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Killer shark on boat in New Caledonia
The shark believed to have killed an Australian man in New Caledonia has been captured and euthanized.Two hands and a piece of swimsuit were found in the bull shark's abdomen. However, medical analysis has still to confirm that it is the shark from the attack. [photo: RNZ Pacific]
participants at a six-day training workshop
The Employment and Training Administration division of the U.S. Department of Labor continues to guide and assist the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act division of the local Human Resources Dept. to ensure Improvements, stability, and compliance through its service activities and overall...
Man being taken for treatment after fall from Vaitogi cliffs
Marine Patrol Division officers from the Search and Rescue Department saved a man who fell off the cliffs in Vaitogi, on Friday evening. The successful rescue was conducted under the supervision of Marine Patrol Chief Ina Ulberg. No information is available concerning the extent of the man’s...
Lincoln Memorial
Richmond, VA — Every American president has landed in the history books. And historians’ assessments of their performance have been generally consistent over time. But some presidents’ rankings have changed as the nation – and historians themselves – reassessed the country’s values and priorities....
People waiting to be called for their turn at the Tax Office
Local residents wait their turn to file their 2022 Taxes at the Tax Office on the ground floor of the A.P. Lutali Executive Office Building last week. In previous years, people stood in line waiting to be served, but this year, people pick up a ticket number and wait to be called. As a result, it’s...
Faleasao Elementary School kids with their dictionaries and Rotarians
Rotarians at Faleasao Elementary School gifting 3rd Graders with the Children's Scholastic Dictionary.  They also took the time to help them use their dictionaries. Now the students will be able to take the dictionaries home to be used in their studies. Awesome organization — thank you Rotary Club...
Produce available at Fagatogo Marketplace
The start of the week on Monday saw an abundance of locally grown agriculture products on display for sale at the Fagatogo Market Place, proof that local farmers are providing food for local consumption. [photo: Julie Pau’u]
Two students prior to Math in Arts competition
These two young elementary students posed for the Samoa News camera before competing in the Island Wide Math in Arts Competition, hosted by the DOE Division of Curriculum and Instruction-Math, yesterday, at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium.   [photo: Julie Pau’u]
aiga bus
Fire fighters of the Department of Search and Rescue responded to a small aiga bus that caught on fire in front of StarKist Samoa yesterday afternoon. Fortunately no one was injured from the incident. The bus was on fire at the time StarKist workers were finishing up their day shift and traffic...
Super Bowl fans at party
Super Bowl LVII partiers at the SOPAC and Bluesky Communications private party held Sunday at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium. Kansas City Chiefs won 38- 35 over the Eagles. [photo: KVZK]