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Cool Stuff: Wow your friends with "The Egg" Drone

“The Egg" will wow your friends with its artistic design, even without flight...just sitting on your living room table.    [Photo: Barry Markowitz]

Powervision unveiled the "Egg" last year at InterDrone 2016. The "Egg" is a uniquely remarkable drone design concept that none of us has yet spotted in the South Pacific.  

The Egg has an effective video transmitting range of 3.1 miles using a 2.4 ghz transmitting frequency.  

Retailing in the US at $1,288, the Egg is close in price to DJI's Mavic Pro combo package.  The spherical design seems to lend itself to be extremely easy to transport safely.  

Of course, in Samoa, we would have called it "The Football" or the "Gilbert" (rugby ball).  

An upcoming Cool Stuff will feature Powervision's Explorer underwater drone, an exciting new technology that will be highly embraced in our Pacific Islands.