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BlueSky launches new mobile product

BlueSky officially announced the launch of its new mobile broadband product known as Blue Sky SpeedNet, during a press conference yesterday morning at their Laufou offices.

According to Blue Sky, you can connect to the internet by simply inserting the BlueSky USB Dongle device into your laptop or desktop computer. This new product utilizes BlueSky’s4G HSPA + network to provide high speed internet all across American Samoa in places where the internet was previously unavailable.

“BlueSky is very pleased to announce the launching of our BlueSky SpeedNet,” said Blue Sky Customer Service/Public Relations Manager Sherry Sele. “This is of course a continuing of our venture with 4G that we introduced last year. BlueSky SpeedNet enables you to be mobile, with the internet available at the palm of your hands. It is the fastest internet on island. You can buy the USB Dongle device here at BlueSky.

“You are not restricted to go home and check the internet. This is where you are free and truly mobile, with fast internet in the palm of your hands. Use it with your laptop anywhere, where 4G is available. With MiFi, if you have a Dongle, we have a device where you can share it with your friend or children or whoever else.”

Blue Sky CEO Aldolfo Montenegro stated in a press release, “We see SpeedNet as a huge innovation because it makes the Internet faster, more affordable, portable and available in more places than ever before in American Samoa. This makes high speed internet accessible to not only corporate and business customers, but also for students, professionals, small businesses, families and many others.”

[photo: Jeff Hayner]