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Cool Stuff: While in Singapore enjoy some “Laksa”

Laksa is loved by Malaysians, Singaporean, Indonesians in the region. What is Laksa? [Photo by Barry Markowitz]

With all the heaps of Samoa News per diem, food & travel tala showered on me... I am required to spend it. Little did the big bosses know we would be squandering that siliva on Coolio treats. Laksa is the soup base made up of coconut milk, chili, dried shrimp and herbs in which seafood like prawns, fish, cookies, and noodles of your choice are added. Purists love their Laksa in a clay pot. My box of Laksa is packed already for Emelio's Restaurant in Pago... they do a great seafood chowder... shifting gears to Laksa will be easy for Ngaire and her crew. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey lost a 2013 cooking showdown to "328 Katong Laksa" my bet, Coolios, is that Emilio’s Laksa, then a hop across the street for Evalani's chilled Sama & Vailima Beers, could be the perfect solution to a boring late Wednesday afternoon. Coolios: We continue to adopt and Samoanize all, in the Cool Stuff Universe!