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June 2018

OSHA Outreach

School Lunch Program management and drivers, along with off island engineer and trainer, Dennis Fisher

School Lunch Program management and drivers in this group photo on Wednesday, along with off island engineer and trainer, Dennis Fisher, at the OMV Tafuna compound, where drivers underwent a refres

Trump order discriminates against American Samoa born US military

 US Vice President Mike Pence greeting army reserves in American Samoa

The US military has begun discriminating against service men and women born in American Samoa, a US lawyer has said.

Historically American Samoan born US nationals and US citizens were treated equally by the military according to the Seattle-based attorney, Leiataua Charles Ala'ilima.

Leiataua said the US armed services are a primary source of employment and income for young people in American Samoa which is known for having the highest enlistment rate of any state or territory.

He said this is set to change.

"The Trump administration has just issued an order saying, okay all of you American Samoan born who are not US citizens will lose your job as officers if you don't get US citizenship, which they then have to apply for and go through the process of naturalization."

Naturalisation takes around eight months and has a fee of US$680. Applicants must pass English, US History and Government tests and take the Oath of Allegiance.

American Samoans are born with their allegiance to the United States according to Leiataua.

Filipino woman facing deportation retains private attorney to fight her case

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale

The case of a Filipino immigrant who refused to leave the territory after her legal sponsor refused to renew her Immigration ID is now determined to fight her case in court.

Samoa News understands that the Filipino woman, who is the subject of contention between two local business owners involved in this case, along with the Attorney General’s Office and the Immigration Office, has retained an attorney to represent her case.

According to information given to Samoa News, this case arose when the woman refused to leave the jurisdiction of American Samoa when her ID expired.

The woman has worked about ten years for a sewing shop owned by a resident of American Samoa. However, the woman wanted to change jobs and moved out from her first employer, who was also her legal sponsor, and stayed with a Samoan couple who own the business the woman went to work for.

When the Filipino woman’s immigration ID expired, the legal sponsor then went to the Immigration Office to notify them about the Filipino woman’s situation, and told them that she wanted her deported back to the Philippines.

The sponsor also sent letters to Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale, the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), Peseta Dennis Fuimaono, as well as the Immigration Board.

One of the issues for upcoming ASG Youth Summit is “birthright citizenship”

Youth Summit chairman, Tapaau Dr. Daniel Aga

The federal case dealing with US citizenship for person’s born in American Samoa is one of the issues that will be discussed and will probably raise many questions, during the Governor’s 2018 Youth Empowerment Summit set for July 1-2 at the Pago Pago Youth Center.

So far, two separate cases have landed in federal court in which US nationals born in American Samoa sued the federal government arguing that because they were born in American Samoa, a US territory, they are entitled to citizenship under the 14th Amendment, the Citizenship clause of the US Constitution.

The first case, in which local resident Leneuoti Tuaua was the lead plaintiff, was dismissed by the federal court in Washington D.C. and that decision was later upheld by the federal appeals court in D.C.

The second case was filed March this year at the federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah and the plaintiffs in this litigation are making similar arguments as in the Tuaua case. (See Samoa News edition Mar. 28 for details.)

Youth Summit chairman, Tapaau Dr. Daniel Aga said yesterday that the “Empowerment Youth Summit on Self-Determination & Hope” will “feature 4 critical issues confronted by American Samoans today.” One of these issues is US citizenship.

He explained that two leading legal figures — Attorney General Talauega T. Ale and Kenneth Kuaea of the Kuaea Group — will sit on the panel prepared for the 300 youth expected to attend the summit on Monday, July 1.

Six questions have been prepared for the panel, according to a statement yesterday from summit organizers that also included a brief response

Cool Stuff: Polar Pro Katana tweaks your drone

The Katana from Polar Pro pictured with a young girl

Polar Pro is the company that tweaks your excellent DJI Drone into a magnificent cinematography magic wonder dream machine.

Cool Stuff has raved in the past about Polar Pro’s ND (neutral density) filters/polarizers and in the future will brag about their gimble locks, monitor brackets and sunshades. Polar Pro is one of the few aftermarket companies that “gets it” thus adding significant functionality and value to your DJI Drones.

The Katana takes the stability of your flying drone allowing you to use it on land by hand. This is critical because you are not legally allowed by the FAA to fly in proximity of people, airports, military bases, and stadiums.

Once you pop your drone on your Katana with the propellers popped off, it is no longer a drone... it is just a land based gimble that goes anywhere without restriction and operates with complete safety around people.