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Cool Stuff: Doctor visit protocols in Hawaii

Patient at entrane to Queens hospital with nurse taking temp.

Honolulu, HAWAII — While discussions take place at ASG and by the Samoan public in social media and the online pages of the Samoa News about the probable border opening in July, how will the Territory handle the nitty gritty of minimizing those potentially carrying COVID-19?

Cool Stuff will continue to give you glimpses how Hawaii is handling matters to keep life functioning with minimized risk.

Hawaii like the 2Samoas cannot have the medical care capabilities overwhelmed, so restrictions are warranted. It was a pleasant experience being greeted at Queen's Hospital office building with a smile and having a professional assure me that I had no fever.

Buying low-cost thermometers at your Hawaii pharmacy is a challenge in Hawaii, as they are recently all sold out.  How is your inventory in Tutuila and Manu’a?

Cool Stuff has preferred the new onset of telemedicine visits over the phone, online via Zoom and Facetime.  Imagine advanced doctor specialist tele-med visits worldwide from your fale. With the Hawaiiki, ASH, SAS internet alliance shouldn't rates go down? Maybe since ASTCA is an ASG owned enterprise could they provide special tele-med rates and portals for residents?

We all know taxis, buses, car gas and parking (in Hawaii) cost tala... so stay home, tele-med and save money for family entertainment from Video Plus.

Surprisingly, Hawaii doctors offices have instituted social distancing by removing most waiting room chairs. One chair in a 12' x 26' with three patients sucks.

Again, staying home and visiting your doctor online is infinitely mo' bettah.

An amazing reversal is the availability of face masks in Hawaii. At Walgreen's, Safeway Supermarket, and Long's CVS Pharmacy there were plenty packets of disposable and washable reusable protective face masks... very affordable. You have Cool Stuff's permission to fa'amolemole to your Hawaii relatives to send you 5- 6 dozen.

Will ASG, village matai or commonsense dictate wearing a face mask in public once passengers arrive from Hawaii, Samoa, NZ and transits from beyond?

Cool Stuff has remained in Hawaii semi quarantined for 2 1/2 months. It would be prudent if the ASG will give a preferential modified quarantine for three day prior tested Hawaii originating passengers, who have remained in Hawaii for at least two weeks, who also test again on arrival to Pago, then quarantine another 3-4 days until Territorial arrival test results show COVID-19 negative.

Territorial arrival testing could be subsidized by the passenger as part of his airline ticket or possibly through their health insurance.

Congresswoman Aumua Amata could potentially seek testing resources through the US Federal Government. How is this? The Congresswoman could say, "Mr President, we put the Territory at risk of nuclear missile threat storing your rusty junk North Korean freighter, so could you pretty please give us 150,000 COVID-19 test kits and 50 ventilators that Ford built and NYC never really needed?"

Or maybe the Congresswoman could just say to Trump, "Remember that NFL and College Football season you want this Fall?

Give us heaps of COVID-19 Test kits and ventilators or our Samoan players will boycott!"

Kindness and assertive requests are all part of the "Art of the Deal", eh?  As Governor Coleman always told Cool Stuff, "Loto Mau!  Stand firm when you know you are righteous."

Cool Stuff foresees a favorable Territorial future if the ASG will extend a humble request for input to the private sector business folks, traditional leaders, and the commonsense of local residents.

COVID-19 concerns can be approached with cost effective protocols and cooperation.