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U.S. Embassy supports Samoa’s NGOs and fosters exchanges

Leaders of Samoan Organizations awarded U.S. Government grants
Source: U.S. Embassy — Samoa

Apia, SAMOA — The U.S. Embassy today honored 8 Samoan organizations and 15 individuals at a Grantee Ceremony at the U.S. Embassy Residence Vailima. These organizations received funding from the U.S. Embassy Apia’s 2019 Public Diplomacy Grants program as well as other funding support.  The individuals will or have participated in United States Exchange Programs, such as the International Visitor Leadership Program and Professional Fellows Programs. 

The keynote address at the ceremony was delivered by Chargé d’Affaires Antone Greubel, he noted that Embassy Apia’s Public Diplomacy Grants Program is a small competitive program offering grants of up to USD $10,000 to local non-government organizations to strengthen democracy, engage youth, promote U.S.-Samoa links, address environmental and health issues, advance science and technology, increase respect for civil society and the rule of law, advance human rights and women’s rights. 

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. Through short-term visits to the United States, current and emerging foreign leaders in a variety of fields experience America firsthand and cultivate lasting relationships with their American counterparts.

  1. Samoa Events – Apia Public Diplomacy Grant
  2. Samoa Victim Support Group - Apia Public Diplomacy Grant
  3. Business of Salafai Association - Apia Public Diplomacy Grant
  4. Samoa Recycle and Waste Management Association – Regional Environment Grant
  5. Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture – American Spaces Grant
  6. Employ Mai – Mission Driven Alumni Outreach Grant
  7. Talita o le Lumanai – Young Pacific Leaders Grant
  8. Le Tiumasalasala – Arts Envoy Grant
  9. Christine Tuioti – Young Pacific Leaders Conference
  10. Nathan Chong Nee – Young Pacific Leaders Conference
  11. Leata Masefau – Pro Tourism Fellow
  12. Marita Ah Sam – Pro Tourism Fellow
  13. Fiona Ey – Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Program
  14. Taua Kose – Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Program
  15. Dr. Joel Klenck – NUS Seminar Series
  16. Edwin Tamasese – IVLP - Agricultural Trade and Food Safety
  17. Faasootauloa Sam Saili – Global Entrepreneurship Summit
  18. Lanuola Tupufia – Pacific Island Journalism Reporting Tour
  19. Vaituutuu Toimoana – American English E-Teachers
  20. Dulcie Wong Sin – Pro Tourism Fellows
  21. Anthony McCarthy – Pro Tourism Fellows
  22. Philippa Matautia – ESPN-Women Global Sports Mentoring Program
  23. Daniel Ngg Cho –  IVLP Young Pacific Leaders on Social and Economic Development  

Brief Grantee and Program Descriptions 

Grantee Recipients: 

Samoa Events

·         The goal of Samoa Event’s project is to continue to promote healthy living in Samoa through the reconstruction of the Scotsman Trail at Mount Vaea. 

Samoa Victim Support Group

·         The overall goal of the SVSG project is to provide street vendors the chance to be equipped with skills on building and making crafts under their Hot Soup project. This project aims to ensure that street vendors are given the opportunity and skills for survival as well as learning a trade that can generate income in the future. 

Business of Salafai Association

·         BOSA’s project will build the capacity of Small Medium Enterprises in bookkeeping, basic financial reports and tax compliance requirements on the Big Island of Savaii. 

Samoa Recycle and Waste Management Association

·         SRWMA will be  helping to recycle and remove waste oil from our shores, as well as procuring a glass bottle crusher to address the issue of non-recyclable glass on island. 

Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture – American Spaces Grant

·         This project aims to assist the literacy & numeracy needs of children utilizing the American Corner. The intended programs and activities will continue cultural and educational programming for adults, students, and children

Employ Mai – Mission-Driven Alumni Outreach Grant

·         The Makeki Online founders will be helping link potential employers and employees with this new initiative.

Talita o le Lumanai - Young Pacific Leaders Grant

·         Talita o le Lumana'i is an indigenous-focused leadership and environmental education program onboard the Va’a Gaualofa traditional voyaging canoe.  In partnership with the Samoa Voyaging Society, they will empower emerging youth and foster environmental stewardship in their communities and the region. 

Le Tiumasalasala – Arts Envoy Grant

·         In collaboration with U.S Hip-Hop dance group, Soul Street, Le Tiumasalasala will be coordinating an outreach program in December this year, with the aim to promote performing arts and to integrate American art with our traditional form of entertainment.

Exchange Programs:

Christine Tuioti & Nathan Chong Nee - Young Pacific Leaders Conference

·         The YPL is a youth leadership development program organized to bring together emerging Pacific leaders allowing them to build a network.  The YPL Conference was founded in 2013 and has held five regional conferences in various Pacific Islands.

Leata Masefau & Marita Ah Sam - Pro Tourism Fellows

·         This exchange program through the East West Center in Honolulu, gives tourism professionals the opportunity to undertake an intensive six week program to build significant new capacity and facilitate networking between tourism industry leaders with the United States and the Pacific Islands.

Fiona Ey & Taua Kose - Changing Face’s Women’s Leadership Program

·         The Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar focused on the important role that innovation and entrepreneurship play in contributing to economic growth, job creation, and strengthening communities. During this 12-day professional training, dialogue, and travel program, participants engaged in a series of workshops focused on leadership and entrepreneurship that were facilitated by noted women’s leadership trainers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Dr. Joel Klenck

·         This visiting scholar was able to give a presentation of archaeological findings in American Samoa and it’s relation to Samoan history and cultural preservation at the National University of Samoa

Edwin Tamasese – Agricultural Trade and Food Safety

·         This program allowed participants to analyze political, social, environmental and economic forces that influence U.S. agricultural trade policies and food safety.

Faasootauloa Sam Saili – Global Entrepreneurship Summit

·         The Global Entrepreneurship Summit is focused on putting innovative global entrepreneurs together with those who can help transform dreams into reality.

Lanuola Tupufia-Ah Tong – 2019 Pacific Island Journalism Reporting Tour

·         The Pacific Island Journalism Reporting Tour is an immersive study and reporting tour to discuss critical issues in the Pacific Islands including the environment, security, and infrastructure development and financing. 

Vaituutuu Toimoana – American English E-Teachers

·         The American English E-Teacher Program offers 8-week, online university-level courses in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) developed by U.S. educational institutions.

Upcoming Programs: 

Dulcie Wong Sin & Anthony McCarthy - Pro Tourism Fellows

·         Dulcie and Anthony will be part of our upcoming Exchange programs, where they will be given the opportunity to undertake an intensive six week program to build significant new capacity and facilitate networking between tourism industry leaders with the United States and the Pacific Islands

Philippa Matautia – Global Sports Mentoring Program

·         This is a one-month mentorship program focused on women’s empowerment in partnership with espnW and the University of Tennessee and San Antonio Spurs, pairing emerging female leaders from around the globe with female senior executives at leading U.S. organizations in the sports sector.

 Daniel Ngg Cho – Young Pacific Leaders on Social and Economic Development

·         This project for Young Pacific Leaders will introduce participants to current social, political, and economic issues in the United States. The project will focus on economic and social development, in support of entrepreneurship and workforce development across the Pacific.