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The Sa of Aua working hard during practice on Monday, out in the Pago Pago Bay — the sight of the long boat workouts have become a roadside attraction in the afternoon, with spectators already betting on their favorite for this year’s race.

Samoa News Sports continues to bring updates and features of the 2012 Flag Day faustasi race, sponsored by the cool refreshing and super cold as the Rockies blue mountain beer, Coors Light, distributed exclusively by the good people at GHC Reid Co. Ltd.

Today’s coverage in the sports section is of the Tolotolo o Tama Uli from Salelologa, Savai’i — the only Samoa fautasi racing in this year’s event. The Salelologa crew will not be rowing their usual boat. To compete in American Samoa waters, they have borrowed the fautasi from the village of Lepea, Samoa, and the Segavao Olympic scoop oars from the Si’usega Catholic parish.  See full story in sports section.