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Dear Editor,

This latest unprofessional behavior by the Director and Deputy Director of ASHPO brings to mind a culture being nurtured with its own tainted set of values by an apathetic administration. It openly violates our constitutional rights to work in a harassment, hate free and safe, work environment. This systemic problem is evolving uncorrected and unaddressed. We are witnessing the lack of accountability within the executive level. Unfortunately this apathy has reached within the hierarchy of the church.

The heartbeat of ASG is the Dept. of Human Resources and the Equal Employment Office. Sadly our EEO rep has admitted, their hands are tied by the Governor's office. 

In this playground we are also seeing young inexperienced people with no management or leadership skills given positions they are not ready for. They are perfect victims to be exploited, polluted and corrupted by some “trusted” older mentors. 

While the Cabinet stays silent and mocking amongst themselves, the rogues and knaves initiate their own spur-of-the-hour policies and sprinkle stupidity and ignorance throughout the departments. Who suffocates? It's the public. 

Our professional standards in the workplace are turning out clones of the worst kind in human nature. Observe the existence of a tainted political culture promoted by fear and silence — lack of accountability from our Cabinet and executive level and see the path they are leading us on to: 

(2019) A young Director Letisha Peau Folau allows her Deputy Director Teleiai C. Ausage to threaten physical violence, use Samoan cultural authority to intimidate and casting racial slurs against a senior member of her office.

(2018) The Police Commissioner Le’i SonnyThompson and his Deputy Commissioner Sagapolutele allowed and covered up the sexual harassment of two DPS female police officers by two senior male police officers within the workforce. 

(2017) The late Director of Human Resources Taeaoafua Meki Solomona who publicly vented his anger by threatening and sexually harassing a member of his department in the most shameful and cruel manner, in front of his entire staff meeting of 300. The Governor denied any knowledge.

(2016) The Governor’s Chief of Staff Fiu John Saelua was reported for his sexual assault against a female domestic worker. This ongoing ASG coverup is so thick we still don't know who deployed the named Immigration officers to kidnap and attempt to force deport the victimized immigrants on to the boat bound for Apia.

(2015) The Chief of Immigration Peseta Dennis Fuimaono and his shameful decisions motivated by his sexual advances being rejected causing a female immigrants near expulsion by deportation. 

Institutions where some teachers rule, are reportedly sexually exploiting, molesting and impregnating their students. Male teachers sexually violating boys. Pastors and Sunday school teachers have been charged and incarcerated.

Fathers, uncles and best family friends are lighting up the victim scoreboard on sexual assaults, molestations and abuse.

We, the people, are the workers and belong to churches. We are looking at this administration's failure to act on these issues plaguing the workforce and, some mainstream churches reluctance to administer justice in their holy halls to render decisions upon offending key role players in their institutions. 

Why are these behaviors being justified. Lets start in our homes, our own office and tell off the offender to stop, cease and desist this subculture of dishonor. Throw off this senseless  oppression by foul smelling politics and ignorance. 

We the hard working employees and community people of American Samoa must ‘step up, press forward and spring forth’ in doing the right thing for justice. And if you are a believer, starting by doing the right thing?  We are doing major exploits for the God we so passionately believe in. 

Ipu Avegalio Lefiti, Victim Advocate