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Gov re-nominates Tim Jones as TEO director… 5 Appellate Division overturns the Le’i title decision… 3 Steelers Ta’amu on the road to redemption… B1
Following the emergency cabinet meeting held yesterday, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga was surprised with two birthday cakes, one from his wife, First Lady Cynthia Moliga, the other from the Governor’s Office Staff. See story in today’s issue about the emergency cabinet [Photo: AF] meeting.
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La’u i le lapisi i Futiga ni isi o oloa a le TM Inc. 10
Daily Circulation 7,000
Tuesday, August 13, 2013
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu, Samoa News Reporter
Emergency cabinet DoH inspector, store owner meeting over DOE deny allegations of bribery “sanitation crisis”
DoH inspects T.M. Inc. for 3 straight days
by Samoa News Staff
Following the delay of the new school year for the Department of Education, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga called an Emergency Cabinet meeting at his office yesterday, to mandate directors and agency heads to participate full force in the Adopt-A School initiative. Last week, DOE Director, Vaitinasa Dr Salu Hunkin-Finau moved to delay the starting of school, following the Department of Health inspection of the schools on sanitation issues in the cafeterias, restrooms and classrooms. Public schools are now slated to open on Monday, August 19, 2013 said Vaitinasa. Of the 46 private and public schools, ten public and two private schools have been cited for sanitation problems. Dr. HunkinFinau stated that “They (DOH) looked at the cafeterias, bathrooms and total grounds including the classrooms; it’s not just bathrooms and cafeterias, which are in a much more critical condition, and these issues need to be addressed right this moment.” The DOE Director is appealing to members of the public, village councils, businesses, associations, churches and organizations to lend a helping and help with the cleaning and renovation of the classrooms of each school nearby. 
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For three days straight, inspectors from the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Services Division were busy conducting inspections at T.M. Inc. in Pago Pago. The inspections are believed to be in response to the photos and story published last Saturday, August 10 in the Samoa News- To’asavili about T.M. Inc. allegedly bribing DoH inspectors to ‘look the other way’ and bypass inspections, as they sell contaminated frozen foods. Yesterday morning, the store owner, a Chinese man named Mu, was accompanied by a female Samoan employee to the Samoa News office where he thanked us for publishing the stories and photos. Mu has numerous businesses and says he usually isn’t around to witness the day-to-day business activities at T.M. Inc. He said that since the Samoa News article about his store was published last Saturday, he has had to fire one employee — the meat cutter — and has made every effort to ensure his frozen food products are safe for consumption and the containers are up to par with DoH standards.
Mu reported that inspectors visited his store on Saturday, Sunday, and even yesterday, where DoH Director Tuileama Nua was present. A Samoa News employee, who was present during yesterday’s inspection, reports Tuileama instructed the store employees to discard the items discovered to be unsafe for consumption. Later in the day, the condemned items were loaded on to a van owned by Mu. A DoH representative was in the van as it headed off to begin the process of trashing the items, which starts with a written report prepared by DoH. Under local law, business owners are responsible for paying all costs associated with the dumping of contaminated goods, even transportation. Last Wednesday, Samoa News witnessed a refrigerated container full of frozen food products being unloaded in front of T.M. Inc. A Samoa News source had reported the container was being unloaded because two DoH inspectors stopped by earlier that day to take photos of the contents. The inspectors told the employees to clean the container out.
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Department of Health inspections under the supervision of DoH Director Tuileama Nua and head of the DoH Environmental Services Division Papalii Marion Fitisemanu are believed to be in response to the photos and story published last Saturday, August 10th in the Samoa News/To’asavili, about T.M. Inc. The story alleged that DoH inspectors were bribed to ‘look the other way’ and bypass issuance of citations, while the contaminated frozen foods were still sold. However, over the weekend, multiple visits by DoH resulted in the condemned items being loaded on to a van owned by the store owner and with a DoH repre[Photo: AF] sentative present in the van, it headed off to dump the items.
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samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Lawmakers requesting budget details on LBJ before Fono convenes
(ANSWER on page 14)
By Samantha Weaver
✖ It was Napoleon Bonaparte who made the following sage observation: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” ✖ In 2006, an 87-year-old Oregon man, Marty Alvey, lost nearly all his sight, due (unsurprisingly) to age-related causes. This is not noteworthy. However, three years later, the same man became faint and dizzy, so he called 911. He began to feel better on the ambulance ride to the hospital, but he wanted to be checked out anyway. By the time the doctor made it to his room, Alvey’s sight had been restored. Even after thorough examinations by two ophthalmologists, no cause was found. ✖ If you’re pregnant in Switzerland, don’t tell anyone the name you plan to give your baby; it’s considered to bring bad luck. ✖ Smugglers will never stop trying to find creative ways to transport illicit goods from one part of the world to another. In 2009, a German man tried to smuggle 44 lizards out of New Zealand in his underwear; it seems that he had sewn special pockets in his undergarments specifically for the creatures. ✖ If a frog eats too many fireflies, it will begin to glow. ✖ You’ve probably heard or seen pictures of bioluminescent lagoons, but the bacteria that cause this phenomenon are not limited to small bays and inlets. In fact, there is a bioluminescent patch of ocean to be found off the horn of Africa. “Patch” may not be quite the right word to describe it, though; the area that glows is the same size as the state of Connecticut. ✖ You might be surprised to learn that the sweatiest part of the human body is not the armpits; it’s the palms of the hands. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Thought for the Day • • • • • • • • • • • • • “I hate women because they always know where things are.” — Voltaire
A handful of individual lawmakers have made a direct request to the LBJ Medical Center management to provide full details of the medical center’s proposal of more than $52 million for their fiscal year 2014 budget. The budget document submitted last month from LBJ was only two pages. The lawmakers are hoping to get the information this week before the Fono reconvenes next Monday following a three-week mid session recess. It’s unclear why the FY 2014 LBJ budget was submitted without details but Samoa News has learned from a handful of lawmakers they have already made their own direct request to LBJ management for full details, especially when the FY 2014 budget has a huge increase, compared to FY 2013. It’s understood the Fono leadership has also made a direct request to the administration for more details on the LBJ budget. According to the information found on the two-page budget, LBJ is proposing a budget of $52.57 million, compared to $35.51 million approved for FY 2013. In the revenue column, the largest source listed is $11.46 million in Medicaid Funding; followed by $7.90 million in Interior Department funds; $7.89 million under the Obama Affordable Care Act; $7.82 million from Medicaid; $6 million in ASG subsidy; $5.03 million in revenue to be collected at the business office; $3.5 million to be collected under the 2% payroll tax; $2.51 million in federal grants; and only $439,000 from the fuel excise tax. Information in the documents sent to the Fono didn’t provide details of how much in every revenue source LBJ has collected so far in FY 2013. The ASG subsidy is a $2 million hike from FY 2013 and Lolo had told the Fono this “additional subsidy qualifies the hospital for an additional $2 million from Medicaid funds yielding $4 million in new revenue to finance healthcare services. For expenditures, personnel services is the highest expenditure at $28.31 million, followed by materials and supplies with $14.18 million; $5.78 million in capital equipment and the rest for travel, ‘all others’ and contractual services. The missing documents would provide specific details of spending as well as other purposes. It should also show in budget details as to whether the hospital is allocating any funds in FY 2014 to restart the off-island medical referral program which has not been fully active for more than three years due to the lack of funding. As in past budget hearings, lawmakers are expected to question LBJ officials over pay-scale of professional medical personnel such as doctors and nurses, versus pay for top management of LBJ. Also expected to be questioned by the Fono is the amount of money LBJ is proposing to collect from the 2% payroll tax, and specifically how much the hospital has received so far this year from this revenue source.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Nearly a year after the state first asked for help, federal officials are declaring a fishery disaster for Florida’s oyster industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The collapse of the oyster industry last year came after a drought reduced freshwater flowing into Apalachicola Bay. But state officials have also blamed the lack of freshwater flow due to increased consumption in Georgia. The declaration by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker sets the stage for possible help from the federal government if Congress approves it. That aid could include economic assistance to fishing businesses and communities, including oystermen. “We understand the economic significance this historic oyster fishery has for fishermen and related businesses in the Panhandle of Florida,” Pritzker said in a statement. The announcement comes a day before both U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson are scheduled to be in Apalachicola for a field hearing by the Senate Commerce Committee. The committee will take testimony about the impact of water flows in the bay. The Apalachicola River that flows into the bay is part of the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint river system. The states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida have fought for years over the amount of freshwater coming downstream from Georgia to the other states. Gov. Rick Scott first requested a fishery disaster declaration back in September 2012. He called on Congress to act swiftly to approve aid for the region now that the federal declaration had been made. Last year the state obtained a $2.7 million federal grant to pay 200 dislocated oystermen for a project to re-shell the bay in the Florida Panhandle to help it recover and re-open to harvesting.
Feds declare disaster for Florida’s oyster industry
Appellate Div. overturns Le’i title decision
Says Land and Titles court “did not have jurisdiction”
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu Samoa News Reporter
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 3
Job Title: Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (2) Department/Division: Governor Office/Vocational Rehabilitation Type position: Full Time/Permanent Posting Date: August 09, 2013 Closing Date: August 22, 2013 Serial No.: 055-13 Announcement No.: 047-13
Posting Type: E mployment Opportunity/Open to Public
Pay Grade and Salary Range: GS 11/$11,889 - $30,719.00
NOTE: Re-advertisement due to limited numbers of prospective candidate application.
The Appellate Division of the High Court has overturned the previous order by Land and Titles Court in the matter of the Chiefly Title Le’i, which was awarded to Nu’utai Sonny Thompson, from Ofu Manu’a. According to the ten-page order and opinion issued last week, the Appeals Court says the Lands and Titles Court erred when it retained jurisdiction over the instant case after specifically finding there had not been a meaningful family meeting prior to Nu’utai’s filing of his petition for matai registration, which is why the Appellate court’s opinion is limited to discussing the issue of jurisdiction presented. Nu’utai is represented by Matailupevao Leupolu, while Leutu Segila Vaeao is represented by Sharron Rancourt in this matter.  Attorneys for Nu’utai told Samoa News they have filed a motion for an expedited status hearing at the Trial Court following this decision. However, the court has not yet set a date on the said motion for a status hearing — when this matter will be determined as to its next step.  The  Appellate court noted in their order and opinion, they found Nu’utai’s selection at the Tutuila family meeting was procedurally wanting because it was neither convened in accordance with family tradition nor was it adequately publicized or ‘noticed’. After concluding the meeting as convened did not provide a meaningful family decision, as contemplated by statute, the trial court, rather than dismissing the judicial proceedings (without prejudice) in deference to traditional family sway and control, nonetheless retained jurisdiction by remanding the matter to the family to hold another meeting in Ofu, to select a matai — either Vaeao or Nu’utai. “By doing so, the trial court effectively stifled any further opportunity for unfettered clan input on the issue of matai nominations. Thus, those family members who were not able to attend the prior and inadequately noticed Tutuila meeting were effectively curtailed unduly from meaningful participation in the selection process, because they had no say whatsoever as to nominations for family discussion. “The trial court undeniably injected its process into the Le’i family’s meeting by delimiting the agenda,” says the order and opinion. The Appellate court noted in their view, the trial court’s purported retention of jurisdiction was in error because unless and until a family has had a meaningful opportunity to thoroughly confront the issue of matai succession and to decide for itself whether or not it can select a new titleholder, the Land and Titles Division really has no business entertaining matai title cases. According to the opinion and order, although the Le’i family did subsequently convene as a family at a neutral setting of the family’s traditional guest house site in Ofu, the family nonetheless was convened not according to its customary protocols, but under direct supervision and control of the Lands and Titles Division as to whom the clans were authorized to consider as the next matai. “The Appropriate action for the Lands and Titles Division to undertake after determining  the family meeting was improperly conducted, is to dismiss the case without prejudice and to direct the Clerk of Courts to provide the order to the Territorial Registrar so that all existing claims, counterclaims, and objections to the title may be administratively set aside. “Such a court will result in a clean slate and will be conducive to providing the Le’i family with a meaningful opportunity for family discussion on the selection of a successor titleholder.” The Appellate court noted, based on the foregoing, they vacate all orders issued on the Le’i title and remand this matter for further proceedings consistent with the opinion and order. The Opinion and Order was signed by Chief Justice Michael Kruse, Associate Justice John L Ward II, Acting Associate Justice Elvis Pila Patea and Associate Judges Fa’amausili Pomele and Muasau Tasina To’ofili. 
