINOGA Ua amatalia i luma o le Faamasinoga Maualuga le fofogaina o molimau ma le iloiloina o le mataupu o lo o faaulu ai le tagi a le susuga Agafili Laau Tuitolovaa, ina ia toe iloilo le faaiuga a le Faamasinoga o Apili a le Faamasinoga o Fanua ma Suafa, faasaga i le mataupu o fanua lea ua suia ai le pule o le fanua o Vaipaepae i Salailua o lo o faaaogaina e le Ekalesia Metotisi mo le fausia ma le faateleina o la latou malumalu atoa ai ma le maota o le galuega. Na faailoa i luma o le Faamasinoga e le alii loia o Toleafoa Solomona Toailoa lea o lo o tulai mo le o lo o tagi e faapea, o lo o tetee le Agafili Laau Tuitolovaa i le faaiuga a le Faamasinoga i le 2011 ona o le sese o le tulaga o lo o faavae ai lea faaiuga i le fanua lava lea o Vaipaepae i Salailua. TO’ALIMA PULE AOGA UA FAATE’A E to’alima pule aoga na tuuaia i le faaaoga sese o tupe a le Ofisa o Aoga ua faate’a aloaia mai le vaega o auaunaga lautele a le malo. O lea tulaga na faamaonia e le ofisa sili o pulega o le Matagaluega o Aoga, Taaloga ma Aganuu, le susuga Matafeo Falanaipupu Tanielu Aiafi, ma na ia taua, ua faia le faaiuga a le matagaluega o le a le tuliloaina lea mataupu i le tulafono. “Ua uma ona toe totogi mai e i latou ia le aofaiga atoa o tupe sa latou faaaogaina, ma ua faate’a mai a latou galuega,” o le faamalamalamaga lea a Matafeo. “O le a le maua foi e i latou ia faamanuiaga semanu latou te maua ona o le umi o le latou tautua i le malo ma ia te a’u lava ia, ua lava lena faasalaga mo latou i lo o le toe ave i leoleo ma le Faamasinoga.”
(Faaauau itulau 19)
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
tusia Ausage Fausia
Sefe e le Tama lona atali’i mai le lokaina i le 43 tausaga
Sui o le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi i le taimi na molimau ai i luma o le komiti o Aoga a le maota o sui [ata: AF] i le vaiaso na te’a nei.
tusia Ausage Fausia
Gasegase nisi o le aufaigaluega a le Kolisi ona o uaea eletise tuai
O se iloiloga sa faia i luma o le Komiti o Aoga a le maota o sui i le vaiaso na te’a nei, na manino ai afioga i faipule i le mafuaaga na mama’i ai ni tagata faigaluega se to’alima a le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi, e foliga mai na latou manavaina ea o uaea o lo o ta’i solo i totonu o se vaega o le faleaoga ua leaga, faapea ai ma vaega o le fa’alo o le fale ua le toe saogalemu i le nonofo ai o ni tagata. E i ai le talitonu o fa’aletonu i uaea nei na tula’i mai i le taimi na amata ai ona galulue kamuta a le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi e amata ona toe fa’afou le fale. O ni isi ia o molimau na tuuina atu i luma o le komiti ina ua talanoaina e le komiti a le maota lenei mataupu, ona o le fia malamalama i le fa’afitauli o lo o tula’i mai i se tasi o fale tuai i le Kolisi Tu’ufa’atasi. O le fale e pei ona tula’i mai ai le fa’afitauli sa avea ma Faletusi tuai a le Kolisi, a’o lea ua fa’aaoga e fa’amautu ai le polokalame o le Student Supports Services, o se vaega a le Kolisi e fesoasoani ai i le fa’aleleia atili o aoaoga mo le fanau e vaivai i le mataupu o le Gagana Faaperetania. E tusa ai ma se ripoti na tauaao e le taitai komiti o aoga a le maota ia Vaetasi Tuumolimoli Saena Moliga, sa taua ai le auina atu i le falema’i o tagata faigaluega e to’alua o lo o galulue i totonu o le fale e pei ona taua, ina ua tula’i mai ni tulaga fa’aletonu i o latou soifua maloloina, ma mafua ai loa ona faia se su’esu’ega a le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, Matagaluega o Galuega a le malo ma le EPA i le totonu ma fafo o le fale. Ina ua mae’a le suesuega e pei ona faailoa e le Fa’atonusili o le Soifua Maloloina ia Motusa Tuileama Nua i luma o le komiti, na faia ai loa le faaiuga e tapuni le fale e le toe fa’aaogaina ae se’i fa’agasolo galuega mo le toe fa’afouina.
Ina ua fesiligia sui o le kolisi pe na logoina i latou e tagata faigaluega i le taimi na tula’i mai ai le fa’alavelave, na taua e molimau e faapea, e le’i logoina le ofisa e i latou na a’afia e tusa ai o ta’iala ma faiga fa’avae i so o se fa’alavelave e tula’i mai i ni tagata faigaluega, ae atonu na o sa’o lava i latou nei i le falema’i ina ua latou fa’alogoina suiga i o latou soifua maloloina. O se tasi o fa’afitauli e pei ona taua e molimau, e le o i ai se tagata i totonu o le atunuu e i ai sona agava’a faapitoa i le siakiina o ituaiga fa’afitauli fa’apenei. O se tasi o tulaga na fesiligia e le komiti a le maota o sui, o le mafuaaga ua le faia ai se pemita mo le toe fa’afouina o le faleaoga, ae na fa’amanino e le peresetene o le kolisi tu’ufa’atasi ia Dr. Seth Galea’i e faapea, o lo o i ai lava tagata faigaluega a le kolisi latou te fa’atinoina galuega mo le toe fa’afouina o faleaoga, o le mafuaaga lena e le’i talosagaina ai se pemita. Na faamanino e Galea’i e faapea, sei vagana ua tauofo le galuega i se konekarate tua ona fa’atoa mana’omia lea o pemita ma isi tulaga e pei ona finau ai le malo, ae o galuega e fa’atinoina lava e kamuta a le kolisi e le tau manaomia ai tulaga ia. O le fesili po o i ai la ni isi vaega o le faleaoga a le kolisi o lo o tula’i mai ai le fa’aletonu e pei ona maitauina i le fale o lo o fesiligia, na saunoa ai Galea’i e faapea, toe pau lava lea o le fale i totonu o le kolisi e le’i fa’afouina, ma o lea ua maua le avanoa e faafou ai ina ia mautinoa e saogalemu soifua o tagata faigaluega ma fanau aoga. Na fa’afetaia e afioga i faipule sui o le malo i lo latou mataala i le foiaina o fa’afitauli e a’afia ai le soifua maloloina o tagata o le atunuu, ma latou fautuaina ai i latou ina ia fa’aauau pea ona latou galulue fa’atasi mo le siakiina o tulaga faapea e tula’i mai, ina ne’i fa’atamala ae ma’imau ai se soifua o se tagata.
