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Cool Stuff Quickie: COVID-19 Home Tests

covid-19 home test

Honolulu, HAWAII — Cool Stuff is sure Congresswoman Uifa'tali Aumua Amata Coleman Radewaggen has your back... making sure the territory gets its share of home COVID test kits in a prompt manner.

Here is what to expect as these helpful kits could become critical to the territory's re-opening.  

Despite the claim on the box that it’s easy... Cool Stuff suggests LBJ conduct village outreach demonstrations so results are accurate and test kits are not wasted. It frankly is not that simple unless someone guides you the first time... except that most of you are smarter than Cool Stuff... so I could be mistaken.

The two horizontal lines (as pictured above) indicate you are Covid positive. The kit does not indicate if a positive test is Omicron or the Delta variant.

Cool Stuff is not a medical expert or doctor. Trust your LBJ Hospital or Department of Health professionals.

As the Territory will eventually further open to the outside world, future questions need to be explored and answered.

For instance, what do local medical professionals recommend when home test kits allow more leeway for home quarantine? How do caregivers at home protect themselves and other family members?  

Cool Stuff has two golden rules during these days of drama and treatment discovery and innovation. The golden rules are a) that kindness should prevail in our daily lives and that b) almost everybody deserves a "pass" for accidental misjudgments.

Cool Stuff will not tolerate nor accept blatant politicization of our COVID dramas for personal or party affiliated political gain.

Be safe, be healthy, and hug your family daily.