General Description: Under supervision performs professional rehabilitation services int he areas of in-take, evaluation, and eligibility determination, provision of service related to counseling, guidance, training, and medical restoration, and provides job development and/or job placement. Is responsible for a caseload and performs all duties related to casework and fiscal-related matters. Serve as liaison with public agencies and private firms in the community where they are placed. Key Duties and Responsibilities: • Exercise independent judgments to determine client’s eligibility for service extent and nature of their disability, and their need for and the feasibility of • Collects analyzes and inters medical, psychological, educational, social and employment information regarding each client. Assists clients in determining appropriate vocational goal, Prescribe and interprets standardized tests for use in vocational guidance, and assists the client in making a feasible vocational rehabilitation choice. • Counsel and assists clients with their personal adjustment thrughout the rehabilitation program. • Arranges for medical treatment, including surgery, psychiatric care, occupational and physical therapy, prosthetic appliances and other auxiliary service. Consults with psychiatrists and physicians regarding finding of their examination. • Through a comprehensive study of the client’s background, determines specific needs and helps develop rehabilitation plans to remediate these needs. Plan and arranges for courses of study or training and supervises the applicant’s training program. • Markets to employers in developing employment opportunities and place client to include postemployment follow-up. • Counsels and guides the client in establishment of small business enterprises and supervises the selection and financing of business needs. • Assess client’s financial ability to participate in their rehabilitation program. • As requested, serves as consultant to representative of public and private entities in relation to issues surrounding person with disabilities. • Maintains appropriate case records and authorized fiscal expenditures. • Ensure that case service are provided on a timely and appropriate basis to client. • Ensure appropriate and prudent stewardship of public fund. • Acts as an advocate for person with disabilities. • Responsible for negotiating and meeting performance goal. • Discharge other duties as assigned. • All other duties and responsibilities as assigned. Knowledge Skill and Ability: • Good oral and written communication and organizational skill • Knowledge and understanding of principle and techniques of guidance • Knowledge of individual differences in people, and of the principles of individual appraisal. • Knowledge of interviewing, occupational testing, and the evaluation of personal traits. • Knowledge f personality development and adjustment. • Knowledge of psychology of occupations, including concepts of aptitude, motivation and need. • Knowledge of areas of community resources ordinarily available to increase the employability of the disabled. • Ability to effectively utilize the proceeding skills knowledge and abilities as evidenced by previous employment history, and/or education, and by an oral interview Academic and Experience Requirements: • A Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and/or a current Certification (CRC) as a Rehabilitation Counseling by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification is preferred for this position. Bachelor degree will be considered if the incumbent is willing to towards a Master Degree Rehabilitation Counseling of progressively responsible working experience may be substituted for portion of the of the academic requirement. Salary will be adjusted according to experience. Complete information concerning this vacancy may be obtained from the Personnel Division of the Department of Human Resources, or please contact the Recruitment unit at 633-4485/633-4000. Fa’afetai tele,
HTC Le’i Sonny Thompson Director, Department of Human Resources
An Equal Opportunity Employer
a Full legal analysis suggests that citizenship would ’t harm the territory San Francisco, August 12, 2013 — While the case of Tuaua v. United States has been dismissed by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the case for citizenship for American Samoans continues. A former Assistant Attorney General, Sean Morrison, has just completed a law review article examining the question in depth. It will be published in the October issue of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly. The article, “Foreign in a Domestic Sense: American Samoa and the Last U.S. Nationals,” does the first thorough legal analysis of citizenship and its impact on the territory. It comes at an important time, as the debate is ongoing regarding citizenship. While the D.C. Court dismissed the case, it did not look into the full range of issues raised by the arguments, instead leaving the decision to Congress. Rep. Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has introduced legislation in Congress calling on a federally authorized referendum on the question. Morrison’s article comes to three important and surprising conclusions. First, the D.C. District Court’s decision was driven by an ambiguous definition of “United States,” which Morrison’s article shows to be a misguided method. As such, the court does have the power to determine citizenship for American Samoa through a series of early 20th Century Supreme Court decisions known as the Insular Cases. Second, citizenship in this context is not a “fundamental right” but is still applicable to American Samoa. Third, and most important, citizenship for American Samoans would not change the political status of the territory in any way, and would probably leave the fa’asamoa untouched. “Every commission, report, and argument regarding citizenship in American Samoa has always ended with the request for a legal opinion on its effects on the culture and status of the territory,” explained Morrison. “But for over a century that analysis has never been done, and a lot of fear and confusion remains about the topic. I just examined whether citizenship could apply to the territory, and whether it would be harmful to the cultural system.” Such conclusions leave a future court, or the territory, with a solid analysis with which to determine the citizenship issue. “I hope that this article will help the people of American Samoa make an informed decision regarding citizenship, by presenting an exhaustive, unbiased analysis of what would actually happen were citizenship to be applied,” said Morrison. “In all reality, it’s not that scary, and life in the islands would not change.” The article will appear in the October issue of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly. “Mr. Morrison’s article is original, thoughtful, and proffers a unique approach to citizenship for American Samoans that is both grounded in law and sensitive to American Samoa culture,” said Dustin C. Ingraham, Editor‐in‐Chief of the Quarterly. We are honored and delighted that Mr. Morrison has chosen to publish his scholarship with the Quarterly and we look forward to its inclusion in our forty‐first volume.” Sean Morrison was an Assistant Attorney General for the American Samoa Government until the end of 2012. He is currently President of Megerson Holdings, LLC. The Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly is the country’s oldest law journal devoted exclusively to constitutional law. The Quarterly is published four times yearly by the University of California Hastings College of the Law. Those interested may read an advanced, unofficial, unedited copy of the article at the Social Science Research Network: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2255231
Study concludes that citizenship can thrive in American Samoa
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samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013
The soil is exposed at the site of a landslide in Baguio city as powerful typhoon Utor batters the northern Philippines Monday, Aug. 12, 2013, toppling power lines and dumping heavy rain across mountains, cities and food-growing plains. The storm killed at least one man in a landslide and left 45 fishermen missing. Typhoon Utor, described as the strongest globally so far this year, slammed ashore in mountainous eastern Aurora province with sustained winds of 175 kilometers (AP Photo) (109 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 210 kph (130 mph).
“APOLOGY TO FA’ASAO MARIST HIGH SCHOOL” In yesterday’s front page photo caption of the Department of Agriculture (DoA) staff following their clean up of Fa’asao Marist High School last Friday, Samoa News incorrectly included in the caption, “this high school was one of several of the territory’s schools cited by the Health Department, after inspections last week, for unsanitary conditions...” Fa’asao Marist High School was never cited by DoH inspectors. FMHS principal Victor Langkilde said yesterday that Fa’asao Marist “was not cited as one of the schools for unsanitary conditions.  Fa’aao Marist High School was already painted, repaired, and cleaned within its facilities when DoA arrived.  DOA’s work was only outside on the campus grounds and proposed programs for the new school year.” Samoa News apologizes to its readers and to FMHS for its mistake.
photo caption correction
Petition backs Manning for Nobel Peace Prize OSLO, Norway (AP) — Nobel Prize committee officials say they have received a petition claiming some 100,000 signatures that endorses awarding the peace prize to U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, who faces up to 90 years in prison for disclosing classified information through WikiLeaks. Peace laureate Mairead Maguire nominated Army Pfc. Manning for the prize in June, saying his leaks had helped end the war in Iraq by hastening foreign troop withdrawals and dissuading further American intervention in the Middle East. U.S. anti-war activist Norman Solomon gave the petition on Monday to Nobel committee member Asle Toje, who said the annually awarded $1 million Nobel Prizes are “not a popularity contest” and the petition would neither weaken nor strengthen Manning’s nomination. The last jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner was Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo in 2010. Obama orders creation of |intelligence review group EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) — President Barack Obama is directing his national intelligence director to form a panel of outside experts to review government intelligence and communications technologies. It’s one of the reforms Obama promised last week to help instill public confidence in U.S. surveillance programs exposed by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. In a memorandum Obama signed Monday and released by the White House, he asks intelligence director James Clapper to empanel outside experts to review U.S. surveillance technologies, particularly how the government can maintain the public trust and how such surveillance affects foreign policy at a time when more and more information is becoming public. Obama requested an interim report within 60 days, and a final report and recommendations by mid-December. The memo was released as Obama vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard.
10 exposed to radiation at Japanese nuclear plant IWAKI, Japan (AP) — Ten workers at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant were exposed Monday to small amounts of radiation while conducting cleanup activities, the plant’s operator said. Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it is still investigating how the workers were contaminated at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, but that it may have been from radioactive dust. It said small amounts of radiation were found on the workers’ faces and hair. A powerful earthquake and tsunami destroyed power and cooling systems at the plant in March 2011, causing the release of large amounts of radiation. Makeshift equipment is being used to cool the reactors, and the plant has been plagued by blackouts and leaks of contaminated water. Volcano spews more hot ash, lava in east Indonesia MAUMERE, Indonesia (AP) — A volcano spewed more hot ash and lava on a tiny Indonesian island Monday after causing six deaths over the weekend. More than 500 Palue island residents who had earlier refused to leave the 3-kilometer (1.9-mile) exclusion zone around Mount Rokatenda have been evacuated to the neighboring island of Flores, said Mutiara Mauboi, an official at a disaster command post. The bodies of two children who were among six people killed by lava as they slept early Saturday have not been recovered. “There is no more searching for the victims. The main activity now is evacuation,” Mauboi said from her office in the town of Maumere. “All of the residents in eight villages on Palue have to be moved gradually.” The eruptions were smaller Monday but the potential danger was high because the volcano continues to release hot gas clouds, said government volcanologist Surono, who uses only one name like many Indonesians. Molten lava and ash have covered most of Palue, an island in East Nusa Tenggara province with only a 4-kilometer radius.