O loimata o le tama ma lana augani i le fa’amasinoga mo se isi avanoa mo si ona atali’i, o se tasi lea o itu na mafua ai ona manatu ali’i fa’amasino o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga, o le a le tuuina atu le ali’i o Asofa Titio Jr i le toese mo se taimi umi, ae o le a nofovaavaaia o ia i lalo o poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga. O le ali’i o Asofa Jr, 19 tausaga le matua, na ta’usala e le fa’amasinoga i le masina o Aokuso na te’a nei i moliaga mamafa e lima, ina ua talia e le fa’amasinoga se maliliega na ia sainia ma le malo. O nei moliaga e aofia ai le talepe fale i le tulaga muamua, lea e mafai ona faasala ai o ia i le toese i le va o le lima ma le 15 tausaga; lua moliaga o le gaoi e ta’i fitu tausaga e mafai ona fa’asala ai o ia i le toese; o le moliaga o le talepe fale i le tulaga lua ma le moliaga o lona taliaina o oloa sa ave faagaoi, e ta’i fitu tausaga e mafai ona faasala ai o ia i le falepuipui. I le tu’u fa’atasiga o tausaga o nei fa’asalaga, e ono fa’asala o ia e le fa’amasinoga i le toese mo le umi e 43 tausaga. E tolu mataupu eseese na molia ai Asofa Jr i luma o le fa’amasinoga, e lua mataupu na tula’i mai i le tausaga e 2012, ma le mataupu mulimuli na tula’i mai i le amataga o le tausaga nei. O ia mataupu uma e pei ona saunoa le ali’i fa’amasino sili lagolago i le taimi na tuuina mai ai le fa’asalaga a le fa’amasinoga, e le gata sa aofia ai gaioiga o le osofa’i ma talepe fale o aiga, ae sa a’afia ai fo’i le ava malosi. A’o le’i tu’uina atu le fa’asalaga a le faamasinoga, na augani le ua molia i le faamasinoga mo se isi avanoa mo ia, ma ia taua ai lona salamo moni e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, e le toe fia tula’i fo’i i luma o le fa’amasinoga i le lumana’i. Sa ia taua fo’i e faapea, o masina e 10 lea na taofia ai o ia i le falepuipui i Tafuna, sa ia a’oa’oina mai ai se lesona taua mo lona olaga, ma ua ia iloa ai, o le toese e le o se nofoaga lelei lea mo ia. Na fa’ai’u le talosaga a le ua molia i lona fa’atoese i tagata uma na a’afia i lana gaioiga atoa ai ma ona matua, ina ia alolofa ma fa’amagalo o ia e tusa ai o lana solitulafono sa faia, ma ia talosagaina ai loa le fa’amasinoga mo se isi avanoa se’i toe fo’i atu ai i tua e saili sana galuega e fesoasoani ai i lona tama i le tausiga o le latou aiga. Na tau le mafai ona tautala le tama o le alii ua molia a’o taumafai e faaleo lana talosaga i luma o le fa’amasinoga, mo se avanoa se’i toe fo’i atu ai lona atali’i e saili sana galuega e fesoasoani ai ia te ia i le tausiga o le latou aiga. Ae na taua e le loia a Asofa Jr ia Michael White e faapea, na amata mai lava a’o talavou lenei alii o molia i le tulafono, lea lava ua avea ma tagata matua o lo o fai pea lana amio lea, ma e foliga mai sa i ai lona manatu e le taitai maua o ia i ana mea valea sa faia. Na finau White i le fa’amasinoga e faapea, na pau le auala e mafai ai ona maua se fesoasoani sili mo lenei alii talavou, o le tuu atu i ai e le fa’amasinoga o ni polokalame e toe a’oa’o ai lona mafaufau, pe tatala fo’i i tua e saili sana galuega pe afai e mae’a ona tuli sina fa’asalaga puupuu e faaopoopo i masina e 10 lea ua uma ona ia tuliina. Na faamanino fo’i e White i le fa’amasinoga e faapea, atonu ua lagona e Asofa Jr le matuia o ana solitulafono sa faia, e le gata ua saisaitia ai o ia i le falepuipui, a’o lea fo’i ua maligi loimata o lona tama i luma o le fa’amasinoga, ma o se tulaga e le tatau ona faia e fanau i o latou matua.  E 11 tausaga na manatu ali’i fa’amasino e loka mo’i ai lava Asofa Jr i le toese i Tafuna, peitai o le a fa’amalumalu lona tuliina o lea fa’asalaga, ae o le a nofovaavaaia o ia mo le 5 tausaga i lalo o poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga. O se tasi o poloaiga e aofia ai lona tuliina o masina e 20 i le toese i Tafuna, afai ae tatala o ia i tua, o le a auai i ni polokalame e fesoasoani ai i le faaleleia o lona olaga ma taofia mai ai o ia mai lona tagofia o le ava malosi ma fualaau faasaina. Sa fautuaina e le alii faamasino sili lagolago ia Lyle L. Richmond ia Asofa Jr, afai e le usita’i i poloaiga ua tuuina atu ia te ia, o lona uiga o le nofosala i le toese mo se taimi umi. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
to the Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa Non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization
tusia Ausage Fausia
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 19
IOE TALIGALU I LE MOLIAGA O LE TALEPE FALE O le ali’i lea na tu’uaia e le malo i lona osofaia o se fale i Vaitogi i le masina o Fepuari, 2013 ma gaoia se fagu kesi, ua ia ta’utino i le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga e fa’amaonia tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia te ia. E tolu moliaga mamafa na ulua’i tu’uaia ai e le malo le alii o Taligalu Ah Siu, ae i lalo o se maliliega ua talia e le fa’amasinoga, ua ia tali ioe ai i moliaga e lua o le talepe fale i le tulaga lua ma lona taumafai e talepe se fale, ae solofua e le fa’amasinoga le moliaga pito i mamafa lona fa’asalaga, o le gaoi. I le tali ioe ai o Taligalu i tu’uaiga a le malo na ia tautino ai e faapea, i se taimi o le aso 13 Fepuari, 2013 i le ao, na ia ulufale fa’amalosi ai i totonu o le fale o Senouefa Bartley ma gaoi se fagu kesi sa i ai e aunoa ma se fa’atanaga a le aiga. I le po o le aso lava lea na ia taumafai ai e talepe le faitoto’a o le o le Hall a le Ekalesia Aso Fitu i Vaitogi ma le fa’amoemoe e ulufale ai i totonu, ae na tu’u lea gaioiga ina ua ki atu moli o se ta’avale ia te ia ma alu ai loa i le atoa. Ua malilie loia o le a finau i le fa’amasinoga mo se fa’asalaga mama mo Taligalu, peitai ua malamalama lelei le ua molia, tusa lava pe finau loia mo se fa’asalaga mama mo ia, e pule le faamasinoga i le ituaiga faasalaga e faasala ai o ia, e le mafai foi ona toe suia lana tali ioe ua tuuina atu i le faamasinoga pe afai e tuu mai le faasalaga a le faamasinoga ae le tusa ai ma lona manao. O lo o taofia pea Taligalu i le toese i Tafuna e faatali ai le aso 1 Oketopa lea ua fa’atulaga e lau ai lona fa’asalaga. TETE’E LAULU MA SEMU I TU’UAIGA A LE MALO O ali’i e to’alua ia o lo o tu’uaia i lo la umia fa’asolitulafono o vaega o le laau fa’asaina o le mariuana, ua la teena tuuaiga a le malo fa’asaga ia te i laua i le vaiaso na
te’a nei. O Tenari Laulu o lo o tuuaia i lona umia fa’asolitulafono mariuana ma le fa’amoemoe e tulei ma fa’atau atu i tagata, ae o Mafo’e Semu o lo o tuuaia i lona umia fa’asolitulafono o vaega o le mariuana. O tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia Laulu ma Semu na tula’i mai i le vaiaso na te’a nei ina ua vili Laulu i se tagata ma fai i ai pe mana’o e fa’atau sana sikaleti mariuana, ona fa’afeso’ota’i ai loa lea e le tagata lea le Ofisa o Leoleo, ma mafua ai loa ona fa’atulaga e leoleo le auala e fa’atau ai e le tagata lea mariuana ae pu’e fa’apagota ai Laulu. I le taimi na faia ai le fefa’atauaiga, sa i ai fa’atasi Laulu ma Semu i totonu o le ta’avale, ma o lo o taua i fa’amaumauga a le malo e faapea, na fa’atonu e Laulu ia Semu e tago e tu’u atu le sikaleti mariuana i le tagata fa’atau. O lo o taofia pea i laua nei i le toese i Tafuna se’i vagana ua totogi le tupe ua fa’atulaga ona fa’atoa mafai lea ona tatala i laua it ua. NOFOVAAVAAIA FELISE TOGIASO MO LE 12 MASINA O le alii e 34 tausaga le matua lea na ta’usala i lona tu’iina o le isi ali’i i le taimi o se latou inugapia, ua manatu le fa’amasinoga o le a fa’amalumalu le tu’uina atu o ia i le toese mo le 12 masina, ae o le a nofovaavaaia ai o ia i lalo o poloaiga a le fa’amasinoga. O ni isi o ia poloaiga e aofia ai lona totogiina o le pili o le falema’i mo le taimi na taofia ai le ali’i sa manu’a, fa’asa ona ia toe tagofia le ava malosi, ae tatau ona auai i ni aoaoga e fesoasoani ai i le fa’afitauli o le ita ma le ava. Na fa’atoese le alii o Felise Togiaso i luma o le fa’amasinoga e tusa ai o le mea sa tupu, sa ia fa’atoese foi i le alii na a’afia, lea fo’i sa i ai i totonu o le potu fa’amasino. Na taua e Togiaso e faapea, o le ali’i na manu’a o lana uo
mamae lava, o se feeseeseaiga i lo la va i le taimi o le latou inugapia na mafua ai ona tula’i mai lea fa’alavelave, ma o le taimi nei, ua maea ona toe teuteu ma faalelei lo la va. Na faailoa e le ali’i faamasino ia Togiaso e faapea, ana le tago i le ava malosi i le po lea e le tula’i mai le vevesi i le la va ma lana uo, ma o iina fo’i ua atagia mai ai, o le ava malosi e le o se uo lelei lea mo ia.
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Faafesoota’i i numera nei pe a mana’omia se auala mo le faatasi mai i nei sauniga taua:
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Mai itulau 17
TULAI NI ALI’I AOGA I LUMA O LE FA’AMASINOGA E to’a 12 ni tama aoga mai Kolisi o Avele ma Maluafou na molia i le tulafono ona o se feeseeseaiga i lo latou va lea na tulai mai i le nofoaga faatali pasi i le fili maketi i Savalalo, na tutulai i luma o le Faamsinoga Faaitumalo ma ua ioe i latou e toafa i moliaga faasaga ia i latou e aofia ia le tau’ai maa,  faaaupegaina ma le faamisa i nofoaga faitele. O le aso 3 o Oketopa ua toe tolopo i ai le latou mataupu mo se faaiuga a le Faamasinoga. O le isi toavalu o i latou o lo teena ia moliaga faasaga ia i latou. SALA TUPE LE AVEPASI O LE PASI A SIUMU O le alii avepasi o le pasi a Siumu lea sa faafoeina le pasi ina ua leai ni taofi ma maliu ai se alii sa i totonu o le pasi ina ua oso ese o ia mai le pasi, sa tulai i luma o le Faamasinoga Faaitumalo i le aso Faraile na sei mavae atu nei, ma na laki o ia ina ua le mamafa sona faasalaga. Na molia lea alii o Lolesio Fiamatai, 37 tausaga, i le ave taavale faatamala ua mafua ai le maliu o se isi. E pei ona lipotia muamua i a tatou tala, o lea faalavelave na tulai mai i le aso 29 o iulai, 2013 ina ua leaga taofi o le pasi o le Queen Patsy ao malaga atu mai Siumu i Tiavi. Sa faapea loa ona vili mai le avepasi i le e ona le pasi ma sa faatonuina o ia e toe foi atu. Sa nonofo uma loa le pasese i lea nofoaga seia vagana ai le alii na maliu, sa toe fo’i o ia ma le avepasi.
