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Last minute Christmas bargains —five more days to go huh?

Are you all done shopping? Decorations? Gifts?  Church Outfit? Food? Cleaning Supplies?


Not to worry, KS MART promises something for everyone at their store.

Not done decorating?

Select Christmas Decorations Are Now 50% Off.

Come in and sort through our amazing collection of great value Christmas decorations, including wreaths, garlands, candles, ornaments and more. You are sure to find the ideal decoration for your home or church this Christmas. Available in a wide variety of styles from traditional to vintage, to modern to unique our huge selection of indoor and outdoor decorations sure to spread the spirit of Christmas far and wide.

Gift ideas include Luxury Watches now at 20% Off. Men’s Golf shirts, Men’s Aloha Shirts, a Wide selection of Pots and Pans, New Laptops and Tablets, Christmas Gift Baskets, are just a few of the many items waiting for you.

A wide variety of fabrics are also available for you to choose from for that new dress, new table cloth, new bed-spread, new curtains anything new you might have a hankering for.

Beautiful Designs And Prints To Choose From

A Sweet Tooth Sale of Candy is available with Childs Play 3.5# Candy @ 9.99 or a tub of Clouds for only $15.99. Yes a very merry Christmas indeed for the kiddos.

For that special family Christmas Dinner KS MART’s Frozen food sale can’t be beat! Chicken legs at $11.75 a case, Sausage pork bangers at 14.95 a case, and Shrimp bags at $12.50, &$13.50 depending on size. Also on special are, Turkey wings, Beef Brisket, work Spareribs, Top Sirloin, Chicken Wings, smoked ham, Chicken Thighs, and Butterball Turkeys.

Our fully stocked fresh vegetables display is overflowing with local and mainland shipped produce.

A whole shelf of Maggi Seasonings are also available along with a large selection of Favorite New Zealand Brand Goods!

And when its all done and over with? KS Mart has shelves full of any kind of cleaning supply you might need to get your house spic and span after the holidays. Check out their Money Saver Detergents. Boom detergents are on special with the Boom Powder 3KG special of “Buy one and get a FREE Shirt.”

A Large selection of GIV Bath Soaps is also on Display.

Sugar is also on sale with 1Kg @ 99¢ and Sugar 2KG @ $1.99.

Fresh bread and pastries are available at the bakery section, daily cooked food items are available at the Deli Section, and a huge selection of Party mixes and drinks can also be found at KS Mart.

There really is something for everyone this Christmas Season at KS.

Open from 6am - 10pm daily KS Mart ’s Management & Staff wishes the people of American Samoa a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.