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Governor Lolo re-nominates Tim Jones as director for TEO
confident he can lead us into renewable energy future
less reliant on costly fossil fuels and more reliant on renewable energy.” Lolo also shared with the Fono that Jones has many years of experience in the energy field, having served as a Senior Engineer in the U.S. Navy, worked as an operator for Bechtel North American Power at their 18MW cogeneration plant in California and served as utilities manager for the former COS Samoa Packing cannery. More recently he was general manager of Hawthorne Machinery in American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga and for the last 10-years, he has owned and operated his own small business, Extreme Power Inc., said Lolo. In closing the governor asked the Fono for their support in confirming Jones as TEO director. The Fono reconvenes next Monday following a three-week midsession recess. The fiscal year 2014 budget is one of the priority items for lawmakers followed by confirmation hearings for director-nominees. Jones told Samoa News in June that American Samoa has an aggressive plan to reduce the territory’s dependence on diesel for electricity through the use of renewable energy, which includes a geothermal project at an estimated cost of more than $2 million with drilling to begin next year, according to a government official. Geothermal is planned for Tutuila, while the Manu’a island group will be completely off diesel fuel “except as a back up” by October 2016 and will use solar panels… with installation to begin before the end of this year, the nominee said. by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News Correspondent Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga says Timothy D. Jones Sr. as the director of the Territorial Energy Office can place the territory in a future that will be less reliant on fossil fuel, and Jones is already working on renewable energy for Tutuila and the Manu’a island group. The governor made the argument in his recent letter to Fono leaders re-nominating Jones as TEO director for the next four years. Lolo’s first nomination of Jones was rejected during the Fono’s 1st Regular Session when the nominee failed to muster enough “yes” votes in the Senate to be confirmed, although Jones was endorsed by the House. In his renomination letter, Lolo pointed out that during his tenure as acting director, Jones “has displayed the kind of drive and initiative I am looking for in this administration.” For example, he says, after years of not working very well together, the American Samoa Power Authority and TEO “have finally forged a partnership which is showing tangible results”. Jones has taken the lead in revitalizing the American Samoa Renewable Energy Council and is now chair of the Council, which “has developed an Energy Action Plan and is near to being completed with a Renewable Energy Strategic Plan,” Lolo explained. “Initiatives are underway to deliver fully renewable energy resources to Manu’a and to begin the search for geothermal energy for Tutuila,” the governor said. “I am confident that Mr. Jones can manage the Territorial Energy Office into a future where we become
Notice for Proposed Registration of Matai Title
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 5
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Section 6.0105 of the Revised Code of American Samoa that a claim of succession which has been filed with the Territorial Registrar’s office for the registration of the Matai Title TUPUOLA of the village of FAGASA by LANISELOTA M. SOPOAGA of the village of FAGASA, county of ITUAU, EASTERN District. THE TERRITORIAL REGISTRAR is satisfied that the claim, petition by the family and certificate of the village chiefs are in proper form. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone so desiring must file his counterclaim, or objection to the registration of this matai title with the Territorial Registrar Office before the expiration of 60 days from the date of posting. If no counterclaim, nor any objection is filed by the expiration of said 60 days, the matai title TUPUOLA shall be registered in the name of LANISELOTA M. SOPOAGA in accordance with the laws of American Samoa. POSTED: JULY 10, 2013 thru SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 SIGNED: Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar O le fa’aaliga lenei ua faasalalauina e tusa ma le Maga 6.0105 o le tusi tulafono a Amerika Samoa, e pei ona suia, ona o le talosaga ua faaulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le Resitara o Amerika Samoa, mo le fia faamauina o le suafa matai o TUPUOLAI o le nu’u o FAGASA e LANISELOTA M. SOPOAGA o FAGASA faalupega o ITUAU, falelima i SASA’E. Ua taliaina e le Resitara lea talosaga, faatasi ma le talosaga a le aiga faapea ma le tusi faamaonia mai matai o lea nu’u, ma ua i ai nei i teuga pepa a lea ofisa. A i ai se tasi e faafinagaloina, ia faaulufaleina sana talosaga tete’e, po o sana faalavelave tusitusia i le Ofisa o Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na faalauiloa ai lenei fa’aaliga. Afai o lea leai se talosaga tete’e, po’o se faalavelave foi e faaulufaleina mai i aso e 60 e pei ona taua i luga, o lea faamauina loa lea suafa matai i le igoa o LANISELOTA M. SOPOAGA e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono a Amerika Samoa. 07/13 & 08/13/13
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Fa’amauina o se Suafa Matai
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Prince Charles now facing political ‘meddling’ claims
LONDON (AP) — Prince Charles has had 36 private meetings with British Cabinet ministers in the last three years, a newspaper revealed Monday, and the large number has spurred accusations that the heir to the throne is meddling in politics. The Daily Mail compiled a list of the meetings from public records. They include seven with Prime Minister David Cameron since the May 2010 election. The heir to the throne is expected to be politically neutral, but 64-year-old Charles has expressed strong opinions on issues including education, architecture, religion, the environment, organic food and homeopathy. The meetings included seven with ministers responsible for energy and climate change and five with environment ministers. In an editorial, the usually pro-royal Daily Mail accused Charles of a “campaign of meddling.” “By lobbying ministers behind closed doors, the prince appears to be using his position to manipulate policy,” the newspaper said. Charles’ office said Monday that the prince had a duty “to bring his unique perspective” and experience into meetings with officials. It said the meetings were part of Charles’ preparations for becoming monarch, and that he contributed “important insights, perspectives and knowledge built over 40 years of experience in a range of areas aimed at transforming lives and building sustainable communities.” Britain’s constitutional monarch has no political power, but meets regularly with prime ministers and other senior politicians to talk about events of the day. In contrast to her son, 87-yearold Queen Elizabeth II has not publicly expressed personal opinions. This is not the first time concerns have been raised about Charles’ political activities. The government and the High Court have blocked a years-long bid by the Guardian newspaper to force the disclosure of the prince’s letters to government officials. Attorney General Dominic Grieve said last year that the “particularly frank” letters reflect Charles’ personal views and might give Britons the impression that their future monarch is not politically neutral.
Notice is hereby given, pursuant to A.S.C.A. §37.1105, that ANZ GUAM, INC. dba ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank intends to foreclose a mortgage, recorded in the Office of the Territorial Registrar in Lease Agreement, Volume Number LT 7 at page 144-145 on January 20, 2010, and that the property subject to the mortgage will be sold at public auction. Property to be Sold: All of the mortgagor’s interest in that certain parcel of individually owned bare land, consisting of approximately 0.484 acre, more or less, situated in the village of Vaitogi, American Samoa and more particularly described as: All of that certain tract or parcel of land being a portion of land known as “LALOGATAE”, located in land square 31, Unit C, Village of Vaitogi, County of Tualauta, Western District, Island of Tutuila, Territory of American Samoa and more particularly described by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning at an iron point which has coordinates of X=239334.46 and Y=277851.46 based on American Samoa Datum of 1962. Run thence on azimuth 240 degrees 58’ 48”, 106.09.0 feet to a point; thence on azimuth 316 degrees 55’ 21”, 243.44 feet to a point; thence on azimuth 43 degrees 43’ 10”, 47.49 feet to a point, thence on azimuth Containing of an area 0.484 acre more or less. Date of Sale: Friday, September 20, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at the property, unless postponed or canceled by public announcement. Location: The property is located in Vaitogi, American Samoa. Minimum Bid: $65,000 Contact: For more information about this property, please contact Barry I. Rose at the Law Offices of Rose Joneson Vargas, telephone number 699-2100, facsimile number 699-2105, or send an email message to barry@rjvlaw.com. ANZ GUAM, Inc. dba ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank reserves the right to reject any and all offers.
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A portion of a building rests in a sinkhole Monday, Aug. 12, 2013 in Clermont, Fla. The sinkhole, 40 to 50 feet in diameter, opened up overnight and damaged three buildings at (AP Photo/John Raoux) the Summer Bay Resort.
CLERMONT, Fla. (AP) — It sounded like a thunderstorm as windows broke and the ground shook, but vacationers who were awakened from their rooms at a villa near Orlando, Fla., soon realized that the building was starting to collapse — parts of it swallowed by a 100-foot sinkhole that also endangered two neighboring resort buildings. By early Monday, nearly a third of the structure at Summer Bay Resort had collapsed. All 105 guests staying in the villa were evacuated, as were those in the neighboring buildings. No injuries were reported. The villa, with 24 threestory units, was reported as a total loss. Inspectors remained on the scene Monday afternoon to determine whether the other two buildings near the sinkhole — a common occurrence in Florida — would be safe to re-enter. The first sign of trouble came about 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Security guard Richard Shanley had just started his shift, and he heard what sounded like shouting from a building. A guest flagged him down to report that a window had blown out. Shanley reported it to management, and another window popped. The resort’s staff decided to evacuate the villa. Shanley said the building seemed to sink by 10 to 20 inches and bannisters began to fall off the building as he ran up and down three floors trying to wake up guests. One couple with a baby on the third floor couldn’t get their door open and had to break a window to get out, he said. “It’s a scary situation,” Shanley said, and guests credited him with saving lives by knocking on doors to awaken them. Inside, they heard what sounded like thunder and then the storm of water, as if it were a storm. Evacuation took about 10 to 15 minutes, according to staff and witnesses. Amy Jedele heard screams coming from one of the adjacent buildings around 10:30 p.m., and several minutes later, the sounds of sirens. She and her fiance, Darren Gade, went outside. “That’s when you could hear the pops and the metal, the concrete and the glass breaking,” she said. The first portions of the building to sink were the walkways and the elevator shaft, Gade said. “You could see the ground falling away from the building where the building started leaning,” Gade said. “People were in shock to see a structure of that size just sink into the ground slowly. ... You could see the stress fractures up the side of the structure getting wider.” Then, as a part of the leaning building crumbled quickly into the ground, dust shot up around the site, amateur video of the collapse shows. In one of the adjacent buildings, firefighters and police officers knocking on doors woke up Maggie Moreno of San Antonio. She couldn’t
Sinkhole swallows part of resort villa in Florida
fully open the door to her unit. “It sounded like popcorn,” said Moreno, who was visiting with her husband, daughter and two grandchildren. “The building was just snapping.” Luis Perez also was staying at a nearby building. He said he was in his room when the lights went off around 11:30 p.m. He said he was on his way to the front desk to report it when he saw firefighters and police outside. “I started walking toward where they were at, and you could see the building leaning, and you could see a big crack at the base of the building,” said Perez, 54, of New Jersey. Over the next five hours, sections of the building sank into the ground. Paul Caldwell, the development’s president, said the resort gave all affected guests other rooms. Some visitors — many of whom had to leave their wallets, purses and other belongings behind in the quick evacuation — were given cash advances by Summer Bay. The Red Cross also distributed food, clothing and medicines to vacationers who had lost their belongings in their resort rooms. There were no signs before Sunday that a sinkhole was developing, Caldwell said. He said the resort underwent geological testing when it was built about 15 years ago, showing the ground to be stable. Caldwell said he was awaiting further inspections to determine any damage to the second and third buildings. The resort — with condominiums, two-bedroom villas and vacation houses in addition to standard rooms — has about 900 units spread over a large area about 10 miles west of Walt Disney World. It is set on a secluded 64-acre lake. Problems with sinkholes are ongoing in Florida. They cause millions of dollars in damage in the state annually. On March 1, a sinkhole underneath a house in Seffner, about 60 miles southwest of the Summer Bay Resort, swallowed a man who was in his bed. His body was never recovered. But such fatalities and injuries are rare, and most sinkholes are small. They are caused by Florida’s geology — the state sits on limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water, with a layer of clay on top. The clay is thicker in some locations, making them even more prone to sinkholes. Last week, Florida received a $1.08 million federal grant to study the state’s vulnerability to sinkholes. Other states sit atop limestone in a similar way, but Florida has additional factors like extreme weather, development, aquifer pumping and construction.
