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Musical sensation Grease live on stage at ASCC this weekend

Grease poster

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Tonight and tomorrow night, American Samoa Community College’s club, House of Flying Daggers, will be showcasing their own musical production of the well-beloved movie, Grease.

Before "Grease" became a movie-musical sensation in the late 1970s, it was a Tony-nominated Broadway musical that opened in February 1972. The show was later revived in 1994 and 2007.

In an episode of Saili le Atamai, a talk show hosted by ASCC, House of Flying Daggers advisor Ammon Fepulea’i talked about the background of their club and the importance of reviving musical productions to highlight the variety of talent of students enrolled at ASCC and to also utilize talents of the youth.

The House of Flying Daggers, first established in 2006, hosted various other plays that were directed by Carmella Gallace, along with Regina Meredith as part of the production, and these plays received positive feedback and outpouring support from the community.

Once in this Island, Guys and Dolls, and The Nutcracker to name a few, were some of the plays that the House of Flying Daggers produced and entertained the community with seventeen years ago.

 “We established the club to express and bring out the talents of our students, which is not limited to only acting, singing but also in all forms of arts and that’s what our club mission and goal is, even if they feel that they are not professional in that area, we still open the door for them to come and try it out,” Fepulea’i said.

Fepulea’i also cited “growth within the college students due to the Grease musical being their third production”. They started off with a talent show two years ago, then a Disney production, followed by a Christmas production leading up to their Grease production.

The House of Daggers’ advisor also stated that the majority of this generation may not have seen the original Grease, and he hopes that this production will expose them to the beloved movie as well as draw interest from not only ASCC students, but also from the community. Fepulea’i pointed out that the plays hosted seventeen years ago also had different members of the community participating, the youngest being an elementary school student.

The Grease musical production will be showcased at the ASCC Multipurpose Center with the show to start at 7pm both Friday and Saturday, April 28 & 29.

Despite the measles proclamation, the show will go on as planned with restrictions, and tickets can be acquired through Ammon Fepulea’i’s Facebook account. Seating has been limited to 250 people due to the measles outbreak and attendees will be required to wear a mask.