Aoga Kuka mo Tina ma Tamaitai
Amataina Setema 23, 2013, 9:00 i le taeao i le 2:00 i le afiafi Faalua i le Vaiaso Aso Gafua/Aso Lulu mo le 8 vaiaso Matua o Faiva; Malia A. Lemalu Faauu i le Aoga Kuka; American Samoa Culinary Academy, Polokalama NEG Nofoaga: Fale Palota Tuai (Utulei) 30 Avanoa Lesitala ia Ramona Toeaina i le 633-2835 poo le i-meli o Pa’u Roy Ausage i le roy.ausage@dywa.as.gov Matagaluega o Mataupu Tau Tupulaga, Tina, ma Tamaita’i Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
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Fa’aliliu: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 1 Fa’atalofa atu ma fa’afeiloa’i atu i le mamalu o le atunu’u, i lou alafa’i mai i le manuia i lenei taeao fou, i le alofa ma le agalelei o lo tatou Tapa’au o i le lagi. E ao ai ona o tatou fa’apea ifo, “Le Atua Silisili ‘Ese e, a amata sa matou galuega, e muamua lava ona matou fa’atagisia Lau fesoasoani e ala i Lou Agaga Paia le fa’amatalaloto, aua e leai so matou poto, po’o so matou atamai, ae matou te fa’amoemoe ma fa’alagolago i a te Oe Tama, i mea uma matou te faia. A ma’ea, ona o matou fa’apea lea, “Le Ali’i e, o matou lava o ni auauna fa’atauva’a ma le le aoga, a’o le vi’iga, o le fa’afetai ma le fa’amanu, matou te fa’afo’i atu i Lau Afio e fa’avavau, fa’avavau lava, Amene.” Ia manuia le alo faiva o le atunu’u i feau ma galuega o le a feagai ai i le aso. Ua ou au maia lenei tala “Sone Vevela” e fai ma autu o la tatou tala fa’asolo. O le fa’apalagi o le tusi, “The Hot Zone”. O lenei tala o se tala moni lava i mea na tutupu ma na amata mai i luga o le mauga e igoa o Elgon o lo’o i totonu o le a’ai o Kenya i Aferika. O tagata o lo’o ta’ua i lenei tala e moni, o mea fo’i sa tutupu ai mai le tausaga 1967 se ia o’o i le tuasaga 1993 e moni ma fa’amaoni. Sa mafai ona fa’atalatalanoa e le tusi tala le to’atele o tagata e fa’amaonia ma fa’alauiloa ai a’afia’aga ogaoga o le soifua o tagata ua maua i lenei fa’ama’i. O lenei tala, o lo’o fa’amatalatala mai ai foliga va’aia o le fa’ama’i o le AIDS, ma ua i ai le talitonuga o le tusi tala i a Richard Preston, o le nofoaga lenei na amata mai ai le fa’ama’i o le AIDS ma le tele o isi virusi ua a’afia ai le lalolagi atoa. Tausaga Fou-Tausaga 1980. O le ali’i o Tiali Moneti, (Charles Monet) o se ali’i mai le malo o Farani, ma e nofo to’atasi i totonu o le fale ma le fanua e umia e se tagata mau oloa i Aferika. O le ali’i mauoloa lenei o lo’o ia pulea le kamupani ua fa’aigoaina o le Nzoia Sugar Factory po’o le nofoaga e gaosi ai le suka i totonu o Aferika. O le kamupani suka lenei, e i le itu i sisifo o Kenya, ma e o’o atu lona tuaoi i le vaitafe e ioga o Nzoia lea e fa’aigoa ai le kamupani lea, ma e iloa atu ai le Mauga e igoa o Elgon (Mount Elgon), po’o le Mauga o Elekone. O le mauga lenei o Elgon, o se mauga na amata mai i mauga mu, ma e o’o atu lona maualuga i le sefulufa ‘afe futu, (14,000). E tu lata i le vanu e igoa o Rift i totonu o Kenya i Aferika. O Tiali Moneti, ua limasefulu ono, (56), tausaga o lona soifua. O lona lauulu e fa’asasa’o se’ea, o se tama e lalelei i le va’aiga a tagata, ai ona o lona faitino lelei ae maise fo’i o le pa’epa’e o lona tino. O tama’ita’i e nonofo i isi nu’u e latalata ane i le Mauga o Elekone, o tama’ita’i ia ua fai ma ana uo. O le galuega a Tiali Moneti, o ia e va’aia masini i totonu o le kamupani a le Nzoia Sugar Factory. O masina nei o lo’o i ai paipa e mimitia mai le vai mai le vaitafe o Nzoia, ma fa’ao’o atu i le afe ma afe o maila o le fa’atoaga suka. Fai mai tala a tagata na feiloa’i ma fa’atalatalanoa i a Richard Preston, o se tama e fiafia e nofonofo i totonu o le fale o lo’o i ai masini nei. E fia fa’alogologo pea ona taliga i le pao o masini, ae maise ai o lana tautua ma lana galuega o lo’o feagai ai i totonu o le kamupani e gaosia le suka i totonu o Aferika. E faia pea…
O le Sone Vevela
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
tusia Ausage Fausia
Taunu’u i le Fono tofiga fou a le kovana e sui ai tofiga ua teena
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
Job Title: Department: Duties and Responsibilities:
Plant Operation
Cleans all areas of LB Tropical Medical Center by performing the following: • Performs routine cleaning of hospital clinic and/or wards, patient rooms, nursing units, offices, clinical areas, waiting areas, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms, corridors in a clean, neat and sanitary manner. • Utilizes the appropriate chemicals and supplies according to procedure. • Uses and maintains equipment properly. • Maintain patient confidentiality. • Assists visitors with directions whenever requested. • Always introduces self to patients, families and visitors. • Reports safety hazards as appropriate. • Transports trash and hazardous waste to appropriate disposal area. • Replenishes supplies. • Follows all infection control practices including hand washing techniques, standard precautions and isolation precautions. Minimum Qualifications: • High School Diploma and/or GED Certificate • Must be bilingual (English/Samoan) – able to write, read and comprehend in both languages. • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. • Excellent public relation skills. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
E tolu isi tofiga fou a le kovana ua mae’a ona tu’uina atu i luma o le fono faitulafono i le vaiaso na te’a nei, lea e aofia ai ma le tofiga e tasi e sui tulaga ai lana ulua’i tofiga ua le pasia e le Fono Faitulafono. O tofiga fou a le kovana e aofia ai lona tofia o le susuga a Tuala Mike Sala e avea ma totino o le Komiti Fa’afoe o le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga, atoa ai ma le tofiaina o le afioga i le alii Senatoa ia Galea’i M. Tu’ufuli faapea ai ma le afioga i le sui fofoga fetalai ia I’aulualo Fa’afetai Talia e avea ma totino o le Komiti Fa’afoe o Pulega o Atina’e ma le Tamaoaiga a le malo. O le isi tofiga e aofia ai le tofia o le faletua ia Etenauga Lutu e avea ma totino o le Komiti Faafoe a le Falema’i o le LBJ, e sui tulaga ia Leiataua Leauga Turner na teena e le Fono i le masina na te’a nei. Na taua e Lolo Matalasi Moliga i sana tusi i ta’ita’i o le fono i le aso 9 Setema, 2013 e faapea, ua ia tofia le faletua ia Lutu e fai ma sui o le tina ia Turner sa le’i pasia e le Senate. I le fa’amatalaina o le soifua galue o le faletua ia Lutu na taua ai e Lolo e faapea, o Lutu o se tama’ita’i tausima’i ua lesitalaina, sa tu’uina atu lona soifua atoa e tautua ai le atunuu i le maota gasegase, sa tofia e avea ma fa’atonusili o ali’i ma tama’ita’i tausima’i, ma o le taimi nei ua malolo litaea o ia. “O lona tomai i galuega fa’afoma’i ua ou manatu ai ua talafeagai le tofiaina o ia e avea ma sui o lenei komiti,” o se vaega lea o le tusi a Lolo i ta’ita’i o le fono. Na taua fo’i e le alii kovana e faapea, e le gata e malamalama lelei Lutu i fa’agaioiga o galuega a le falema’i, ae na te silafia lelei fo’i lu’itau o lo o feagai ma le au tausima’i, ma o ia tulaga uma o le a mafai ai ona ia fesoasoani e foia ni isi o fa’afitauli o lo o tula’i mai i totonu o le falema’i mai le tele o tausaga ua mavae. Na fa’ai’u le tusi a Lolo i lona talosagaina lea o ta’ita’i o le fono, ina ia vave iloilo ma fa’amaonia le suafa o Lutu, ina ia maua ai le avanoa e fa’aaoga ai lona tomai e tautua ai le atunuu e ala i le komiti a le falema’i. I le tofiaina e le kovana o Sala e avea ma totino o le Komiti Faafoe a le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga, na taua ai e Lolo e faapea, ua ia tofia Sala e galue i le Komiti lenei e sui tulaga i le afioga ia Moetului Sipili Fuiava ua fa’amavae mai le avea ma totino o le komiti, ina ua ia taliaina se galuega i totonu o le malo o Amerika Samoa. Na faailoa e Lolo i se vaega o lana tusi i ta’ita’i o le fono lona fiafia tele, ina ua talia e Sala le tofiaina o ia e avea ma totino o le komiti, ma o le a fa’aaoga i ai lona agava’a i tulaga tau tulafono e fesoasoani ai i galuega a le komiti. E silia i le 40 tausaga o galue Sala mo le malo, e aofia ai ma tausaga e tele sa avea ai ma fa’atonu o le Matagaluega o le Saogalemu Lotoifale. Sa i ai taimi na avea ai o ia ma komesina le tumau a le ofisa o leoleo i ni isi o tausaga. Na taua e Lolo e faapea, o le tomai o Sala i tulaga tau femalagaaiga ma le fa’amalosia o mataupu tau tulafono, ua ia talitonu ai o le a avea o ia o se tasi o sui taua o le komiti. Ae mo tofiga a le kovana mo Galea’i ma I’aulualo, na taua ai e Lolo e faapea, o le umi lava e avea ai i laua nei ma senatoa ma faipule, o le umi fo’i lea e avea ai i laua ma totino o le komiti o Atina’e ma le Tamaoaiga a le malo. Saunoa Lolo e faapea, o Galea’i ma I’aulualo ua lava lo la tomai i mataupu faalemalo aemaise ai o mataupu e a’afia tele ai le tamaoaiga o le teritori. O Galea’i e le gata sa galue i le malo ae sa i ai fo’i taimi na tautua ai i kamupani tua, na te silafia lelei manaoga i le teritori, ae o I’aulualo, e le gata sa avea ma teutupe lagolago a le malo ae sa avea fo’i ma fa’atonu o le matagaluga o Auaunaga mo le Soifua Manuia o Tagata Lautele, e lava fo’i lona tomai i tulaga tau tupe. O le vaiaso nei lea ua fa’atulaga e maota e lua latou te iloiloina ai ni isi o tofiga nei a le kovana, a’o le’i alo atu le fono mo lana malologa umi i le faaiuga o le masina nei. Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
