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Corals in Kaneohe Bay
WASHINGTON — Coral reefs are some of the oldest, most diverse ecosystems on Earth, and among the most valuable. They nurture 25% of all ocean life, protect coasts from storms and add billions of dollars yearly to the global economy through their influences on fisheries, new pharmaceuticals, tourism...
Beautiful American Samoa
Happy Arbor Day from beautiful American Samoa! A coastline view of the tropical rainforest of Tutuila Island. Did you know that a single acre of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people for an entire year? Trees are also essential to providing food and shelter for humans. And trees don’t just...
Manulele Tausala Low Rider rowers
The Manulele Tausala Low Rider rowers at the Nuuuli boat shed in Utulei village, after winning the 2024 Flag Day Fautasi Race, captained by Taufetee Manutafea Tanielu Taufetee.The Awards Ceremony was held Wednesday afternoon presenting the monetary prizes to all fautasi participants in the regatta...
Boston, MA — The U.S. government moved closer to banning the video social media app TikTok after the House of Representatives attached the measure to an emergency spending bill on Apr. 17, 2024. The House voted on each of the four components of the bill, and the one affecting TikTok passed 360-58...
celebrating earth day in american samoa
Renowned artist and educator Reggie Meredith-Fitiao (left at far end) describes to a group of residents the process of transforming bark scrapings from the o’a tree into a brown dye and how other colors are formed, in celebration of Earth Day in the Territory. The students were able to create their...
36th Annual Young Writers’ Essay Contest winners group
The scene at DWYA Tafuna during the Division of Curriculum and Instruction 36th Annual Young Writers’ Essay Contest Award Ceremony on Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024, the awards presentation that was televised. [Facebook photo]
SPA shark tank presenters
South Pacific Academy student leaders who worked with their advisor Mrs. Benjie, to put together a "Shark Tank" idea to present at the Boys and Girls Club Ocean & Coast Youth Ambassadors Summit — which had the theme: “Making Waves — Empowering the Next Generation of Ocean & Coastal...
solar eclipse 2024
The white, wispy corona begins to peek out around the Moon as the eclipse enters the totality phase during the solar eclipse on Monday, March 8, 2024. [NASA/Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy]  
Lupelele Elementary School 8th grade students
Level 8 students at Lupelele Elementary School provided the opening song during the dedication of the school’s new building on Thursday, April 04, 2024. [ASG photo]
New Zealand teams on the podium
New Zealand All Black Sevens beat France in the Cup Championship Final 10-7, while the NZ Black Ferns beat the USA Women 36-7 to win the Cup Final at the HSBC SVNS HKG at the Hong Kong Stadium, So Kon Po, Hong Kong SAR, China, April 7, 2024.  [Photo by Joe Hamby]