“Mount Rokatenda remains on high alert,” Surono said. “There has been no significant decline in activity.” About a quarter of the island’s 12,000 people moved to Flores after the volcano began erupting last October, said Tini Thadeus, head of the local disaster agency, adding the government has agreed to build new houses for the displaced. India unveils home-built aircraft carrier NEW DELHI (AP) — India has launched its first home-built aircraft carrier, marking another milestone in its efforts to bolster its maritime presence. Defense Minister A.K. Antony said Monday that India needs a strong navy to defend itself, and that it will press ahead with developing its maritime capabilities. India joins the U.S., Russia, France and Britain in building its own carrier. The carrier was launched at the Kochi shipyard in southern Kerala state, but it still needs to be outfitted and extensive trials held before it is inducted into the Indian navy in 2018. India has steadily built up its naval capabilities in recent years, spurred by its rivalry with neighboring China. On Saturday, India activated an atomic reactor for an indigenously built nuclear submarine. Strong quake hits off the coast of Peru LIMA, Peru (AP) — The U.S. Geological Survey says a strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.2 has struck off the coast of northern Peru. The quake struck at 4:49 a.m. local time and was centered 58 miles (94 kilometers) west-southwest of the city of Paita. The USGS says it was at the relatively shallow depth of 10 miles (16 kilometers). There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Israel shoots down rocket near border JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military says it has shot down a rocket launched toward the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, near the border with Egypt. The army says the rocket was intercepted early Tuesday and that there were no injuries. It didn’t provide more details and declined to comment on the origins of the projectile. The incident comes after days of heightened tension along the Egypt-Israel border. Last Thursday, Israel briefly closed the Eilat airport in response to unspecified security warnings. The following day, five suspected Islamic militants were killed in Egypt’s volatile Sinai Peninsula, and a rocket launcher there was reportedly destroyed. Egyptian security officials have attributed Friday’s strike to a drone fired from the Israeli side of the border, but Israel has remained silent about the attack. Walker’s lawyer says his client carried the gun to protect students. Guide in human smuggling ring sentenced SAN DIEGO (AP) — A man who served as a foot guide in a smuggling ring headed by two ex-Border Patrol agents has been sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison. The U-T San Diego reports Armando Garcia agreed not to appeal his conviction in exchange for the sentence handed down Monday. Garcia was found guilty last year of conspiracy and human smuggling for financial gain. The two former agents, brothers Raul and Fidel Villarreal, were convicted of smuggling hundreds of people into the United States in Border Patrol vehicles. Authorities said Garcia led people across the U.S.-Mexico border and into the vehicles. After the brothers learned about a federal investigation, they fled to Mexico. The Villarreals, along with Garcia, were arrested in 2008 and extradited to the U.S. Instructor shoots student in Ohio gun safety class LANCASTER, Ohio (AP) — Police say an instructor at a central Ohio gun safety class has accidentally shot a student. The Columbus Dispatch reports 73-year-old Terry J. Dunlap Sr. was demonstrating a handgun at a training facility on Saturday when he fired a bullet that ricocheted off a desk and into the right arm of 26-year-old Michael Piemonte. The student says the .38-caliber bullet hit him between his elbow and armpit. He says many of the students in the class were nurses who helped stabilize him before he was transported to a Columbus hospital. Piemonte tells the newspaper it appears Dunlap didn’t know the gun was loaded. Dunlap hasn’t responded to requests for comment. A police report lists the shooting as accidental. Alabama panel targets segregationist wording in law MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A state panel has proposed striking segregationist language from Alabama’s 1901 constitution that mandates separate schools for “white and colored children.” The Anniston Star reports the Alabama Constitutional Review Commission voted 9-7 Mondayto propose that Section 256 of the document instead say the state will maintain a system of public schools and to drop references to segregation. The passage hasn’t had legal authority since the civil rights movement. Some state leaders say they’d like to strike the passage because it’s an embarrassment to Alabama. Commissioner Carolyn McKinstry told the newspaper it’s disappointing more people didn’t agree on the topic. Two prior attempts at striking the passage have failed. In 2004, opponents said dropping the language could allow courts
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American Samoa Power Authority
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 7
P.O Box PPB Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Phone: (684) 699-4619 Facsimile: (684) 699-7067
This notice is distributed in accordance with US Public Law 93-523, which is also known as the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). ASPA has recently prioritized its water capital improvement project (CIP) Priority Project List (PPL) to comply with rules and regulations of the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). A copy of the ASPA Water PPL is available to the public for review at ASPA’s Fagatogo and Tafuna Customer Service offices or on the internet at ‘http:// www.aspower.com’. Public comment on the ASPA Water (CIP) PPL may be made in writing to ASPA for a thirty (30) day period following the date of this public notice. Both Tafuna and Fagatogo customer service office staff will receive your comments in writing or email to ‘wuppl@aspower.com’. ASPAM anagement
E tusa ai ma le Tulafono o le Unaite Setete 92-523 (US Public Law 92-523) – po’o le tulafono ua lauiloa ole Tulafono mo le Puipuia o Vai Taumafa (Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)), e fa’alauiloa atu i le mamalu lautele - ua toe fa’afouina le fa’atulagaina o le lisi o galuega fa’aleleia mo le Vaega ole Vai (Water Capital Improvement Project (CIP Priority Project List (PPL)), ina ia alugatasi ma ta’iala ma tulafono a le Ofisa o le Puipuia o Vaifanua a Amerika Samoa ma le Unaite Setete o Amerika. E mafai e le atunu’u ona maua le kopi ole lisi o galuega fa’aleleia a le Vaega ole Vai (ASPA Water PPL) mai le Ofisa Pisinisi a le ASPA i Fagatogo po’o Tafuna (le Ofisa o lo’o totogi ai pili). E mafai fo’i ona maua le lisi i luga ole tuatusi initeneti a le ASPA i le ‘http://www.aspower.com’. E mafai e tagata ona fa’aulu mai tusitusiga ma ni manatu fa’alia po’o tusitusiga e fa’atatau i lenei lisi i le Ofisa a le ASPA i Satala po’o Tafuna – fa’apea fo’i le tuatusi i-meli ole ‘mailto:wuppl@aspower.com’. O taimi fa’atulagaina mo ni manatu fa’alia po’o tusitusiga fo’i e fa’atatau i lenei lisi – e fa’amuta i le 30 aso mai le aso ole fa’asalalauga. Puleaga a le ASPA
Projects will be prioritized based on points accrued in the three categories listed below. The first two categories give points for only one subcategory, the last categoryallows for points to be received for as many as 3 subcategories that apply. In cases where projects receive the same score, the projects wil be ranked according to population served by the project, i.e., the higher the population served, the higher the priority. PUBLIC HEALTH (One Only) a b This project will correct the cause of a documented human disease event. Examples include outbreaks of Hepatitis, Giardiasis, and Cryptosporidosis. This project will provide potable water to a community or area presently using untreated surface water. This project will eliminate acute risks to public health. Examples include projects that will resolve microbial risk from inadequately treated surface water or ground water, or elimination of dangerously high levels of contaminants such as nitrate exceedances. This project will correct potential long-term, chronic health problems, or repair or replace serious distribution system problems or leaks. Examples include correction of potential distribution problems. This project will eliminate potential health hazards, provide treatment of secondary contaminants such as iron or manganese, or enhance system operations. Examples include exceedances of primary MCLs due to mechanical or structural problems, undersized or inadequate components or low pressure problems. COMPLIANCE WITH SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT (Only one) a This project will allow a system to come into compliance with an executed Compliance-Order-By-Consent (COBC) or Administrative Order, Judicial Decision or Consent Decree. This project will resolve a significant compliance issue. Examples include SNC violations, NOVs and Boil Water Notices. This project will resolve documented compliance issues that are relatively minor in nature. Documentation will include agency notification letters, etc. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS (Accumulative - 15 points maximum) a The system employs, or has access to, the correct level of certified or qualified operators. Construction documents have been prepared and submitted. A detailed engineering feasibility study, including detailed cost estimates, has been prepared and submitted. This project will result in the regionalization and/or consolidation of two or more existing public water systems. 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 35 pts. 25 pts. 10 pts. 100 pts. 75 pts. 75 pts. 50 pts.
20 pts.
b c
b c d
CINCINNATI (AP) — A 17-year legal fight between two law professors over their divorce and continuing disputes has drawn criticism from judges who say the pair set a bad example. The feud has lasted seven years longer than the couple’s 10-year marriage, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. Their divorce case file had more than 1,400 entries in it. Many had to do with a back-and-forth custody dispute over their children, now ages 17 and 20. Among issues still being litigated is money. Judges hearing the case complained the professors broke rules or abused the system. “It is frightening to this court that either is teaching current law students the boundaries and ethics of our profession,” Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Leslie Ghiz said during a July hearing. “Both should be thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed.” University of Cincinnati professor Christo Lassiter questions how judges managed the cases between him and his ex-wife. He said his motivation has been being a good parent, not spite or revenge. “Had a court stepped in and resolved the major issues cleanly and early, there would not have been voluminous (legal filings),” Lassiter said. His former wife, Sharlene Boltz, didn’t immediately return a call Monday to her office at Northern Kentucky University. Ghiz said both should be admonished by the Ohio State Bar Association. Judges in other courts also have blasted the couple’s prolonged legal conflict. “This court has not seen many domestic relations cases more contentious and acrimonious,” the Ohio 1st District Court of Appeal wrote in 2002. “The parties, who are both law professors and ought to know better, engaged in thoroughly inappropriate behavior that was detrimental to the resolution of their case and to the welfare of their children for which both claimed to be primarily concerned.” The divorce itself took five years, about five times as long as what one veteran attorney, George Maley of Loveland, says would be a typical divorce case involving children. Boltz called police on Lassiter several times, and his paycheck was garnisheed for back child support, The Enquirer reported. Lassiter said she owes him money. Their next court hearing is Sept. 6.
Divorce-related ‘feud’ in Ohio lasts 17 years
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(684) 252-5569
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions
ASIA E SE ALII FOMAI TOMAi FAAPITOA I A’OGA O le fiva rumatika e mafua ai faama’i o le fatu, ae mafai ona togafitia pe a vave ona sailia se fofo. O le feau lea mai le alii fomai tomai faapitoa i gasegase o le fatu, le susuga Dr. Satupaitea Viali i le Aso Faraile o le vaiaso na tea nei ina ua asiasi atu i le Aoga o Matata Eseese a le Ekalesia Katoliko, le Don Bosco. O asiasiga a le alii fomai o lo o faagasolo i aoga i totonu o le atunuu. Na amata lea polokalama i le 2008 ma e oo mai i le taimi nei ua silia ma le 10,000 tama ma teine aoga ua maea ona siaki mo gasegase o le fatu. Na saunoa Dr. Viali, o se tulaga faanoanoa na alia’e i lana asiasiga i le aoga o le Don Bosco ina ua faamaonia ai e pe a ma le to’aono tama aoga ua maua i gasegase o le fatu, e aofia se tama aoga e toatasi ua moomia le faia o sona taotoga. “O se tulaga faanoanoa ona e lei iloa e ia tama aoga o lo o aafia i latou i gasegase o le fatu,” o le saunoaga lea a Dr. Viali. Fai mai a ia, o le tau o le taotoga o le fatu e pe a ma le $70,000 tala Niu Sila. Na ia faaalia, o le faia o ia suesuega i Samoa nei, o le a faamama avega lea i aiga o i latou ua moomia le auina atu mo suesuega i Niu Sila. O ia suesuega o se vaega o le faiga faapaaga a le Ekalesia Katoliko, o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina ma le Pulega o Auaunaga Tau le Soifua Maloloina. UA O’O I LE LAGI LE MANOGI LEAGA E taua i pepa o faamatalaga o lo o faalauiloa ai Samoa o se nofoaga e pei o le lagi i le lalolagi nei. Peitai mo le aufaigaluega ma so o se tasi e uia se tasi vaega o le taulaga o Apia, ua sa’o ai le isi alagaupu faaperetania, “it stinks to high heaven.” (Ua oo i le lagi le manogi leaga.) Ua faaalia le le fiafia o le aufaigaluega o faleoloa ma ofisa, atoa ai ma le mamalu o le atunuu e oo atu i lea vaega o le taulaga mo faatauga, ona o le le manuia o le manogi latou te fetaiai i aso taitasi. Na faaalia e se tasi e faigaluega i lea nofoaga i tua o le maota o le Faletupe o Atinae e faapea, ua tele a latou faasea ua ave i le Matagaluega o Punaoa Faalenatura ma le Siosiomaga ma le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina, ae leai lava se gaioiga ua faia i ai.
(Faaauau itulau 13)
Britain bars trash cans from tracking people with Wi-Fi
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 9
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LONDON (AP) — Officials demanded Monday that an advertising firm stop using a network of high-tech trash cans to track people walking through London’s financial district. The Renew ad firm has been using technology embedded in the hulking receptacles to measure the Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones, and suggested that it would apply the concept of “cookies” — tracking files that follow Internet users across the Web — to the physical world. “We will cookie the street,” Renew Chief Executive Kaveh Memari said in June. But the City of London Corporation insisted that Renew pull the plug on the program, which captures smartphones’ serial numbers and analyzes signal strength to follow people up and down the street. Renew didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment on whether it would comply with the authorities’ demand. The trash cans join a host of everyday objects from televisions to toilets that are being manufactured with the ability to send and receive data, opening up new potential for interaction — and surveillance. It’s unclear how Renew had planned to use the data, which were gathered by its reinforced, shoulder-height pods stationed near St. Paul’s Cathedral and Liverpool Street Station. But if a company could see that a certain smartphone user spent 20 minutes in a McDonald’s every day, it could approach Burger King about airing an ad on the bin’s video display whenever that user walks by at lunchtime. Or it could target its commercials in real time by distinguishing between people who work in the area and visiting tourists. The prospect drew comparisons to the creepy “Good evening, John Anderton” ads from the Tom Cruise thriller “Minority Report.” Renew first tested the technology using 12 trash cans in May, but the story didn’t get traction until an article on news website Quartz led to a burst of media coverage. “Anything that happens like this on the streets needs to be done carefully, with the backing of an informed public,” read a statement from the City of London Corporation, which is responsible for the city’s historic “square mile,” home to financial institutions, law firms and tourist landmarks. A spokesman for the body said it had been blindsided
by the tests, which he said it learned about through the press only last week. Britain’s data protection watchdog said it would investigate, while Nick Pickles of the privacy advocacy group Big Brother Watch said questions need to be asked “about how such a blatant attack on people’s privacy was able to occur.” In a recent statement, Memari said media coverage of the “spy bins” had been a bit breathless. “A lot of what had been extrapolated is capabilities that could be developed and none of which are workable right now,” he said.