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Spain rejects referendum sought by separatists MADRID (AP) — Spain’s prime minister has rejected a request by the leader of Catalonia to approve a referendum that would allow the northeastern region to decide whether to secede from the rest of the country. In a written reply, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told Artur Mas, leader of the economically powerful region, “the ties that bind us together cannot be undone without enormous cost” and that the two politicians should hold talks instead. Rajoy’s answer Saturday officially rebuffs the pro-separatist request Mas made in July. Spain’s constitution says only the central government can call a referendum. More than 1 million people showed support for Catalan independence on Wednesday by joining hands to form a 400-kilometer (250-mile) human chain across the region. Polls indicate about half of Catalonia’s 7.5 million inhabitants favor independence. Flare-up of boardwalk fire is extinguished SEASIDE PARK, N.J. (AP) — Firefighters have extinguished a flare-up following the massive fire that swept through a New Jersey beachfront boardwalk three days ago. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office says the flare-up occurred at about 2:20 a.m. Sunday in a debris pile on the south end of the boardwalk behind a Seaside Park bar. Fire companies from Seaside Park and Seaside Heights extinguished the fire by 3 a.m. Fire and emergency management officials are monitoring the fire zone until 6 p.m. Monday and will meet then to decide if further monitoring is necessary. The wind-whipped blaze destroyed dozens of ocean-front businesses Thursday in an area that was still recovering from Superstorm Sandy. Officials are still investigating the cause. On Saturday, Gov. Chris Christie pledged $15 million in state aid for businesses damaged by the fire. Rough landing: Camera drone sets down near Merkel BERLIN (AP) — A camera drone had a rough landing in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel at an election campaign event in Germany after police told its operator to bring down the craft. Photos from the event in the eastern city of Dresden showed Merkel looking on in amusement as the small orange drone went down on its side about 2 meters (7 feet) in front of where she was sitting. City police said a 23-year-old man had sent up the drone at the open-air event Sunday in hopes of taking photos that he could then sell. Officers told him to land the drone, which he apparently did in great haste. The man was briefly detained but quickly let go as police determined that he and the drone posed no danger. V&A Museum buys working gun made on a 3-D printer LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Victoria & Albert Museum says it has bought a working gun made on a 3-D printer, which sparked alarm among anti-firearms campaigners when it was unveiled in the United States. The museum says the gun is an addition to its collection of “new, influential, innovative or experimental” contemporary design. The “Liberator” gun was developed by University of Texas law student Cody Wilson, and made from plastic components created on a 3-D printer. Wilson fired the gun in May, and posted blueprints online, sparking a debate about potential uses of the machines, which pump out layers of plastics, metal and other materials to create 3-D objects with moving parts. The museum said Sunday it had acquired two Liberator prototypes, a disassembled gun and a number of archive items. Report: Radiation in bunker seven times above normal EL PASO, Texas (AP) — A military report says a contaminated bunker discovered at a West Texas military post had nearly seven times more than the level of accepted radiation. The El Paso Times obtained a July 3 report on the bunker at the Biggs Army Airfield at Fort Bliss in El Paso. The newspaper reported that military inspectors found high levels of uranium in one specific location. University of Texas at El Paso expert John Walton says the amount of contamination was “not huge.” Walton says workers in the bunker may have inhaled or swallowed contaminated paint chips, which would have led to a “very small and limited exposure of soldiers” over a half-century. That lines up with Fort Bliss officials’ statements downplaying the threat of radiation exposure from the bunker. UMass worker who died in crash had stolen $3.4M WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — Officials at the University of Massachusetts Medical School have discovered a $3.4 million theft by an employee who died in a December car accident. School leaders told The Boston Globe an internal investigation found that for five years financial analyst Leo Villani siphoned funds from payments intended for the state Medicaid insurance program. It may be the biggest theft by a state employee in more than a decade. Officials at the Worcester school say Villani made $46,000 a year, but drove a Porsche, collected Salvador Dali paintings and built a large home in Uxbridge. They say he claimed he inherited money. The school has dismissed one
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Fires caused by petrol bombs thrown by Bahraini anti-government protesters at riot police burn during clashes Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, in Daih, Bahrain. Clashes broke out after a traditional third-day procession for a politically active youth, Mohammed Abdul Jalil, 20, who is described by family and opposition groups as a martyr.
(AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 09, 2013 LBJ Tropical Medical Center, a 150-bed tertiary acute care healthcare facility, is located in American Samoa, the only U.S. territory south of equator, in a South Pacific tropical environment, rich in Polynesian culture, history&tradition. The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position:
Job Title: DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Department: Information Systems Reports To: Chief Executive Officer Summary: This senior management position heads LBJ’s Information Systems department and oversees the entire functioning of all department services and IS-related activities hospital-wide. This position reports directly to the CEO and is primarily responsible for the following: Primary Responsibilities: • Recruitment and supervision of qualified IS, HIM & telecommunications department employees; • IS, HIM & telecommunications Policies & Procedures development and implementation; • Management of hospital-wide IS network, including EHR, HR, financial/accounting, supply chain, plant maintenance and patient care system application support & database administration; • Management of IS hardware installation, repair, maintenance and overall performance; • Coordination of IS-usercomputer training, decision support & reporting activities; • Project Planning & Management of IS programming &software installation or upgrade activities; • Monitors integrity of data management, storage, security protection and reporting systems; and • Monitors regulatory compliance with ASG & US-federal laws, HIPAA and other HHS/CMS HIS certification requirements. Minimum Qualifications: • MBA or related Master’sdegree from an accredited College of University in Computer Science, Information Systems/TechnologyProgramming &Management, with a minimum 5 years of MIS experience, preferably in a health care or large complex multidisciplinary setting; OR Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University in computer science, with a minimum of 10 years progressive accounting experience in a health care or large multidisciplinary setting will be considered; IS Programming and/or IS Project Management Certification preferred; • Knowledge in hospital operations, and have knowledge of US-based hospital EHR/HIS/HIM (including ICD-10 & CPT coding)requirements as it pertains to patient care, plant maintenance, billing & financial reporting strongly preferred; • Extensive knowledge in HIT & MIS/HIS Management best practices and Policies & Procedures required; • Experience in development and implementation of an Information Systems Strategic Plan and aligning with hospital goals and objectives; • Demonstrated success in the development and monitoring of formal Operating and Capital Information Systems Budgets, including a track-record of success in managing departments to successful budget performances; • Must be proficient in state-of-the-art computer technologies, streamlining transactional processes, database management & storage, and security protection systems, as well as latest versions of all major pc-based software applications with demonstrated ability to apply Information Technology in solving business problems; • Experience with SQL Administration, SQL queries and ad-hoc reporting desirable; • Extensive IS hardware experience including but not limited to servers (local, external, and virtual) required; • Knowledgeable about US-federal HHS/CMS HIM/EHR regulations and hospital system upgrade requirements; • Experience with telemedicine, telecommunication and emergency communication systems required; • Experience with internal & external IS audit reviews preferred; • Must have excellent interpersonal, communications, problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills; and • Must be able to work in a variety of professionally & culturally diverse situations. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications & resumes is September 16, 2013 at 4:00 p.m or email: hr@lbj.as. Previous IS Director applications and/or resumes submitted over the past 12 months will be considered.
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
Where it’s at in
American Samoa
3250 Airport Road Pago Pago AS 96799
Phones • Tablets & E-Readers • Cameras • Speakers • Printers • Cables • Adapters • PC & Mac Accessories
The Costa Concordia ship lies on its side on the Tuscan Island of Giglio, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Authorities have given the final go-ahead for a daring attempt Monday to pull upright the crippled Costa Concordia cruise liner from its side in the waters off Tuscany, a make-or-break engineering feat that has never before been tried in such conditions. The ship capsized there 20 months ago, and Italy’s national Civil Protection agency waited until sea and weather conditions were forecast for dawn Monday before giving the OK to try to right it. In a statement Sunday, the Civil Protection agency said the sea and wind conditions “fall (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini) within the range of operating feasibility.”
