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Cool Stuff: Black Friday Insta 360 deals — special for Coolios

Woman with a Insta 360 camera in her hand

Honolulu, HAWAII — At Samoa News, sometimes our integrity earns us opportunities for our Worldwide readership... we, on the other hand, get a simple small kine pat on the back and a siamu pisupo sandwich.

The amazing folks at Insta 360, who have dramatically changed the standard for image perspective of the planet, has provided Cool Stuff their advanced Black Friday discount sale prices. 

We recently highlighted the Go 2, the ultra tiny, waterproof family action cam which was $299, effective today is only $269!

How I would love the even more dynamic flagship Insta 360 ONE X2 or their modular ONE R that can be fitted on drones for aerial 360 vids & stills.

Here is a synopsis of their Black Friday highlights:

15% off on Insta360 ONE R, the world’s 1st interchangeable rugged action camera;

10% off on Insta360 ONE X2, the latest flagship 360 action camera ;

10% off on Insta360 GO 2 + Free Lens Guard, the world’s smallest action camera;

10% off on all accessories and 50% off special offer on ONE R Battery, Dive Case, and Lens Guard!

Here is the breakdown of some other Black Friday deals with Amazon links:

ONE X2 $386.99,

ONE RK 4K $254

ONE R Twin Edition $407.99

ONE R 360 Edition $365.49

ONE R Ultimate Kit $620.46

And, for those of you that sold your palolo instead of gifting it to Cool Stuff, you can now receive a $698 discount off the Insta 360 Pro 2.   So all you have to spend, of your tala palolo, is a tiny $4,499.

Unlike you palolo guys, Cool Stuff would definitely have to take my GHC Reid Coke Zero empty cans to the recycler, and ask my editors for an advance on my always generous Christmas Bonus.

The complete Insta 360 Black Friday discounts can be found today at:

Insta 360 is an innovative company that builds solid reliable action gear.  Cool Stuff likes, endorses and uses their gear. 

With supply chain issues and electronic (not Fritos) chip shortages...just buy one or a couple Insta 360's at these affordable deals.  The gear will last, and the family memories even longer. 

Maybe even start your own You Tube channel.