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June 2018

Tala I Vaifanua

O i latou uma o lo'o avea nei ma sui totino o le Kalapu a le Liona sa auai i le latou fonotaga e fa'alauiloa ai le laulauatofi fou o lenei tausaga, ma i latou fo'i ua fa'atula'ia i lea afiafi e avea ma totino fou o le Kalapu a le Liona i Pago Pago. ata: Leua Aiono Frost]



ASG calls for continued restraint in proposed FY 2019 budget proposals

Office of Program Planning and Budget director Catherine D. Saelua

The American Samoa Government’s fiscal year 2019 budget threshold is set at the same ceiling as the current fiscal year, and last Friday was the deadline for proposed budget submissions, according to the Office of Program Planning and Budget director Catherine D. Saelua’s budget call letter, which went out earlier this month. The ASG FY 2018 approved budget stands at $394.76 million.The decision to keep the FY 2019 ceiling at the current fiscal year’s ceiling was based on “close consultation with our budget and revenue experts,” said Saelua in the budget call letter, which was approved by the governor, and sent to all Executive branch departments and agencies.Saelua informed directors that budget negotiations would be scheduled if needed, upon receipt of the respective agency/department’s budget submissions prior to being finalized.

CJ Kruse: Court does not get involved in funeral release requests

Chief Justice Michael Kruse

Chief Justice Michael Kruse told the defense attorney, William Olson that the court does not get involved in funeral release. That decision falls to the Executive Branch of the government including the Police Commissioner. Kruse revealed this issue last week when Cody Wood’s case was called in open court.The imposition of sentences against the 42-year old woman convicted of misdemeanor stealing has been suspended for two years, and the High Court has now placed her on probation for the period of years under certain conditions.

Oketi Polevia appeared before Chief Justice Michael Kruse, along with his Associate Judges, Fa’amausili Pomele and Muasau T. Tofili last week for sentencing.

Man selling marijuana to cannery workers jailed


A young man, who was born in Samoa but raised in American Samoa since he was 4, is going to jail, after police caught him selling marijuana to cannery workers last year. Paulo Paulo Jr. was ordered by the court to serve 20 months at the Territorial Correctional Facility (TCF), as a condition of his 5-year probation, after being convicted for unlawful possession of a controlled substance, to wit; marijuana. His sentence was handed down by Chief Justice Michael Kruse, along with Associate Judges Fa’amausili Pomele and Muasau T. Tofili.

Salt Lake citizenship plaintiffs claim ASG and Amata lack standing


Plaintiffs in the US citizenship lawsuit have asked the federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah to deny a motion by the American Samoa Government and Congresswoman Aumua Amata to intervene in their complaint, arguing among other things that ASG and the Congresswoman lack standing to intervene in this case. The Movants — ASG and the Congresswoman — on June 8 asked the court to be allowed to intervene in the citizenship lawsuit filed in March this year by three American Samoans — John Fitisemanu, Pale Tuli and Rosavita Tuli — who argue that because they were born in American Samoa, a US territory, they are entitled to citizenship under the 14th Amendment, the Citizenship clause of the US Constitution. However, the plaintiffs, which include an organization based in Utah, last Friday asked the court to deny the motion to intervene, arguing that the defendants — which includes the US State Department — can properly represent American Samoa’s interest.

To’a 69 ‘au fa’au’u Aoga Maualuga Matata Ese’ese - NVTHS - 2018

A look at some of the 69 graduates of Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School class of 2018
NVTHS 2018 Valedictorian, Jayne F.M. Solofa
NVTHS 2018, Salutatorian, Agahpay Lina Manase

"O le Lumana'i e fai mo i latou e talitonu i le Matagofie o a latou Miti" - le autu lea o le aso fa'apitoa mo le vasega fa'aiuaso a le Nuuuli Vocational Technical High School (NVTHS), le Aoga Maualuga a Matata Ese’ese, i le aso Tofi na te'a nei. O le latou aso fa'apitoa sa fa'atautaia le latou polokalama matagofie o le fa'au'uga i le Faleta'alo o le A'oga Maualuga a Tafuna, ma sa amatalia fo'i i le itula e 9:00 i le taeao ae toetoe ta le 10:00 ua mae'a lelei. E to'a 69 fanau fa'au'u i lenei tausaga.

Manu’a Cohort makes history with 17 graduates

Cohort 31, with 17 graduates from Manu'a

The University of Hawaii, Manoa College of Education proudly conducted commencement ceremonies for a historic group on Saturday, June 23 at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium. Cohort 31, with 17 graduates, became the first-ever cohort in which all the graduates are from the islands of Manu’a — marking this milestone. The graduating class consisting of 17 dedicated teachers receiving their Bachelors of Education degrees, and Mene Tauaa who has served as the lead Cohort 31 Coordinator was honored for this service as the Master of Ceremonies.

DPS probe of drowning at Pala Lagoon Center reveals no “foul play”

Tualauta Representative Vui Florence Saulo

Tualauta Representative Vui Florence Saulo has written to the Director of Education expressing concern regarding the drowning at Pala Lagoon Swimming Pool, at the same time, the father of the young girl who drowned contradicts claims that DOE performed a traditional “ifoga” before the grieving family. Meanwhile, the DPS investigation into the incident is completed with facts and findings revealing “foul play was not involved” in the drowning which took the life of 13-year-old Tinian Toese two weeks ago.It also stated that “based on the facts collected and circumstances surrounding this matter, the manner of death has been ruled as an accidental ruling.”