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Despite wet weather, total rainfall this year is less than normal

As of 1p.m. yesterday, the total rainfall for the month of May totaled 7.25 inches which, according to local meteorologist Hans Malala, is far less than 10.62 inches — the norm for this month.


As heavy rainfall continues to put a damper on plans to spend the day outside, residents can rest assured that the trough that was sitting over American Samoa is expected to move south by today, meaning better weather tonight or tomorrow.


So far this year, the National Weather Station in Tafuna recorded a total of 59.45 inches of rainfall as of noon yesterday. The total norm for year-to-date inches from January to May is 60.44 inches.


For those wondering if a hurricane is on the horizon, Malala explained that the hurricane season for the territory has passed. (It is from Nov- April).


“We are now transitioning, going into our dry season,” he said.