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TBAS extends benefits of a Debit Mastercard to businesses

Territorial Bank of American Samoa sign
Source: TBAS media release

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Territorial Bank of American Samoa (TBAS) on Monday announced another new partnership with Mastercard to support businesses in American Samoa, the new TBAS Business Debit Mastercard.

This new bank card empowers businesses in many ways; allowing business owners to make purchases worldwide directly from American Samoa, supporting business owners to better manage their expenses without writing checks or using petty cash, providing higher levels of security to protect businesses against fraud or theft and importantly, a ‘contactless’ payment option so business owners make safer payments while abiding by new COVID-19 directives.

 “The Territorial Bank of American Samoa is very proud to support all local businesses – both big and small – to empower them with smarter banking offerings that ensures their business success,” states David Buehler, President and CEO of TBAS. “2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us, so providing new business opportunities and supporting businesses with better banking assistance is key for all of us in American Samoa to thrive.”

Being able to purchase goods and services online from anywhere in the world is an opportunity for businesses in American Samoa to access materials, tools and resources on a global scale, which will create new business opportunities for our local businesses and also develop new offerings to the people of American Samoa.

The new business bank card is an EMV chip-enabled technology bank card, offering the highest levels of payment security and a wide range of ways to access bank account funds or pay for purchases.

The cards also feature Mastercard contactless technology, which allows TBAS customers to make fast, secure, cashless and more convenient payments for everyday purchases by simply tapping their card against enabled payment terminals. Contactless payments are ideal for quick payment environments where speed and convenience matter most – from major retail stores, to convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. Importantly, the new TBAS Business Debit Mastercard enables business owners to use the contactless technology to abide by local COVID-19 health and safety directives to not touch public surfaces, not to handle cash and to remove any person-person contact while making purchases.

 “Mastercard is excited to build on its relationship with the Territorial Bank of American Samoa, now extending the many benefits of its Debit Mastercard to business owners,” said Ruth Riviere, Country Manager for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands at Mastercard. “The TBAS Business Debit Mastercard features the very best of Mastercard’s payment security technology, providing local business owners with a simple, smart and secure way to pay for purchases while offering increased freedom, choice and peace of mind in the way they go about their business.”

The TBAS Debit Mastercard card can be used at the bank’s extensive ATM network in American Samoa and worldwide as well as paying for purchases directly at 200 retail stores. Business owners can also make online purchases, make international payments, and access their bank account and make immediate payments while travelling overseas. The TBAS Business Debit Mastercard card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

Importantly, the new cards will allow locals in American Samoa to use online payment systems through new local mobile Apps, supporting the growing number of new and innovative business applications that require online purchasing.

Applications for TBAS Business Debit Mastercard can be made online, by emailing or by visiting one of our TBAS branches at Utulei or Tafuna or call us on 633-8143.