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Sisters United team
The Sisters United team poses proudly with the trophy for the women’s division of the two-week ASRU Summer 7s Tournament after defeating Bula Fiji last Saturday.  Read story in Sports section for details of tournament. [photo: Asi A. Fa’asau]
Avele team
The overall champions of the two-week ASRU Summer 7s Tournament, Avele with their coaching staff and supporters. Read story in Sports section for details of tournament. [photo: Asi A. Fa’asau]
Various fiber foods
Seattle, WASHINGTON — Fiber might just be the key to healthy weight management – and nature packages it in perfectly balanced ratios with carbs when you eat them as whole foods. Think unprocessed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Research suggests that carbohydrates are meant...
Exercise class at SSY in Tafuna
O nisi nei o polokalama o lo o auai ai alo ma fanau o le atunuu a’o latou feagai ai ma malologa o le taumafanafana, mai aoaoga. O se vaaiga lea i nisi o alo ma fanau talavou i a latou faamalosi tino i le SSY i Tafuna, e aoaoina ai faamalosi tino ma meaai aoga mo le tino. [ata foai]
Four Faasao High School alumni
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Two of the four Faasao High School alumni pictured offer their thoughts about being educated at the Catholic high school, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the Territory in a 5-day commemoration filled with ‘reflection’ activity, such as a parade, fun...
Mrs. Sereima Asifo and others from ASCC
The Executive Leaders of the American Samoa Community College recognized Human Resources Director Mrs. Sereima Asifoa (center) for 20 years of service to the college. Seen left to right are Institutional Effectiveness Director Mr. Tauvela Fale; Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr....
unavaiola Va'atausili Tupuola Tanielu Utumapu
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Punavaiola Va'atausili Tupuola Tanielu Utumapu of Ofu and Olosega, Manu'atele accepted her first stipend of $750 from the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition in December of 2021, prior to leaving for cancer treatment off island. She was diagnosed with Endometrial...
Bluesky employees at Laufou
Nisi o le au faigaluega a le Bluesky Communications i le Laufou Shopping Center, i le vaiaso lenei fa’amanatuina ai le 24 tausaga talu ona fa’avae lenei kamupani i le teritori.
Diver deploying monitoring equipment on reef
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The NOAA Ship Rainier concluded Leg 6 of its scientific cruise in the vicinity of Am Samoa, which the Governor’s Office says “witnessed remarkable achievements in advancing scientific missions amidst challenging weather conditions and engineering obstacles.” On July 10,...
Governor and others at drainage site visit
The Tualauta/Fagaima Drainage site visit walk-thru last week with Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauge (5th left)  and personnel from DPW, EPA, DOC, ASHPO, OP, ASDHS and ODAPM. [ODAPM Facebook]