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Child Care Program works to raise quality

chilThe American Samoa Childcare Program (ASCP), under the Department of Human and Social Services (DHSS) is getting ready to distribute specially appointed ‘I Care’ packages to all of the authorized childcare facilities in the territory, according to the Assistant Director of the Childcare Division/Special Projects and Community Assistance Division, Louisa F. Te’o Tuiteleleapaga.

Yesterday afternoon, the ASCP/DHSS explained to the Childcare Providers of the territory at the H. Rex Lee Auditorium, the process of receiving their packages.

“These are items that are intended to raise the quality of care in the childcare facilities in the territory,” said Tuiteleleapaga. “There are 40 of these facilities at this time that are authorized to serve clients of the American Samoa Childcare program.”

She went on to explain “These packages consist of learning toys and other types of equipment that are geared to increase the ability for childcare providers to provide learning activities with the children that they serve.

“Right now we have dedicated a lot of our resources within our program, to increasing type of services, through training and providing direct equipment and supplies for the providers, as well a setting aside money for minor renovations to increase their ability to abide by health and safety standards,” she said.

Referring to the I Care packages themselves, Tuiteleleapaga said that total investment in the packages — so far— has been about $57,881. She said that, that was money set aside by the program to purchase the items, with the plan of distributing them to all of the childcare providers.

“Through the training and workshops that we have had with the childcare providers, they will be able to use this equipment to come up with interactive hands-on learning activities with the children,” she concluded.