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Office of Highway Safety
Local contact: DPS Office of Highway Safety (Fred Scanlan 633-1780)
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Liliu Fa’amasinoga Apili le fa’aiuga fa’asaga i le suafa Le’i
tusia Ausage Fausia
Le taimi na la’u ai e le aufaigaluega a le TM Inc ni isi o a latou oloa ua leaga mai totonu o le container i le Van ma le fa’amoemoe e lafoa’i i le lapisi i Futiga ananafi, ona o se faatonuga mai i le Matagaluega a le Soifua Maloloina. O lo o i ai i le ata se sui o le Ofisa o le Soifua Maloloina [ata: AF] (ogatotonu), ma le ali’i pule o le faleoloa ia Mu (itu agavale).
tusia Ausage Fausia
La’u i le lapisi i Futiga ni isi o oloa a le TM Inc.
O ananafi na fa’atonuina ai e le Fa’atonusili o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina ia Motusa Tuileama Nua ni isi o lana aufaigaluega, ina ia vaai uma pusa meaai a le faleoloa o le T.M Inc i Pago Pago sa teu i totonu o “container”, ina ia aveese ma lafoa’i i le lapisi. O le te’a o le 10:00 i le taeao ananafi na asia ai e Motusa ma ni isi o lana aufaiglauega le T.M Inc i Pago Pago e faamautu o lo o tulaga lelei uma oloa o lo o latou fa’atauina atu i le atunuu. Na aofia ai foi i lea asiasiga le susuga Papalii Marion Fitisemanu lea o lo o fa’auluulu i le Vaega Su’esu’e a le Matagaluega o le Sifua Maloloina, o sui o le Samoa News faapea ma le pule o le faleoloa, o Mu. E le gata na asia totonu o le faleoloa i fata ma pusa aisa o lo o teu ai ai taumafa, ae sa asia fo’i totonu o pusa o lo o teu ai oloa i fafo. E lata i le itula le umi o le asiasiga ma sa fa’atonuina ai e Motusa lana aufaigaluega ina ia saili atu se ta’avale e la’u ese ai meaai ua fa’aletonu ma ave e tia’i i le lapisi. Sa molimauina e le Samoa News le taimi na la’u ese ai pusa oloa ua fa’aletonu. Na taua e Motusa i le sui o le Samoa News i le taeao ananafi e faapea, o lana fa’atonuga e siaki oloa ua leaga ma lafoa’i i le lapisi, sa faia ina ua maua se ripoti i oloa leaga o lo o masalomia ua toe fa’atauina atu e le faleoloa lenei i le mamalu o le atunuu. “Pau oloa ia ou te iloa o lo o fa’aletonu o oloa o lo o teu i totonu o le container, ae mo totonu o le faleoloa o lo o tulaga lelei uma oloa o lo o fa’atau ai,” o a Motusa lea. Na taua e Motusa i le Samoa News ananafi, o le tiute o le Soifua Maloloina ia mata’ituina faleoloa o lo o latou fa’atauina atu oloa i le atunuu, o fale’aiga o lo o latou kuka ma fa’atau atu taumafa eseese i tagata, aemaise ai o aoga
ma so o se vaega e aofia ai le soifua maloloina o tagata, ina ia mautinoa o lo o lelei ma tulaga manuia mo le ola maloloina o tagata. Na taua e Papali’i i le Samoa News ua mafua ona aveese oloa ma tia’i ona ua vaivai le aisa ma ua le toe aoga ona fa’atau atu i le atunuu. “O le mea sa tupu, sa la’u i fafo oloa mai totonu o le container ae fufulu mai totonu ona o se i’a sa teu ai ua leaga, ma ou te lagona o oloa nei sa la’u mai fafo lea ua toe la’u i totonu, ma atonu ai o iina lea ua mafua ai le faaletonu i le vaivai o le aisa i pusa meaai nei,” o le saunoaga lea a Papalii. O le lomiga o le Toasavili a le Samoa News i le Aso To’ona’i na te’a nei na fa’asalalauina ai ni ata sa pu’eina mai oloa sa teu i totonu o se tasi o container a le faleoloa lenei, na la’u i fafo i le vaiaso na te’a nei ae se’i fufulu le container, ina ua manogi leaga uma totonu e mafua mai i ni i’a sa teu ai i totonu ua leaga. O ni isi o nei oloa sa fa’atonuina ai e sui o le Soifua Maloloina ia le pule o le pisinisi ina ia lafoa’i i le lapisi, mulimuli ane na toe fa’afeso’ota’i e se molimau le Samoa News i le vaiaso na te’a nei, o ni isi oloa sa faatonu e sui o le Soifua Maloloina e lafoa’i ua toe tu’u i totonu o pusa aisa e fa’atau ai, ma o ata o ia oloa sa lomia i le lomiga a le Toasavili i le aso To’ona’i na te’a nei. Na taua e se isi sui o le Ofisa o le Soifua Maloloina i le Samoa News e faapea, na mafua ona leai sa latou asiasiga fa’asaga Aso To’ona’i na te’a nei ina ua alu atu i tua le lomiga a le Samoa News, ona e le o se aso faigaluega lena a le malo. Na fesiligia le ali’i Asiasi lea po o ia lea na sau i le vaiaso na te’a nei e siaki le container a le faleoloa, ae na tali e leai, o ia sa galue i le Malae Vaalele i Tafuna, ae ua valaau atu o ia ina ia o mai latou te galulue ma ni isi o le ofisa i le siakiina o le faleoloa lea i Pago Pago.
O le vaiaso na te’a nei na toe soloia ai e le Vaega Apili o le Faamasinoga Maualuga ia se faaiuga a le Faamasinoga o Fanua ma Suafa, lea na tu’uina atu ai le suafa matai o Le’i mai i Ofu, Manu’a ia Nu’utai Sonny Thompson. E tusa ai ma fa’amaumauga a le Vaega Apili o lo o taua ai e faapea, o le aso 21 o Novema 2009 na fono ai suli o le suafa o Le’i, i Tutuila nei ma tasi ai le filiga, o Nu’utai Sonny Thompson o le a nofo i le suafa Le’i, ma tapa ai lava ma lana ipu i lea aso. O le aso 23 o Novema 2009 na lesitalaina ai loa le suafa Le’i i le Ofisa o Lesitala, lea na faila ai e Leautu Segila Vaeao sana fa’alavelave ma ia finauina ai lona tete’e i le tu’uina atu o le suafa Le’i ia Nu’utai. O lea na talo ai e le Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa se feiloaiga ma Nu’utai ma Leautu mo le talanoaina o lenei mataupu, ma o le ulua’i fonotaga sa faia i le aso 17 o Aperila 2010, ma le fonotaga lona lua i le aso 12 o Mati, 2013. Ae talu ai e le’i mafai ona fa’atasi atu Leautu i fonotaga uma ia e lua, na tu’uina atu ai loa e le Failautusi o le Ofisa o Mataupu Tau Samoa le tusi e fa’amaonia ai le leai o se faaiuga autasi ua maua i lenei mataupu i le Vaega o Fanua ma Suafa o le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga mo lona iloiloina. I le iloiloga a le Vaega Apili na iai so latou talitonuga e i ai se faletonu i le faai’uga a le Vaega Iloilo a le Faamasinoga i lenei mataupu,ina ua taula’i la latou faaiuga i le manatu lenei, sa faia fonotaga a le aiga ma autasi ai ia Nuutai e nofo i le suafa Le’i. E tusa ai ma le faai’uga a le Vaega Apili, o lo o ta’ua ai e faapea, o faiga faavae faapea ai tu ma agaifanua a so o se aiga Samoa, e filifili e le aiga se tasi e avea ma matai, ae afai e tula’i mai se fa’atuiese i le lesitalaina o le suafa matai o le aiga, e tatau ona matua manino ma aloaia lelei, sa faia se feiloaiga a le aiga mo le fa’amoemoe e saili ai se tasi e avea ma matai o le aiga, ina ia tusa ai i tu ma agaifanua a aiga Samoa. Ua ta’ua foi e le Vaega Apili, o se tasi o itu taua e tatau ona fa’amauina, so o se tasi e manao i le suafa matai o le aiga, e le tatau ona taumafai e pulea tiute tauave o le aiga i le filifiliina o se matai, ae tatau ona mulimulita’i i ta’iala mo le lesitalaina o se suafa matai. E tatau foi ona faia se talanoaga a le aiga ina ia talanoaina ai se tasi e nofo i le suafa, a’o le’i lesitalaina o ia ua manumalo i le suafa matai. O le tulaga e tatau ona i ai, e leai talosaga faatuiese e faila i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga, pe afai e le’i iloiloina e le aiga se tasi e nofo i le suafa matai. Ma na fa’aalia i le faaiuga a le Vaega Apili e faapea, na maua e le Vaega Iloilo o le Fa’amasinoga le filifilia o Nuutai i le feiloaiga a le aiga sa faia i Tutuila nei e le’i sa’o le auala na fa’atino ai, aua e le’i usuia lea feiloaiga e tusa ai ma faiga fa’avae a le aiga, e le’i lava fo’i le taimi na logo ai isi suli o le aiga. Ae ina ua fa’ai’uina e le Fa’amasinoga e le’i autasi uma le aiga i le faaiuga sa faia i le ulua’i fonotaga, na fa’aleaoga ai loa e le fa’amasinoga taualumaga o lenei mataupu e aunoa ma se masalosaloga tatau, ae toe tu’u atu le mataupu i le aiga ina ia talo sa latou feiloaiga i Ofu e sailia ai se tasi e nofo i le suafa o le aiga. Na fa’aauau le faamatalaga a le Vaega Apili e faapea, i le faia ai o lea fa’aiuga, ua taofia ai e le Vaega Iloilo o le Fa’amasinoga le avanoa sa tatau ona maua e isi Itu Paepae, e fa’atutu ai ni o latou sui mo le suafa o le aiga, ma, o sui la ia e le’i auai i le feiloaiga sa faia i Tutuila ma Ofu, ua taofia lo latou auai i le filifilia o se matai o le aiga, ina ua fa’atapula’a e le Vaega Iloilo o le fa’amasinoga mataupu e talanoaina i le fonotaga. I le talitonuga a le Vaega Apili, e sese le gaioiga a le Vaega Iloilo o le fa’amasinoga ina ua manatu e i ai lona malosi fa’asaga i lenei mataupu. E ui na feiloa’i le aiga o Le’i i le maota i Ofu e tusa ai ma faiga fa’avae a le aiga, o lea feiloaiga e le’i faia e tusa ai o faiga fa’avae a le aiga, ae na faia i lalo o le faatonuga ma le fa’amalumaluga a le Vaega Iloilo o le fa’amasinoga mo le sailia o se tasi e avea ma matai o le aiga. E manatu le Vaega Apili, e leai se malosi na ala ai ona iloilo e le Vaega Iloilo lenei mataupu, ina ua maua ane o le ulua’i feiloaiga a le aiga sa faia e le’i tusa ai ma ana faiga fa’avae. O le faaiuga sa’o sa tatau ona fai e le Vaega Iloilo o le fa’amasinoga ina ua maua ane e le’i tusa ai ma faiga faavae a le aiga le ulua’i feiloaiga sa faia i Tutuila nei, o le solofua lea o le mataupu e aunoa ma se masalosaloga tatau, ma fa’atonu le Failautusi o le Fa’amasinoga e tu’u atu lea poloaiga i le Ofisa o Lesitala, ina ia tu’u ese uma ai faauilavea sa faaulu e isi Itu Paepae o le aiga. I lea auala o le a manino ai le mataupu ma tu’u atu ai loa le avanoa i le aiga o Le’i e toe talanoa ai mo se tasi e nofo i le suafa. Ona o lea tulaga, ua faaleaoga ai e le Vaega Apili faaiuga uma sa tuuina mai mo lenei mataupu. Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia ausage@samoanews.com
American Samoa Power Authority
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 11
P.O Box PPB Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Phone: (684) 699-4619 Facsimile: (684) 699-7067
This notice is distributed in accordance with US Public Law 92-500, Sec. 216, which is also known as the 1972 Clean Water Act. ASPA has recently prioritized its wastewater capital improvement project (CIP) Priority Project List (PPL) to comply with rules and regulations of the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (ASEPA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). A copy of the ASPA Wastewater PPL is available to the public for review at ASPA’s Fagatogo and Tafuna Customer Service offices or on the internet at ‘http://www.aspower.com’. Public comment on the ASPA Wastewater (CIP) PPL may be made in writing to ASPA for a thirty (30) day period following the date of this public notice. Both Fagatogo and Tafuna Customer Service office staff will receive your comments in writing or email to ‘http://www.aspower.com’. ASPAM anagement
