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Cool Stuff: Spyderco Rescue/Fishing Knife — reliable functionality

The Spyderco Assist Salt C79PSYL is a safe, light and superbly crafted rescue/fishing knife.  [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Fishermen and first responders don't need flash techie tools, they need reliable functionality as their life is on the line every day they work.

Spyderco came up with their H1 steel process that is more rust resistant than regular stainless steel, yet keeps a sharp edge like carbon steel.  

The stainless vs carbon mix has always been the dilemma. Real workers who rely every hour on their knives go for super sharp carbon, while those of us who use them more casually in work prefer the tidy look of stainless.

No need to compromise with H1 …you have the best of all worlds.

In Spyderco's own words:

"The Spyderco Assist Salt Knife has a blade made out of a PH (precipitation hardened) steel that doesn't rust. H1 steel is naturally hard, and it will hold a sharpened cutting edge equivalent to many carbon steels. H1 has 1 percent nitrogen instead of carbon, so it cannot rust."

Packed with an integral rescue whistle, recessed glass breaker, one handed opening, combo serrated/plain blade, blunt safety tip, aggressive ample grip, reversible pocket clip, and high visibility yellow, the Spyderco Assist Salt Knife is as comfortable in an electricians pocket, or on a hiking trail, as it is on the high seas.

The Assist Salt 4.87 inches closed, 8.55 inches open, has been listed for $164, but easily available for $99.

Check out all their fabulous models at

Spyderco needs to build our island cars with H1 steel.  Rust sucks.  Thanks Spyderco!