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Samoana’s National English Honor Society — the first in the South Pacific

The nine new members of the Samoana High School National English Honor Society
2022 induction ceremony
compiled by Samoa News staff

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Last week Friday, Samoana High School hosted their third induction ceremony for the National English Honor Society — Albert Wendt chapter. The chapter was established in 2019, with its first members limited to nine students. Samoana’s Albert Wendt chapter is the first National English Honor Society in American Samoa, but also the first NEHS chapter in the South Pacific.  

In a press release issued over the weekend the organization announced that on Jan 7, 2022, the SHS Albert Wendt chapter inducted nine new members into the society, to join eight other current members.

The ceremony was held in the school cafeteria with the school administrators, the English Department, current chapter members, inductees and the inductees’ family members. The guest speaker was Mrs. Pualani Pulu-Fui who is known for her vast acumen in the field of English Language Arts and she shared her love of English Language Arts (ELA) and hoped to inspire the new inductees to show the same passion towards the English language and learning.

SHS Albert Wendt advisor Mrs. Uisaina Collins shared, “The focus of the chapter is to illuminate the love for the English Language Arts. We have an entire calendar of events for the students to engage in activities that would foster their passion for ELA and make learning fun. On the planning board, we hope to host in-school competitions, plays, and workshops that would demonstrate this passion for the English language. This society sets out to inspire English language learners to excel in a language that is nearly foreign to them. Because our students come from various cultures and backgrounds, I hope to inspire all students, no matter what their first language is, to love the English language as much as we do.” Mrs. Uisaina Collins has been the chapter advisor since its inception and continues to work with the members to execute the society goals.

Chapter President Audrey-Rose Seva'aetasi also shared saying, “I enjoy being part of this society because it allows me to showcase my skills of leadership whilst building my proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. As President of the chapter, I found that I’ve been able to make a difference in my school by helping my peers in tutoring sessions and workshops to boost their own reading and writing skills. I hope to continue to do so for the rest of the school year.”

Samoana High School’s Albert Wendt chapter of the National English Honor Society was established in 2019. Seen here is a group photo of the current members, which includes the nine new inductees that were welcomed into the chapter on Jan. 7, 2022 during an Induction Ceremony held at the school’s cafeteria. [courtesy photo]


In order to uphold the integrity of the elite organization, the application process is broken down into three phases: ranking grade point average for the English courses, a timed essay, and a Pecha Kucha style presentation. A student must pass each phase to be selected into the chapter; hence, out of 40+ candidates this school year, only 9 students passed the three application phases.

(Source: SHS-NEHS — Albert Wendt chapter/ Sabrina Suluai-Mahuka)

[Editor’s Note: A Pecha Kucha presentation is a format that uses 20 slides or images that are displayed for 20 seconds each. The slides will move automatically as the presenter is speaking, allowing for a concise presentation.]