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Dear Editor,

“Mind Your Own Business” is a very common saying for shutting everyone’s mouth, tulou, and not doing anything to help the people who need help.  E le a’oa’ia e Laupu’a Tamafaiga ae ose fautuaga.  It’s our duty as good citizens to save our people by talking rather than SILENCE, ose agasala matuia.

Drugs and drug pushers are no longer a problem, nevertheless, it is a plague worse than the coronavirus in the world. To others, selling drugs to people especially school kids is more like owning a candy store and never resting until his poisoned sandwiches and candies are being sold for millions of dollars. Lives of our people especially our children are deeply affected by these drugs.

Apostle Paul was really right when he said: “It has been vexed in my mind” to face all the corruptions in those days.  Moni lava o se mea e le gata ina faatiga ulu a’o loto ua momomo atu lava ona o le a uma atu lava nai fanau ona fano olaga ona o nei fualaau faasaina.

Honestly, as we turn to police, they are so confused that either they don’t care or are afraid to do their jobs. We should also be careful what information should be turned over to the Police as it should be legitimate. It is also important to protect the identity of the informant. Once you have the information, it has to be developed. So many questions may come up, and only a good source can answer. After all, some of the policemen in fact may be working closely with the drug dealers or the drug pushers. Most police officers are trying hard, but there are a few of them that hardly covered the vast field of drugs which are being utilized in damaging our peoples’ lives.

The Judiciary is the only branch of our tripartite Government which is not governed by the Ballot Box as we are now sailing closer to the Election Day.  The law is not that simple for the judges to determine as who is guilty and who’s not. Above all, the judges through the attorneys, the prosecutors are all holding out their hands for the evidence that we do not have nor the witness that’s afraid to testify in the court or a fat reward for him that we cannot afford. A lot would be going on between when somebody is arrested and when he comes to a trial before a jury, he’s not just sitting back and waiting to go to jail.  He has his own case that’s well prepared by his attorney. The prosecutor should have a more convincing case in order to put a drug dealer, a drug pusher or a drug user behind bars.

When we turn to our leaders for help, we do need a supplication to our dear Lord to have mercy on them to assist us in this situation regarding the drugs and the drug lovers.

On other cases, pray that the Government directors do not bend the criteria and the policies that come with the funds that’s been given to us like blessings for the hurricane and the pandemic which (thank God) we do not have yet.  

Na aumai fo’i nai a tatou faamanuiaga ma le faamoemoe ia faasoasoa lelei ia tofu si manu ma si ana i’a.  In my own Christian theory, I am siding with President Jefferson when he said and I quote: “We shall not take away from the mouth of the labor the bread he has earned. Let’s restore harmony, just, and affection without which, life itself is dull and uninteresting.”

Moreover in his Declaration of Independence which declared that “People are created Equal.” O le tagi a le pumate, ia aofia uma nai o tatou uso mai isi atunuu i nei faamanuiaga ua tatou maua fua mai le malo tele ma saga viia ai le Atua e Ona. O nai tagata sa aafia i le Gita ae ua malaga ese ma ua taofia i le lē avanoa o ala e ao lava ona aofia latou i nei manuia aua sa malaga ma le faamoemoe e toe fo’i mai ae ua le tala feagai ona o aiaiga ma tulafono o le faama’i. O e fo’i faato’a oo mai, taumamafa pea, tatou aai lava ae pulapula i latou. O siaki a nai o tatou tama i le Fono, put proper justification and not to return, Talofa e! Aua ne’i galo le tagata o Le Atua i lau fa’asoa, mai manuia ua tatou maua.

Our people are dying, while we have a lot of good people and the know-how to save our people physically and spiritually.  We can help by talking and putting some more sense into our peoples’ minds and hearts especially our children to stay out of trouble in order to save them from this plague. Let’s all be vigilantes to help the law, it doesn’t take super intelligence to do this important job. “It is wonderful if someone cares.”  

People are afraid in this country as everybody knows everybody else.  Closeness in our relationship is one of the many disadvantages that stop us from doing the right thing.  When we turn to our statistics, they are so misleading and so under reported as most of the injuries from the violence are concealed as our country is so small that everyone is related to each other.

You never realize the joy that you would have if you are succeeded in saving the lives of our people especially our kids from drugs. Myself as a mother, I don’t think anything is more important than saving our people by speaking out regarding this serious plague that we’re facing.

I hope my country, which is truly dear in my heart, I am not sharing with you a guilty secret that most people are gossiping about, but I do know for a fact that we’re all aware of this evil among us. All this come with our blessings, which we should handle with justice and love. I do believe that most of our leaders and our fellowmen are doing a great job!  May God Bless you all.

There are so many security guards in our country besides policemen. There should be many vigilantes too to help in our current situation. Didn’t they call one of the series on TV, “Law and Order”? They were best people who helped in the Community. We can be like them a group of helpers as Samoan vigilantes or something. We can call it, “A Christian Vigilantes Group.”  

I would like to state in this Letter to the Editor what the second President of the United States, John Adams said, as he was facing the corruption in the country during his time, one of them, was the deadly epidemic of Smallpox. He said: “Why should the vaccine be concealed from all eternity while our people are dying especially our children?” and then replied within himself this: “WORM! Ask no such question, Do justly, Love Mercy and Walk humbly, this is enough for you to do.”  I believe that this goes for us too.  

Lastly but not least, it’s our repentance and constant prayers that can save our people.

In closing, I would like to say that our country is like a boat that was never damaged nor sunk in the ocean of problems that we are facing as it has its own special Anchor which is our God, Lord and our Savior!

Folau i Lagi Ma, Tutuila ma Manu’a, Sao ma Uli pea lou Sa i A’ao alofa o le Atua,


Laaloi Fulu Lili’o

Tinā Matua