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Cool Stuff: Aloha spirit alive and well despite shortage dramas

Two store employees stocking toliet paper

Honolulu, HAWAII — Many Hawaii residents are purportedly hoarding stockpiles, while the rest of us find Costco, the supermarkets and drugstore bare of toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, masks, latex gloves, and microwave popcorn.  

Most Hawaii residents in need are finding the Aloha spirit alive as a few rolls are always being offered by neighbors. Mrs Cool Stuff reminded that Samoans will never be a slave to TP as their resourcefulness with taele, smooth stones, tea leaves, and old copies of Samoa News' "Cool Stuff" columns are readily available.

There was an eerie glee in her delight of old "Cool Stuff" newspaper pages saving the Territory from TP hair pulling, shin kicking battles at Cost-u-less, Forsgren's, or KS Mart. Yes, she made it quite clear that this was only value "Cool Stuff" has ever made before, during and after our hopefully abbreviated pandemic.

No lines exist at gas stations as most are locked down at home. Average price for regular in Hawaii is $3.14... in Texas $1.82.

If you are stuck at home, be smart, be safe, garden and do some postponed chores.  

Our family prays for all of Samoa... while they enjoy demeaning "Cool Stuff"