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Cool Stuff: Kiwi's Blunt Umbrellas

The rugged and innovative Blunt Umbrellas are a product of our South Pacific neighbors, New Zealand.   An absolute must have for our island weather.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]




Honolulu, Hawai'i — How many cyclones and tropical depressions have you Coolios seen in your lifetime?  And how about the weather this past weekend? How many umbrellas have you bought at your local store only to toss it out after one weather adventure?

It's now the Kiwi engineered Blunt to our rescue!

I have a huge Golf Blunt but passionately carry my Blunt Metro Umbrella worldwide.  In the last 45 days my Metro has enjoyed being in my carry-on bag to Hong Kong, Vancouver, Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, and was packed for Singapore 7s Rugby... until we had 1-1/2 feet of flooding in East Honolulu. 

Had to whip out the Metro to roll up the Toyota’s windows that Mrs Cool Stuff lowered to freshen the interior.  Now the Toyota is a portable mini fish bowl, saved from becoming a full-blown aquarium by the Blunt Metro.

Cool Stuff dashed outside in a heavy Pago style downpour and wind gusts.  The Metro laughed at the storm... remaining intact for the next storm battle.

The Metro is a superb value at $59, the medium Classic $79, and my super sized Golf is $99.  A five-year guarantee assures you of Blunt’s long term value.  For $19 you can even add a Tile tracking device, so you never lose it.

So it is now clear Kiwis make the best Fish & Chips, have the finest All Blacks 15s Rugby team, have great Air New Zealand service to Samoa, currently suck at Rugby 7s without our retired DJ Forbes... yet now have redeemed themselves as the greatest umbrella geniuses in the Universe.

Now if Blunt inventor Greg Brebner could only work with Cool Stuff on the next great frontier for old Coolio fat guys (especially Cool Stuff and his gut)... reinventing suspenders.