Desktops and Laptops Mac and PC Custom Built Computers Computer Repairs Refurbished Desktops Computer Parts Next to Coconut Point Gas Station and Laptops Computer Recycling Phone No: 699-9706 Layaway Available computerworld.as@gmail.com Preventative Maintenance Contracts www.computerworld-as.com Network Installation and Maintenance
Aitulagi Building 2nd Floor Fagatogo Square Fagaima Road Suite 208B Ph: 699-3848 Ph: 633-3848 Fax: 699-3849 Fax: 633-3849 http://www.limafesoasoani.com Business Hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
Island Funeral Services in Nu’uuli
“Lean on Us in Your Time of Need”
24 Hour Services
Office: Fax: Home: Mobile: 699-2384 699-2108 699-6803 733-3201
GIGLIO ISLAND, Italy (AP) — Authorities have given the final go-ahead for a daring attempt Monday to pull upright the crippled Costa Concordia cruise liner from its side in the waters off Tuscany, a make-or-break engineering feat that has never before been tried in such conditions. The ship capsized there 20 months ago, and Italy’s national Civil Protection agency waited until sea and weather conditions were forecast for dawn Monday before giving the OK to try to right it. In a statement Sunday, the Civil Protection agency said the sea and wind conditions “fall within the range of operating feasibility.” The Concordia struck a reef near Giglio Island the night of Jan. 13, 2012, took on water through a 70-meter (230-foot) gash in its hull and capsized just outside the harbor. Thirty-two of the 4,200 passengers and crew members died. The bodies of two of the dead have never been recovered, and may lie beneath the wreckage. Never before have engineers tried to right such a huge ship so close to land. If the operation succeeds, the Concordia will be towed away and broken up for scrap. Salvage experts had originally hoped to right the 115,000-ton vessel last spring, but heavy storms hampered work. Crews have raced to get the Concordia upright before another winter season batters the ship against its rocky perch — damage that would increase the chance that it couldn’t be towed away in one piece. Salvage master Nick Sloane seemed optimistic in the final hours before the operation began, saying Sunday that testing of the machinery in recent days had actually lifted the 300-meter (985-foot) ship up about 10 centimeters (2.5 inches), or 0.15 degrees. There have been concerns that the rocks of the reef on which the Concordia is resting were so embedded in the hull that the ship would resist being pulled off. “We know that ... she is lively enough to move,” Sloane told reporters. The operation to bring the ship vertical involves dozens of crank-like pulleys slowly rotating the ship upright at a rate of about 3 meters (yards) per hour, using chains that have been looped around its hull. Tanks filled with
Italy gives OK to right shipwrecked ‘Costa Concordia’
water on the exposed side of the vessel will also help rotate it upward, using gravity to pull the exposed side down. Once upright, those tanks — and an equal number that will be fixed on the opposite side — eventually will be filled with air, rather than water, to help float the ship up off the reef so it can be towed away. Last week, the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, said there was no “Plan B” if the rotation failed since there would be no other way to try again. But Sloane said he was confident the ship would withstand the stress of the rotation. The most critical time will be the first hour or so of the operation, since that’s when the ship will be detached from the reef. This weekend, tourists and locals waded and swam in pristine waters just beyond the harbor, with the hulking wreck an ugly backdrop and reminder of the harrowing night when a few thousand people straggled ashore. Since the Concordia came to rest on its side, visitors have come to gawk at the wreck, providing the tiny fishing island a year-round tourist season it never had before. Mayor Sergio Ortelli has asked for patience from the island’s 1,400 residents during Monday’s operation, which he expected would last about 10-12 hours. Ferries linking Giglio to mainland Tuscany stop running at dawn Monday, meaning teachers for Giglio’s two schools were arriving Sunday night for classes. Since the shipwreck, no major pollution has been found in the waters near the ship. But should the Concordia break apart during the rotation — a possibility authorities describe as remote — absorbent barriers have been set in place to catch any leaks. Fuel was siphoned out early in the salvage operation, but food and human waste are still trapped inside the partially submerged vessel and might leak out. As a precaution, Ortelli told islanders last week that water tanks on the island would be topped up in case the water supply becomes contaminated. Other inconveniences were expected. The island that lives off fishing and tourism sends
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
Media Campaign & Games Sept. 16th-28th
Fautasi Rowing Lessons
Sept. 28th
Family Fun Beach Party
Sept. 28th
Int. Coastal Clean Up
Sept. 20th
Mangrove Planting
Sept. 17th
GIS Mapping Workshop
Sept. 18th
Educational Tours
Sept. 16th-28th
PNRS Outreach
Sept. 23th
Be sure not to miss our “Beach Day Party” all day Saturday, September 28th and a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to row in a Fautasi, Paddle a canoe and much much more!
Many bridges in Puerto Rico considered “risky”
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s salty ocean air is corroding dozens of bridges across the U.S. territory, continually weakening the structures and posing a challenge for officials trying to prioritize which ones to repair first. The island has 31 bridges considered fracture critical and structurally deficient, according to a review of federal data by The Associated Press. The fracture critical designation means those bridges have no redundant protection and could collapse if just one vital component fails. Javier Ramos, director of Puerto Rico’s Road Authority, said that while officials are planning to fix all 31 bridges, they are still safe and that he would have closed them if they were not. He said the majority of those bridges need to have their concrete slabs replaced, as corroding metal rods are snapping and weakening their structures. “We live in a tropical island,” he said. “Regardless of how close or far away we are from the ocean, that salty environment is present in any corner of the island.” The 31 bridges are part of some 7,795 bridges in the U.S. that are both fracture critical and structurally deficient, a combination that experts say is especially problematic. The Associated Press analyzed data involving 607,380 bridges in the National Bridge Inventory, which are subject to National Bridge Inspection Standards. On a national basis, there are 65,605 structurally deficient bridges and 20,808 fracture critical bridges, according to the most recently available federal government data. He said the Federal Highway Administration allocates $150 million a year to Puerto Rico’s Department of Transportation, which has the flexibility to decide what amount will be used to repair bridges. Ramos said up to $30 million is allocated a year to bridges, with crews repairing an average of five to seven bridges annually. The 31 bridges in Puerto Rico make up a mix of urban and rural structures, and all are located near or above rivers or creeks in the island’s coastal and central regions. Ramos said the biggest cluster of bridges in need of repair is in the central mountain town of Utuado, in an area of heavy rainfall. Overall, Puerto Rico has 2,270 bridges that authorities inspect every two years. As a result of the inspections, officials closed a bridge in the town of Guayanilla last year after noting that its concrete slabs were crumbling following heavy rains. Some of Puerto Rico’s oldest bridges, however, are still being used. They include the historic Mavilla stone bridge in the central town of Corozal that was built in 1900. Ramos said one of the first bridges that officials plan to deal with is in the eastern coastal town of Naguabo. It’s a steel truss bridge that will be replaced, not repaired, he said. He added that authorities already posted a sign warning the bridge can hold only up to 5 tons of weight. Ramos said part of the problem is that most of Puerto Rico’s bridges were designed some four decades ago and built to withstand only up to 20 tons of weight. The weight of trucks carrying goods has since increased to some 55 tons, he said. “We have bridges that have exceeded their lifespan,” he said. Authorities also are preparing to fix another bridge in Naguabo starting next year, and two bridges in the southern town of Yauco are already scheduled for renovations. Ramos said that on those bridges crews will use geosynthetic reinforcement soil, a material that is affordable, easy to maintain and allows projects to be built quickly.
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French skipper Maud Fontenoy shows her hand writes “Save ocean” as she dives in the sharks pool, at the Aquarium of Paris, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Fontenoy who sailed round the world solo trip against the currents in 150 days in 2007, dives to promote the launch of an exposition “Meet (AP Photo/Thibault Camus) the Sharks” at the Aquarium of Paris.
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This Sept. 10, 2013 photo shows DeLorean cars parked outside The DeLorean Motor Company in Huntington Beach, Calif. The cars were made from 1981-83 and were known for their stainless steel body and gull-wing doors. About 9,000 of the cars were made. People are having DeLoreans outfitted to resemble the car from the 1985 movie “Back to the (AP Photo/Orange County Register, Paul Bersebach) Future.”
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — It may not time travel, but the DeLorean sports car is finding its way into the future even without a flux capacitor. People are spending thousands of dollars to have DeLoreans outfitted to resemble the one that starred in the 1985 movie “Back to the Future.” About 9,000 DeLorean DMC-12 cars were produced from 1981-82 before the original company went bust. About 6,500 are believed to still exist, easily recognizable with their boxy, stainless steel bodies and gullwing doors. The current brand owner, DeLorean Motor Co. of Huntington Beach, handles everything from oil changes to full reconstructions. But as the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future” approaches in 2015, there’s been an increase in requests to recreate the movie’s iconic car, according to the Orange County Register. “I’ve grown up around DeLoreans my entire life. I was dropped off to kindergarten in the actual ‘Back to the Future’ car. A DeLorean was my first car at age 16,” said Cameron Wynne, DeLorean Motor Co. general manager. “’Back to the Future’ has been a huge part of the business. The car is so well known from a 90-year-old person to a 4-year-old because of that movie. That shows how timeless the car and the brand is.” Some replicas have been ordered for movie cameos, corporate appearances and even as the ride for a newlywed couple. DeLorean Motor Co. mechanic Danny Botkin has built six movie replica cars so far, relying on photos he took when he helped restored the original “Back to the Future” car. “’Back to the Future’ is getting bigger and bigger, especially among kids who watched the movie in 1985 and now have enough money to own a piece of it,” Botkin said. Each replica costs about $45,000. Passengers can punch in a “destination time” on the control panel and pull a lever to activate the pulsing lights of the time circuit. The parts are recreated using military surplus and other equipment, such as a jet engine oil cooler. “We’ve never advertised that we build these,” Botkin said. “It’s just been a side thing we do. If people ask us to do it, we’ll do it.” The current DeLorean Motor Co. was started by Wynne’s father, Stephen Wynne. He bought the original company’s remaining parts. The parts, including 1,000 gullwing doors, fill 40,000 square feet of warehouse space in Houston, Cameron Wynne son said. Seven years ago, DeLorean began re-manufacturing the sports car using donor cars that are stripped and fitted with remaining or remanufactured parts. “We constantly have customers calling us that have had their cars in storage for 10, 20, 30 years, and they want to get rid of it,” Cameron Wynne said. But the DeLorean isn’t resting on its laurels. The company, which has a handful of locations nationwide and one in the Netherlands, is working on an all-electric version. The company wants it to travel 100 miles on a charge and accelerate from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. However, it won’t need the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity required by Doc Brown’s version.
