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Dear Editor: 

I appreciate ASG's effort to solve the traffic bottle-neck at Laufou. It has been a major traffic problem ever since Laufou opened but, is ASG really solving the problem?  The island's traffic problems, parking problems are all caused by the same problem — POPULATION. 

I read where the Stimulus amounted to 32 million dollars. This equates to about 27,000 people. We know that the registered voters are about 16,000. My question is — who are these other 45 to 50 thousand people? 

ASG claims that our population is about 50,000 but just look around every day and that figure is impossible. Look at Google Earth and you see that just about every inch of living space on this island has a shack, house or building on it. 

When the traffic on both lanes of our two lane road system are bumper to bumper from Mapusaga all the way to Matu'u or trying to park at the post office shows that our infrastructure is imploding on us. 

I don't have a solution to this problem. The previous administrations as well as the present one have ignored the problem for years and years. 

The next administration is going to be forced to look into this immigration and population explosion. We have reached a point of trying to put a hundred pounds of potatoes into a 10-pound sack. 

This problem has to be solved before our infrastructure completely collapses.

Jim Brittle