Samoa father of four wins nearly 1/2 million tala

The mystery about the winner of the Samoa National Lotto’s (SNL) jackpot of nearly half a million tala has been solved.

Seven days after the draw, a public servant – and a father of four - walked into the National Lotto’s Office with the winning ticket to claim his prize of $420,399.

The name of the winner is withheld for security reasons.

Asked what he would do with the money, the winner said he wants to do “some simple renovations” to his home. He also wants to invest the majority of his winning on his children’s education.

“The holders of this winning ticket were like most lottery jackpot winners, they couldn’t believe their luck when they first found out about their impressive win,” a statement from SNL said.

“The father of four who is currently in full time employment in the public sector is like everyone else who found it hard to make ends meet and sees this win as a blessing from God for him and his family.

“He has been playing the Samoa National Lotto since it first started and somehow always had a belief that he would one day win the Samoa National Lotto jackpot.”

The man and his wife claimed their prize last Friday.


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