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Some Music Fest winners
Some of the winners at the Elementary Music Festival Competition 2024 that took place last week. Overall Results: 1st Place Tafuna, 2nd Place Pavaiai, and 3rd Place Matafao [Facebook photo]
FEMA personnel with ASG staffers
A FEMA Mitigation Team visiting Manu’a along with other various ASG entities, took a little coconut break during their inspection. Mitigation purpose is to strengthen the nation’s disaster resilience by expanding mitigation awareness, coordination, and action. Site walks were conducted in Manu’a to...
Governor at ASCC cafeteria
Governor Lemanu P.S. Mauga was the first customer for a vendor in the food court of the new Cafeteria Building at ASCC. Last week, the college held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new cafeteria, after the groundbreaking ceremony preparing the way for the construction of the Smart Art, Community...
Rotaract Club of ASCC members
Around 30 members of the newly founded Rotaract Club of ASCC attended this past Saturday's Beach Clean Up, a regular coastal cleanup event that is organized by Kelley Anderson-Tagarino on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Rotaract- ASCC decided to join her efforts for their very first...
Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School students with ASVB personnel
The American Samoa Visitors Bureau team had the opportunity to share with the students of the Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School more about the Tourism Industry and its potential for exciting career opportunities. [ASVB photo]
A fishing boat in Samoa
Queensland, AUSTRALIA — One afternoon last year, we sat in a village hall in Fiji chatting to residents about traditional ways of forecasting tropical cyclones. One man mentioned a black-winged storm bird known as "manumanunicagi" that glides above the land only when a cyclone is forming out to sea...
Science Fair elementary winners
Overall winners of the 2024 American Samoa Science Fair — Elementary Division — levels 6- 8 along with the ASDOE Deputy Director Dr. Roxanne Sua’ava Salave’a (far right). Winners (L-R) Ulalai Lotu, Haarlem Lober-Soliai, Graceson Ulu, Jarielle Mirasol, and Alana Joserose. [DOE photo]
Atule catch
In Manu’a, the atule fish blessing remains, offering a vital resource for the local Manu’a Community. In Faleāsao, villagers cast their nets to haul in the atule fish, then it is divided among families [Facebook photo]
Miss Am Samoa with ASCC students
The Am Samoa Visitors Bureau (ASVB) had the privilege of participating in ASCC’s Career Fair 2024. Together with other ASG Departments, Non Profit Organizations and Private Businesses. Staffers discussed and showcased to ASCC students the various career paths that the Tourism Industry has to offer...
A Japanese woman who was an atomic bomb burn victim
East Lancing, MICHIGAN — With 13 Oscars nominations and seven wins – including best picture – “Oppenheimer” was the star of the 96th Academy Awards. Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, which told the story of the making of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, added to its...