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More ‘COOL STUFF’ at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

The Star Wars pinball game

Las Vegas, NEVADA — Old school arcade video games are now available at home thanks to Arcade 1 Up and several other companies creating a retro trend.

No more quarters, no more noisy goofy kids, or un-hygenic sticky buttons/levers. Arcade 1 Up brings to your home for $300 what traditionally cost $3,000 for the commercial arcade version.

Funny how, over the years, all your favorite arcade games migrated to your home computer and laptop.  Cool Stuff thinks Arcade 1 Up realizes you miss the comfortable feel and touch of that refrigerator sized monster in front of you.  Admit it, you like to bang on buttons and levers, and the satisfaction of slapping that big boy game with joy or disgust.

The Star Wars pinball game featured above sells for $900 while the standup games are $300.

Check out your retro old school passion at


Leju Robotics’ unit got a little tipsy early on in their CES Las Vegas presentation and had to be saved by the intervention of a mundane human hand. Too much Kava or Vailima for the little Leju? Guess it’s back to Shenzhen for tweaking or the junkyard. [photo: Barry Markowitz, 1/8/20]