E tusa ai ma le Tulafono o le Unaite Setete 92-500, Vaega 216 (US Public Law 92-500 Sec. 216) – po’o le tulafono ua lauiloa ole 1972 Tulafono mo Vai Mama (1972 Clean Water Act), e fa’alauiloa atu i le mamalu lautele - ua toe fa’afouina le fa’atulagaina o le lisi o galuega fa’aleleia mo le Vaega ole Vai Lafoa’i (Wastewater Capital Improvement Project (CIP Priority Project List (PPL)), ina ia alugatasi ma ta’iala ma tulafono a le Ofisa o le Puipuia o Vaifanua a Amerika Samoa ma le Unaite Setete o Amerika. E mafai e le atunu’u ona maua le kopi ole lisi o galuega fa’aleleia a le Vaega ole Vai Lafoa’i (ASPA Wastewate PPL) mai le Ofisa Pisinisi a le ASPA i Fagatogo po’o Tafuna (le Ofisa o lo’o totogi ai pili). E mafai fo’i ona maua le lisi i luga ole initeneti a le tuatusi a le ASPA i le ‘http:// www.aspower.com’. E mafai e tagata ona fa’aulu mai tusitusiga ma ni manatu fa’alia po’o tusitusiga e fa’atatau i lenei lisi i le Ofisa a le ASPA i Fagatogo po’o Tafuna – fa’apea fo’i le tuatusi i-meli ole ‘http://www.aspower.com’. O taimi fa’atulagaina mo ni manatu fa’alia po’o tusitusiga fo’i e fa’atatau i lenei lisi – e fa’amuta i le 30 aso mai le ulua’i fa’asalalauga. Puleaga a le ASPA
Identified wastewater projects will be prioritized based on points accrued in the three categories listed below. The first two categories give points for only one subcategory, the last category allows for points to be received for as many as 3 subcategories that apply. In cases where projects receive the same score, the projects wil be ranked according to population served by the project, i.e., the higher the population served, the higher the priority. PUBLIC HEALTH (One Only) a b The project will correct the cause of a documented human disease event. Examples include outbreak of Hepatitis, Cholera, 100 pts. Leptospirosis Giardiasis, and C.ryptosporidosis. This project will collect, treat, and dispose of wastewater for a community or area presently discharging untreated wastewater to surface water. This project will eliminate acute risks to public health. Examples include projects that will resolve microbial risk from inadequately treated wastewater, or eliminate high bacteria point-source pollutant sites or infrastructure. This project will correct potential long-term, chronic health problems, or repair or replace serious collection, treatment, and/or disposal system problems. Example include correction of collection system inflow, infiltration, and exfiltration problems. This project will eliminate potential health hazards, remove nutrient contaminants such as phosphates, nitrites and nitrates, or enhance system operations. COMPLIANCE WITH SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT (Only one) a This project will allow a system to come into compliance with an executed Compliance-Order-By-Consent (COBC) or Administrative Order, Judicial Decision or Consent Decree. This project will resolve a significant compliance issue. Examples include SNC violations and NOVs. This project will resolve documented compliance issues that are relatively minor in nature. Documentation will include agency notification letters. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS (Accumulative - 15 points maximum) a The system employs, or has access to, the correct level of certified or qualified operators. Construction documents have been prepared and submitted. A detailed engineering feasibility study, including detailed cost estimates, has been prepared and submitted. This project will result in the regionalization and/or consolidation of two or more existing watewater collection systems. 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 35 pts. 25 pts. 10 pts. 75 pts. 75 pts. 50 pts.
30 pts.
b c
b c d
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samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013
P.O. Box 520, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 Tom Drabble, Chairman Board of Directors Ph: (684) 733-5714 • Email: tom@sadieshotels.com
2013-2014 Employment Opportunities
South Pacific Academy is accepting applications for the following 2013-2014 full-time positions:
tusia/faaliliu; Leua Aiono Frost
• IT/Technology Instructor • Middle School Language Arts • Middle School Social Studies
Minimum Requirements: • BA degree (Teacher certification a plus) • Excellent spoken and written English skills • Energy, enthusiasm, and teamwork approach Qualified applicants can come by the office and pick up an application or call the school at the numbers listed above for further information. 2013-14 school year is set to open Monday, August 19, 2013.
South Pacific Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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FA’AULU LE A’AU I A’OGA TULAGA MUAMUA I le tapenaga o Faia’oga uma mo lenei tausaga a’oga o le amatalia, 2013-2014, ua mae’a fa’atulaga ai semina e a’otau ai faia’oga uma mo le galuega o le a’oa’oina o fanau. Peita’i e ese mai ala e fa’atino ai a’oa’oga, ituaiga o a’oa’oga, o ta’aloga fo’i e mafai ona fa’atautaia i totonu o a’oga tulaga lua ma a’oga maualuluga, ae ua fa’aofi atu ai ma le Sa o le A’au i lea fo’i itu. I le aso Lua na tuana’i nei, sa fa’atino ai le a’oa’oga fa’apitoa e le susuga Zero I’aulualo e ala lea i le PE ma ua fa’atino ai lana polokalama o le American Samoa Aquatics Agency. I le taimi nei, e tasi lava le a’oga maualuga ua fa’atino ai lea polokalama, na’o Samoana High, ma sa fa’ato’a fa’auluina lea i le lua tausaga ua tuana’i, ae ua fa’amoemoe ina ia fa’aulu i le vasega o a’oga tulaga lua i lenei tausaga. Na amata mai le folasaga a lenei sui, i le afuaga e ao ai ona aoga le fa’aulufale o lea polokalama fa’apitoa e iloa ai a’au, iloa ona fa’asaoina se ola mai le sami, ma le aoga fo’i o lea tomai i le aotelega o le soifua o tagata ta’ito’atasi. Na fa’ailo fo’i e lana susuga le faia’oga a’au, I’aulualo, “O le isi lea mau o lo ua taumafai atili ina ia fa’atino, aua o le maua loa o lea fale a’au, ae ua mae’a fa’atautaia atu i a’oga, e faigofie lava ona fa’aleleia atili tomai o le fanau, ma o se agava’a e tatau lava ona
Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
(flower arrangement training)
mo Tina ma Tamaitai
Amataina Aukuso 20, 2013 9:00 i le taeao i le 12:00 i le aoauli
Faalua i le vaiaso Aso Lua/Aso Tofi mo le 3 vaiaso Matua o Faiva; Malia A. Lemalu Nofoaga: Fale Palota Tuai (Utulei) 30 Avanoa Lesitala ia Alice Malele poo Pa’u Roy Ausage i le 633-2835 poo le i-meli i le mailto:roy.ausage@dywa.as.gov
Matagaluega o Mataupu Tau Tupulaga, Tina, ma Tamaita’i Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs
talenia ai le fanau a Amerika Samoa, aua e tele o tatou nu’u tumatafaga.” Ina ua fesiligia nisi o faia’oga sa aofia i le vasega sa fa’afofoga i lea folasaga i sona taofi fa’aalia, ae sa ia fa’aalia ai, “O le mea lenei sa le tau ane ai lava se fa’atatau, ae ona ua faia lenei vasega ma fa’ailoa mai le aoga tele, ae maise o lo’o i o tatou gataifale lava le sami, ua tatau ona sili atu le atamamai o tatou fanau e a’au, sefe mai nisi ua pagatia i le tai, ma maua fa’amanuiaga e tauva fa’apolofesa ai i lea fo’i taleni.” AVANOA SIKOLASIPI SOSAIETE ‘ALOFA I MEAOLA’ Ua ofoina mai e le Humane Sociaety “Sosaiete o e Alolofa i Meaola” se avanoa e mafai ai ona totogia atoa a’oa’oga a se alo o Amerika Samoa i le Iunivesite o Central Luzon State University [CLSU] i Nueva Ecija, Manilla Filipaina, ma e amatalia a’oa’oga nei ia Novema 2013. Ua fa’aigoaina lenei sikolasipi o le Thomas R. Nero Doctor of Vetinary Medicine Scholarship, ma ua mae’a fa’atulagaina fo’i lenei Iunivesite o se tasi o Iunivesite sili ona maualuluga a latou a’oa’oga i le avea ai o se tasi ma ‘Foma’i o Manu’. E tele na’ua tatou ta’ifau, o lo’o fa’ata’aloa i le tele o taimi, ae le o se agaga lea o se tasi e alofa i meaola. E tatau ona tausia lelei so’o se meaola e te maua, ia tino mai i lona tino lau tausiga lelei o faia i ai, e i ai fo’i fuala’au ma mea’ai ua fa’atauina e mafai ona togafitia ai o latou gasegase, o a’oa’oga la ia, e tatau ona a’otauina ai foma’i manu. O le avanoa ua fa’atula’ia mai nei, e muamua lava faia sau tusi, e fa’ailoa ai, e te naunau i lea manulauti, e ala ai ona e mana’o e avea oe o se foma’i manu e a’otauina fa’apitoa e fa’aaoga i ai lea sikolasipi. Aiaiga o le sikolasipi lea, e ao ina e tusia lea tala e na’o le 750 upu, ia mua’i maua lou
fa’ailoga AA mai le ASCC, ma o oe fo’i o se tasi o e fealua’i i se tusi folau Amerika. E tatau ona maua’a ou togi i le 3.0 GPA i tausaga uma o le a fa’atupe ai lau a’oga, ma e ave sa’o lava le tinoitupe atoa i le Iunivesite mo mea e ao ina totogi, aofia ai pasese i pasi, mea’ai ma tusi a’oga, fa’atasi ai ma le totogi o lau a’oga atoa. 5 TAMAITI TENISI FILIFILIA AS MO LE OCEANIA Mai le aumalaga o a tatou fanau ua a’oa’oina i le fa’agatama o le Tenisi, lea sa mua’i tauva i le tenisi fa’avaomalo i Samoa, ua filifilia ai le to’alima, ua agava’a e ala i ta’aloga sa fa’atautaia ma manumalo ai, ina ia tauva i le Ta’amilosaga Tenisi Fa’avaomalo a le Pasefika lea ua fa’aigoaina o le Pacific Oceania Junior Championships [POJC] lea ua fa’aauau ma e mae’a i le aso Faraile nei. O i latou nei ua aofia ai: Kevin Maukoloa (Boys 15 & Under), Larry Magalasi (Boys 15 & Under) Jumas Vigas (Boys 15 & Under), Charity Saigiao (Girls 15 & Under) ma Lesei Perelini (Girls 12 & Under). O le vaega la lea e faia le ta’amilosaga a le POJC i Lautoka, Fiti ma e fetaui i latou ma le ‘au fili i le tenisi o fanau mai atunu’u i sisifo o le Pasefika lava. Mai le ta’amilosaga lava lea e tasi na aofia nei i Samoa i le tausaga ua mavae, sa mafai ona agava’a ai le to’a sefulu o alo o si tatou malo. “Ua laiti tele le fanau tauva i lenei tausaga, ae mana’omia fo’i ona atoa le lua i le tolu tausaga o ta’alo i lea vaega ma lea vaega ina ia fa’aleleia ai lona tomai fa’ato’a amata fo’i lea ona atoatoa le taumafaiga a fanauiti fa’apenei.” Talosia pea le taumafaiga a le fanau, afai e mafai e i latou ona manumalo mai i lenei ta’amilosaga, e toe fa’ailoa atu fo’i e le tatou nei nusipepa. Maimoa i fa’ai’uga o ta’aloga a le fanau i le uepesite www. tournamentsoftware.com.
