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Cool Stuff: Quick Hits— Solomon Landmower

No time for Aqua Zumba? Got cut from the NFL? Want to do your feau's & keep that muscle tone in the triceps & tummy? I never saw this in Samoa, but got this in Honiara where it is referred to as a "lawn mower". No gas, no repair, no line, no nothing but sweet looking malae. It cost $80 Solomon dollars, so maybe $12-$15 USD for us. And small kine secret only for you Coolios....did you know that the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands first wife was Samoan? You are probably related and maybe entitled to borrow one of their 800 or so islands.

Yup, Samoans rule the planet, you are related to someone everywhere... even guys like me who you'd rather not be related to. Coolio world domination through Cool Stuff.  [photo: Barry Markowitz]