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Cool Stuff: Pacsafe to the rescue with the roller duffle!

The  roller duffle  [Photo by Allan Hamilton]Pacsafe products are lightweight, covertly secure, and mine shown in Vancouver, Canada is even a roller duffle  [Photo by Allan Hamilton]

Not too long ago, you were comforted to know your airline allowed you two 70-pound check in bags and a meal. Of course both are long gone, but Pacsafe has come to the rescue to alleviate some of your check in bag drama.

The two important keys are that your check-in bag should weigh less these days so more of your real stuff can be accommodated.

My Pacsafe roller duffle has saved my journeys (and heaps of baggage fees) to New Zealand, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, both Samoas, Australia, Guam, Vancouver, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, SLC, Sacramento, Seattle and more.

No buckle or roller has broken, no strap or side panel has ever worn thru.

Back in the 80's if you flew on South Pacific Island Airways to American Samoa you frequently had your packed sports shoes vanish between Honolulu and Pago... and you would wait in line behind the Fagatago Malae at the SPIA Office for your reimbursement.

Pacsafe has an integral screen protective mesh in your bags to stop slash and grabs, and an excellent setup for TSA locks.

My buddies all like Pacsafes tactical black color. My gentle peace/ love/ granola green offends no customs officers. Some officials think you are a scary dude with military looking black luggage. So I leave that look to the real military vets.

Knife designer extraordinaire, Ken Onion, loves his Pacsafe small shoulder bag, and commented, "Guys in my line of work that do trade shows, might have $100,000 cash in our bags. I used to worry a lot til I bought my Pacsafe...t here are cables thru the straps and the buckles all have locking mechanisms. Pacsafe is the bomb!"

In addition to a women's specific product line and small passport and RFID scan protection wallets and small bags, Pacsafe has truly hit the mark for airlines carry on backpacks (with some designed for camera gear).

The Venturesafe EXP45 gives you the max capacity allowed as an airline carry on, with the security of:

• exomesh slashguards on all panels 

• Puncture resistant Toughzip 

• Roobar locking system 

• 3mm stainless steel locking cable with storage pouch 

• Interlocking zip pulls 

Loyal customers have asked Pacsafe to also emphasize future production of weatherized bags. For now we Old School Coolios just buy an aftermarket rain cover for the price of a six-pack.

Two true Cool Stuff adventure stories.  

Traveling to LAX in the 80's from Samoa, at the baggage claim on arrival, I felt my leather "man purse" begin to fall, looked behind and saw a guy with a razor blade retreat thru the crowd. He was a member of a gang of notorious Columbian luggage and bag thieves that did significant harm to we tourists visiting LA and Honolulu in those days. Wish I had a Pacsafe back then.

And, while covering a major football game at Aloha Stadium, a photographer from Houston, lost all of his images from a just completed two-day fashion shoot at the Turtle Bay Resort. Without the locking capabilities of Pacsafe to benches or rails, etc... the $50,000 bag of gear and images just walked.

In air or on the ground, Pacsafe is a cure all for many modern day travel and walkabout dramas.

Prices average between $69-$350.

Find your Pacsafe at