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Cool Stuff: Coolio Barry gets Covid 19 test before new assignment

Samoa News photographer Barry Markowitz getting tested for Covid 19

Honolulu, HAWAII — With a National Geographic TV pre-production interview video shoot coming up this week, Samoa News photographer/columnist of "Cool Stuff" wanted to insure the safety of his subjects by getting tested for Covid 19.

Nothing sucks more than accidentally killing off your celebrity interview subject with infected kind words or a contaminated handshake.  

My first line of medical self-defense is my Samoan cousin, Registered Nurse Samantha Mageo. Yup, you probably know all our American Samoan Mageos from Catholic priests to respected combat veterans.

Due to medical privacy concerns, it’s extremely difficult to get permission to shoot/publish an in your face Covid 19 Test photo... my self portrait with this story  shares the awkward though absolutely painless process.  

Samoa News has "Cool Stuff's" express permission to exclusively publish this self portrait in the interest of informing the Samoa public of what may be coming as the new normal for your future travels.

Samoa News (May 16) shared a Radio New Zealand report that residents returning to the Independent Nation of Samoa must have a Covid 19 Test three days prior to boarding a return flight to Faleolo Intl. Airport.  Sounds good... except in Hawaii "Cool Stuff" was informed it might take 2-4 days to get my test results.  

So what happens when flights open up for either Samoa, you buy your ticket and your results do not come back within the required three days in order to board?  

Will the airlines be required to police who has the properly completed test results to board.  Will the airlines be assessed severe financial penalties if they fly a passenger who doesn't meet the health document criteria of the arrival nation?

Will Fiji Air, Air New Zealand, Samoa Air, or Hawaiian Airlines give you a no penalty fee flight change if your results are not ready within 3 days?  Do you have to pay for another new test and pray results come back in time?  

Without insurance the cost of medical consultation, Flu & Covid 19 Test is $175 USD.

History proves Samoans absolutely must protect Samoa.  Respectfully, in the weeks or months ahead of borders opening, the logistic details must be pragmatic and commonsense.

Hope my awkward self-portrait motivates folks in government and the private sector to sort out the minor hiccups before they become major embarrassing burps.

Be safe, be well.  soifua