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Cool Stuff: Pacsafe solidly delivers

A United Airlines employee checks in two Pacsafe rolling duffels at Vancouver International Airport for Cool Stuff’s journey back to the islands, after coverage of the 2018 Canada 7s.  The blue Pacsafe backpack has two pro bodies, lenses, flash, memory cards, batteries and MacBook Pro laptop... all compressed to fit properly in the overhead.  [photo: Barry Markowitz]

Honolulu, Hawai'i — Sometimes you gotta keep raving about the solid gear that keeps you going, and keeps dynamic images in the Samoa News. Pacsafe, as the name clearly implies, keeps your gear secure from vandals and the goofy TSA inspectors at LAX that are professional zipper busters.

Pacsafe’s internal security mesh guarantees if your bag goes, all your goodies arrive. The low net weight of the Pacsafe rolling duffels saves you overweight fees and your back.

The blue backpack has additional superior security features, which allows we Samoa News photogs to lock it to a chair, so we can sweat it out on the field with no worries, bangin’ out your favorite Manu Samoa, All Blacks, and USA Eagles.

Pacsafe will be accompanying me to the Hong Kong 7s where I anticipate I can meet at their HK company HQ to try to pry out future products updates.

I was sincerely devastated by our loss of Samoa legend, Alan Grey, last week.

Many of you don’t know that Alan could not travel to the US due to an American tourist’s slip & fall lawsuit... yet Alan & family were deeply loved by so many Americans (particularly WW2 Vets and their generations of descendants). Alan and his family deeply appreciated those Americans with links to Aggie.

Alan was so special that he could nurture guys like Peter Fatialofa, to become a national team leader, and upon retirement “Fats” helped coach up so many youngsters... frequently staying at cousins Sita & Tomasi Mariner’s Salelologa, Savaii compound (Cool Stuff’s in-laws).

My long-term buddy is Alan’s daughter, Tanya Grey, who I hope with her Mom, brother, and sister can savor Alan’s magic moments that we have always cherished.  

Our love to the Grey Family, a class-family — that always put Samoa in a good light.