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Cool Stuff: Sun Kettle — the sun is our friend

Preppers Peak Sun Kettle

Honolulu, HAWAII — The sun is always our best friend as proven in our past articles and Red Cross/first responder donations of our favorite LuminAid Packlite solar lantern.   Likewise, the Prepper Peak Sun Kettle can assure you off grid functionality any time natural disasters or infrastructure breakdowns occur.

Simply fill water inside the capped mouth of the Sun Kettle, direct toward the sun, open up the reflective wings that lock to the stand...and in approximately 40+ mid afternoon minutes you will have boiled water for your Koko, saimini, coffee, or your rehydrated packaged dried meals.  Early or later in the day, or farther from the Equator, heating obviously will take longer.

Evacuation centers, most public transport, West Coast fire hazard zones will not allow fuel transport or stove flame operation.

The Sun Kettle, between $69-$99 is a superb option to kill water borne living threats like Giardia, Cyrptosporidium, and Leptospirosis.  Use anywhere, travel with it everywhere.

Continued Cool Stuff prayers for unity, as we sort out 2020 and search for a return to healthy happy times.