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Cool Stuff: 2 Samoas Cargo — how about some cargo flights?

Samoa Airways plane

Honolulu, HAWAII — Love them, hate them, or in recent news, litigate them, the bottom line is the Samoa Government and ASG have a favorable track record in protecting the public from Covid-19 (with advance experience from last year’s deadly regional measles epidemic).

Cool Stuff suggests a few pragmatic steps to protect both Samoas' economy and health safety.

It’s a great step forward that the 2 Samoa governments are soon allowing the Lady Naomi to serve Upolu and Tutuila.  As this is permissible, why hasn't the ASG allowed Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways at least two a week dedicated cargo flights between Faleolo and Pago?  Our scoops indicate the Samoa Government will allow these dedicated cargo flights... but not ASG.

These flights could allow urgent medicine, machinery parts, tech parts, auto parts, and small quantities of perishable food items to be shipped at very little risk.  

Note also that you can't starve our local airlines. Both the government Samoa Airways and private Talofa Air have employees (some on furlough), fixed expense payments, and ongoing periodic maintenance that need to be addressed.  

If USA cargo/mail flights are allowed into the Territory, why not cargo from Covid-19 free neighboring Samoa?

Cargo can be handled by masked and gloved employees who can also spray/wipe down the items on departure and arrival.  Charge a tasi tala Covid-19 handling fee to offset added sanitary precaution costs.

Large & small businesses in the 2 Samoas need to keep commerce going to protect current cash flow and future supply chains.  The Territory should support every bit of 2 Samoa cargo commerce as ASG receives Customs Duty on product imports and tax from retail sales.  

Cool Stuff hopes the airlines, American Samoa Chamber of Commerce and the ASG have productive talks about all aspects of revitalizing commerce.  It is vital.

If needed, Cool Stuff will publish photos of the many empty storefronts, and share the rumored closures of many medical practices in Hawaii and Mainland states.  

Times are really, really bad in the 50 States.  Scammers are stealing unemployment funds through identity theft (and dead people), with many in Hawaii not receiving their mandated weekly unemployment income for over a month. So don't be too upset if your aiga Samoa o' Honolulu truthfully says, "Leai se tupe.  We got plentee lots of nothing!"

You in the Territory cannot drive to the next State.  You must scratch for and protect every aspect of commerce and safe healthy social norms.  

And it wouldn't hurt for you to pray for us, your family Amerika.