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Cool Stuff: DJI Osmo-Mania!

Ellen Elliott, of family owned/partnership Drone Services Hawaii, shares the DJI Osmo Mobile, a great family holiday gift, offering amazing professional results.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Imagine magic in the palm of your hand that will provide an incredible forever-family video and still memories and can be operated by your 6-year old, your 84-year old grandma and all the other interesting kin folk in between.

DJI, famous for the Inspire, Phantom & Mavic drones, has smartly adapted the same stabilizing technology and put it in a hand gimble affording you ultra smooth vids whether you or the subject is moving.  

The great things in life move and so will you as you capture great life moments unfurling.

With the cost effective DJI Osmo Mobile ($299 shown above) just add your Apple or Android smartphone as your dual-purpose camera/monitor and you have the capability to out Spielberg our favorite Spielberg.  

Cool Stuff Jr, Abe Markowitz, has the Osmo Mobile we bought from Drone Services Hawaii (near the Costco, Kalihi,  Abe is an awesome gimble operator who was brought on the Western Union Ohana Cup Media Tour last July...delivering tears to Fijians when he captured their spiritual huddle, pride to Tongans with his Haumonga sunrise and Miss Tonga National Rugby League graceful parade siva, and the awesomeness of Toa Samoa's Malo People & places in Upolu and Savaii.  

Abe does time-lapse, slow-mo, low angle, high angle, in your face, in your car & at your car action vids and stills. 

Remember, these incredible capabilities are only $299.  How many family celebrations do you have per year?  Still hire a great professional wedding photographer, but let a family member roam with your own Osmo.

The option to beat the Osmo Mobile excellence was solely the regular Osmo with supplied camera at $549.  It gives you more angle flexibility, allowing you to see better, on your detached monitor, the bizarre places you might aim your Osmo.  This unit also gives you options to easily plug in uni or omni-directional interview or shotgun microphones, cold shoe lights, and as mentioned provides greater mounting flexibility for your monitor (which is your smartphone). 

Cool Stuff passed on the Osmo and got this week’s new release... drum roll please... the $649 Osmo Plus!

Why is the "Plus" more special than the regular Osmo?  Yeah Hooray, it has 3.5 x optical zoom, 7 x digital zoom and more refined sound capabilities.

Whatever Osmo you choose you can blow your mind with their smartly designed extenders, tripods, stands and brackets.  Essentially DJI Osmo accessories are "Tinker Toys" for us grown up Coolio boys.

Join our Samoa News team at "Sadie's by the Sea" ‪on November 4- 5 — that’s today & tomorrow — as we humbly work to again capture the spectacular Samoana Jazz Festival.  

Expect to see our Cool Stuff "Osmo +" creeping from stage right as we slosh the Sama and Vailima Beer you will be shouting us from stage left.

And yes, the more oga you get, the Osmo will remain rock steady stable... and if you talk sweetly, it may even call you a cab for a safe ride home. Fa'amolemole, please take the safe ride home.