DeLoreans getting ‘Back to the Future’ makeovers
supervisor and disciplined several other workers in response to the theft. It also has called in an outside auditor. 2 killed in grenade attacks in Rwanda KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwandan police said Saturday that two separate grenade blasts killed two people and wounded 22 in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, ahead of parliamentary elections on Monday. A grenade exploded Friday night at a busy marketplace in the Kigali suburb of Kicukiro, killing one person and wounded 14, according to police spokesman Damas Gatare. Another grenade was detonated on Saturday in the same area, killing one person and wounding eight, Gatare said. Three people have been arrested for their alleged roles in the Friday attack, he added, giving no details about who was likely responsible for both blasts. The blasts follow three others in March and July. Since 2010 the country has been hit by grenade attacks that authorities sometimes blame on political dissidents. Rwandan President Paul Kagame won presidential elections by a landslide in 2010, though rights groups said members of the opposition faced threats and attacks. India retests missile able to reach Chinese cities NEW DELHI (AP) — India on Sunday successfully testfired for the second time a nuclear-capable missile that can strike the major Chinese cities of Beijing and Shanghai, officials said. Ravi Gupta, a spokesman for the Defence Research and Development Organisation, said the latest test of the Agni-V brought the missile a step closer to being inducted into India’s arsenal at some point in 2014 or 2015. The missile was launched early Sunday morning from Wheeler Island off India’s east coast. The missile has a range of 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) and was first successfully tested in April last year. It’s seen as a boost to India’s efforts to counter China’s regional dominance and become an Asian power in its own right. China is far ahead of India in the missile race, with intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching anywhere in India. India’s longest-range missile is currently the Agni-III, which has a range of 3,500 kilometers (2,100 miles), leaving it short of many major Chinese cities. The Agni-V is a solid-fuel, three-stage missile designed to carry a 1.5-ton nuclear warhead. It stands 17.5 meters (57 feet) tall, has a launch weight of 50 tons and was built at a reported cost of 25 billion rupees ($486 million). It can be moved across the country by road or rail and can be used to carry multiple warheads or to launch satellites into orbit. pet cemeteries can bury human ashes ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New regulations will allow New York animal lovers to spend eternity with their pets. The Daily News reports that officials have finalized rules allowing pet cemeteries to accept the cremated remains of humans. The cemeteries can bury pet owners’ ashes as long as they don’t charge a fee for it and don’t advertise human burial services. New York’s Division of Cemeteries put a halt to human burials at pet cemeteries in 2011 after an Associated Press story about the practice. It later relaxed the ban on a limited basis and began working on permanent rules. Ed Martin, owner of the 117-year-old Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester County, says he gets five or six requests a year from humans who want to have their ashes buried with their pets. man sentenced for killing pedestrian WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (AP) — A Walnut Creek man has been sentenced to four years and eight months in state prison for running over two pedestrians after falling asleep at the wheel. Hossein Tabrizi pleaded guilty Friday to charges related to the Sept. 8, 2012 accident that killed 52-year-old schoolteacher Sherry Hicks and badly injured her daughter-in-law Sheng Hahn. In court, the 54-year-old Tabrizi told Hanh and her family he never should have tried driving that day when he was tired and high on the prescription anti-anxiety drug Ativan. Tabrizi has a prior DUI conviction and arrests for suspicion of DUI and public intoxication. Tabrizi is a citizen of Iran who is in the U.S. on a green card and will likely be deported after his incarceration. Passengers start leaving detained Chinese cruise ship BEIJING (AP) — Passengers on Sunday began leaving a Chinese luxury cruise liner that has been stuck in South Korea for the past two days because of a legal dispute. More than 2,300 passengers and crew members were stranded when a South Korean district court ordered the ship detained in the port of Jeju on Friday. Four flights set off from Beijing on Sunday to bring back the passengers, according to the microblog of Chinese tour operator HNA Cruise. Four chartered planes will make two trips each, which will be enough to carry all the passengers and crew, according to a woman who answered the company’s emergency hotline. She gave only her surname, Zhao. China Central Television reported on its lunchtime news that 450 people had already left and were waiting at the airport. The cruise liner had set off from Tianjin, a port city near Beijing, on Wednesday and was scheduled to sail around South Korea islands and ports before returning to Tianjin six days later. HNA Cruise said the Jeju court acted upon a request of a Chinese company over legal disputes but did not elaborate. The
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The Outreach at Matatula was a Preparedness and Awareness Presentation for the entire school (students and staff) on Wednesday the 4th, and a follow up Tsunami Evacuation Exercise on Friday the 6th. During the presentation, presenters talked about making a plan, working together and being ready. Presenters included Mase Akapo for NOAA, which is a partner with the DHS throughout September’s National Preparedness Month events. During the exercise, the school’s tsunami evacuation plan was tested by conducting an actual evacuation from the school to their safe assembly area on a hill where the NOAA station is. The drill was also timed to the tsunami emergency siren test — when the siren sounded, the school evacuated and made their way to higher grounds. It was a little emotional due to some of the staff and students being there during the event of 2009, according to a DHS participant.
Disaster Outreach Futiga Methodist Church
2 Labor Day Outreach/Pago Pago Village Youth Rally 8am-12pm 9 Outreach to Alataua Lua Elementary School
3 3 COOP Training
4 Outreach to Matatula Elementary School/COOP Training
5 TV Outreach with Public Works & EMS Rep/ COOP Training
6 Matatula Elementary School Tsunami Evacuation Drill/First Friday at the Fagatogo Market Place Siren testing at noon 13 NOAA NPM Activity
7 Disaster Outreach 11am Ottoville Stake
8 Grandparents Day Disaster Outreach at Leone Methodist
10 Outreach to St. Theresa Elementary School
Patriots Day TV Outreach with DPS (Police & Fire) / Outreach to West-Side Public High School
12 Outreach to Kanana Fou High School
14 Outreach at Laufou School Center
15 Disaster Outreach Pago Pago Methodist
16 Step Family Day Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach 23 Media Day Outreach
17 Citizenship Day Manua Island Disaster / Ofu 24
18 TV Outreach with ASPA & ASTCA 25 Pacific Cyclone Coordinators Meeting
19 Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach / Ta’u 26 TV Outreach with NOAA PagoPago Office & Apia MET Office / Operation Mataala 1st day Exercise - All Day.
