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Christmas bells are ringing… for the gift givers — 2 more days …

Counting down to midnight Eve!

The list continues, and you’re adding on — you just saw Aunty Fia, she’s come in with the 4 kids for the holidays and they’re going to be at the “toana’i”… oka oka — add 5 more to your shopping list, add 5 more to your eating list.

Time to recite your tauloto for Christmas shopping: Gifts on Christmas are not an obligation, they’re a joy — it’s found in giving as much as in receiving. From church to opening gifts to toana’i —MANUIA LE KERISIMASI ! Ameni.

Christmas Specials continue to blossom… there’s:

Origin Energy for the “extra” gas 2-burner stove top you’re going to need for the Christmas toana’i, add on the New Year toana’i too. They have the 4-burners on sale also for a limited time; and if you buy any Whirlpool Oven from them… Origin will take care of your Christmas meal: that’s a Free Turkey from Forsgren’s new grocery store plus a $50 gift certificate for the rest of the fixings.

Shoe Tree’s Great Santa Sale Mystery Discounts is on. They are the first to do this, and have made it an annual event: You draw from a box a card that will name the discount you get right there at the register. Discounts are up to 50%, and their holiday hours since Wednesday have been 8:30 a.m. to ?? — that’s when the last customer walks out the door.

CBT Ho Ching & Co., Inc. — True Value — at their Nu’uuli location only — for all toys and Christmas items on Friday Only are 20% off, and ALL DAY!! on Saturday, Dec. 24 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., on almost everything in the store — it’s 25% OFF. They have an After Christmas Sale too, on Christmas items only — planning for Christmas,2012… 50% off.

For the bigger ticket items, Transpac is once again doing their Year End Sale for 2011: with the sale ending Dec. 31st — dressers, flat screens, washer & dryers, air conditioners. There’s a raffle also, with a washer & dryer as first place.

Still feeling Christmas Lucky: ASCO Motors has Super Holiday Savings which includes a draw to WIN if you spend $100 or more on Genuine Parts, Quality Service, tires, batteries or rent a car from Avis. First prize is a 42 inch TV.

Island Image Creations is once again doing their Christmas Tent Sale, with up to 50% OFF selected materials and they have lots of Christmas gift ideas, from baskets to shoes, to bags and more…

Here’s a Christmas thought: Support your Samoa Bowl event — happening the last week of this month — buy a 2012 Samoa Bowl Calendar for a local accent to your gift, while giving to our young athletes.

See you Saturday, during the mad rush, but keep in mind that many of the businesses are staying open late, anywhere from 8 p.m. to when the last customer walks out the door. This means you can shop safely and shop wisely or madly…