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Are you ready? Annual Tattoo Fest goes hybrid local and virtual global

Tisa's Barefoot Bar on Alega Beach,
Source: Alega Preservation Institute

Alega Beach, AMERICAN SAMOA — Alega Preservation Institute and Tisa’s Barefoot Bar are pleased to announce our Annual Tattoo Festival for 2020, October 23 – 25. This year marks the 15th year of our Tatau Festival event in American Samoa with the gracious support of our local government and business community.

Onsite in beautiful Alega village, with COVID-19 access restrictions in place, the three-day event will be streaming live to reduce the number of fest goers under the current Code Blue declaration facing our island. This will make the 15th Annual 2020 Tattoo Festival a global event, for Samoans all over the world to attend virtually online, connecting our people together in a cultural event unique to American Samoa – opening our borders virtually and reuniting friends, family, and tourists from abroad.

”I am thrilled to learn new ways to reach Tatau art lovers and supporters with the help of the Social Media generation,” says Tisa Faamuli, founder and organizer of the Annual Tattoo Festival. “We recognize that many of our friends, aiga, people and places that we care about have been gravely affected – causing us sadness, stress, and uncertainty. The world is changing so much before our eyes – and because of this we believe celebrating the Pe’a, our culture and way of life is more important this year than at any other time in our 15 year history of the Tattoo Festival as our living art becomes more meaningful when it is threatened by modern culture and COVID-19.”

From Friday to Sunday (October 23 – 25), the three-day event will highlight original versions of the Tatau history through performing arts. Streamed live, with local guest panels broadcast live from Tisa’s Barefoot Bar in Alega, American Samoa, and with overseas online guests, the topics of traditional arts, from Tufuga carvers and Siapo makers to our bellowed Tattoo artists will be discussed and shared in an open forum for all to participate. We will also be discussing the topic of Tatau Culture Art and how it relates to the Samoan Bible. Additionally, Fire Knife Dancing, Music Groups, Singers, Samoan Siva Groups, and of course – live tattooing, and virtual online contests and prizes for Samoans to participate in from all over the world will showcase the love of culture and the Tatau.

The public is invited to participate in Virtual Tatau activities, including producing a short film of Tatau Song and dance to win the best of the fest film and video clip of their submission to be judged by social media audience based on the most liked. We will also be asking people to submit videos of their Tattoos for cash prizes and awards, too, with people voting from all over the world.

Stay tuned for more information, and share Tisa’s Tattoo Festival Facebook page (@TisasTattooFestival) with your friends. Memories from the last 15 years of Festivals, slide shows and videos are a must see. Book your own watch party and share your Tatau memories with friends and families at our 15th Annual 2020 Tattoo Festival.