20 Manu’a Island Disaster Outreach / Ta’u
21 Outreach at Laufou School Center 28 Outreach at Laufou School Center
22 Disaster Outreach at Nua & Seetaga Church 29 Disaster outreach at Aua AOG Church
Pacific Cyclone Coordinators Meeting
27 Native American Day Operation Mataala 2nd Day exercise - All Day
30 NPM Closing
31 Will notify ALL if schedule changes *Please visit our Facebook page for schedule changes and updates
For information please call 699-6481
Visit us on Facebook or our website. For Facebook - search “American Samoa Department of Homeland Security” For website- www.asdhs.gov
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Smoke billows from the scene where renewed fighting between government forces and Muslim rebels, who have taken scores of hostages, enters its second week Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, in Zamboanga city in the southern Philippines. The standoff, which began Monday when about 200 Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas stormed several coastal communities in Zamboanga city and seized residents, has displaced more than 60,000, forced the closure of businesses and (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez resulted in more than 50 deaths so far.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST I (CHEMISTRY/SEROLOGY) Department: Laboratory – Chemistry/Serology Reports To: Lab Manager Summary: The incumbent works directly under the supervision of the Lab Manager. The Medical Technologist I is a licensed laboratory testing personnel. Primary Responsibilities: • Responsible for specimen processing, test performance and for reporting test results. • Performs only the test that is authorized by the Laboratory Manager. • Perform or supervise moderate to high complexity testing. • Must have knowledge and experience in phlebotomy procedure. • Follow the Laboratory’s procedures for specimen receiving, handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test results. • Maintain records that demonstrate proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient samples. • Adhere to the Laboratory’s Quality Control Policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed. • Follow the Laboratory’s established corrective action policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance. • Capable of identifying problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the technical consultant, clinical consultant or director. • Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the Laboratory’s established performance specifications. Minimum Qualifications: • Prefer MS/MA Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent and certified as Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, or Medical Technologist by a recognized certifying agency, and at least 1 year of experience in all areas of the Laboratory. • OR Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent. • Or an Associate Degree from an accredited College or University. • Must be US Licensed or US Certified. • Must be computer literate (word process and database). • Must have excellent public relation skills. • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
ship was supposed to depart Jeju on Friday. 100 Philippine rebels killed or captured ZAMBOANGA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine forces have killed or captured nearly 100 of the Muslim guerrillas who have held scores of hostages for a week in a southern city, as the government pushes ahead with an offensive to retake rebel-held coastal communities, officials said Sunday. Army troops and police special forces have regained rebelheld grounds and are pressing an assault deeper into communities in the coastal outskirts of Zamboanga city, where more than 100 Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas are holding hostages, military spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said. Several hostages have escaped or were freed, but it was unclear how many were still in rebel custody. Zamboanga City Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said the rebels were still holding up to 40 hostages in one community alone. Zagala said troops taking part in the offensive were calibrating their firepower to avoid harming civilians. At least 51 rebels have been killed and 42 others captured, most while trying to escape along the coast after discarding their camouflage uniforms for ordinary clothes, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said, adding that the gunmen would face criminal charges. The bodies of two rebels, a man and a woman, were found Sunday by advancing troops. Six policemen and soldiers, along with four villagers, have been killed in the standoff, which began Monday when troops foiled an attempt by the rebels to march and hoist their flag at Zamboanga’s city hall. The rebels, who arrived by boat from outlying islands, barged into five coastal villages and took more than 100 hostages as human shields. SF financier accused of sex crimes dies in Mexico SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A former San Francisco financier and philanthropist accused of molesting boys overseas has died in Mexico, where he had been fighting extradition to the United States. Thomas Frank White, 77, died Tuesday of pneumonia at a Mexican hospital, his attorney Stuart Hanlon, told the San Francisco Chronicle. White had been imprisoned for eight years in Puerto Vallarta while he fought extradition on charges he had molested boys in Mexico and Thailand. White had argued that he had been set up by con artists. White had been transferred from prison to a private hospital for treatment of complications stemming from knee and shoulder injuries, Hanlon said. “He died of natural causes,” Hanlon said. “It’s a sad way to end — I think he deserved better.” four SF men arrested for home invasion in San Jose SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Santa Clara County authorities have arrested four men in connection with a home-invasion robbery that led to an intensive manhunt and school lockdowns in East San Jose. The San Jose Mercury News reports the suspects are from San Francisco and their ages range from 19 to 27. Officials say the suspects had entered the home Thursday morning, threatened two females with handguns and stole unspecified items before fleeing the scene. Two infants were home at the time. Capt. Rick Sung says about 35 sheriff’s deputies, more than 20 San Jose police officers, a canine unit and a helicopter joined the search before the suspects were found. At least three schools were placed on lockdown, and residents in the area were told to shelter in place during the manhunt. Thousands protest planned Canadian mine in Romania BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Thousands marched through Bucharest to protest a controversial plan by a Canadian company to build Europe’s biggest gold mine in Romania. Protesters on Sunday criticized the use of cyanide in the extraction process and accused authorities of trying to sell off Romania’s assets too cheaply. The mine has drawn widespread protests in recent weeks. Supporters say the mine would bring jobs and investment to a deprived area. Last week, Prime Minister Victor Ponta predicted Parliament would reject plans for the Canadian-run mine, sending shares in the company, Gabriel Resources, plummeting by around 50 percent. Ponta went down Sunday into the Rosia Montana mine where 33 miners had been striking this week and persuaded them to end their protest, promising he would send a parliamentary committee to the area. Monaco’s Prince Albert to visit Wyoming CODY, Wyo. (AP) — Prince Albert II of Monaco will be in Cody on Sept. 28 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of his great-great grandfather’s hunting trip with “Buffalo Bill” Cody. He also plans to deliver a new scientific research grant supporting biodiversity studies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The prince is revisiting the area surrounding the hunting camp Prince Albert I of Monaco and Buffalo Bill established in 1913, near what is now Yellowstone National Park. Albert I was concerned about deforestation and overfishing in ocean waters. In the 21st century, Prince Albert II wants to carry on the tradition with his scientific interest in the environment. Six years ago, he created the Prince Albert II Foundation to protect the environment and encourage sustainable development.
An AP News Analysis TOKYO (AP) — Japan once again has become without atomic energy as its only operating nuclear reactor went offline Sunday for refueling and maintenance, and other plants remain closed for intensified safety checks following the 2011 meltdowns at the tsunami-stricken plant in Fukushima. But despite signs that the Fukushima crisis is worsening, Japan’s commitment to restarting many of its 50 idled reactors appears stronger than ever, a year after a previous government said it would begin to phase out nuclear power completely. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who took office in December, says nuclear power remains essential, even with a surge in generation capacity from solar, wind and other renewable sources, and that the world’s No. 3 economy cannot afford the mounting costs from importing gas and oil. Four nuclear plant operators have applied to restart a dozen reactors under revised safety guidelines, though the pace will be relatively slow, with the first expected to come online early next year at the earliest. Inspections take about six months for each reactor, and obtaining consent from local governments may also take time. Only two reactors had been operating in Japan since July 2012, both at Ohi in the western prefecture of Fukui. The No. 3 reactor was shut down for maintenance on Sept. 2, and the No. 4 reactor was taken offline late Sunday night and came to a full stop in the early hours of Monday, according to their operator, Kansai Electric Power Co.. They are among the dozen that have applied to restart. The disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, the worst atomic accident since the 1986 Chernobyl explosion, prompted a rethink of plans to raise nuclear capacity from one-third to over half of total demand. Even with little to no nuclear power, Japan has managed to avoid power rationing and blackouts. Industries have moved aggressively to avoid disruptions by installing backup generators and shifting to new sources, such as solar power. Recent disclosures that the Fukushima plant is still leaking radiation and struggling to handle contaminated water used to cool its reactors have raised alarms over whether the situation is as fully under control as Abe says. Still, the government appears certain to scuttle the commitment to end the use of nuclear power gradually that was made a year ago under a different administration. While surveys indicate the public remains opposed to nuclear power, the demonstrations by hundreds of thousands after the Fukushima disaster have diminished, perhaps sapped by the pain to the pocketbooks of Tokyo households now paying 30 percent more for electricity than before, with more rate hikes to come. The issue is cost, and to a lesser extent, concern over a resurgence in climate-changing carbon emissions due to increased use of coal and oil to generate power. Clean energy still accounts for only 10 percent of total consumption — most of it hydropower. Much of the new capacity approved has yet to come online. Reliance on imported oil and gas has surged from about 60 percent of energy consumption to about 85 percent. Japan posted a trade deficit in 2011 for the first time in 31 years, and another deficit of 8.2 trillion yen ($82.4 billion) in 2012. About half of the increase stemmed from rising fuel costs, according to the trade minister, Toshimitsu Motegi. The recent weakening of the Japanese yen has added to the burden on the economy from oil and gas imports. Abe and others in favor of resuming nuclear power contend that renewable energy is too expensive and unreliable — wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine. Apart from those issues, national security requires that Japan retain some self-sufficiency, and the only way to do that is by relying at least in the near term on nuclear energy, said Masamichi Adachi, an economist at JPMorgan in Tokyo. While Japan’s suppliers of uranium tend to be stable industrial nations, most of its oil comes from the volatile Middle East. But the reasons for keeping the nuclear industry afloat extend beyond the imperatives of trade balances and balance sheets. Having invested billions of dollars (trillions of yen) in nuclear plants and technology it is counting on selling to a burgeoning global industry, many of Japan’s business and political leaders appear reluctant to give it up. Local communities are divided: many have relied heavily on nuclear plants for jobs and tax revenues, but worry over potential risks. Still, Abe has pledged to pursue renewable energy and backed reforms that would separate power generation and distribution, aimed at getting utilities to retool their electricity grids so they
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Analysis — High costs keep Japan focus on nuclear
samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013 Page 29
This Jan. 26, 2012 file photo shows the No. 4 reactor, left, and the No. 3 reactor at Kansai Electric Power Co’s Ohi nuclear power plant in Ohi, Fukui prefecture, western Japan. The No. 4 reactor restarted in July 2012, along with the plantís No. 3 reactor, which went offline for maintenance on Sept. 2, 2013. Japan will once again be without atomic energy as its only operating nuclear reactor, the No. 4 reactor at Ohi plant, goes offline Sunday, Sept. 15 for refueling and maintenance, and other plants remained closed for intensified safety checks following the 2011 (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi, File) meltdowns at the tsunami-stricken plant in Fukushima.
LBJ Tropical Medical Center
Employment Opportunity
September 6, 2013
The LBJ Tropical Medical Center Department of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following position: Job Title: Department: Reports To:
Laboratory Lab Manager
Summary: The incumbent works directly under the supervision of the Lab Manager. The Medical Technologist II is a high ranking testing personnel, often handles supervisory or administrative work in a specialty section. Primary Responsibilities: • Performs only the test that is authorized by the Laboratory Manager. • Perform or supervise moderate to high complexity testing. • Must have knowledge and experience in phlebotomy procedure. • Follow the Laboratory’s procedures for specimen receiving, handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test results. • Maintain records that demonstrate proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient samples. • Adhere to the Laboratory’s Quality Control Policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed. • Follow the Laboratory’s established corrective action policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance. • Capable of identifying problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the technical consultant, clinical consultant or director. • Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the Laboratory’s established performance specifications. Minimum Qualifications: • Prefer MS/MA Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent and certified as Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, or Medical Technologist by a recognized certifying agency, and at least 1 year of experience in all areas of the Laboratory. • OR Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited College or University in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology or equivalent. • Or an Associate Degree from an accredited College or University. • Must be US Licensed or US Certified. • Must be computer literate (word process and database). • Must have excellent public relation skills. • Must be able to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and community. APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE LBJ DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE. Deadline for filing applications September 16, 2013 at 04:00 p.m.
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samoa news, Monday, September 16, 2013
The Costa Concordia ship lies on its side on the Tuscan Island of Giglio, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Authorities have given the final go-ahead for a daring attempt Monday to pull upright the crippled Costa Concordia cruise liner from its side in the waters off Tuscany, a make-or-break engineering feat that has never before been tried in such conditions. The ship capsized there 20 months ago, and Italy’s national Civil Protection agency waited until sea and weather conditions were forecast for dawn Monday before giving the OK to try to right it. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini) In a statement Sunday, the Civil Protection agency said the sea and wind conditions “fall within the range of operating feasibility.”
