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Members of the Congregational Christian Church of Jesus in Samoa (CCJS)
Members of the Congregational Christian Church of Jesus in Samoa (CCJS) under the leadership of Reverend Emau Amosa in Kokoland posed for a Samoa News photo after their Sunday service last week. [photo: JF]
Kids at the DYWA Christmas Fun Activities Program
Children enjoyed their first Holly Jolly Christmas Break day at the DYWA Christmas Fun Activities Program. Two hours for Learning skills where they learned to read aloud, practiced Samoan cursive writing, and Samoan reading, and for 2 hours of wellness activities where they played volleyball and...
Silaga ECE
The Silaga ECE started their performance by marching onto the stage on the last day of the American Samoa Department of Education’s  “Once upon a Christmas” and “A Magical Disney Celebration” that was held at the DOE building yesterday morning. [photo: Julie Pau’u]
Illustration of Queen Victoria's Christmas tree
College Station, TEXAS — Why, every Christmas, do so many people endure the mess of dried pine needles, the risk of a fire hazard and impossibly tangled strings of lights? Strapping a fir tree to the hood of my car and worrying about the strength of the twine, I sometimes wonder if I should just...
ECE Christmas performances, Tafuna ECE
American Samoa Department of Education ECE Christmas performances were held at the DOE Building yesterday morning. Tafuna ECE performed songs, dances and stories to commemorate the happy day when Jesus was born.  [photo: Christina Meyer Maele]
Cape Town Christmas decorations
Cape Town, South Africa is still celebrating Manu Samoa's Cape Town 7s Cup Championship, while getting even more joyous for Christmas as seen from the Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall balcony facing Lion's Head Mountain, Table Mountain and Signal Hill.   [photo: Barry Markowitz, courtesy VCX...
Purse Seiner vessels in Pago harbor
Honolulu, HAWAII — Pacific leaders are developing a new warning system, not against hurricanes, tsunamis or even erupting volcanoes but rather the looming departure of vital tuna from their territorial waters in the years to come. That so-called “advanced warning system” is part of a larger, $70...
Photo of Chris King above his casket at funeral service
Director of Port Administration Christopher John Taifa’ana’e King was celebrated yesterday during the family service held at Fata-O-Aiga Hall and the Resurrection Mass that followed. Chris’ life service and faithfulness to his community, family & friends and church was highlighted in the many...
The Nu’uuli village Christmas light show
The Nu’uuli village heart — le a’ai — (towards Coconut Point) where families light up the front of their houses and along the road for the village Christmas light show that premiered on Friday night. Le a’ai is home to most of Nuuuli’s leading matai — with their fale tele located at historical...
Holy Place Pava’ia’i Youth members
Some of the Holy Place Pava’ia’i Youth members pose for a Samoa News photo after their performances on the second night of the American Samoa Arts Council’s portion of the 45th Annual Holiday Music Festival at the Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna. [photo: Julie Pau’u]