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Faipule introduces bill to be a part of confirmation process for DBAS and LBJ board members

Faipule Manumaua Wayne Wilson

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The House of Representatives yesterday, September 21, 2023 introduced a bill that amends the confirmation of board members for the Development Bank of American Samoa and board members of the LBJ Tropical Medical Center, by the Senate only, and instead require concurrence by both houses of the Legislature.

It was sponsored by Faipule Manumaua Wayne Wilson with 15 faipule as cosponsors.

The amendment is for the Development Bank of American Samoa- Board of Directors and the LBJ Medical Center – Board of Directors — “amending the confirmation of members of the board of directors to the Development Bank of American Samoa and the LBJ Tropical Medical Center, to include both Houses of the Legislature: Amending section 28, 0103 and 13,0103 A.S.C.A.”

 According to Sections 28.0103 and 13.0103 A.S.C.A provide that only the Senate has confirmation authority of the nominees presented by the governor.  The House finds “it prudent that Board appointments be consented to by both houses of the Legislature,” the amendment states.

The proposed amendment inserts the word “Legislature”, replacing the word “Senate” in the body of both sections that give authority only to the Senate.

This is not the first time the House has sought to change the law and be included in the confirmation process of both entities.

However, the last time, which was in March 2023, an amendment was introduced by Faipule Manumaua, with 17 cosponsors, to change the law to require that members of the LBJ Medical Center be approved by the “Legislature” — not just the Senate. The DBAS was not included.