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Cool Stuff: Breeze, Family Fun Perfected!

Yuneec's "Breeze" is the perfect family gift this holiday. It does family selfies, tracks your kids in action, allows immediate social media posting... all at a family friendly price.    [Photo by Barry Markowitz 9/8/16, InterDrone 2016, Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.]

A Sony Handicam, a Canon Rebel, and a big screen TV have been excellent family gifts the past decade. Yuneec is blowing away those classics with their just debuted "Breeze" user-friendly drone, their CEO calls a "Flying Camera".

The "Breeze" will go everywhere with you indoor and outdoors... so as with your favorite pet, better think of a personalized cute name for this new best friend.

Coolios have inundated our e-mail room with questions about the Samoa News' "Cool Stuff" drone... they all want one, "is it hard to fly, how much, can you get me an insider deal?"

At $499 Yuneec's "Breeze" hits the family gift price point this holiday need an "insider deal."  The Samoa News' "Cool Stuff" drone is closer to $3,000 with extra batteries and necessary accessories.  

What happens if breaking news occurs when "Cool Stuff" is cruisin' for BBQ plate lunch and the much larger, heavy to drag around "Cool Stuff" drone won't fit in our daily backpack? Of course, "Cool Stuff" WILL be carrying a Yuneec "Breeze" in 3 weeks to be ready at all times to provide our valued Samoa News readers with our usual high standard of awesome still and video imagery. 

At less than a pound (7.7" long, 2.5" thin), the "Breeze" can easily fit in Mom's shoulder bag (legs and propellers incredibly fold up too). Bottom line, if your "Cool Stuff" is not with you it doesn't matter how cool your cool stuff really is. Remember, your magical family moments won't rewind for you... the "Breeze" will keep you prepared and always in the mix!  And of course our Nanuk hard case buddies have the perfect size case to protect from the elements and your little nephews and nieces fighting over it.

Your Apple or Android device is your controller and your recording mechanism (with 16GB of onboard memory to download via hardwire). Use of your smart phone or tablet facilitates your ability to promptly upload to social media... so now you can be cool online to your family everywhere, not just in the islands.

The range of your "Breeze" is approximately 280 feet altitude 150 foot in horizontal distance. Yuneec technological commitment gives you flight and image capture stability indoors and out.  

Now if you have a larger $1,899 budget and want to fly as far away as 3 miles... get the Typhon H Pro. It is awesome with retractable landing gear, a 360 degree rotating stabilized gimble (so forward becomes any direction you like), and the ability to survive getting struck by a fruit bat or pigeon as it can fly on its five remaining propellers if one gets taken out.

Not all drone companies see customer service and parts supply as a major priority. Not all drone companies will even financially survive the onslaught of the quality competition "Cool Stuff" observed unleashed at InterDrone 2016.  

Whether its a $499 "Breeze" or a $1,899 "Typhoon H Pro" Yuneec's Southern California office has confidently assured us the parts will be sent out promptly within the week to keep you flying.

"Cool Stuff" salutes Yuneec's integrity.  Get your "Breeze", "Typhoon H", or "Typhoon H Pro" at Drone Services Hawaii (Honolulu...where you get great hands on advice, service and specialized accessories), Samy's Camera, B&H Camera, Best Buy or direct from  

"Breeze" Specs:

Material: plastic, Color: White, Width: 196 mm, Height: 65 mm, Depth: 196 mm, Weight: 385g, Battery / Battery Type: Lipo battery, Delivery: Breeze, Lipo battery, charger, App-controlled: Yes, Country of origin / place of origin: China, Item number: 2164950