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Cool Stuff: Insta 360 Go 2 — The Ta'a Cam!

The Insta 360 Go 2

HONOLULU — Heaps of sponsored You Tube folks furiously try to compare the Insta 360 Go 2 the Go Pro, DJI Osmo Action and DJI Pocket 2.   The Go 2 is a unique reflection of Insta 360 genius that you can afford and will use daily.... it is more niche sophisticated than your commonly revered action cams.

Firstly, the Go 2 is in a unique category because it can always be with you, with it's Apple Air Pod style recharging case always in your pocket or purse (always charged).    In the photo above, my Go 2 is nestled safely inside the recharger case with its integral tripod legs extended to capture the moment in seconds!  The recharging case also serves as a remote control and camera mode selector.  It connects to your phone via its own internal wi-fi, so you can download, edit, email or post to social media on the fly!

The Go 2 camera, waterproof to 13 feet outside the case, is also magnetic sticking to cars, poles, even a small round medallion you wear under your shirt.  Another inexpensive accessory allows an easy attachment to your hat for handsfree enjoyment.

Great shots, or in Cool Stuff's case breaking news, will come to you.  The best camera for that shot is the one that is with you, lightweight, waterproof, and fast on the draw.  Proof...with a Lumix $279 point & shoot camera, from Samy's Camera, I have images that have earned over $40,000 in network TV licensing agreements.   Your Go Pro style mini brick is clumsy for daily carry, unless you carry a bag.... and if you carry a bag, you might as well carry a superior Nikon DSLR.

One included stick'em accessory allowed for incredible inflight airline vids of take offs, landings and sunsets.  Try this with your Go Pro style and you may upset the flight crew with your heavier slipping mounts and obscuring the windows for safety concerns.

My Go 2 enjoyed a recent Lake Cachuma, California camping trip, and a car mounted cruise through the nearby lovely Danish heritage town of Solvang.  The key aspect was, it being in my pocket, then on the car window, seconds later magnetically on my shirt for walkabouts/POV vids of camp takedown or general store shopping.  I event shot artistic slow motion fire pit flame shots.

Again, don't be a dedicated photographer/videographer like Cool Stuff.  Clip the $299 USD

Go 2 on your hat or magnetically to your shirt and be a handsfree part of all you capture.  Your kids grow up fast, so be the one pushing their swing, playing ping pong or splashing them back at Utulei Beach Park.  Don't be that off to the side family photographer...enjoy family life from inside the joy.

Your charging case has a 1/4-20 threaded socket for selfie sticks or mini tripods and charges by a modern USB-C socket, cord included.  The Go 2 camera has 32g internal storage which can be downloaded to your phone, or by the included USB-C to your computer.

When you demand more than the Go 2, Cool Stuff hopes to share amazing "360" experiences with the even more sophisticated Insta 360 One R or One X2.

Get your Go 2 or other incredible Insta 360 cameras on their website at


Flowstate Stabilization

Resolution 16:9, 2560x1440@50fps

Hyperlapse, Slo-mo, Timelapse, Timeshift, HDR, 32g internal storage