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ASPA issues RFP for vehicle tracking devices

Head of the American Samoa Power Authority, Utu Abe Malae has taken the governor’s vehicle policy to the next level and is looking at installing tracking devices on ASPA vehicles.


At this time last year Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga issued a strict policy regarding government vehicles, wherein he demanded there will be no more ASG vehicle taken home by ASG employees, except for department directors.


He said at the time that at the end of each operating day, no vehicle will be taken home by an ASG employee unless thoroughly justified by the Director or Acting Director, by demonstrating a “life or death” threat necessitating the use of the vehicle after hours.


The governor also noted that in the event a vehicle is permitted to be taken home after hours, it will not be used for any non-government purpose. He also emphasized that the vehicles taken home by Directors and Acting Directors are authorized to be used for official government business only and not for personal transportation of spouses, children, or family members.


According to Utu, the inspiration for this move came from a company where he used to work — he did not specify the company. He told Samoa News that ASPA would like to incorporate this feature into their “asset management system” that would allow ASPA to manage their assets, which are spread all over the island.


“This will be a deterrent to the abuse of vehicles,” he stated, and further noted that the stricter vehicle policy put in place last year for all ASG departments has already resulted in improved management and reduction of operating costs for ASPA vehicles, and he is looking at installing the tracking devices on some 30 to 40 ASPA vehicles.


ASPA has issued an RFP — a request for proposal — for a company to contract for the said purpose.


Samoa News understands that only one other company has the ability to track their vehicles in the territory, and a fairly new company on island has the ability to install such tracking devices.