➧ Shipwreck…
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its compacted garbage every Monday to the mainland by boat. That sanitation service will have to be re-scheduled when the port shuts down for the rotation operation, known in nautical parlance as “parbuckling.” One of the last ferries of the day Sunday brought a mix of tourists wanting to see the boat for what might be the last time on its side and many who had spent over a year preparing to bring it upright. They included Franco Ferraiuola, a crane operator who wouldn’t be working Monday — he has some time off — but was bringing his wife to the island to watch the dramatic attempt. He acknowledged that many of the experts were confident they could bring the ship vertical in one piece but he voiced some concern. “There is always the unknown. Nothing is certain,” he said. In July, five Costa employees were convicted in a plea bargain of manslaughter and sentenced to less than three years apiece. Capt. Francesco Schettino, whom prosecutors accuse of pulling the Concordia off-course in a stunt to bring it closer to Giglio, is currently on trial, accused of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and leaving the ship before all passengers and crew were evacuated. He has denied the charges and insisted the reef wasn’t on his nautical charts. Costa is a division of Miamibased Carnival Corp., the world’s largest cruise ship company.
NEW YORK (AP) — Two police officers fired on a man who was acting erratically and dodging cars on a busy Manhattan street Saturday night, wounding two bystanders and sending people running for cover, authorities said. Police said the man made movements suggesting he had a weapon, though he turned out to be unarmed. The officers’ shots missed him, and he was eventually brought down by a stun gun. Authorities identified the man as Glenn Broadnax, 35, of Brooklyn. He faces multiple counts including menacing, riot, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. He was in custody, and The Associated Press couldn’t locate a phone listing for his home. The encounter happened just before 10 p.m. near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, a block away from Times Square. Officers saw a man on foot weaving through traffic and sometimes blocking vehicles. “It appeared he wanted to be struck by cars,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at an early morning news conference. As officers approached, police said, the man reached into his pocket as if grabbing a weapon, and two officers fired a total of three shots. The bullets struck a 54-year-old woman in the right knee and a grazed a 35-year-old woman in the buttocks, police said. Photos and video taken by onlookers showed a chaotic scene. Several officers tried to contain the man as he moved through an intersection, and he was finally brought down as people in the crowd yelled at police not to shoot him. Broadnax was taken into custody after a sergeant subdued him with a Taser, police said. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was in stable condition, police said. Authorities described him as “emotionally disturbed.” The women were taken to hospitals, where they both were listed in stable condition, according to police. Neither had injuries considered life threatening, police said. The officers who fired their weapons had been on the force for 1 ½ years and 3 years, police said. They did not release the names of the women. In August 2012, nine people were injured from bullets fired by police in a confrontation with a gunman near the Empire State Building. They were hit by stray bullets, ricochets and fragments, suffering non-life-threatening gunshot and graze wounds. Officials at the time defended the officers’ decision to fire on a street crowded with people. Police guidelines tell officers to avoid unnecessarily endangering innocent people. But police are allowed to use deadly force when faced with an imminent threat of serious injury or death. On Sunday morning, several police vehicles and half a dozen officers were still stationed outside the bus terminal at the intersection of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, but the area was busy as usual, with crowds of tourists.
2 bystanders wounded in ➧ Focus on nuclear… Manhattan police shooting
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can absorb solar and wind power generated by households, companies and other independent sources. Other initiatives include improving the efficiency of thermal power plants, installing computerized “smart meters,” using more energyefficient construction materials and design and expanding the use of energy-efficient LED lighting. Over a year ago, the government set a new, higher feed-in tariff for renewable energy, and companies are investing heavily in wind and solar power, transforming defunct golf courses into solar farms and building offshore wind turbines. Such companies include phone carrier Softbank, trading houses Mitsui & Co. and Marubeni Corp., Toyota Motor Corp.’s Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc. and Oji Paper, among others. Since April 2012, Japan has increased its generation capacity from renewable sources by 15 percent to about 3.4 million kilowatts. “Over the last two years, there’s been a realization among the big players — Toyota, Hitachi, shipbuilders — that there’s a huge opportunity in power,” said Andrew DeWit, a professor at Rikkyo University in Tokyo. “We’re also seeing radical efficiency gains.” Even if Japan’s nuclear plants are allowed to restart, many will soon reach their 40-year operating limits, raising the issue of whether and how they will be replaced. Meanwhile, the disposal and security of nuclear waste are issues yet to be resolved. For now, however, it appears any phase-out of nuclear power will be very gradual. “In the long term if we can create new resources that are more efficient than the current oil-based system, then we can rely less on nuclear power, that’s quite possible,” Adachi said. “But it will take quite a long time.”
LYONS, Colo. (AP) — The cars that normally clog Main Street in Lyons on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park have been replaced by military supply trucks. Shop owners in Estes Park hurriedly cleared their wares in fear that the Big Thompson River will rise again. A plywood sign encouraged residents mucking out their homes to “Hang in there.” Days of rain and floods have transformed the outdoorsy mountain communities in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain foothills affectionately known as the “Gore-Tex Vortex” from a paradise into a disaster area with little in the way of supplies or services — and more rain falling Sunday. The string of communities from Boulder to Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, is a base for backpackers and nature lovers where blue-collar and yuppie sensibilities exist side by side. Now, roadways have crumbled, scenic bridges are destroyed, the site of the bluegrass festival is washed out and most shops are closed. Chris Rodes, one of Lyons’ newest residents, said the change is so drastic that he is considering moving away just two weeks after settling there. “It’s not the same,” Rodes said. “All these beautiful places, it’s just brown mud.” Estes Park town administrator Frank Lancaster said visitors who would normally flock there during the golden September days should stay away for at least a month, but it could take a year or longer for many of the mountain roadways to be repaired. Meanwhile, people were still trapped, the nearby hamlet of Glen Haven has been “destroyed” and the continuing rain threatened a new round of flooding, he said. The residents who remained or began trickling back — if they were allowed to do so — were left to watch out for one another. Restaurateurs and grocers in Lyons were distributing food to their neighbors as others arrived in groups carrying supplies. Scott Martin, 25, drove the half-hour from Boulder Saturday to deliver drinking water and gasoline to a friend’s parents. He fled Lyons amid a torrential downpour on Wednesday night after the mountain stream that cuts through town gushed into his basement. Martin grew up tubing down the river and hiking the mountains, and like many residents, he still jumps in the water after work. Looking into the cottonwood and aspen trees at the outskirts of town, he wondered when he would be able to do those things again. “Best case, it’s just mud everywhere; in everyone’s yard and all the streets,” he said.
Floods transform Colorado’s ‘Gore-Tex Vortex’
From the mountain communities east to the plains city of Fort Morgan, numerous pockets of individuals remained cut off by the flooding. Sunday’s rain hampered the helicopter searches, and rescuers trekked by ground up dangerous canyon roads to reach some of those homes isolated since Wednesday. The surging waters have been deadly, with four people confirmed dead and two more missing and presumed dead after their homes were swept away. Some 1,500 homes have been destroyed and about 17,500 have been damaged, according to an initial estimate released by the Colorado Office of Emergency Management on its website. In addition, 11,700 people left their homes, and a total of 1,253 people have not been heard from, state emergency officials said. With phone service being restored to some of the areas over the weekend, officials hoped that number would drop as they contacted more stranded people. As many as 1,000 people in Larimer County were awaiting rescue Sunday, but airlifts were grounded because of the rain, Type 2 Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team commander Shane Del Grosso said. Hundreds more people are unaccounted for to the south in Boulder County and other flood-affected areas. In Estes Park, some 20 miles from Lyons, hundreds of homes and cabins were empty. High water still covered several lowlying streets. Where the river had receded, it had left behind up to a foot of mud. Ironically, the massive Estes Ark — a former toy store two stories high designed to look like Noah’s Ark — was high and dry. “I don’t know if it’s open anymore, but soon it’s going to be our only way out,” joked Carly Blankfein. Supplies of gas and groceries had been running low until Route 7 was recently reopened. On Sunday, people were lined up at the one gas station where a tanker had arrived. At the Aspen and Evergreen Gallery along the town’s main street next to the Big Thompson River, owner Tamara Jarolimek was clearing out the shop Sunday in fear that the new wave of rain would cause another surge. “We only have limited time to get out as much as we can,” she said. At the town’s historic Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining,” clerk Renee Maher said the hotel was nearly empty. Though it sits on a hill overlooking town, the ground was so saturated that water was seeping in through the foundation, and had caused one suite’s bathtub to pop out “like a keg,” Maher said. Despite the mess, some people staying in town turned
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out for the Stanley’s nightly ghost tours. “They said they came because they had nothing to do,” Maher said. In Boulder, often called America’s fittest town, Mayor Matt Appelbaum warned people to stay out of the wideopen spaces that ring the city. “I know that people are eager to get out there again, but it’s truly unsafe.” he said. “Places that I’ve known and loved for 30 years are gone.” Boulder remained a refuge for evacuees from the more isolated mountain towns. Meanwhile, water continued to back up in some parts of town and a water treatment plant remained down Sunday. But the town was bouncing back. Libraries and recreation centers have reopened. Students are again spilling out of cutesy restaurants on Pearl Street, and classes at the University of Colorado are expected to resume soon. Deeper in the mountains, people wonder whether the rest of the state will move on without them. “At least it’s the slow season, so we have some time to rebuild,” Lyons resident Kevin Cray said. “There’s going to be cleanup for a long time. Folks are going to have to come together.”
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