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Three day vax shut-down cancelled —a new plan is in the works

Members of the ASG COVID-19 Task Force

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Instead of three-consecutive days of mass vaccinations with ASG operations closed down, the COVID-19 Task Force has come up with a new plan, with vaccinations to be administered on consecutive Wednesdays — Dec. 1st, 8th and 15th — with village and school based clinics set up for Tutuila island.

The initially plan, which prompted push-back from the private sector, would have been Dec. 1st to Dec. 3rd, with other government operations shut down during the mass vaccination period.

The latest information received by Samoa News following Monday’s task force meeting, in which a presentation was made details how the newly proposed mass vaccination plan is to be carried out.

•           School-based vaccine sites will be set up for the eligible school-age population at elementary and high schools as well as extended Tafuna clinic hours on Tuesday and Thursdays to offer vaccines from 4p.m. to 7p.m.

•           Samoan Affairs village mayors would identify unvaccinated residents requesting vaccines at the village level and a request for a village-based vaccine sites would be submitted to the Health Department.

According to the proposed plan, the vaccination drive for Dec. 1st will cover the Central District for schools and villages within Ituau-Aitulagi counties; Dec. 8th for West District for Tualauta-Alataua counties and East District on Dec. 15th for Vaifanua-Maoputasi counties.

Operating hours will be 8am. to 4p.m. and all DoH clinics will be closed on these dates. An ASG document identifies schools and village sites for the clinics.

Manu’a District is set for Dec. 16th and Dec. 17th and the clinics will be at Faleasao Elementary, Fitiuta Elementary, Olosega Elementary and Manu’a High schools.

The objective, according to the presentation document, is to “safely and fully vaccinate over 90%” of American Samoa’s eligible population “through a concerted effort by Dec. 31st”.

The document also provides information on “preparation & promotion” of the mass vaccination, and it includes an information meeting with parents and teacher associations in each district on separate dates and locations; proposed paid leave/time to allow ASG employees to attend vaccination with the child; and partner with local businesses to promote the vaccination drive on social media.

The task force and ASG is expected to issue official information in the coming days, according to two government officials.