School fights erupt in Apia, police make two arrests

Students from Avele College and St Joseph’s College were taken into Police custody Tuesday following brawls at the Savalalo Market.

The first of two fights erupted after 2pm. It injured an elderly man. A group of Police officers quickly arrived at the bus terminal to control the violence.

A teacher from St Mary’s College, who refused to give her name, told the Samoa Observer that students from Avele started the fight on a bus.

A student from the National University of Samoa, who did not want her name published out of fear, said the sight of students fighting was horrible.

“We were shocked to get off the bus and to see the students from both colleges fighting each other,” she said.

“We couldn’t see if anyone was seriously injured though because we were held back by Police who were trying to control the students.”


The second fight erupted later between the same schools and that resulted in a lot more students being hauled into the Police station.


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