Watch for those potholes, more showers forecast

A power pole was knocked to the ground last Saturday afternoon during the high winds and rain, which occurred over the weekend. The pole was located between the Samoa News building and the post office in Fagatogo, and ASPA crews worked to replace the pole the same day. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

American Samoa has not seen a full day of sunshine over the last several days, with heavy rain and strong winds last Saturday prompting concerns from local residents of potentially worse weather conditions at the start of this week.

Yesterday, it was still cloudy for the territory while in neighboring Samoa it was strong winds in the morning before they diminished.

Except for small craft advisories issued over the weekend, there were no other major advisories issued by the National Weather Service Office in Tafuna.  Heavy rain around 11a.m Saturday caused a 15-minute recess during one of the men’s cricket matches at Fagaalu Park, which was packed with spectators.

As of yesterday afternoon, the weather service was forecasting scattered showers over the next 24-hours. A weak pressure system just west of Savai’i Island is triggering showers, which will move across the Samoan region into tonight.

For today, the Weather Service is forecasting ‘mostly cloudy with scattered showers’ and east winds 10 to 15 mph.

“We are looking at the weather clearing up mid week - Wednesday or Thursday,” the weather service’s general forecaster, Carol Baqui told Samoa News yesterday afternoon.

Many residents continue to complain to the governor on his radio program, to their lawmakers—and to each other— that heavy rains cover up large potholes on the road and this makes it more difficult to avoid them during and after the rain.

The weather service provides updates for local weather on its website: www.prh.noaa.gov/samoa/


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