O se va’aiga i le vasega o faia’oga sa aofia uma i le semina sa fa’atautaia e le Asosi A’au a Amerika Samoa lea e fa’auluulu i le susuga Zero Iaulualo, ma sa fa’ailoa ai i faia’oga le aoga fo’i o lea taleni pe afai e fa’aulufale i a’oga tulaga lua, e ala i le Ta’aloga e fa’atautaia mo fanau a’oga i lenei fo’i tausaga a’oga fou. [ata: Jeff Hayner]
Alofa, se ia tiga…
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
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Vaega: 112 Fa’atalofa atu i le mamalu o le atunu’u, ua afa’i mai i fanuga lelei i lenei taeao fo’u i le alofa ma le agalelei o le Atua, e ao ai ona o tatou sunu’i lapalapa o malo ma fa’afo’i le vi’iga i le Atua, ona o Ana fa’amanuiaga mo i tatou i aso uma o lo tatou olaga. Ua ou va’aia le malosi o si o’u tama, ae e fa’aitete lava ina nei i toe tupu mai se isi fa’aletonu. O aso uma na o matou mafuta ai ma si o’u tama, o aso ina ou fia manatua pea, ona ua ou va’aia ai suiga lelei, ua maua lona filemu, ua le toe i ai lava se isi mea e popole ai. Sa i ai lava lo’u manatu, o le a o matou mafuta pea ma si o’u tama mo se taimi umi, peita’i, o lo’o feagai lo’u tama ma galuega faigata, ae maise ai o le va’aiga o pisinisi ma kamupani e tele i totonu o Peretania. Ua fa’asolosolo manuia lava si o’u tama ona ou lagona ai lea o le agaga fa’afetai i le Atua, ona o Lana tausiga alofa mo si o’u tama, o lea ua ou va’aia ai tulaga manuia ua i ai nei. O nai tama’ita’i foma’i sa o matou mafuta ua oe fo’i nei e faigaluega i totonu o le falema’i e pei ona masani ai. A’o le i tu’ua e nei tama’ita’i lo matou aiga, na poloa’i mai lo’u tama ia te a’u, ina ia ou sainia pepa e ao’oga fua ai fanau a nai tina nei i totonu o le a’oga lea o lo’o lagolagoina malosi e o’u matua, ma ua fa’apea lava ona fai. Ua ma’ea fo’i ona tu’u i ai le tupe e tausi ai o la a’iga. Ua matou fa’amavae nei ma si o’u tuagane o Ioane, lea na alu ane ma ua matou mafuta pea se ia o’o ina ua o matou va’aia foliga manuia o si o ma tama. O se fa’amavaega faigata tele ia te a’u, ona o le a toe alu ‘ese atu si o’u tuagane e pele i lo’u loto, ae o le mea e sili ona taua, ia ma’ea lelei ana a’oa’oga lea o lo’o feagai ai nei ma ia. A’o le i tu’ua i matou e lo’u tuagane, ua ma’ea ona o matou talatalanoa ma lo ma tama, ma o mea uma fo’i o lo’o tutupu pea i totonu o lo matou aiga, ua uma ona fautua i ai lo ma tama, ina ia tu’u ‘ese uma lava, ae ia toaga ma tu’u tasi atu lona loto ma lona mafaufau i ana a’oa’oga. O le asiasiga mulimuli lava a le foma’i fa’apitoa lea e va’aia lo’u tama, na ia toe poloa’i mai ai ina ia toe nofo lo’u tama se ia atoa le masina, ona fa’atoa mafai lea ona toe galue, ona o lona popole lava ina ne i toe tupu mai se fa’alavelave. E ui lava ina finau lo’u tama ua malosi, ae sa tasi lava le poloa’iga a le foma’i ma ou tu malosi fo’i ina ia usita’ia e lo’u tama le fa’atonuga lea, ma ua fa’apea lava ona fai. E le ‘asa le fa’aiuga o le vaiaso ma o atu tagata faigaluega a lo’u tama e asi atu, e ui lava ina mamao, ae o se fiafiaga sili mo i latou le malaga mai matou te mafuta. Se manu fo’i tele le fale, ae maise ai o isi fale o lo’o avanoa, aua ua tofu lava tagata faigaluega latou ma le fale. O nisi o tagata faigaluega nei, ua nonofo uma ma o latou aiga i totonu o le fanua lenei ua matou i ai. E foliga uma lava e pei o le nofoaga a o’u matua lea na ou ola a’e ai, ae o lona ‘ese’esega, e leai ni tagata faigaluega e mafai ona nonofo i totonu o fanua nei, ona e le mana’o lo’u tina o Makerita e nonofo ai ni tagata. A’e ua va’ai tino lo’u tama i lo ma faiga o tagata faigaluega ae maise ai o Tino ma Tomasi, e mamao lava se manatu e fa’apea, e va’ai maualalo, e leai, leai lava. O le isi lea itu na fiafia ai lo’u tama ai ona o lona va’ai mai ia e a’u ma le faiga o tagata faigaluega e leai se mea e fa’aletonu. E leai fo’i so matou manatu ma Ana ma Tomasi ma i ma’ua nei, a mea la e fa’amuamua e o lo’o ta’ita’i, e leai, e tutusa uma tagata faigaluega. O fa’aiuga o vaiaso ta’itasi, ua avea lea ma aso matou te A i ai se mea e mana’omia e le mafai ona fa’atamala Tino ma Tomasi i le fa’atinoina. mafuta uma ai lava ma tagata faigaluega nei, e fai la matou ‘aiga tele, ma e tufa ai fo’i ma a latou siaki, e ui lava ina fa’apea o lo’o nonofo i totonu o le fanua, ae e leai se totogi, ae o le agaga o lo’o Ia i ma’ua ma si o’u to’alua, ia fai lelei galuega ma va’ai lelei mea uma. “Averia, fa’afetai ia te oe si o’u afafine pele, ua ou va’ai tino i le lelei o le faiga o tagata faigaluega, atonu fo’i ua e va’ai ia te a’u, o a lava mea uma, a aunoa oe ma le alofa, e leai lava se aoga o mea uma, ia e alofa i nai tagata, ma fai lelei i latou, aua e liliu mai fo’i ma toe taui mai lou alofa e ala i le galulue fa’amaoni, ia e manatua la’u tala lena Averia.” E faia pea…
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Na saunoa se tamaitai e faigaluega i le fale ofu o Cece’s i le fogafale pito i lalo o lea fale e faapea, ua sau le fiu ona o le faatele ona lipoti o lea faaletonu ae le o faia lava i ai e ofisa a le malo e fitoitonu i ai lea mataupu, se faatatau. Fai mai a ia, e faateteleina le manogi le manuia pe a sua le tai faapea le taeao ma le afiafi. FAASA E LE SOIFUA MALOLOINA ONA TOE FAATAU APA MA PEPA SUSU MO PEPE E lua ni ituaiga susu pauta pepe ua lipotia mai le le saogalemu ma ua lamatia ai soifua o pepe i Niu Sila, Saina ma isi maketi i le lalolagi, ua faatonuina nei e le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina le aveesea mai fata o so o se faleoloa i Samoa ma ia aua lava nei toe faatauina i tua. O ia susu pauta pepe e gaosia ma tufatufaina e le kamupani Niu Sila o le Fonterra. Na faaalia i se pepa o faamatalaga mai le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina e faapea, o nei oloa ua le toe talafeagai ona taumafaina e tagata soifua. O lo o sainia lea pepa o faamatalaga e le Faatonu Aoao o le Soifua Maloloina, le faletua ia Palanitina Tupuimatagi Toelupe ma o lo o faatonuina faleoloa uma o lo o ia oloa ina ia faafoi atu uma i le nofoaga tutotonu o le Matagaluega o le Soifua Maloloina i Motootua. FAATAU ATU SEA A LE SAMOA AIR I LE LAUTELE Ua faailoa mai e le Ofisa Sili o Pulega a le kamupani vaalele o le Samoa Air, le susuga Chris Langton, se fuafuaga a le latou kamupani e faatau atu i tagata lautele o Samoa ia ana sea. “O le matou manulauti o le Samoa Air o le kamupani vaalele a tagata o Samoa ma o lo o avanoa le sea e $503,000 mo so o se tasi e faatauina mai le kamupani,” o le saunoaga lea a Langton. O le isi mafuaaga o lea fuafuaga e pei ona faailoa mai e Langton, ina ia fesoasoani i le faalauteleina o auaunaga a le kamupani vaalele, lea o lo o tagai agai i le lisi o faigamalaga i Los Angeles i Amerika ma isi vaega o le lalolagi. Fai mai a ia, o lo o i ai le fuafuaga e faia se maliega lisi faalua ma le kamupani vaalele o le Air Solomon ina ia tuufaatasia ai se faigamalaga mai Aukilani i Los Angeles, e lisina ai le vaalele a lea kamupani vaalele ae faaaogaina ai le igoa o le Samoa Air. “O lo o matou fuafua e amata lea faigamalaga fou i le masina o iuni o le tausaga fou ma o le mafuaga lea ua faatauina atu ai a matou sea i le atunuu lautele ina ia maua ai le avanoa e auai ai i latou i le faateleina o le kamupani,” o le faamalamalamaga lea a Langton. “O se tulaga lelei tele le vaaia o tagata Samoa o lo o faimalaga i a matou faigamalaga ma le latou talitonuga, o le Samoa Air o le latou vaalele ma ua i ai foi so latou sao i le atinaeina o le Samoa Air aua le atunuu lautele.” Ua tuufaatasia nei se paketi e aofia ai tulaga moomia uma ma feutagaiga mo le faatauina o nei sea i le ofisa tutotonu o le kamupani sosoo ma le Apia Park mo so o se tasi o lo o fia faatauina ia sea. Na faaalia e Langton, e toatele mai fafo o lo o fua faatauina ia sea ae ua ia tuuina le avanoa muamua i tagata o Samoa aua o i latou ia o lo o faimalaga i faigamalaga a le Samoa Air.
to demand equal funding for the state’s school districts. Asiana offers $10,000 to survivors of July crash SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Asiana Airlines Inc. has offered $10,000 to each of the 288 surviving passengers of the flight that crash landed in San Francisco last month. Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said Tuesday the payout is not a settlement and accepting the money does not prevent passengers from suing the airline. The Asiana Boeing 777 landed short of the runway on July 6, killing three passengers and injuring dozens. Lee said Asiana has already made payments to the families of three passengers who were killed. She did not know the amount. A mother of one passenger said an Asiana manager contacted the family by telephone last week offering $10,000. The family declined because the offer wasn’t made in writing and they feared accepting the payment would bar lawsuits. Islamic party enforces shutdown in Bangladesh DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Bangladesh’s largest Islamic party is enforcing a 48-hour general strike across the country to denounce a court decision that its registration with the Election Commission is invalid. On Aug. 1, a High Court panel ruled that the Jamaat-e-Islami party’s regulations violate the constitutional provision of secularism by saying it wants to impose Sharia law. Because of the court decision the party could be barred from taking part in the next elections. TV stations report that party activists took to the streets, blocked roads and burned tires to enforce the shutdown across the country on Tuesday, the first day of the shutdown. No major violence was reported. The ruling came amid calls to ban the party for opposing the country’s 1971 independence war against Pakistan. Landslide kills 6 in Nepal mountains KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A landslide swept away part of a village in northeastern Nepal, killing at least six people, an official said Tuesday. The landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall that struck Khimti village overnight while people were sleeping. At least half a dozen houses were swept away, police official Dipendra Jayswal said. Six others who were injured have been rushed to a local hospital and are being treated. Rescuers are searching for one person reporting missing. Rescuers were able to reach the village only Tuesday morning, and continuous rainfall was also making the rescue work difficult, the official said. Monsoon season begins in June in Nepal and ends in September. crack down on apartment-top villa BEIJING (AP) — Beijing authorities are planning to demolish a bizarre rooftop villa embedded in rocks, trees and bushes that allegedly was built illegally atop a 26-story apartment block in the capital. Haidian district urban management official Dai Jun said Tuesday that authorities will tear the structure down in 15 days unless the owner does so himself or presents evidence it was legally built. Dai said his office has yet to receive a response. Newspaper reports on Tuesday said that neighbors have repeatedly complained about the fanciful villa that covers an area of 800 square meters (8,610 square feet). They said that it has damaged pipes and the building’s structural integrity and that the loud, late-night entertaining that goes on inside keeps them up at night. Reports said the structure belongs to a traditional Chinese medicine mogul.
