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CCCAS church Faleasao Manu'a
Matua - ff.17-19: “Ona latou fa’aofu lea ia te ia i le ofu pāuli, ua latou taatatai laau tuitui ua fai a’i le pale, ua fa’apaleina ai o ia. Ona latou alolofa mai lea ia te ia,” Talofa le tupu o tagata Iutaia.” Ua latou ta foi i lona ao i le ū, ma feanu ia te ia, ma tootuli ma ifo ia te ia.” Amene....
Port Administration director, Christopher King (at podium front) speaking to the gathering,
Port Administration Department photo taken at Ofu island late last week shows Port Administration director, Christopher King (at podium front) speaking to a gathering, which includes Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga and others who traveled from Tutuila.  [photo: Port Administration]
Red cones blocking access to the road under construction
With a sunny day on Monday, construction work continued on the secondary road from Fagaima, through the family land of Fonoti and Leapaga, and onto the main road at Malaeimi. The project held a groundbreaking last August with the contract awarded to Happy Construction Co., which was given 300...
Governor and Ella speaking with a vendor at Farm Fair
Gov. Lemanu Peleti Palepoi Sialega Mauga and his wife Ella visited the Department of Agriculture sponsored three-day farm-fair last Thursday morning at the Fagatogo Market Place, before traveling to Manu’a. Lt. Gov. Talauega Eleasalo Ale also checked out the farm fair that morning. [photo: ASG]
women at “Popeye” Tonumaipe’a Hermann J. E. Thomsen funeral
Gathered at the Gov. H. Rex Lee Auditorium on Saturday Mar. 27, 2021, were some of “Popeye” Tonumaipe’a Hermann J. E. Thomsen’s friends and family to remember and celebrate his life. Beloved local businessman ‘Popeye’ passed away suddenly earlier this month. His requiem mass will be held this...
Manu'a elementary school students at math competition
Manu’a Islands elementary schools met in Tutuila earlier this month to compete in the DOE Mathematics Competition. Elementary students from Olosega, Fitiuta, and Faleāsao competed. [Manu’atele Community Worldwide Facebook page]
McConnell Dowell Senior Supoervisor Tumama Faavae
McConnell Dowell Senior Supoervisor Tumama Faavae, completing repair work at the Veterans Stadium March 23rd. Placing new plywood panels on the stidum ramps took four days — and is part of McConnell Dowell’s community assitance to maintain the stadium for the safety of stakeholders. [courtesy photo]
A student planing a tree while others look on.
Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — Last week on March 19th and March 20th, local environmental group Finafinau hosted the 2021 Sustainability Summit to promote conservation and environmental resilience within the island’s youth. Day one of the event was held at Samoana High School’s cafeteria and was...
Fruits and vegetables for sale at Fagatogo Market Place
Despite the pandemic, local farmers continue to provide the territory with locally grown produce such as taro, ta’amu, banana and vegetables — as seen yesterday under the tents set up at the parking lot of the Fagatogo Market Place. ASG officials said this mini “farm fair” was organized by the...
Senior citizens singing
Senior citizens singing a hymn yesterday during the last day of the three-day Developmental Disabilities Awareness event at the DYWA Tafuna Facility. March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]