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samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013
➧ Inspector and store owner deny allegations
The inspection was an unscheduled one, as head of the DoH Environmental Services Division Papalii Marion Fitisemanu told the Samoa News that there were no scheduled store inspections that day, or even the whole week, as they were already assigned to inspect DOE facilities island-wide. Samoa News is withholding the inspector’s identity, pending the results of an internal investigation on allegations of inappropriate actions. After the unannounced inspection, one of the inspectors left with the container keys. Later that day, Mu took possession of the key. Samoa News understands the exchange was made somewhere off site and both Mu and the inspector have denied that a $500 bribe was involved. Mu said he never ‘bribes’ the inspectors but once in a while, if he is present during the inspections, he will give them a “meaalofa” (gift) like sodas, water bottles, and food. “Sometimes, I give them $5 for lunch but never any big amount like $500,” Mu said. He vehemently denied giving out any bribe or meaalofa on the day in question. Samoa News understands a former DoH official, who usually cashes checks at Mu’s store, had contacted the inspector that day and requested the keys be returned to Mu. The former DoH official receives monthly benefits checks that are sometimes postdated and over $1,000. As a favor, Mu cashes the checks for the former DoH official - well before the date listed on the check. Currently, all stores in the territory do not cash any checks over $1,000. Mu showed Samoa News one of the checks from the former DOH official. Samoa News understands in exchange for cashing the postdated checks, the former DoH official steps in and calls in favors when any one of Mu’s three stores encounters problems with DoH inspectors. The company’s Articles of Incorporation lists Tausaga Vaoali’i, Tauolo Vaoali’i and Mele Sumile as incorporators of the business. Last Wednesday’s incident did not net a citation, as is the standard procedure for stores discovered to be selling contaminated goods. Sources say the employees were only given a warning, and were told that inspections would be forthcoming, and they needed to
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The American Samoa Developmental Disabilities Planning Council is committed to providing a consumer driven service delivery system that improves the independence, productivity and integration of people with development disabilities in all aspects of life. This announcement is to acknowledge the availability of funds for Fiscal Year 2014 (October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014) for programs that will help provide the necessary services to persons with developmental disabilities. Areas of emphasis are included in the 5 Year State Plan (2012-2017). All nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide services to persons with developmental disabilities are encouraged to submit funding proposals in the following areas: Transportation - Increase advocacy efforts so that people with developmental disabilities have access to transportation. Employment - Increase collaboration on employment issues that increase selfdetermination and choices for people with developmental disabilities. Quality Assurance - Support a territorial wide self-advocacy organization that will increase the number of people with developmental disabilities in leadership roles who advocate for themselves. Child Care - Increase number of children with developmental disabilities in Child Care Centers through trainings and education. Submission of funding proposal is a due by August 23, 2013. Please address proposals to the Executive Director of the American Samoa Developmental Disabilities Planning Council. Department of Human and Social Services. Box 1455, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799. Proposals can also be dropped off at our office in Utulei, located on the 2nd floor of the old Election Office Bldg. Phone: 633-2696 or email: nlsmith@dhss.as
clean out the container and get rid of the questionable items. (Prior notice or ‘warnings’ are not standard procedure for scheduled DoH inspections). A source close to the matter reported the inspectors told employees to get rid of the fish that were in the container, and Mu said he did just that. He said the fish did not belong to him, but to a friend, who had asked him if he could store them in his container. The frozen foods unloaded last Wednesday included numerous cases of chicken, sausages, crab meat, and pork. On Friday, Samoa News sent a photographer to T.M. Inc. Photos from that day showed freezer-burnt chicken being sold in the store’s indoor freezer. When asked if those were the same chicken packages unloaded from the container two days earlier, Mu did not deny or confirm it. He only said they threw away what they had to. Efforts by Samoa News to contact DoH Director Tuileama Nua and head of the DoH Environmental Services Division Papalii Marion Fitisemanu were unsuccessful as of press time yesterday. In an initial interview with Samoa News, Papalii said cases based on allegations of inappropriate action by employees require an internal investigation, and disciplinary action, if deemed necessary, will be carried out.
➧ Emergency cabinet meeting
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Governor Lolo told his cabinet members he has received emails from directors saying they don’t have funding and manpower to participate in the clean-up of schools. “Find a way — that’s the biggest issue we are facing today is to change the mindset of our people, because this has to be done. That’s what leaders are here to do, we don’t find excuses, rather we help, and this is what we are going to and it’s the spirit of giving back to the community.”   He applauded the DOE Director for requesting help, adding the schools have been neglected for many years — and that will now change. The schools cited and recommended by DoH to close down included two high schools—Fagaitua High School and Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School; while Elementary Schools consisted of Afonotele, Aua, Coleman (Pago Pago), Le’atele (Fagasa), Matafao ECE Program, Pava’ia’i, Siliaga (Aoloau) and Tautalatasi Tuato’o Alofau. Two private schools are on the list: Marist St. Francis Elementary and Ta’iala Academy.  Lolo further stated to the cabinet members to participate and assign employees to go out to the schools and assist with the clean up and the sanitation of the schools. “Starting today make a plan for participation in the program, you have to organize that — your people are there to lend a hand.” The governor also commended the directors, who have reached into their pockets to purchase the needed materials for the cleanup. Lolo noted Samoan Affairs was assigned to Fagaitua Early Childhood Education and Paramount Chiefs are seen mowing the lawn, and it sends a message that it’s not just the “title” that “we rely on, but whatever we can pass on to the young people”. He also instructed the DoH director Motusa Tuileama Nua to conduct inspections of ECE schools and Day Care Centers on island. The DoH Director told Samoa News they will start their inspections on the ECE’s, although some have already been inspected. Day Care Centers inspections will start next week. BUDGET HEARINGS During the emergency cabinet meeting Governor Lolo also said he expects all the directors and agency heads to attend their budget hearings before the Fono. “If you are off island, we will request to cancel the hearing until your return, we don’t expect to see any Deputy Director before the Fono to make your budget proposal,” he stated. Following the cabinet meeting, Governor Lolo was surprised with two birthday cakes — one from his wife, First Lady Cynthia Moliga and one from the staff at the Governor’s office.
samoa news, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 Page 15
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3250 Airport Road
Jerome Matthew Orlando makes a phone call near the wreckage of the Piper airplane he crash landed on the grounds of WaWa on Tidewater Trail, after his small plane ran out of fuel Monday, Aug. 12, 2013 in Fredericksburg, Va. near Shannon Airport. (AP Photo/The Free Lance Star,Suzanne Carr Rossi)
plane lands on Delaware road DOVER, Del. (AP) — Delaware State Police say a small U.S. Air Force plane made an emergency landing in a field near Dover Air Force Base, crashed through a fence and taxied onto a road clogged with rush-hour traffic. There were no injuries. Troopers say the plane, identified by DAFB officials as an Aero Club Cessna, landed late Monday afternoon in a field southwest of the approach lights to the runway. Authorities say the plane went through a fence at a business and onto Bay Road, where it stopped in the center median. The plane did not hit any cars, but one car hit a guardrail to avoid it. No one was hurt The 54-year-old instructor pilot and 44-yearold pilot were the only people on the plane. carjacking victim gets new van SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A San Bernardino man whose van was destroyed when a carjacker killed himself in a fiery crash has been given a free replacement. The Riverside Press-Enterprise says John Sampson got the 2001 Toyota Sierra minivan on Saturday. Johnson, who’s 73, needs the van so his disabled wife can get to the doctor. A carjacker, Cary Meeks, stole his Dodge van on Aug. 3. Sampson says he got back in the van and tried to convince Meeks to surrender but instead the carjacker dropped him off, then slammed into a freeway pillar at 100 mph. An anonymous donor provided the replacement, which was spruced up with a brake job, detailing and other work. The minivan has 200,000 miles on it but Sampson says that’s fine — the Dodge had 225,000. Doctor pleads guilty to federal drug trafficking WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — A West Hollywood doctor pleaded guilty Monday to federal drug trafficking charges for writing hundreds of prescriptions despite a federal order revoking his authority to prescribe drugs. Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Barron said James William Eisenberg, 72, pleaded guilty to one count distribution of hydrocodone — the generic name for Vicodin and Norco. Between December 2011 and February 2013, Eisenberg worked out of medical marijuana clinics in and around West Hollywood. Authorities say he wrote prescriptions for controlled substances despite being ordered by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents to stop because he had prescribed controlled substances “outside the scope of professional practice and without legitimate medical need” while working at a medical marijuana clinic in Arizona. His license was permanently revoked in July 2012. “Here you have a guy who was clearly ordered to stop ... and he turned around within a couple weeks and started writing these prescriptions in California,” Barron said. “I hope this case sends the message that this conduct is not acceptable.” An attorney for Eisenberg could not immediately be reached for comment.
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Pago Pago AS 96799
Eisenberg faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in December. Italian Senate will vote on Berlusconi’s future in fall ROME (AP) — A senator says the Italian Senate will vote on whether or not to confirm ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s ban from public office before November. Dario Stefano, head of the parliamentary commission which must formally rule on the court-ordered ban, said Monday the panel will discuss it after the legislature’s vacation ends Sept. 9. A vote by the full senate would follow. The Senate could confirm the ban and expel Berlusconi. If it broke precedent and doesn’t confirm, the issue would move to the courts. Italy’s supreme court on Aug. 1 upheld Berlusconi’s tax-fraud conviction, four-year prison term and ban from public office. Because of a law to reduce prison overcrowding and his age, Berlusconi, 76, must serve only one year and can do that under house confinement. 3 killed in weekend shootings in Pomona POMONA, Calif. (AP) — Three men are dead in a series of shootings in Pomona over the weekend. Police say 45-year-old Jose Cerda was gunned down late Saturday while riding his bicycle on a city street. In another shooting, 24-year-old Isais Garcia Lopez and an 18-year-old man were walking in an alley near midnight Saturday when they shot. Lopez was struck multiple times and died at the scene. The other man was rushed to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. In a third shooting, which occurred early Sunday, 29-year-old Angel Bravo of Pomona was shot and killed as he was getting into his vehicle. Police say no arrests have been made in any of the slayings. No suspect descriptions were released. Officials: Woman poses as nurse at Calif hospital SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Authorities are telling San Francisco Bay Area hospitals to be on alert after a woman was arrested for pretending to be a nurse at a San Jose medical center. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office tells the San Jose Mercury News on Monday that 29-year-old Crystal Cook of Felton was discovered in scrubs wearing a stethoscope and a fake registered nurse badge at Valley Medical Center. Hospital security summoned sheriff’s deputies who arrested Cook Friday on suspicion of a pair of misdemeanors. She has since been released. Sheriff’s Sgt. Kurtis Stenderup says it does not appear Cook, who has no medical background, was able to get into any secure areas like emergency or delivery rooms and no sign she treated anyone. Cook could not be reached for comment.
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